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  1. When will Sheepy create a "God of Upvotes" pip?  I say it should have a Hippo.  Or a Baboon with a chef hat since Kurdanak likes to use that gif.

    1. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      Doesn't like the negativity of down votes and wants to remove them - but creates a pip for it. Only wants positivity here, no pip for it. Thats how the admin brain works.

  2. Buorhann

    Where's Felkey?

    Dry Red Wines are always good. There's a particular French one I love best. I would get absolutely smashed on it if I could find it again. Cannot stand Sweet wines.
  3. Buorhann

    Where's Felkey?

    Uh, yes? Why else would they watch it then? That's a terrible analogy.
  4. Buorhann

    Where's Felkey?

    Not a bad brand. I'm more of a Jameson and Woodford Reserve though. Granted they're not the best, but they're easy to get.
  5. Buorhann

    Where's Felkey?

    I see someone can't handle tequila. Bourbon's a drink I'd sip on while relaxing. Tequila is a drink I'd hit up when I want to get a good coasting buzz feeling while I'm out having fun. Granted you can't take too many shots or you'll be praying to the porcelain god.
  6. Buorhann

    Where's Felkey?

  7. Buorhann

    Shifty News Network LLC-Life in the Fast Lane

    I fricking laughed.
  8. Buorhann

    The Griffin in the Tree Accords

    About time it was shown.
  9. Buorhann

    Downvote me

    Good lord, you guys spend more time downvoting him than upvoting anybody else, lol.
  10. Buorhann

    Element appreciation thread

    Let’s not forget the constant references of you calling people kids, etc.
  11. Buorhann

    The Honey Pot is Empty

    Take a break. Come back to it at another time when you can. You're not a bad mod.
  12. Buorhann

    Round 2 at The Great Fire

    Shifty ran into some real life obstacles, so we had a surprise guest - Abbas. I personally felt as a first interview that this was a great one. We had a trek down some history before PnW and the start of PnW, we talked about his own movements between alliances starting from Guardian up to Rose, then we talked about this year's events - Terminal Jest and a few other events. His Top 10 opinion was also very insightful on all the alliances listed. I hope that those who showed up enjoyed it. I know the show went a tad longer than I wanted it to, but given the conversations and the details said, I felt it would be disrespectful to end it quickly. Next show will be towards the end of October/early November. I'll post up a week before it once I get the date pinned down. I'll also try for a earlier time as well to help those in the Euro timezones. Thank you to those who showed up. Was a good sized crowd.
  13. Buorhann

    Clarification on Rules

    Basically element baited people to reply in that moderator thread, then cried for help. It's not the downvoting that caused the warning, it was the reply in a Moderator Discussion thread.
  14. Buorhann

    Abuse of Downvoting

    This isn’t his first rodeo, Godwinson. You can look through his history yourself.

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