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  1. It is optional for them to be considered a mini sphere or not. It is also mandatory for you to stfu.
  2. Just look at how the game changed, even @Hodor became literate just to argue. Before it was just “Hodor” and [email protected]#$ pics, now it’s full paragraphs. -sniffs- He’s growing up.
  3. I'm not surprised by that, just... find it extremely boring to be hoarding all that money for, what exactly?
  4. >1 billion wtf is hoarding that many pixels? Spend that shit.
  5. I'm born and raised around N'awlins. If you call seeing a hobo pissing on the side of the wall while you walk through frat boys being drunk "exciting", then sure. (In all seriousness, if anybody ever makes a trip to the South, go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday or Halloween, it's pretty eventful)
  6. Syndisphere vs Paragon-ish was getting boring.
  7. You’ll hop back in the saddle after some time passes. Enjoy the break though, you are one of the few who definitely deserves it.
  8. Speak English. Stop gobbling like a turkey.
  9. Bipolar world sucked and still sucks.
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