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  1. Huh, interesting development. I approve of this. Just don't go stale while paperless.
  2. 20mins till we begin.
  3. When: Wednesday, August 10th, 10pm EST US time Who: Myself, and whoever else wants to talk What: A variety of topics ranging from both in-game and out-of-game (Future projects, recent wars, current in-game politics, etc. Whatever comes to mind!) Why: A stepping stone to future shows Where: Very Good Media Discord channel ( https://discord.gg/Q34QvzucQA ) So it's been awhile. Figure it's time to bring it back and enjoy some bantering, venting, and good discussion as I look back into our world that I've taken a vacation from for some time. Who knows, maybe I'll get @Kevanovia to throat sing for us. (I'm aware this post is very short notice here, but I'm mostly on Discord and did ping about it on the VGM Discord channel, so come join me there to get future notifications)
  4. Never trust a player who says they can't get Discord, lol. (However, if they just say they won't get Discord, then whatever)
  5. I honestly have no recollection of that name. Doing a forum search just shows people shit talking that name though. I guess that's why I don't remember that name, never dealt with him. I guess he wasn't important enough back in my prime. Thanks though
  6. How much is the cost of your Naval attacks compared to a Nuke though?
  7. No, because it allows people to buy back spies in secret without being sat on. Or rather, that should be the intention. Remove the ability to spam calls to the server for spy information. Bots shouldn't be controlling the game.
  8. I can't help but imagine someone studdering the word "GO".
  9. Didn't you guys whine about Ro$e and HW not fighting while your sphere was in a easy war yourself?
  10. I'm actually ok with these changes. It solves quite a few issues. Mostly the whole "baiting out beige" issue without spending any MAPs. I also like the idea of separating Offensive/Defensive wars with the beige mechanic. Gives people on the defensive side more breathing room, while people attacking don't get the benefit of beige as much. It also makes it almost impossible to cycle nations out under perma blockade/being sit on. Which is good for the overall health of the game if it's to continue on.
  11. It's mostly a done war now. Ro$e is just nuke lobbing now.
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