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  1. There will never be anything quite as wonderful as our happy little union. Thanks to every member for making ASM what it was; and God bless Redarmy
  2. ASM had no enemies considering that we were completely uninvolved in the war. In spite of that we had come under a spree of wars from GGO so with all respect, this isn't the right tree you're barking up.
  3. The (not so) "random raids and nuke turreting" which concentrated solely on affiliates of Rose and Eclipse, during your war with them and not, in particular, ASM. Right...
  4. Truthfully, if not for being relentlessly attacked throughout the course of the war despite being an uninvolved party, I don't think ASM would have needed to be part of the NAP~ In any case, well fought to our allies and congrats on peace~
  5. Hooray! Many friends, love to see it~
  6. Red's presence was always known, and his absence will be forever felt. Rest in peace dear friend, I can only hope you smile back at us...
  7. I don't really care about baseball, I'd even say remove it just so discussions like this don't happen every quarter. However the concern that baseball generates too much money is kinda funny since the credit cap got increased to 20 not too long ago. That 400m is so much more impactful than the meager amounts people generate monthly from baseball, not to mention that 400m is more money than a lot of nations generate each month. Greedy.
  8. Hurts to see, OWR was one of the better communities I found myself apart of in this game. Peace Alba Rosa, and good luck to you all~
  9. Sad to see you go Kabu, you were great to talk to in OWR~
  10. The rabbit's foot will be our good luck charm ❤️
  11. Not having supercholaX swing their weight at every smaller alliance is nice
  12. This should have happened a long time ago.
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