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  1. for the entire coalition? that's not so bad. i'm sure you guys could've come up with that. better than 150 bil or whatever the original number was edit: oh forgot to read
  2. During my 8 months in Camelot, I have never seen ANYONE express the view that coalition a should quit the game. It might've happened and I didn't see it. From what I heard, GOONS and NPO may have expressed that sentiment but most of us would've been perfectly content with a temporary flag switch, some reps, and a NAP. The exact details could've been negotiated. But kertogg and syndishere wanted white peace which would've deprived our victory of any substance. It's incredibly frustrating to fight for that long and have your victory be completely hollow. The reps ensure that the winning side is able to rebuild faster than the losing side. It may seem like that would cause the losers to stay losers forever but I disagree. The winners can rebuild quickly and fight a different sphere while the NAP continues with the losers. After the war, win or lose, everyone involved is weaker and the losers from the last war become the strongest sphere. Reward for winning= more fighting Penalty for losing= having to sit around for a while and get bored farming resources
  3. no each of the top 5 did about a billion. altogether it was several billion. anyway IQ is dead. let's move on
  4. congrats on the leadership change. Albion online was umm... it was something. I think the burning question in the back of everyone's mind is what the heck was said in screenshot 47?
  5. If npowned was still up I could show you that 4/5 of the top net damage dealt in cam was approaching 1 bil and was dealt by former members of cam. 3/5 are now proud members of The Roxchean Confederations. Shot outs to Messi, 7, Blackbird, and Aliyan. You guys rock. Are you trying to tell me that the community is made up of babies who can't take a joke and fly a poop flag or whatever? If I was in your shoes and I lost fair and square (yes I know that's not the case here because of cheating) then I would play along and have a good laugh while preparing for the next war or raiding. Yes it sucks to lose. I've lost plenty of times. But this is a game and the memes were just for a laugh and had no bearing on your ability to rebuild, push your narrative or recruit new members. If somebody asked, you tell them it's a joke and we don't take ourselves too seriously. That's the type of culture that I feel has been lost.
  6. Oh God why did you have to include my flag too. Full disclaimer: I am not an artist. On a serious note, if that's the type of peace term you're complaining about, idk what to say. It's a meme dude. As for the reps, if it truly was an unreasonable amount then I apologize. 99% of us weren't part of the peace discussions and even fewer knew about the cheating. We shouldn't have to apologize for causing billions in net damage or zeroing your armies however. Personally I prefer apolitical meme wars anyway since I too hit pretty much everyone at this point. P.S. You suck Azazel. Thanks for liberating us.
  7. Says the guy who continued hitting us even after the war ended. KT and you especially are not who anyone should look to for moral guidance. Also, you do realize Dryad is part of your alliance too right? Members of Camelot can have differing opinions just like your alliance does.
  8. Pretty sure North Point was allowed to surrender so idk what you're whining about. Guess you're just salty that Changeup got a little slap on the wrist from Alex the other day.
  9. I think it boils down to a pride thing for them. Sure they technically surrendered but they clearly had no intention of accepting the demands that were imposed on them. The losers don't get to set the terms of surrender. The winners do. They should've just paid the reps and that would be it.
  10. I can only speak for myself when I say it was never personal for me during GW14. As someone who did milcom for camelot during the later portions of the war, my focus was on coordinating hits and making sure we stayed ahead of our enemies. I make no apologies for what I and the people I fought alongside with did (Ray, Blackbird, 7, Alphalion, Foowee and the rest) because doing so would undermine our achievements. At the end of the day, the politics came second to winning the war for me. If leaders wish to apologize for their individual actions, since they were involved in the decision making, that's fine. But the apolitical members aka soldiers of both sides should feel proud. And yes Azazel, for better or worse, Camelot's culture has changed.
  11. The reason I don't think decisions should be made by direct democracy or a council of elites is because this game should try to appeal to as many people as possible with different play styles. If we do go with some type of UN, micros should have equal representation to macros kinda like the U.S Senate. Altogether, micros make up a sizeable player base and shouldn't be ignored.
  12. That's nobody though. Everyone has their own vision for what the game should be and why they play it . Even bankers who are officially neutral (and have no ties to any sphere) have a bias in favor of markets and against raiders. The only people you could truly argue are neutral are those like Alex who don't really play the game at all.
  13. The thing is I don't even consider this to really be a rule change. Just a rule clarification. Alex agreed that making a deal for a bounty is slot filling which is already against the rules. You guys had a different interpretation but regardless, this update would bypass the committee or public debate because it's not actually a change to the rules.
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