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  1. Hearting your own post is a powerful move.
  2. The guy who reported me effectively said that someone describing themselves as gay was offensive to him. That's why it was so particularly frivolous.
  3. If the mod's don't mind being spammed with reports, there's not really a reason to and I'd say it's a good thing that it's extremely unlikely you'll be punished for making a report. I do think there should be some very light sanction like a warning for the most extreme cases, like one where I was reported for having the word "gay" in my nation title in a non-pejorative way, since that report implied that the user seemed to hope that people could be punished for mentioning LGBTQ things in a positive way.
  4. It would nice if specific posts with the violation were linked, I was warned by a moderator once but the warning was extremely vague and my request for clarification wasn't responded to, so I'm still not sure what post he was referencing in that instance. That way you can just look at all rule-breaking posts everyone made and get a sense of what's allowed and what isn't
  5. Permanent revolution!
  6. You linked the wrong nation. What exactly do you think is inappropriate?
  7. I tried to update my reason after the war you declared on me because it's blanking. Gave up since it blanked again. Getting another notification is nowhere near the criteria for spam.
  8. Not really a glitch, so much as a (terrifyingly) dedicated yet extremely bad attempt to impersonate the mods. Like almost everyone in our alliance got one.
  9. Have any other alliances gotten them? It looks like a bunch of people in our alliance have gotten them. Someone is really putting in a lot of effort to accomplish...I’m not sure.
  10. Got a message from a deleted account probably trying to pose as a moderator claiming to add strikes when none are added.
  11. Zaurg

    Embargo Spam

    Less than one notification per day is not spam. I am allowed to update my reason if I wish.
  12. Zaurg

    Embargo Spam

    You posting it over and over isn’t evidence that it’s spam.
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