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  1. Retirement

    (Psst, wrong area) Goodluck in your endeavors though bud. BoC holds a special part in my history here as the first alliance to really piss me off.
  2. Important ODN Announcement

    That fat 2400 Infra cities.
  3. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    I doubt it. At least in this game. You may separate into your different sub-groups, but I doubt any real conflict would occur. Not very many are willing to initiate that sort of stuff.
  4. Ape and NK

  5. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Amusingly I don't know if she sees your posts, Kastor.
  6. Alex's twitter

    Not commenting if it's a shit argument, was just pointing out the reference. Personally in regards to Roz's thread, I would've just deleted out the images. The rest of the post was rather in-character along with his other stories he's done in the past. The upset of people here is how the report was done to Roz, or rather the message behind it. It was too lengthy and said way too much that it came off on a personal level. I also would've just kept it at 1 point for consistency sake. Bumping it up to 3 shows a bit of bias when the thread itself was tamer than his past issues in the OOC part of the boards. Also, in no way, was the post equivalent of threads that got people banned. I can understand that a warning was necessary given the past track record of the threads that got taken down, but in order to properly moderate without any bias, you must remain consistent with punishment (If necessary) and not become knee-jerky.
  7. Alex's twitter

    He's referring to the two that kept posting up ISIS stuff. Eventually they got handled, but it took a long time, and I don't know if Sheepy banned them or they simply gave up on the forum.
  8. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    >from me on a regular basis Now that's wrong. The last DM we've had was back in early March. I'm not in your Discord. The only times we've referred to each other on the forums is when you're caught up in a shittalk fest with my members, and even then that's far and few in between. Let's not exaggerate here.
  9. And So the Dust Settles

    I mean, it is logical, but I don't recall anybody looking to peace out after a week (Well, except on my end, when I had talks with Polaris/TUE/Cerb/OWR going on).
  10. And So the Dust Settles

  11. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Digging that hole again. Where's that Simpson's video clip? Arkiri stated nothing about it until it was stated before him, but ok. It's not entirely surprising from you, considering. I don't think a lot of you understand the situation (And this includes my own members too). I personally been born and raised in an area where racism is often viewed a common thing to happen to outsiders. You know, the "South". I grew up with people, especially the elderly, who were used to the times were racial terminology was a norm, it was a way for them to separate people when describing them (And this goes multiple ways, you'll be surprised at the various terms that Asians, Hispanics, Black, White, etc will openly say sometimes - especially the older generations). Sometimes it was hateful, I won't lie. I never said anything racist though, I'm actually surprised by it considering my surroundings while growing up. In any case, I've seen it first hand from multiple perspectives. Considering the demographic of my area when I was a kid, I often got bullied for "being white", but that's not to take away the years of derogatory/hateful statements other races have received. Anyways, before I get off on a huge tangent on this, this isn't something you solve easily. It's a process that requires time. What Arkiri did in the past? I got on his ass about it and talked to him about it. I've been in that situation before, where I've assisted individuals who doesn't consider the consequences of their words. Literally 5 years of my life was devoted to helping individuals improve their lives in that area, that was something I was awarded for in my honor's group during my college stint for my efforts in curbing racism and assisting people of all walks of life to better their lives. I'm very much well aware of the process and what works, and what doesn't (Hence why I stated the dogpiling was a bad thing to do, that never works and immediately puts people on the defensive who will ignore you instead of listening). Ever since that moment on the boards here, no one got close to treading that line. We did, however, have a funny moment in VC and when a joke got too far - I immediately put a stop to it. Even Kastor explained why it's hurtful to him, and people in the VC that evening apologized about it. Yet you don't hear or see that because that's our business to solve and work through. However, when we see clips of other people's Discords or screenshots of DMs, where they openly talk about "white men dying" or people "being in chains" or even "joking with slavery" - you know how much that counters the efforts some of us do to curb the use of racism here? Some of you are too focused on trying to trigger the other side, that you don't realize that you're becoming just as guilty as what you're condemning others for. I'm all for shit talking and having fun as long as it remains in-character, but as soon as someone opens up that door on making a racist joke and someone replies to it, then they immediately pin it on that 'other person' - I'm giving you the middle finger for opening up that door.
  12. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    So up until the point a slave joke was made, it's still his fault. If people don't want such comments, then don't open that door first. The topic most likely would've remained on the whole stupidity of Nazisim/Communism otherwise.
  13. And So the Dust Settles

    Yet KT consists of several members who are veterans from several past wars... The only real "green" AAs was ROK, BC, IoM, NSR, and HS on our side. Now whether they thought it'd be an easy war or not? I wouldn't know. I do know the rest of us knew we were in this for a long drawn out time.
  14. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    If we're going to set a standard, I expect that standard to be equally attributed to everybody. That's the point of the political outrage on the topic, right? As for Arkiri, he's actually been pretty docile about it, until we saw quite a few things from their end - or, you know, telling people "they're in chains" and "you or Massa". Oh, my favorites were "white men need to die/be killed" and stuff related to that. But please, center it all on him. I'm going to do just that. If your point is to solve racism and racist terms, that's not just a one sided effort.
  15. And So the Dust Settles

    In that case, you'd consider TGH being 'green' then. We can argue this out separately if you wish.