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  1. I see where you are coming from, but it's not really reasonable nor make any sense to use that argument in this situation. This case is special because it involves billions of dollar, so the precedent would only be that you compensate stuff if it involves billions. And lets be honest, this was no small nor your usual "change" to the game where the "losers" would want to be compensated. This is a completely different situation where the change to the game was a major change in the past few years.
  2. @Alex Hey, Dont you think its unfair to have changed the city score after the people who have worked their ass of to get to a certain city tier with no warnings or whatsoever? for example, the current people at 30+ cities or even myself at city 37 only have specific alliances/targets that i could fight meaning the targets i could war with has drastically lowered. I wouldn't like to be stuck fighting the same alliances/people over and over again, sure it would of been fine if we got to a high city tiering after u made the change, but dont you think its unfair for those people who already were at 30+ cities for you just to change the amount of people we could war with out of nowhere? sure there is the option of deleting cities, but thats not really fair as we've spent a lot of time and $ to get to where we are at now so I have 2 suggestions. Lower the score of each city (instead of 100, make it 75 maybe) or return the $ to the people who want to get down to a certain city. There could be a city threshold that is acceptable to receive a refund, for example c26 and above and there could be a timelimit for when people could ask for an refund. For example one week.
  3. @ TCM allies... Escalate no balls
  4. Tank Costs Tanks now cost 0.5 Steel per tank. I would support this 100% ^
  5. Hey @Alex, since you dont understand the consequences of removing beige, let me explain this in your own language . https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6 this is your nation, lets say if you were a new player. I could permanently prevent you from playing the game due to the removal of beige, how so you might Ask? Just completely blockade you and have your military wiped, then keep on sending new people at you once one of them beiges you. Then the new player will cri and message you that the game is too hard and then new player quit game. Then when new player quit game the game dont Get new players and when the game dont Get new players then its no good. Then more people quit because they Get bullied and Get no chance of rebuilding to fight back. What does this mean? This means its not good and not good means not good. Now ima go back to my cave and hope you understand that people complaining have a reason to complain and its not just to shit on you.
  6. Vein


    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=198537 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=198537 seems to be a multi
  7. 1. FormerM 2. Eclipse 3. Eclipse 4. Eclipse 5. Eclipse 6. Eclipse 7. Eclipse 8. Eclipse 9. T$ 10. Knights Templar
  8. Props to you for making this, nevertheless, there will still be people who are most likely going to hate you guys and there are also others who are going to jump on the bandwagon of hatred against you guys simply because they are sheeps that dont have the balls of having their own opinion. I myself am neutral and I believe this is a good first step for you guys, however, if anyone is going to get rolled after the NAP ends its most likely going to be you guys and I think we all know why, just depends on how you guys would take it. Anyways, good job on apologizing. It takes alot of balls to do that.
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