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  1. This seems like a fairly disingenuous read of Roberts' initial post because a) lol at calling it Quack 2.0 and b) he's been doing these more philosophical posts well before he had any association with TKR. Not everything is about scoring points
  2. don't care about the issue at hand, but surely i'm not the only one to witness Peak Irony on these here forums
  3. If simple transparency is your idea of "appeasement", that speaks more to your position on transparency than it does to our desire to be appeased or impressed.
  4. are we all actually supposed to believe the "*sigh*, if only we at The Syndicate could have avoided this entirely unwanted and unnecessary war through better communication..." bit coming out of the t$ camp? strikes me as incredibly disingenuous given that, almost to a person, the narrative is "g/g bad for the meta, they obviously have to be rolled", which is perhaps the longest consistent stance any alliance has maintained in history. just own that shit lmao
  5. tl;dr someone recently played stellaris
  6. Congrats to Mystery Inc, a well deserved upgrade.
  7. in my defense, I haven't showered yet today
  8. don't you have another micro to run into the ground
  9. buddy i don't actually care, which is why i took exactly zero time to respond to any of wana's points (didn't actually read the op tbh), but eumir is out here being the human embodiment of the navy seal copypasta which, to me, is Very Funny. wars are just some dumb shit i have to do every several months or so because i accidentally found cybernations 13 years ago. internet nerds with a hard on for watching numbers go down are not gonna hurt my feelings lmao
  10. honest to god are we gonna have to deal with eumir's tantrums this entire war? it's so pathetic
  11. dollar store partisan with a pinky's worth of the charisma
  12. i'm gonna cross the shit out of this picket line
  13. wondering when Oasis will show up to decry the new hegemony that Ro$e have created
  14. lol i simply would not openly admit to being a top 15 protectorate
  15. someone was having a fricking laugh writing this one
  16. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=351662 This should be pretty straightforward.
  17. Really like the subtle inclusion of both alliances' former themes. glhf
  18. this is called goalpost shifting. you asked for an example, i provided you one.
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