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  1. Congrats! Looking forward to something like this : 'Markovia looted 0.07% of The Imperium's alliance bank, taking: $130,257, 0 Coal, 17 Oil, 0 Uranium, 0 Iron, 0 Bauxite, 0 Lead, 2 Gasoline, 1 Munitions, 1 Steel, 18 Aluminum, 473 Chocolate and 226 Food.'
  2. I came here to see BK.
  3. TCM members who were yet unaware of what was going on in leadership channels :
  4. *unprotected micros left the server* but seriously Alex, people asked you to fix the beige, they did NOT ask you to get rid of it. absolutely agree with what @Justin076 has said above. Besides that, after you killed raiding with your previous 'update', you are now set to kill the war system altogether, even if we assume you don't care about the small micros (that might actually be true) who don't have much presence on forums or discord, there are fairly big alliances whose entire economies are supported by war, what are they gonna do now? whale-up like everyone else and live a happy peaceful life? that's not why we became pirates. And since we all agree that this update is bad, I'd request @Adrienne, @Valkorion Baratheon, @Lord Tyrion, @Prefonteen or @Sphinx to come up with something of this sort (a pledge not to perma-roll unprotected players or just anyone out of the NAP until there's an alternative in place) :
  5. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=227058 Nation Name: NAZI
  6. Its just that NPO asked for a 'fair chance' to comeback and Alex agreed. (news servers can publish it without credit).
  7. After all the stuff I've seen taking place here, this totally doesn't sound like a conspiracy theory to me.
  8. Did they counter your counter? if that's the case you should probably present it as such.
  9. Ok, you guys have your fun I'm going for the princess.
  10. I had never thought I'd see this day, but the BK leaving doesn't seem to be the same BK I had respect for, so idc. Good bye and good luck. It didn't have to end like this.
  11. Best thing I saw today. (after Alex's announcement ofc)
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