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  1. I got time, so I'll take the bait. You mean the two threads that both Adrienne and Partisan posted about the "surrenders" on Co A's behalf? Or do you mean you're willingly ignoring the logs that clearly state Co B & associates leaders are stalling/ignoring the peace talks? In any case, a quick search shows that you're glossing over these points. So it's pretty obvious you're simply just shitposting for the sake of it. Either that, or you're a dunce. Could be both, who knows.
  2. As leader of the Real Polaris, I don’t recall banning/kicking you? You must be talking about the Fake Polaris. They’re fake for a reason
  3. BK and “Cov” are only talking smack because they couldn’t fight a war they got caught planning. After using several alliances (And later betraying them) and begging NPO to come save them, they finally got into a position to “talk smack”. Its embarrassing, really. Lol. First no. Second, are you seriously trying to put that narrative out after evidence says otherwise??
  4. There's not a "seat" at the table because it was their intention to dissolve/disband some of the AAs. Dissolve KETOG, disband TKR, KT, and TGH were the most common things stated in their private chats. There was a very clear indication that they wanted to stall or outright ignore the peace talks by giving Keegoz/Adrienne, then later Partisan - the run around so they can keep the war going and having our members leave/delete.
  5. I'm not too surprised honestly. Have you seen the log dump and his talk there? It's pretty enlightening (Not on him, it's his usual spiel. The others though? Woo...)
  6. You mean the multiple times Keegoz, myself, and Adrienne pointed out wasn't our goal? (Also the Sketchy stuff came after NPO jumped in, which they lied to us, and the logs show that)
  7. Where? There may have been a couple of voices from members, but nobody from the high gov spots. (Unless you're talking about Sketchy's trolling bits, which I've and multiple others already disproved from our ends)
  8. Completely and utterly false. Never once was that the goal during Syndisphere's track of wars, or even the couple of wars after that. Until now. (Sidenote: Did AAs disband over the course of multiple wars? Yes. Vanguard, Cornerstone, etc. Did any talks with the leads ever happen to forcefully disband or dissolve AAs? No.) You folks are replying to GOONS waaay too much.
  9. Thats incorrect. One was a Intel Op, others were Kill Spies.
  10. Too much expectation of him. If he was smart enough to figure it out, you wouldn’t have had to explain it.
  11. I think the problem here, with all these new faces posting, they probably don’t know who their leaders are in those dumped logs. Either that, or reading is too hard.
  12. @AppealDenied Welcome back DNFJ. To say we ensured a hegemonic control for you is... stretching the blame. Lets remind the audience here a couple of things. First, Roq admitted to trying on persuading GOONS to join the fight. Second, you spied us. Third, you blame BK for the second part (Granted I think it’s a joke considering the later ties obviously). But yeah, keep blaming TGH. Everything so far shown in the logs pretty much show this course would’ve happened one way or another. You’re simply showing that you’re a perfect match for those you “suddenly” befriended. Lets also not forget that you were part of Solar Knights before creating GOONS. So it’s really no surprise how things occurred on your end.
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