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  1. Huh, interesting. What would you say in reference to those citing actions taken back in 2016? Only one side has attacked their previous support/allies after they got peace.
  2. Huh, this is a new face for Coal B folks. I wonder why...
  3. Basically, if you steal a bank, don’t be stupid and go into VM.
  4. You’re not a native English speaker, @Maia? You had me fooled. Keep it up.
  5. True, but I was just speculating. Had the war not occurred and GOONS joined the game as they are, wouldn't have been an awful addition to Chaos. Numbers and activity wise of their AA would've made Chaos much more competitive against other spheres easily. Not sure where Jazz gets the whole "culturally" alike bit though.
  6. Actually GOONS would be a good addition to Chaos, if it was the spheres before this war. Would make Chaos a tad big, but it'd be competitive against BKSphere or N$O at the time - numbers and activity wise.
  7. Is this Leo and Keshav's love child?
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