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  1. This is why one purchases BABAI insurance. Good luck!
  2. Banking in game (or irl) is based on credits and the risk assessment of the lenders. Good luck getting a single customer. If you're not a risk taker, business isn't for you.
  3. In b4 KT overtakes Oasis in damage and "wE aRe mAkInG mOnEy AnD yOu ArE nOt" 😛
  4. Wait until you are NPO. The game as a whole shouldn't be forced to join Rose because of a bad mechanic. P.S. For the record, that has happened before. All the players in the game were Rose.
  5. Take a refund then. It's like what... 6m? For blocking 50% missiles? Yea, no 😛
  6. Bombardment will make dogpiles even more one-sided
  7. I'm in favour of nerfing all loser weapons too (secret treaties, treaty chains and dogpiles).
  8. 50% is obscenely high and makes ID too OP. 50% infra protection makes it more balanced, given ID prices.
  9. Let this day be a reminder of all the hardships we endured, and how we persevered when all hope seemed lost. While I personally am no stranger to being dogpiled, I think I speak for all of us that the sheer volume of hate and toxicity had started to take a toll on our mental healths and affect real life, something no other conflict in Orbis has done (and I hope none will). Proud to be an NPOLT veteran, alongside the rest of you.
  10. Uh @Alex I think you missed this
  11. I mean, she did allow her maternal instinct to take over when she freed Jaime.
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