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  1. I have a solution, don't touch how the current beige system works and rather bring back the old war mechanics....also gib 50 score per city instead of 100
  2. 3 V 1........FIX or nerf zig before i riot https://gyazo.com/2f41de4a51fce3fd0a92d7029c811ae6
  3. Last time KT decided to become a farming aa and ally someone, they got themself rolled, became a raiding alliance and rolled their previous ally. @Cataclysm Watch yourself, they'll come after you next
  4. I don't really talk alot on the forums, but i do want to correct you that you are simply "OP" because of the amount of whales/megawhales you guys have. It doesn't necessarily mean you are a good fighter either, you simply know how to click the "dogfight" button and thats all there is to it. This game doesn't require you to do alot when you have easy mode on and i don't blame you for it. As for why bollywood declared on you guys is quite simple honestly. Rosesphere clearly wanted revenge on you guys for dogpiling them in guns & roses. While you might not call it a dogpile because mystery and oasis jumped in, what would of had happened if they didn't? your intention was clear as daylight, to make it a dogpile against rose. I don't think you guys are stupid and I don't believe your side thinks we are stupid either, lets be honest. Hollywood deserves this rolling. As for GG let's be real -> Last time GG lost score (got rolled) was 2 years ago during dial up and that was a very slow death where it took months for GG to properly die. This was about time and deserved, now lets enjoy the wars please and thank you. There is too much salt though i'm quite enjoying it.
  5. Based TLE Camelot you suck git gud scrubs
  6. You've been punished and you're free to return to the game, whether if people will forgive you or not is another question. Welcome back though
  7. Accurate no bias. Think this is wrong? well you're wrong https://gyazo.com/bd0f749db397105a684213053f5647e6
  8. 210 wars? rookie numbers, FrenchM has 597 Wars/members, git gud scrub. Why dont you war more you Pixelhuggers, become like frenchM. Big warmongers, many wars big explosions.
  9. gib old war mechanics back, city score 50 or 75 at max instead of 100 pls and ty.
  10. Carthago really did a «no u» savage
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