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  1. imagine making such a big fuss over baseball in "Politics and war"... play cookie clicker if you guys are into clicking something so much
  2. So ya’ll removed @Rebekah Mikaelson from The Originals yet ya’ll still counter for her if she were to Get hit? Sounds like bs to me. Just keep her in Lmfao. Someone please hit her
  3. I declare victory against your victory!
  4. ya’ll should blitz TO and make things interesting:) staying in peace will make your members rusty for when someone actually decides to hit you guys and keep it going
  5. jokes aside, There should either be a limit to how many games you can play a day or a timer between each game.
  6. I like how the only people complaining are from NPO:) I would fully support the nerf of baseball, its too op rn.
  7. Before responding to play the smartass guy you should try to figure out the difference between normal raids and mass raids. Nevertheless, im curious on how long both parties will be fighting for. Gl both sides:)
  8. oh no! done buying credits if they're not restored? I guess alex has no choice, but to restore them now.
  9. Glad to see the bug sorted out. gave me anxiety ngl;D
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