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[ROH] Camelot Goes Treasure Hunting

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2 hours ago, Xi Jinping said:

okay so it wouldn't go away I clicked the unbold button like 15 times and nothing

You need to select all then hit bold/unbold.
You can do th
is with ctrl+a (select all) or on a mobile device usually long hold a word and then the popup will give an option to select all (or you could move the little cursors, but no one likes doing that)

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3 hours ago, Azazel said:

Hey good on yall, when we hit for the treasure we figured you would not do anything, im actually glad you did. 

Figured out what, TLE would just sit and let their high tiers die because they are an incompetent tax farm? Guess what, that is not TLE but Camelot. How much do you have to suck to have negative 1B net after only 2 days of war? Tbh, Anti-Cam coalition would make more money by just looting your members than you might have got from that treasure XD. A very good move for an alliance with top notch FAs, hope there is even more to come! :lol:

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6 hours ago, Gaius Julius Caesar said:

So let's get this straight. Camelot, the rank 7 alliance in Orbis, decided it wanted to attack the entire upper tier of The Lost Empire, the rank 21 alliance in Orbis, for the sake of a treasure from what I have heard? Camelot, the alliance that is known for its excellent decisions, and its superb leadership, has decided to use its 109 members, to attack an alliance with 52 members, for the sake of a treasure that will despawn in what, a month and a half? Camelot, whose colour bloc is Maroon, and gives them $33,994 per turn, and $407,928 per day, wants to go to war over a treasure that will, if I am not mistaken in my math, give them a bonus of 2% in revenue per day? If they get all three, that'll be a whole 3.46% bonus revenue

Now I'll admit ladies and gentlemen, I am by no means an expert at maths, but something about this feels like it's not very friendly towards ROI. What do I know though, Camelot has always been known for its great decision making, like when it was a very vocal supporter of IQ, and then tried to switch sides after the war and act like the victim. Camelot has ALWAYS been known for its good decision making, like when it decided uninvited to join Guns and Roses and Duck Hunt for the sake of.... what was the reasoning again Gorge? Preserving the balance of the game? I'm sure it was some great reason and it was worth the 84 billion damage you took in Guns and Roses and 37 billion you took in Duck Hunt. After all, Camelot has ALWAYS been known for its great decisions, like when it funneled massive amounts of cash into both Arthur and Gorge's nations, to build them up. 

Just taking a quick look at the CTOwned war page, it already seems clear that Arthur, Epi, and Gorge have once AGAIN proved their brilliance, as they've already taken 1.6 billion damage in this war. I'm sure this is going to be over VERY quickly, lads, and this will absolutely end in you making more money off of the 2% to 3% from the treasures than you spent on this war. I once again bow to the brilliance of the leadership of Camelot, you all are truly a shining beacon of excellence in this game.

This person couldnt have said it any better like its perfect 

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All the best TLE! 

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Legal Disclaimer:

My opinions do not necessarily reflect of the opinions of my alliance, allies, enemies or neutrals.


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I don't get all of this, it's almost like putting Gorge in charge of your FA leads to bad decisions being made and the whole of Orbis not liking you but surely that can't be it right? 

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10 hours ago, Azazel said:

Hey good on yall, when we hit for the treasure we figured you would not do anything, im actually glad you did. 


Hope ya'll have some fun and im sure our members will aswell 

Stop the hegemony amirite? Gotta keep the game fair amirite?

This seems very fair

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On 7/7/2021 at 7:05 PM, Prefontaine said:

Credits are what keep this game running. This is a method to increase credit usage without dramatically impacting the game as treasures are already random and measures are in place from rich alliances gaining too much from accumulating treasures.

Would you still say the same about treasures not dramatically impacting the game?

31 minutes ago, Rewan Demontay said:


Quick! Activate the secret treaties!
Can't have your secret allies fight in a 2 v 1.
You absolutely need the fight to be a 10v1 for it to be deemed fair!

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2 hours ago, Sweeeeet Ronny D said:

Now what if this is all an elaborate ruse between TLE and Camelot, to boost TLE's rep, so that afterwards they can join Cam's bloc, and everyone will be like man I love those plucky underdogs TLE, if Mystery took them in, they can't be that bad right?


I think that would more reflect how bad Mystery is than how good TLE is.

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