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  1. Yes, we still play this. We're building up a guild here. If you're interested in participating, just hit me on Discord.
  2. TLNGR: The Golden Horde is officially defunct. Sorry to disappoint SNN, but you're wrong. Great Hippo Khan here, declaring the migration of our movement back to the Eastern Steppes of the world. When we formed up, 2 years ago on this day, we had a plan to try and change the political landscape of this game. We wanted to actually make things "dynamic" and not just use that word as a meme. We had a couple of stipulations in place to maintain our focus on our overall goals. We wanted to be antagonistic, we wanted to keep away from previous ties in EMC
  3. But seriously, don't frick it up this time. For the sake of all our of sanity, please. That includes any old BK gov returning. You guys are a chill bunch.
  4. KT is named too. Scroll a few more posts down
  5. Should prevent endless buy-in's this time around.
  6. This isn't hard to understand. Don't think too much into it.
  7. I do, but I’m also not ignorant to the game’s state.
  8. How about you stop smoking? You keep saying you’re going out to buy smokes.
  9. Just to be super clear here. Alliances that haven't accepted the peace offering: Remnants of NPO, GOONS (GPA/Octavia/whateverthehelltheyrebrandto), GoG, BK, Birdweed Alliances that don't care about the NAP: Mythic, Arrgh, and I guess KT since I haven't heard anything from them about it. Each of these alliances fall under the "Raider" category. So feel free to punch them if need be. If your alliance made a post accepting the offer, you're good. If your alliance peaced out earlier in the war, you're good.
  10. I have come bearing news to all of Orbis. We have achieved an end. An end to the war that sought the destruction of communities all around. Peace has come to Orbis. A peace which shall bring forth growth and prosperity to all who have managed to survive. A peace that shall restabilize our world and bring forth new ideas. I have here, in my hand, a document with many signatures on it that I would like to read out to you. "We, the Coalition of Alphabet Soup, and the lasting leaders of Coalition We Dun Fuked Up, have held meetings and are agreed to a global white peace and a 6m
  11. Players have a choice in regards to an alliances tax structure. Some follow the 100/100, some dont’t. That should have nothing to do with the future of the game. Personally, it’s one of the better tax structures in this game because the leaders can reallocate resources in a timely manner where they’re needed most. But not everybody follows that, which is ok. Its all about trusting your leaders though.
  12. Buorhann


    The Great Hippo Khan agrees to this. Let's get this going. I want to meet everybody in a room.
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