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  1. I honestly don’t give a damn about winning or losing. I’ve stated it multiple times, the damage has been done already (in multiple ways). Do you ever go back and read your replies along with what Roq stated and see some of the double standards? I find it hilarious that you stated NPO will act in its best interests as to justify entering the war after all the botched entries and lies (Horsemen, Syndicate, etc). I guess it’s in your best interest to act shady on pulling your allies into a war after both you and your allies were told by multiple parties that they held no interest in having a conflict with you, or held you accountable. And do I -really- have to repeat why we’re in this war again? You’re not that much of an idiot are you?
  2. Do I need to go back and link to the posts and post up my own chats with people about the talks centered around this? Both Syndicate and NPO denied knowing about the plan (Which later was revealed that NPO did know of it, but Syndicate and House Stark weren't aware still supposedly), so we took your word for it and clearly stated we wouldn't attack you for someone else implicating your alliance. Feel free to go back to the initial DoW threads (Pretty sure it's in the Endgame thread or the one Sketchy posted) and re-read the course of the war. No thanks, we learned our lesson.
  3. You are correct in your assessment. You don't have to, but goodluck on your quest to prove your validity behind it. But thank you for admitting that you simply wanted NPO to be in a war no matter what cockeyed excuse you wanted to give. You're also right, I don't trust you or any other NPO member. You've basically spit in the faces of all the attempts multiple of us tried to play nice with you (This isn't even a KETOG situation either, you did it to Syndicate/HS in just this conflict alone too for another example!). We did check into those BK/TCW plans. Pretty sure Adrienne already covered that a few times. Militarization, pushing out check-ins, etc. There was no demilitarization, no efforts to leave the conflict alone (In fact the opposite, they kept pestering both sides about joining to dogpile one or the other side), and other various stuff. Feel free to talk to her again, if you missed it the previous times. I have posted multiple major logs throughout my history. Revealing a miniscule source removes the potential of getting something bigger later, so if you're going to post something - make sure it's a juicy one.
  4. The Polaris/BC bit was irrelevant. It had nothing to do with TGH despite my source showing me stuff about the internal chats regarding that situation, and it has nothing to do with this current conflict. Feel free to re-read the thread again.
  5. Just FYI Keshav (Why the hell haven't you changed your name yet?), I'd lose far more by revealing my source to Krieg than what I would've gained over a pretty irrelevant topic. That's why I didn't continue on that discussion, let alone reveal the logs I have about it. It would've done me no good. While in this situation, your whole entry to the war was something dastardly that TKR supposedly plotted about. Which is a pretty relevant topic, a major one at that. One that would easily have alliances question TKR if it was true, let alone their own membership would have some stuff to say about it knowing them. NPO's entry into the war is one of the major turning points of this conflict. It's a pretty solid area of contention considering all the supposed "We're not tied to BK/Cov" "IQ doesn't exist" etc. And the fact that KEGOEWORUIPOGIUOIPUSDOIRE basically straight up told your leadership that N$O isn't being held accountable for the TCW leak. So having N$O enter the war for whatever made up reasons, well, why trust anything that N$O says now? Unless you have something substantial of dispelling all of those questions. Huge difference between this situation and the situation I had with Polaris over a year or so ago.
  6. Buorhann

    Really NPO

    You're literally in the peanut gallery, doing absolutely nothing. Just saving this quote.
  7. A threat to your connection/plan with BK, yes, we know. Uhhhhhhhh.... did you not read your own DoW?
  8. I'm sure you're a master strategist as a pixel hugger. Looking back at the chat, not once did you offer any suggestions outside of your complaining. We have our objectives, and we're currently working on them. I get it though, you were focused more on the drama than the actual milcom who were attempting to explain it to you (Not only that, the one person who you did reply to, you basically waved him off so he stopped bothering with you to focus on those who are listening to him). I wonder what makes you say that the coalition leadership has lost the will to fight? I'm in the leadership chat with many others. You became a major distraction, so you were banned.
  9. "Our" coalition, @Buck Turgidson? Either you're in, or you're not. You came into our coalition chat and started acting like a drama queen right off the bat. Granted some others didn't help, but you absolutely refused to hear anything. It's clear from here on the boards that you didn't want to be part of this. If I were you, I'd focus your attention on those who tried to force you to our side.
  10. They can't remain consistent. They constantly change or throw in different stories/"facts" because they know their entire premise is built on shady shit.
  11. Buorhann

    Really NPO

    Know how you can avoid that bit of toxicity? Not threatening players to report them. If you truely felt a rule was violated, just report. Instead, you opted to try and squeeze them into your rule before doing so.
  12. I'm actually glad you brought that up. You're referring to Horsemen alliance, correct? The ones who requested peace due to your lies towards them? Yeah, I had a long argument with Alex which basically ended up with him admitting he has no awareness of the ongoing war other than "a war is going on". Considering the battles were active up till the peace post, and that you very quickly reported those battles once peace was posted - I think that's all I need to say there. Your asses were simply chapped that a protectorate of yours, whom you lied to, peaced out. Sure didn't take long for those reports to go in.
  13. The rule against Slot Filling was put into the game due to players filling up defensive slots WITHOUT DOING DAMAGE. The player you reported was DOING DAMAGE AND WAS ACTIVELY SEEKING TO BEIGE HIS TARGET. Which Alex has stated in the past is a prerequisite to a legitimate battle. (Again, I'm not questioning Coalition B's role in hitting TFP. I'd have done the same too. I wouldn't have reported the player because, honestly, he wasn't breaking any rules) But again, you're missing other examples of other treasure selling too. You're not being consistent, that's why I call your method of bullying that TFP player bullshit.
  14. Buorhann

    Really NPO

    You're right, the context was provided, the entirety of it was. Again, serious question. Does threatening a player with a moderation report count as toxic?
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