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  1. It is. The mechanics of the game far benefit raiding than anything else. You also have to be an idiot if a well timed spy killed your nuke when a fresh nuke has a protection on it till your next DC. You also get $2mil daily bonus. So how you cannot build a missile due to low cash is beyond me.
  2. Just build your nation with Alum, Fuel, Ammo, and Uranium mines. Jack it all up since there's no real Improvement destruction in the game. Build all the nuke/missile projects. Go crazy. Color bonus and Daily income bonus (Plus the income protection you have that keeps them from being looted) plus the self sufficient improvement resources, and you can build nukes/missiles without worry about being blockaded. You can have 50/10 Improvement slots of self-sufficiency to do this because the Infra Cap means jack shit. Then just go to town hitting all the whales and nations out there. Fresh built nukes/missiles are protected from being spied on. Just check in once a day, "Oh I got 12 MAPs? Nuke." Go back to doing other things because no matter what your target does, they can't stop you. Sure they can fast beige you with 5 Naval/3 Ground attacks, but they're eating at least 1 nuke and 2 missiles in that time frame. If they mess up, that's 2 nukes + whatever missiles. If they don't beige you, well, you just beiged them and loot the hell out of them. And if you get beiged, that's more bonus income and the ability to resupply yourself if needed. Lather, rinse, repeat. This balance/game design team is stupid. "But the projects are expensive" - Please... Anybody can get those within weeks, if not days. "What's your solution to this, Hippo?" Well, one solution is that any improvements over infra level cap should have increased destruction chances. Don't jack up the color bonus and inflate MORE free income into the game. That's beyond stupidity. Remove the spy protection from nukes and missiles or remove these projects in the game. Could also lower the income protection limit that can't be looted. All of these ideas people will hate, but they're necessary to maintain a balance.
  3. This is fricking stupid. Increasing color bonus, bringing in projects that further help the nuke raiding meta without any kind of consequences or balancing to those builds, etc. Do you guys even think about the future of this game?
  4. Good reminder to everyone to use the Authenticator. Also other security measures. Helps stop phishing attacks.
  5. Buorhann


    Ugh. I got that reference.
  6. You literally waited till now to make this post? The damn NAP end is around the corner.
  7. Hahahahaha Letting my FA team have something to do.
  8. Would you handshake with me?
  9. ...huh? Don't worry. Someday we'll bring this back.
  10. Stop stepping on Princess Adam's game.
  11. Real talk: I use to sit around in McDonalds in the morning having coffee with elderly just to hear their stories. Its interesting listening to how different life was like just within 80 years.
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