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  1. Both Nation Search and Alliance Search only allow manual sorting by one option, and each display a maximum of 50 results. Currently, there are more than 16,000 nations in the game, as well as 300+ alliances. Depending on sort method and Advanced Search options, I can have a full page of 50 results, whether they be nations or alliances, that all have the same value for whatever my search option is (date created, number of cities, etc.). I can then reload the page without changing any of the search options and have a completely new list of 50 nations/alliances with no repeats. I suggest a secondary sort method, primarily a manual one. This secondary sort method could either be an option of one of the existing sort options (if the primary sort method is selected as number of cities ascending and the secondary is score ascending, the results starting at 1 would have 50 different nations with 1 city, starting with the lowest score) or simply an alphabetical sort. Any other suggestions?
  2. Top kek Hizu's got this, ignore all the haters
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