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  1. Yes, we still play this. We're building up a guild here. If you're interested in participating, just hit me on Discord.
  2. TLNGR: The Golden Horde is officially defunct. Sorry to disappoint SNN, but you're wrong. Great Hippo Khan here, declaring the migration of our movement back to the Eastern Steppes of the world. When we formed up, 2 years ago on this day, we had a plan to try and change the political landscape of this game. We wanted to actually make things "dynamic" and not just use that word as a meme. We had a couple of stipulations in place to maintain our focus on our overall goals. We wanted to be antagonistic, we wanted to keep away from previous ties in EMC, Syndisphere, IQ, etc, we wanted to build something new in the game. Our initial intentions were to remain paperless and be hired on as mercenaries, which saw small success. Especially since we only started with 200mil in our bank thanks to Sketchy (We were broke as hell at startup). Within a short time of our formation, we went to conflict with Vanguard - or more specifically we just wanted to bloody up Polaris. Which we did, and it was awesome. And it gave birth to one of the better memes in this game's history. During that conflict, we were offered a deal to move our conflict against IQ - which we took as well because... holy crap that was a lot we got, at that time. I was honestly proud of our moment there because, the stats at the time, had our alliance fighting for top spot against Rose. It's arguable that we passed them, but again, the stats at the time weren't the most accurate. What was accurate was that we made our presence known, and it was shortly after we formed up. During that timespan though, our goals changed up a bit. We no longer saw fit to remain "paperless", but instead to pick up new and upcoming alliances that had some promise. We first tied up with Imperium of Man (IoM), at which Sketchy took the time to mentor them. They looked to be doing pretty well initially once they were set straight, but due to unforseen drama situations - they left the game. That was unfortunate as they were a good group to work with. We then had a list of other alliances to work out with. Knights Templar and Acadia was on top of that list. KT was often plagued with a bad reputation, but the war with IQ showed that they were a scrappy bunch of retards who didn't care what other people thought of them. They let their actions dictate them (Both good and bad). They were great partners despite the drama and reputation issues. If they weren't, we wouldn't have stayed with them for the 2 years. What it really came to is that they needed a stable alliance with someone who they could work with, and we needed some muscle to compliment our organization efforts. We had our ups and downs, but overall, we were a terrifying couple. Like a redneck trailer park drunkenly lighting up bonfires during a dry season. Acadia, we wanted to work with because we saw potential in them, but they were often beaten up while being left in the top tier of IQ. Unfortunately, due to them remaining stoic with their tie to UPN - that never worked out as I didn't want to pull UPN's worthless ass out. So we looked for other alliances. Kastor's Lordaeron, I forget Queen M's first alliance before the merge, and Empyrea. Empyrea managed to pull through and joined us, Lordaeron merged in with us, and Queen M's alliance didn't work out. We were hoping to get some new alliances that never had the chance, but there wasn't too many that showed solid potential. Then we went forth with Empyrea and Knights Templar. Later added in Guardian and Grumpy, as they were abandoned and left alone. It was a good group. A good spread of tiers, some good organization, and some veterans who knew how the game was played. We were also the smallest bunch in our own little space of Orbis treaty web, but we were also often watched too due to our potential. It was a good run. We kicked a lot of ass, we got our asses kicked, and we kept going. We never allowed our bank to dictate our actions. Sketchy was King of budgeting, and Shiho and ArcKnox were fantastic bank runners for our group. I can safely say that I had probably the best bunch for government. Ameyuri and Shiho were awesome in maintaining our organization - especially with military and spy efforts, Sketchy - despite all the headaches of it - managed to maintain our budget, Hodor helped repair some of the damaged FA we suffered from during that 69 Day War stint. Our low gov helped out some with assisting other alliances on finding targets in our coalition efforts or helped with some advice here and there. We may not have been a big alliance, but we were a very impactful one. So, couple questions, why is TGH leaving? We had plans to start winding down after Surf's Up. We wanted to finish off with one more war alongside our allies, then start looking at a time to move on. Unfortunately the war expanded into that clusterfrick that many alliances helped enable initially till they saw the monster that they helped out (I'm just glad many of you woke up from that). When that war expanded, I wanted to make sure I was in it till it ended. I didn't want to abandon our coalition mates into that hell. Personally I was going to leave the game after Surf's Up. My real life took a huge change, and still is. Within 6 months at my job last year, I've gone through a rapid promotion spree that kept demanding more and more of my time. I was unable to put effort into this game as much as I'd like, and still unable to. Considering that I'm leaving, I didn't want to put the burden on others. The Golden