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  1. Every city is literally just a room in some sort of minor lord's abandoned keep from a fledgling fiefdom as the ruler larps that he rules over a vast empire and not just the only person left in a dilapidated building, on the outskirts of real nations. Funny how fiction imitates reality. I had the idea to alternate between "rooms" that were two words and one word, but that got difficult, and the correct grammar/spelling is dodgy, so I don't worry about that too much anymore, but ideally I've tried to bring the force back into balance so isn't more than the other by too much. Even if I have to s
  2. Rapid Expansion? Not the final frontier or Homestead Act (Homesteading)?
  3. I support the independence of the free peoples of the North to organize themselves under the King in the North. Whose name is Ataxia!
  4. They will always be R&R to me.
  5. If I have to explain how I did my tiers, I don't want you to know.
  6. Truly a creative & diplomatic approach to finding peace in our time. Good job to everyone involved Unite the Clans!
  7. I am posting this note of encouragement so I don't get fined. (Looking forward to it my dudes)
  8. I just wanna say I appreciate the explanation of the tiers; also that's a different and useful metric to try and rank alliances (and then compare with others, or look back at).
  9. You're just misrepresenting what happened! Don't be so dishonest!
  10. Doesn't that place have many "worlds" you can play on, so you lose one you got to play another? Or even play multiple simultaneously? Unlike pnw that is a single sandbox and persistent?
  11. Why isn't there an option in the poll to forgive certain things, not forgive others, and take certain things to the grave? It's like I actually have to post to get my message across. I have many grudges, and have forgiven many things. Many more things I have not forgiven, but find futile to discuss with the offending party, and those things just fester and leak out into my gossip slowly in different voice chats (over many years at times).
  12. Misleading? I'm not saying that it wasn't tested, incorrectly, or at all, on a Test server. I asked for it be tested correctly as it would be implemented on the main game, same on the test server. If others don't want that, that's their personal opinions. No one is going to read my post and get mislead. You're being misleading by not addressing my actual point.
  13. Could we maybe, after hearing about the input, perhaps, try? Dare I ask that the suggestion that we.. Test? new changes on something like a Test server (that works and has the changes coded correctly as they will go into the real game)? Radical I know. Sorry for shooting off from the hip. But maybe if we could have the changes announced a set period of time in advanced, so if someone knows bauxite is going to be more valuable, everyone has the; in theory equal chance to know about it, then an in theory equal chance to test it out and realize for themselves how important a resource might b
  14. Why not just start out new nations with more mines or factories or cities? Hell give them 3 (?) cities to start with different specializations. So one for farms, one with factories, and one with mines. Maybe one with commerce. It may annoy more alliance trainers who have to hear "but I want to farm in my cities" but alliances have to train the bad habits out of dumb new players anyway. By giving a new nation a "taste" of each type, they have more things to play with, and have in their nations to control, more options. If you made it really advanced, and used different power plants in each city
  15. You don't know how hard this hit me.
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