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  1. Vein

    Slot Filling

    Nation - https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6 War Activity - https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=592904 This does not seem to be a real war. Alex declared ordinary war against the nation, Neantasia, who at the time had a far superior ground and air force. It is worth mentioning that Neantasia is currently waring few members of "Gentlemens Gaming and Fisticuffs Union". Neantasia got countered by 2 of them but his last defensive slot got filled by a weak, 2 city nation, who seems to have had no plans of waring him other than taking his last defensive slot. Its worth mentioning that both nation has been sitting at 12 MAPs and have not done a single attack against each other which leads me to believe that Alex and Neantasia are plotting together.
  2. I dont think thats how it works, congrats on the treaty tho
  3. Vein

    Slot filling

    doesn't look like slot filling. As alex said, it would be a lot easier if you reported specific wars following this post stop being lazy and do it properly when reporting someone.
  4. lets see how long UA lasts
  5. Time for Coa A to hit CoS for peacing out
  6. so if anyone told you something you'd just believe them? Yes, we were high gov in Camelot. "Was", and? not that it matters in the first place, but I struggle to figure out how your thinking works. We aren't trying to be arrgh either and I think we've proved that multiple times.
  7. How would you know? once again, thats a lie. The only 2 times Mythic has gotten a treaty with someone was when we got ODoAP with Camelot and NAP with goons. Thats about it. I would know better than you:)
  8. You're wrong. As I said, stop uttering words from ur ass.
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