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  1. Why not just start out new nations with more mines or factories or cities? Hell give them 3 (?) cities to start with different specializations. So one for farms, one with factories, and one with mines. Maybe one with commerce. It may annoy more alliance trainers who have to hear "but I want to farm in my cities" but alliances have to train the bad habits out of dumb new players anyway. By giving a new nation a "taste" of each type, they have more things to play with, and have in their nations to control, more options. If you made it really advanced, and used different power plants in each city, and then included that in the tutorial (that people can skip, but mention it in the full tutorial) it would be even better at making sure new players actually have to interact with different aspects of the game. Interacting with something will teach someone (or at least make them aware of it) almost infinitely more likely than simply seeing in on the page if they are able to over look it. The bias you take for the tutorial (what direction the tutorial makes them take to get the cash bonus, e.g. decomming farms and buying a stockpile of 400 per city from the market, or to go to coal mines and coal power plants, etc would be at the discretion of whoever is designing the new tutorial) To not fully ignore the actual OP & poll, I feel the activity boost and all the other various new member bonuses may not be enough to fully give a player a taste of everything (my proposal), but this isn't doing much more than for example increasing the daily activity bonus. If they don't actually understand what's going on, or have to do anything to get it (such as, just signing in), they're not interacting and learning the game anyway. EDIT: To pile on to that last point, increasing the daily sign-in bonus at least makes them do something to earn it, rather than this current proposal. I think tying a resource bonus to daily activity would be a better fix than the current proposal. Still not my preferred option however.
  2. You don't know how hard this hit me.
  3. If you ask certain people: zero per city. Whoever is deciding this needs to pick something that makes sense with all the other decisions made, as well as the meta of the game, and the current in-game population (don't use average {mean} when we have too many 1 city nobodies, use median or better yet drop off all the inactive nobodies). My opinion about if we should have a cap, higher or lower or not aside, 50k per city for 1m at city 20, is "about" the median if we have players from city 1 to 45, and still uses that magically arbitrary one million figure for that median city number. As well it's 500k, or one day's worth of a full activity bonus, at city 10, which is the real number that separates noobs from real players considering that's when you lose the in-game bonus of no city timers.
  4. Get off the stage. Merge Grumpy, Ally Spanish Armada, Blitz Yarr Rose, Order of the White Rose, Purple Flower Garden
  5. Blitz CKD, Ally BK, disband your respective alliance and join BK LMAO Grumpy, Light, Guardian Also Thalmor man good. This is the most popular I've ever been.
  6. You missed the classic Texas Instruments, along with another half dozen ones.
  7. First time reviewer, long time listener here. I for one tune in every week in fact. Thalmor's divisive but in-depth opinion pieces, as well as his eccentric and clever guests help me when all other hope is lost during my commute. Two thumbs up!
  8. Everyone in ColB objectively benefited? I do understand my alliance doesn't matter, but I'd like a small asterisk that we didn't get a lick from NPO or BK or anyone and were only held up and eventually robbed from and never made whole (cost of associating with evil. Happens). Otherwise, I agree with your point. That's the actual meat & potatoes problem here not addressed.
  9. You mean after you paid your debts right?
  10. This is as useful as the pledge not to ask for city deletions. Where do I sign up?
  11. You know it's heartfelt if Zygon not only wrote a sentence, but the majority of his post wasn't the gif. o/ ❤️
  12. I am so jealous right now. Carole will face justice. Joe Exotic must be freed.
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