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  1. The rest of the game already knew the quality of Swamp.
  2. He's saying that it's not coded yet. Mods don't code. The development team codes.
  3. The depth argument, because it adds an additional metric to take into account when planning wars, and what types of attacks to use, I could see as one argument that could be made. Even if I disagree with the quality of the argument. But how does it help newer nations? You can have an opinion, but without any explanation, it's one opinion vs. another. I have to agree with Zoot that changes like you are recommending fundamentally change the style & type of game PnW is. It's like if you suggested in checkers to start with difference pieces that move in different ways, and attack wit
  4. Minesome is probably the only person who could get away with this joke. I almost starting nitpicking the OP, but then I remembered it was Minesome.
  5. When you have 2 good candidates for the job though; do you go with the small potatoes or the goat?
  6. You should swap your Econ & FA. More people like your Econ and your FA was always the better resource collector.
  7. As long as no one tries to turn something that is supposed to be a role play, or flavor aspect into a game mechanic on its own; I also strongly believe it is best to fix neglected features if we want to keep them into something that is useful. Even more so when it does not affect game play, the numbers can be tweaked on the fly without worry about causing a stir in the community. Good starting point for suggestions.
  8. It's Alliance Affiliation. Who is spreading around lies.
  9. Where's my "I wanted it to block a bit of damage on every missile but if I can't have that because we live in a democracy, the maximum amount you'll reduce it" option.
  10. Anything to improve the tutorial please. That thing is awful and is not only overly wordy, really misses the point of the actual game. It just hand holds the player through each page without really doing anything. Not to mention the actual verbiage and layout (UX/UI) of the game could be changed to make things simpler and easier for new people to pick up the game and get up to a level of "decently competent". As much as I would like to be an elitist, without lowering the barrier to entry to playing the game; while not lowering the barrier of quality drastically; we can't bring in enough foot t
  11. Why is RNG good? Too much RNG and you're just all playing separate instances of a lottery. So obviously pure RNG is bad. And no RNG would be chess. Given the spectrum, I would err to the side of chess with other human players, than a lottery.
  12. If you want the game to not be boring, and to be fun, and not be dropped, and to be played, as to not be ignored for months during our half year long wars, or to actually be actively played by the players. If you don't care about players you wouldn't do so, while if you care about players you would do so. To say so in as few words as possible. I can't stress enough the importance of making the *video game* actually playable by a player at all times while being fun and engaging and not just when other people in the meta game decide so. Other than maybe using the test server to test th
  13. I can't think of a single update ever to ever happen in the history of updates from the development of the ASCII standard to the final spec design of the newest wifi v12 AI brain waves, that would not benefit from testing on a test server first. Don't get me started on the test server itself, but small incremental steps towards a proper & good SOP for new feature introduction would make my doki doki go very heart.
  14. Finally some real media coverage live from the battlegrounds. Cue image of Thalmor running from sniper fire to board his private plane.jpeg These people aren't the only ones who can provide quality journalism in Orbis, but they are the only ones who actually do so.
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