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  1. Buorhann

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    What cigar did you smoke? I'm just curious though, did you guys collaborate with Cynic to purposely set BC up to be rolled?
  2. Buorhann

    Why Trump Will Not Be President in 2018

    If you seriously think Sanders will beat Trump, you’re kidding yourself. Maybe in 2040s will a socialist be considered once all the Cold War era voters have passed away.
  3. Buorhann

    VM Early End

    It's to help prevent any abuse of the mechanic.
  4. Buorhann

    Regenerate resistance over time

    The only reason why wars have a 5 day deadline is because there needs to be one, otherwise nations will just remain permanently pinned down.
  5. Buorhann

    Through the Chaos Comes Anew

    Who or what the hell is TOP?
  6. Buorhann

    Beat you to it. HA

    Makes you wonder if it was all planned out now. Take in the guy who caused the mess with BC.
  7. Buorhann

    Through the Chaos Comes Anew

    Is that what we’re calling this?
  8. Buorhann

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    You had a few drinks, didn't you?
  9. Buorhann

    Shifty News Network LLC-Children of the Sea

    >Ming Empire They better build that wall fast.
  10. Buorhann

    The Freedom Wars

    Paragraphs are your friend.
  11. Buorhann

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

    Show was pretty good. Missed some topics I wanted to discuss, so we'll address it on my next show. Epi was a great guest and offered some good insight into Camelot and their goals. Thanks for joining bud!
  12. Buorhann

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

    Show's starting. Most likely won't be recorded.
  13. Buorhann

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

    You actually say stuff other than Hodor in VC?
  14. Buorhann

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Ah, yeah that would be tricky.

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