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  1. Orbis Federation Orbis League Council of Orbis
  2. What do you think @Alex? Reactions on this thread have been positive, could be a good project to implement.
  3. Use it with double buys. Gives an edge.
  4. No you would need to have the improvements to buy them.
  5. Mercenary Post Project requirements: 1. $100m 2. 10000 alum 3. 10000 steel 4. Propaganda Bureau Project This project gives people the access to mercenary market. The mercenary market is basically a market where people can buy/sell conventional military, that is, soldiers, tanks, airplanes and ships. The merc market will work in the same way as the regular market, based on the principles of supply demand. The number of troops you can buy off the mercenary market is limited to 10% of your daily buy limit (It doesn't stack on with propaganda bureau). Also, you cannot buy more troops than your maximum military capacity. You cannot use the merc market if you're under blockade (this will hopefully make ships more important).
  6. Agree with the first part but not with the second part.
  7. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=176831 What made me raise my eyebrows- 1. Both nations run offshore banks 2. Bench's offshore, called 'Da Offshore' literally says 'Multi offshore' in it's description 3. On 03/17/2020, both nations executed a 'sweetheart deal' with each other. Sweetheart deals were also executed on 03/15/2020, 03/13/2020, 03/12/2020 (twice) and many, many more times throughout the history of both the nations. I am confident that looking into their alliance bank logs will reveal a much more clear picture, although I think I have presented enough evidence for both of them to be banned.
  8. Nice updates planned. I am waiting to see which will be the first alliance that is big bran enough to delete cities for tiering purposes.
  9. ASM definitely should take action against this individual. No alliance should be sheltering such characters within their ranks.
  10. Isjaki

    Bye bye!

    Take care mate, I hope the ones abusing you are punished.
  11. Isjaki

    Orbis Accords

    Rivalries and grudges shouldn't be such that you wish to drive your enemies away from the game. It's just a game, exactly, and we can have competition in good faith with pixel sacrifices in regular intervals, without it becoming a Sith vs Jedi thing. We could learn from the foreign policy of Arrgh.
  12. Let's be honest, NPO's Last Time was long, toxic and we are all glad that the war is finally over. But there is nothing that prevents such a thing from happening again, and thus, I thought about drafting a set of principles that alliances in Orbis agree to abide by, to ensure that such a thing doesn't happen anymore. The idea is not to kill wars, but rather, to avoid toxic permawar like situations, as opposed to fun, non-toxic pixel burning. These are the pointers I came up with, ya'll can discuss those, as well as add points of your own, and then I would request all alliances to become signatories and ratify this in their own alliance (Kinda like UN treaties irl, but not quite UN) All signatories agree that they will never participate in any activity intending to 'kill' the game. Killing the game is defined as any activity which tries to drive away players from this game, and also prevents new players from joining this game. This includes, but isn't limited to, permawar in an effort to drive members of the losing side out of the game and mass-spamming false reviews about the game. All signatories to this treaty agree that they will never cheat themselves, nor will they shelter cheaters. They further agree to fully cooperate with the game administration to investigate/prevent cheating. All signatories agree to pursue peace negotiations in good faith. They further agree that the peace terms will involve only the game in it's scope, and no term shall involve an irl activity (whether it be something serious like eating dog food or something more innocuous like writing essays). All signatories (if/when they are on the winning side) agree that they will reveal all the peace terms upfront to the alliances on the losing side. All signatories agree not to attack the protectorates of hostile alliances, unless the said protectorate is aiding the said alliance's war effort. All signatories agree to not bully smaller players/alliances. All signatories agree to not develop grudges, and pursue friendly and respectful relations with alliances on the opposing side, after the war is over.
  13. Congrats on peace and good luck with the rebuild.
  14. This is unfortunate. We wish you and all of Acadia the very best in your future endeavours.
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