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  1. Funny given by the reactions on my post, and the replies, it suggests that GOONS are happy to see longtime members leave the game. And we are supposed to bear with the fiction that "tHeY cArE aBoUt tEh cOmMuNiTy"
  2. It has been a fun 2 years in this game, guys, but I realized that I can't really deal with the GOONS virtue signalling, and neither can I deal with @Alex being clearly biased and appeasing them any further. It's a sad day for me, as I really enjoy playing this game (have played it on and off since 2015), but well, I outlined my reasons. @Quichwe10 thanks for taking me into TFP, I deeply appreciate it. @Harry Flashman, @Kaz, @Robert Jordan you guys were some of the best friends I made in this game, thanks for sticking around. @The Royalist I really enjoyed my time in Empyrea, thanks for that. @CitrusK maybe I will have to raid you some other time 😋 To the rest of the PnW community, adios amigos. I am looking forward to @MinesomeMC's upcoming game, Global Regimes, wherein he implements the changes that have been suggested to Alex for long (but he won't implement) and hopefully moderation is more fair and doesn't fall down the SJW rabbit hole. Like I said, I did enjoy playing this game, I shall continue to remain active on the PnW and TFP discord channels, and if, for once, Alex actually decides to make this game and moderation fair for everyone, I would be glad to join back. Regards, Isjaki
  3. I don't get the logic of people thinking that they deserve more payout just because they can put in 6+ hours a day. Doesn't the intellectual effort of planning and buying cities and infra count? And what about the rest of us, players who have college/jobs etc? Coalition B was an example. For trading, money is not generated from thin air, unlike baseball. As for coalition A, plenty of people do it anyway, apart from those who can't due to real life time constraints.
  4. Well I don't mind it merely as an entertainer, a distraction from the rest of the game, but it should definitely lose it's economic utility.
  5. Let's be honest, baseball should be nerfed further. Why? I offer 3 reasons. 1) It's not realism. I am yet to see a single nation in real life which earns more from a sports team than it's actual cities and infrastructure. 2) It's unfair. Players who have regular jobs, college, school etc should be able to compete on the game on a fair basis, based on their diplomatic, financial and military skills alone, without relying on baseball. It's discriminatory against players who can't put in 6 hours a day. A c25 with a job shouldn't be making less than a c5 who clicks 6 hours a day. 3) It interferes with the rest of the game. Global war 14 has the Coalition A alliances militarily defeated, and while they hope that Coalition B coffers run dry, to aid in the peace negotiating process, Coalition B has the option to simply spam baseball (and many do the same), to generate money out of thin air for the war effort. I might add there has been a precedent for Alex preventing this sort of alliance-dominating tactics in game, when he nerfed treasures due to the formation of treasure island. Thus, I would propose that baseball payouts be slashed to 5% of their current value, to reflect their worth better upon the game.
  6. We could probably have a project called research center in game. The research center project would allow us to research upgrades to our troops and equipment, making them more effective while keeping the base price same. 1st Gen: No bonus 2nd Gen: 10% stronger 3rd Gen: 20% stronger 4th Gen: 30% stronger 5th Gen: 40% stronger 6th Gen: 50% stronger The price of each upgrade would go on increasing of course, keeping in accordance with the principle of diminishing returns. I believe such a project would make combat much more interesting.
  7. Indeed so. A ban on inactivity in general (preventing purple nations from being taxed) would be a better way to end this practice than just being not able to tax gray nations.
  8. Bad analogy, isn't it? 1. It has been clearly established that GOONS uses Something Awful. 2. It has also been clearly established, from Bluetarch's comments, that a membership of Something Awful is essential for being a part of GOONS. You guys claim that a membership of something awful isn't a criteria for being a member of GOONS. Well, I am inclined to say you are just lying, since you have no evidence to back it up. As for you guys not being related to Something Awful, who knows if you are? We don't doxx people, no one is aware of anyone else's real life identity. Maybe you guys are stakeholders in SA in some form or the other, and are lying about it. That would explain Bluetarch's comments.
  9. Bluetarch's comments in op clearly indicate otherwise. They clearly establish that membership of Something Awful is intrinsic to be a member of GOONS in PnW. And that membership costs $9.95 Yep, totally not a scam.
  10. It would appear that this issue was already resolved in nations automatically moving to gray after 2 weeks of inactivity. My bad, I wasn't aware of that. Can this topic be closed please?
  11. Recently, there has been a huge influx of new nations into the game, and while this should generally be considered a positive news, most of these nations are inactive nations that are being used as tax farms by various alliances. Alex himself makes three great points against having inactives in alliances (linked at the end if this post). I would like to add further arguments over this, and while removing inactives seems a bit harsh, we certainly can agree upon modifications in taxation. 1. We all dislike inactives. And alliances keeping them around for taxes. There is also a precedence for this principle in game, in making it impossible for gray nations to be taxed. 2. No community interaction. Most if not all of these tax farm nations are inactive and contribute no value to the community in any tangible way. 3. It's unethical. Major alliances like TKR and NPO have the communities and resources large enough to bring in nations that serve as tax farms. This is unfair to micro alliances. 'Winning' the game, per se, should be based on how skilled one is, and not how many tax farms can one pull in. There is a precedence in game for 'fair' behaviour too, as treasure bonuses were nerfed once Treasure Island was formed. While Alex already deletes nations for inactivity, after a certain point of time, in keeping with the principles espoused in point 1 and point 2, it doesn't quite solve the issue raised in point 3. Thus, I would like to propose a modification that would ensure that purple nations (nations inactive for 7+ days in game) cannot be taxed by alliances. I belive this will have the added advantage of incentizing raiding, and solve most issues raised here. This is the post by Alex btw-
  12. Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=182088 Nation name: Soviet Canuckistan Leader name: Dommy Touglas Communism is ideology that has lead to an estimated 100 million deaths worldwide. Communist imagery is banned in Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Indonesia and Ukraine. It offends refined sensitivities that we allow such highly objectionable content within our community. https://m.imgur.com/a/FHvd8a3
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