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  1. Buorhann

    peace talks

    Please explain how we lost again?
  2. Both of those are terrible. Unfortunately I can’t post the good one because it has titties showing. Don’t want to get banned just yet. EDIT: This one is good though. Forgot all about it.
  3. Buorhann

    peace talks

    This is false, there was a pretty big change in maintaining one of the advantages we have.
  4. Buorhann

    peace talks

    As we had discussed, you admitted you could see our perspective and I admitted I could see yours. Doesn't mean either of us was right, or wrong, since there's a lot of unknowns. Don't know who you are, so why would your word be taken?
  5. Buorhann

    peace talks

    I'm not one of the negotiators, for good reason. My statement about the incentive is to encourage further talks. Every war before this, terms were given before to help negotiate the process of ending a war. Not after. You're talking to a lot of old leaders here, not new ones. Of course the newer alliances (Ming/North Point) would be willing to see past that because this is their first rodeo of such talks. Every alliance that has left Coalition B was presented terms before requesting their surrender or white peace. Some of them had lengthy discussions, some were pretty short. All of it worked out peacefully to my knowledge. The problem your side is having is that you're expecting people such as Adrienne, Keegoz, etc. to trust your words - after already having it blasted to hell and back. EDIT: And uh, yeah, a lot of the nuances of this war is NPO's fault. BKsphere only started the war, but NPO escalated it in multiple ways (Not just by dragging in more and more people that had no ties to this conflict).
  6. Buorhann

    peace talks

    Feel free to elaborate more on this, because I'm smelling bullshit on you about this. Do explain the idea of "working with N$O" to help dogpile on the smaller Chaos/KETOG, and explain how that's "good"? The actions in KERCHTOGG? What actions? You mean us beating each other up, then having to work together because of your dumb slip up? This whole paranoia thing of MegaTKRwhatever that some of you go on about starts with you, and why the situation is as it is now.
  7. Buorhann

    peace talks

    Obviously that's whats going on at this point.
  8. Buorhann

    peace talks

    The only issue here is that you, Sphinx, etc, are so deadset that we want to surrender. Your best option to even have us consider surrender is presenting the terms that would give us incentive to accept surrendering. It's obvious, by now, that most of our alliances on our side are pretty torn down Infra/Score wise, but by war mechanics alone - anybody can simply rebuild back up to 600-800 Infra per city and be able to fully max out military easily and cheaply to continue fighting (Entirely depending on their targets and strats, of course). This particular war isn't new to most veterans in the game. NPO/BK were ground down to dust before, TKR has been before, hell - Rose has been several times throughout it's long history, etc. All these new comers that think nation/alliance score is what matters know nothing of this game. The war started with both of your spheres (N$O and BKsphere - it's no longer Covenant, let's be real) had plans to roll both of the smaller spheres (KETOG, Chaos). You folks had established plans long beforehand to build around the idea of a long war. So one way or another, we were going to get dogpiled against. And one way or another, in the future, we'll be dogpiled again too. Simply because you can't pull each other's dicks from your asses. The only people who attempted to change the game are all in our coalition, while your side would rather have the game remain stagnant.
  9. Buorhann

    peace talks

    That sounds awfully like what happened for your side, when NPO who held no ties into this war joined to help BK/Cov save face. Huh... EDIT: I think quite a few of you have forgotten how or why this war started in the first place, and why there hasn't been a surrender despite Sphinx's claims.
  10. I just may put that image on our AA page.
  11. Buorhann

    peace talks

    First, no. Join the choir. Second, coward?
  12. Buorhann

    peace talks

    That's actually pretty good.
  13. Buorhann

    peace talks

    Calm down. Wasn't aware BK needed your help too, but I guess so.
  14. Buorhann

    peace talks

    Just like how BK accepted NPO protection?
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