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  1. > Has 700+ planes against 0 > Chooses to airstrike my last 82 tanks 
  2. Immortals is not even active on forums lol, there are only 2 people from TI besides me on this thread and they haven't insulted IS.
  3. Well if you believe what he says, he also says he didn't hack your account.
  4. GW14 is Dial-Up War GW15 : New Orbis Order / The Fall before Autumn / NPO's last time / The Great Crusade / . Idk, choose any of them.
  5. Welcome! good luck! and most importantly, have fun! ; )
  6. Noctis is one of those people you don't know whether you love or hate so you end up ignoring them.
  7. would have appreciated more if OP was someone else. I agree, nonetheless also, a lot of people with negative reputation talking sense in this thread lol.
  8. "You successfully gathered intelligence about OLD ERIE. Your spies discovered that OLD ERIE has 55 spies, $6,188,070.26, 0.00 coal, 0.02 oil, 6,339.80 uranium, 0.00 lead, 0.00 iron, 0.00 bauxite, 946.66 gasoline, 533.22 munitions, 3,362.04 steel, 2,270.46 aluminum, and 105,261.86 food." Coal King 😮
  9. So how many wars have you declared on Panth in past 3 days 🤔
  10. > Everyone's equal > all opinions are equal > "If you have different opinion than mine, I'll ban you" 🤷‍♂️ (You're racist, homophobic and supremacist if you don't agree with the first line)
  11. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=171399 Name : Global Jihad Description : "Jihad against the non-believers"
  12. Sam Cooper


    Both of them aren't appearing in search results now.
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