Horde, just by name alone now, is a very antagonistic one and passing it off to someone else isn't being fair to them to pick up the pieces that I put into place. Many of our members will be slowly returning back to the game and joining other alliances. I just hope they make wise decisions into the alliances they join. I personally kept my opinions away, as I didn't want to affect their decision making with my own bias. Right now we've gone through and redistributed our funds to our members. Over 5bn worth of cash alone (Not including resources, but that was dealt with too) was spread out amongst the membership base. I'm not pulling a BK/NPO/GOG where they stash their collective bank into another AA, I'm making sure my members are rewarded for their efforts into our alliance. I also highly advise any future disbandings follow that as well. Am I coming back? That's unknown. I told myself that I would take a 6mo hiatus and completely remove PnW from my Discord list of channels. If after 6mos that life is stabilized and I have a interest in upsetting you folks again, then I'll come back. If not, then I'll most likely delete then. My account will be in VM till then. Is KETOGG done? Yes. So pucker up those lips and kiss some Grumpy ass if you want some good quality allies. Last words I'll still be lingering around for a bit longer till we are finished with taking care of our members. I want to make sure they get what they deserved before I take off. I also want to thank TKR/CoS/Soup/SK for giving the "minisphere" idea a shot. We never approached others to do it, you guys did it yourself, and that was awesome. I was hoping that others would follow suit, but we know how it goes. With the disappearance of certain players gone, I hope the community here gives it another shot down the road. There's much more flexibility in it than a 2sided game. With that said, thank you to my members/followers, thank you to my government folks, thank you to my allies, and thank you to the community. It was a good run, but I got shit to do. Peace. Hippo Out
  3. But seriously, don't frick it up this time. For the sake of all our of sanity, please. That includes any old BK gov returning. You guys are a chill bunch.
  4. KT is named too. Scroll a few more posts down
  5. Should prevent endless buy-in's this time around.
  6. This isn't hard to understand. Don't think too much into it.
  7. I do, but I’m also not ignorant to the game’s state.
  8. How about you stop smoking? You keep saying you’re going out to buy smokes.
  9. Just to be super clear here. Alliances that haven't accepted the peace offering: Remnants of NPO, GOONS (GPA/Octavia/whateverthehelltheyrebrandto), GoG, BK, Birdweed Alliances that don't care about the NAP: Mythic, Arrgh, and I guess KT since I haven't heard anything from them about it. Each of these alliances fall under the "Raider" category. So feel free to punch them if need be. If your alliance made a post accepting the offer, you're good. If your alliance peaced out earlier in the war, you're good.
  10. I have come bearing news to all of Orbis. We have achieved an end. An end to the war that sought the destruction of communities all around. Peace has come to Orbis. A peace which shall bring forth growth and prosperity to all who have managed to survive. A peace that shall restabilize our world and bring forth new ideas. I have here, in my hand, a document with many signatures on it that I would like to read out to you. "We, the Coalition of Alphabet Soup, and the lasting leaders of Coalition We Dun Fuked Up, have held meetings and are agreed to a global white peace and a 6mo NAP." May you all go home and get a well deserved quiet sleep. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, real talk. Starting on 2/20/2020 - all alliances involved in the global clusterfrick war - will have a 6mo NAP with the agreement of white peace. Of course you can easily void out of this, but for the sake of sanity - this game needs a break. There are no reps, no victories or defeats, no nothing. Just ending this conflict and moving forward. Any battles involving the alliances who has not accepted this agreement will be considered raids and will be treated as such by the respective alliances who are involved. We are officially declaring this war done. Some of you may disagree with a NAP being in place, but considering this war went on as long as it did and the impact it had on multiple communities - I'm sure it's more than understandable in this particular case. Let's get things back in order and allow @Alex some time to bring out new changes. If you don't care, well, can't really stop you but I think many of us are just simply tired of the drama and conflict. Activity needs to spike back up in multiple alliances once more. Enjoy the rebuild and start establishing new connections. I'm not posting everybody's signatures who back this up. You know who's who. And if you don't accept this, you're on your own. Arrgh and Mythic aren't included. So have fun punching them if you need to get some aggression out.
  11. Buorhann

    The Future

    Players have a choice in regards to an alliances tax structure. Some follow the 100/100, some dont’t. That should have nothing to do with the future of the game. Personally, it’s one of the better tax structures in this game because the leaders can reallocate resources in a timely manner where they’re needed most. But not everybody follows that, which is ok. Its all about trusting your leaders though.
  12. Buorhann


    The Great Hippo Khan agrees to this. Let's get this going. I want to meet everybody in a room.
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