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  1. Exactly what Chaos and KETOGG did. I agree wholeheartedly with this. EDIT: To those stating that minispheres couldn't work. No matter what "system" you guys put into place, none of it will work according to your expectations. Every alliance paperless? You'll still get alliances working together. Minispheres? You'll still get multiple spheres working together. One [email protected]#$yuge treaty web? You'll still get alliances working together, even if they're tied up by their third cousin and working against/for each other. (Example would be Syndisphere back in the day, how @Pr
  2. This is also false. For two things. I've been a major figure in politics for a longer period than a year, but I refused to follow the same path as them. When I was in Mensa and Syndicate, yeah, you're right. After those times? No. I was, and still am, a firm advocate for mini spheres. Keep in mind, mini spheres is pretty much what you're advocating, but you're just wanting more separation of paper. Nothing will stop a dogpile outside of proper FA and not doing stupid shit. Chaos and 'TEst, Arrgh, Roz Wei' grouping way back when Papers, Please happened. Outside of KETO
  3. I'm personally always wishy-washy on NAPs. I hate long ones, but shorter ones (3mos or less) are fine imo. I'd be hypocritical though considering I pretty much heavily emphasized for a long one after that stupidity with NPO and Friends. The only real reason why I did so was to allow players and alliances to readjust to things and figure out what they wanted to do moving on. Plus there was just way too much damage done in all areas of the game. And as a side note, there were some actual game changes coming up that I was hoping would improve the game once the NAP ended.
  4. "My style" wasn't done for years. Only one other group attempted to go along with what I envisioned. EDIT: I take that back. 2 technically attempted it, but it wasn't "my style" when the other group attempted it.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with this. I think you're putting far too much simple thought into the whole "voting with your feet". It's not necessarily telling players to leave if they don't like it, it's moreso players will leave on their own if they don't like the direction the alliance is going. But there's far more complexities here. @Prefonteen is simply pointing out that "voting with your feet" is the final decision of a player. There's many other options out there, but what keeps things in check for alliances is simply that statement. When all other options fails, people will lea
  6. I may try my damnest to make it to this. If only to reminiscence over the good times.
  7. Cancer sucks, I know. Spend time with your close relative as much as you can. I wish I did with my best friend. You'll still linger around in Orbis. Your friends here won't forget you.
  8. inre Kastor: Honestly, he did pretty well for himself when he invested into this game, but he was often a braggart and got too overconfident. Hence why Oberyn. In some ways, well liked, in some others, not so much. Plus he's constantly brought up even well after he pretty much went into heavy inactivity. He also knows of the history and had ways of getting information. However, as I stated, any one of those 3 I stated could've worked for him in various ways. Entirely dependent on the perspective. As for your Roquentin pick, that's actually a really good one.
  9. My interactions with you, and what I’ve observed, has leaned more towards that characters diplomacy skills. Daenerys is more black and white, whereas Snow is much more flexible and tactful.
  10. Time to drop the big dick bud. EDIT: Are we trying to match genders on the roles? If not, I see Adrienne more of a Jon Stark than Daenarys, maybe Ygritte if I had to pick a female character for her. I wouldn't even say Roquentin should be Night King either, I can't remember the dude's name but the dick-ish guy calling for permarolling/war till one side surrendered unconditionally who was always clinging around Roq would be that. Kinda leaning on Roq being Petyr Baelish. Mostly because he could be likable, but trustworthy? Eh. Not 100% on that pick though. Kastor wouldn't be R
  11. This can be taken in a few ways, and it's disturbing.
  12. Lost my best friend to cancer at the age of 34. Lost another to COVID-19 this year. Having to battle both? That person must've been a beast. Condolences to your community and his family.
  13. Anyone else chuckled at seeing Guilo educate DtC, and being correct?
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