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  1. *insert post here about inappropriate use of alliance affairs and blah blah*
  2. I'm glad tcm has come to the realization that the vast majority of banks are a scam. Why would one started by a former cheater be any different?
  3. Not usually in a literal sense (although some alliances have done that too like npo) but more like actively discourage participation by saying something like "forums are too toxic so it's better to avoid them" which is true regarding the toxicity part but the solution to that isn't giving in to taunts like "delete your forum account" but sticking to your guns and pushing on.
  4. Oh no I didn't mean it like that. I haven't explicitly been told to shut up. It's more of a self censorship kind of thing because I realize a lot of my opinions aren't very popular with certain people and that could hurt my alliance which isn't what i want. So I decided to cut back on the posting and the "one day circumstances may be different" part could happen in a variety of different ways like sphere change or change in sphere narrative.
  5. Well I have been trying to avoid the forums lately but it looks like Phoenix has forced me out of retirement to say this. Putting aside your position on the narrative (which I don't agree with btw), I applaud you for having the courage to come out and engage/express your views here. As you've probably seen by now, the elites that control things around here aren't very pleased that you're saying something outside the official narratives, or in the case of your sphere a lack of one. I also firmly recall a time where I was in a similar spot as you and although I've had to bite my tongue for reaso
  6. @Insert Name Here Thank you for the honest and insightful assessment. I agree with you 100% on this and I applaud your willingness to say things that may not be completely in line with your sphere's narrative. It's a refreshing thing to see.
  7. did 6 ground attacks at once with only 12 maps https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=781806 sorry just realized this should've been posted in tech support
  8. congrats on peace guys and good luck with the rebuild
  9. You got it this time tEst. All of Orbis is rooting for you. Show those awful mythic scumbags how raiding truly works.
  10. Welcome to Quack. I look forward to working with you guys hopefully soon
  11. Aside from cost and unnecessary prerequisites, the biggest issue that stands out to me is the fact that you can simply dodge it by having 100/100 taxes. It should apply before taxes not after.
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