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  1. This space reserved for a calm & collected essay of my thoughts & feelings filtered through a politically correct sieve. No Camelot below the rank of Templar should be posting. Also; Kero Kero in heck.
  2. Pantheon was always too strong. I only hope the curse is satisfied after this offering.
  3. Ave Legio! This space to be edited later.
  4. I don't know if anyone told you but they were already being passed around one of the news servers.
  5. You need to select all then hit bold/unbold. You can do this with ctrl+a (select all) or on a mobile device usually long hold a word and then the popup will give an option to select all (or you could move the little cursors, but no one likes doing that)
  6. Respect the NAP. Please don't attack my mental person. I'm not strong enough to think about that quite yet.
  7. I demand a very intense and extensive courting ritual. *Very Intense* Do you not see the subtext? Chains? Medley? Redacted? DM? Aggression? Please save us.
  8. To clarify, I'm saying I think it's a fair game mechanic/you're right it's just like using the alliance bank. So I don't think my proposal is open to any "exploitation" more so than what currently exists :P I was just asking if someone could think of such a way for that proposal to be used in a way I'm not thinking of.
  9. Could the solution to fix possible abuse not just be if you lose a war all your currently standing trade offers are cancelled. Resources & funds are recalled as loot is divided up. You could then have the mechanic where a person hides money for example using the market, but then can't use it during the fight. If the person is not blockaded they have this advantage, but once they're blockaded they're cut off from those funds/resources tied up in the market, and then can only access them if the blockade is broken, or if they lose the war and then they are automatically recalled to be divided up as loot to the winner. So you can risk trying to stop your money being stolen in each individual ground attack, but you tie up your funds you may need to fight, and then if you lose anyway, you're not ahead of your opponent, and if you keep out of being blockaded, and then also don't lose the war, I would just consider that the superior force using its ability to protect some part of the nations coffers. Risk-reward. Any exploits there that I'm not envisioning?
  10. Thanks? I'd like to know what the joke is too.
  11. How does one pronounce Adrienne. I'm at a loss. This is where you defend with "I was taking the piss" and then drop the subject. That or be required to include a pronunciation guide with all of your posts from now on.
  12. I like the idea of power not being calculated at the city level, but dislike it being something that is bought/sold. Mainly because power is something that is tied to the status of having enough during a turn or not, and not a quantity you can steal or stockpile. I'd like to consider & see more options for individual power before opening the flood gates to adding it as a market/multi-player one. I think making power less rigid would be interesting. Right now you really only have one meta that people follow, and it really doesn't change based on market conditions or war vs. peace etc.
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