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  1. Buorhann

    Let's Dance!

    >high peace time build So 0/2/5/1 is high peace time build apparently.
  2. Buorhann

    RIP Starbuck

    Anybody is welcomed to come join as long as they don't mind their pixels being burned. I've already converted a few pixel huggers over to the cause.
  3. Buorhann

    The Fraggle Chaos Fund

    I see that people still get uptight at Fraggle's antics. Keep going gurl.
  4. Buorhann

    Who's signing up for the Space Force?

    Who's going to stop the US?
  5. Buorhann

    RIP Starbuck

    A shame too. A couple of people wanted to hit Starbuck. We already got rey, but I don't think he really cares about the game except pushing his agenda/shit posting. He seemed pretty inactive on keeping his military up despite having the backup support to help him maintain it.
  6. Buorhann

    Let's Dance!

    Would explain why I had some TKR members message me out of the blue and tell me to max our military. Good attempt at baiting.
  7. Buorhann

    Please to help me understand....

    Did you delete? Why?
  8. Buorhann

    Shifty News Network-Ask the Viewers

    Careful, you may get a paranoid alliance come at you for saying such things.
  9. Buorhann

    New Player! Any advise is appreciated

    SRD already answered the first two questions well enough, as for the 3rd question - even though a continent has 3 resources, you can still buy Raw Resources from the market and turn them into products. So even if you don't have Coal and Iron available to produce Steel, you can still buy the Coal and Iron for your Steel Mills (And Project) to turn them into Steel.
  10. Buorhann


    As a past member of Syndicate, I'm very mad and upset about this. I cannot believe you removed the name as a holder of a treaty. Did you think we thought it was mis-used?
  11. Buorhann

    Please to help me understand....

    I’m guilty of this, but holy shit this was funny
  12. Buorhann

    Please to help me understand....

    It's barely in the 2nd round. How long do you guys expect this to go for?
  13. Buorhann

    Please to help me understand....

    Didn't say you were swarmed or mauled? It's neither a dream or a bluff. You're thinking too conventional.
  14. Buorhann

    Propaganda time

    Ooooh, I see how it turns fuzzy. Wow. That's weird. The preview isn't fuzzy, but it gets fuzzy once posted.
  15. Buorhann

    Propaganda time

    Like the guy who had just replied to you, go that link - right click -> Save image link -> post up link. It will automatically pop up here on the forums. I just tested it and it works, but I don't want to steal your Likes.

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