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  1. Relevancy Bump for my man Citrus. And the rest of the aa too I guess.
  2. Exactly what someone who never read the books would say. smh
  3. Your first mistake was thinking LoD is a normal player. Your second expressing shock that Alex would be one upped.
  4. If that's not a voiceover (and a bad one), I will eat my hat.
  5. Could they not ride broomsticks? Get with the season. Usually House Stark is more like a fun fair, but they just sound unfair (to the seasonal spirit of hallow's eve of course).
  6. How do I say yes fast enough, and without upsetting the balance of the force? Thank you very much. Esp for enjoying my old meme. BIBO is on my back burner. Sorry bae. I enjoyed my own amusement too much, and forgot the real meaning behind forum posts. I'd make a joke here about yelling and missing the point; but I am happy you understand Roq's tl;dr. Trolling under? Thank you, it was actually the primary reason for posting this.
  7. I don't know for what sick reasons I watched that for; but the most unlikely is that I cared to know more about your political opinions. Shockingly I learned nothing of the sort.
  8. [Flag: $ ffmpeg -i video.mp4] //Preamble// In alphabetically order we are; announcing changing treaties, DoWing, Governmenting, publishing a How Acronyms Works Primer, holding a Legal Discussion, Policy Announcement, RoHing, Royal Degree, Signing Off, War Powers Resolution Announcement. //Changing Treaties We hereby announce the end of our treaty with Carthago, and the dissolution of the former Citadel. Our treaty with Afrika Korps is now branded as the Citadel bloc with the following members: Afrika Korps, Solar Knights. We also like everyone to note that the Citadel Bloc is the oldest bloc in the game that was announced in 2019. //Declaring War We declare war on Alphabet Soup Coalition post homourlessly. //Government Changes King (Ki)William appointed sole proprietor of the Solar Knights. Snjar Dreki appointed the First Son of the previous administration. All other government officials are staff of the Solar Enterprise, and do not give out public statements. //How Acronyms Works; A Primer The Solar Knights MMORPG social club shall be referred to as the following: SK. Alternatively SKn, SKN, SNK, SN, or Snek. Solar will also accept variations of "best SK" "best SNeK" "Solar Night". Sol shall also answer to anyone using latin, pig or otherwise. SK delenda est, long live SK. //Legal Discussion Solar practices the Shoot First Policy. We also practice that if someone en mass hits our ally we shoot first and ask questions later. Solar recognizes aggressive actions by Typhon, Aurora, and Syndicate Prime and respond in defense of our ally. We also recognize tS'$ recognition of hostilities with ourselves, and agree with their assessment of the situation that reads: "We at the $yndicate recognize hostilities with the following alliances." //Pirate Policy Proclamation In response to opinions that would hold otherwise; by Royal Decree we announce our "Do What We Want Because a Pirate is Free" doctrine. Being that Pirates are allianceless, formless, shapeless beings, who are free to roam and ravage, and to pillage and pirate, and raid and rampage, and prosecute and plunder, SK shall respect their freedom ultimately, and shall freely exercise the right to freely attack any and all pirates who so much as look at Solar members, as well as literally any pirate at any time for any reason; because pirates aren't real people. So we can attack them whenever we want with the justification that we are right, and they are wrong. It's just harmless raiding. Nothing serious. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. //Traitorous Scum Anyone who betrays our alliance is still, and shall remain someone we're not cool with. That is all. //War Time Powers Act Anyone who engages in wars with our allies, or our current wartime coalition, shall at the discretion of our military political and spiritual leaders, be attacked in order to facilitate our wider strategic efforts in this quarter. An attack on one is an attack on all. Unless we don't think so. If it works out for us we'll do it; if it doesn't we won't. Doing something that would be smart is smart, and doing something that is ill-advised shall not be policy. //Conclusion// If I forgot anything please wait until my next bi-annual alliance announcement. As always diplomats, friends, foes, fiends, salesmen, news-reporters, wandering travelers, or perspective member's of the PnW forum community may visit us on our discord and talk to our sovereign leader there. /s/ ign'd for Sol -King (Ki)William -First Son, Snjar Dreki
  9. How can you be the King In the North, if you're riding South? It's like you don't understand the title at all!
  10. Quality of life improvement. If every month we only got a couple of QoL updates, I would be very happy.
  11. I promised myself I wouldn't shed a tear.
  12. no reeeeeeeeee Good job gang. Hail Peace! Hail the North!
  13. I don't think I actually signed this. But I also don't want to be fined, so you can keep it on there.
  14. Someone mentioned Galava *heavy breathing* I was never supposed to like <redacted> nor <other redacted names> but I always did. They're fun and generally pester the people I dislike. Really win-win for all the parties I care about.
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