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  1. Your rebuttal would be more clever if you actually remembered which sphere Eclipse is in. Here's a hint pal. It's not Rose sphere.
  2. nah mate it won't be quite that simple. They have a good milcom leader right now and many resilient fighters who don't give up easily. Not to mention the backing of Rose, the #1 ranked alliance, ASM, and all the protectorates. It won't be just a tcw pile up which is why I look forward to it. But at the end of the day, Eclipse will wind up on top just as we will against any other foe.
  3. Mine is based off the most trusted and least scrutinized news agency of all time. My old nation didn't have a theme lol
  4. This is very welcome news indeed. I look forward to working with you guys on even terms. #itsabouttime #quacksphere #eclipsestronk #riproxche
  5. congrats on your treaty. good luck to you both
  6. So... can I raid him before he gets banned?
  7. congrats on the upgrade guys. you worked hard for it. best of luck going forward.
  8. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say rose rolling micro is unrelated to schrute. idk for sure though
  9. Congrats to both sides and good luck with the rebuild. I wish it could've been a little longer though.
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