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  1. Excited to see this. Good luck to both E404 and COTL going forward!
  2. The IMF would basically act as the in-game equivalent of a loaning and banking institution. The maximum amount that you can take out would be capped at 15m * number of cities (say) and the game would automatically deduct 0.1% of your outstanding debt as interest every turn. You can withdraw money from (or pay off loans) in your nation's IMF any time, regardless of blockade. While the IMF won't replace in-game banks (due to it's high interest rate), I feel, having a mechanic to draw emergency cash can add an interesting dynamic to gameplay. Project costs: $50m, 500k food Curious to hear what do you guys think about this.
  3. Not my fault you never raided. Congrats on being prolly the only person in Orbis who thinks ratios matter In any case, I have braincells to preserve, so feel free to reply something and I shall reply no more.
  4. If you and your blocmates are not competent enough to scavenge resources to launch nukes and missiles while being dogpiled, that's not my problem. As for speaking about wars won or lost as a relevant stat, maybe ask your milcom to retrain you, if you have one to begin with. If you don't have one, I can train you myself for the cheap price of $300m.
  5. Allow me to amend to Duck Hunt. We performed better in Duck Hunt despite getting beiged and dogpiled all the same, like you said. A few of us actually know guerilla tactics. My point stands, rather than making excuses on forums, git gud even while taking a nap at pearl harbour
  6. Reminder that Roasis Inc took more damage (and definitely far worse net) than Quack had done in The Last Ride. Git gud at fighting before speaking random bs in the forums 😛
  7. Other way round with both the dialogue and Roasis/Hollywood to preserve the orginal oversimplified context.
  8. I personally am very dissapointed with the peace terms. While the lack of a NAP is a great sign, I think a Roasis Inc surrender was richly deserved, given that they got trashed in every possible way. Anyway good luck rebuilding and blah blah whatever...
  9. Several individuals have actually studied programming just so they can play this game better. Assuming you have access to the internet, you have the same resources as the rest of them. You can try to learn coding too, this game doesn't require very complicated coding. Calculating spy counts doesn't even require programming to begin with, it can be done manually.
  10. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=15950 Nature of violation: The flag is a reference to the [email protected]#$ fourth reich. A simple google image search can confirm the same.
  11. Offender Leader Name: Aniket singh Offender Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=279867 The war declaration here reads "teri maa chodne aaya hu", which is in Hindi, translates to, "I am here to f*** your mother". There are similarly offensive declarations here and here, which I would prefer not to translate for the sake of public decency (Google translate could be of assistance for those curious). I would request immediate action to be taken, thank you.
  12. This was released early, there is still 6 hours before the blitz at DC 😉
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