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  1. Well shit Leo, I guess you have a couple of choices here. 1. Have Alex ban everyone that has used BK.NET to deposit and withdraw money and/or resources for accessing your account and ban you as well for letting other people have access to your account. 2. Admit that you are once again lying out your ass. You don't log into anyone's P&W account. You log in to your BK.NET account, fill out the transaction you wish to execute. Then BK.NET uses whoever's account is linked to it to send the money/resources to the nation requesting them. The nation in question has no access to anyone else's P&W account. Now it is possible that BK grants their high government members to have more commands in BK.NET and if that is the case they should have removed georges access to those commands (if any) when he left. Given how paranoid BK is about virtually everything I find it hard to believe they wouldn't do so as soon as he left.
  2. Solely, no. The vast majority? Very much so.
  3. Dear Roq, I am curious. How much do you have to eat each day to continue blowing so much shit out your ass all the time?
  4. This game is equally broken in entirely different ways. Although there are starting to be some similarities of late. Wait, you kicked Eva but kept Grub? You got rid of the wrong cancer. Typical little p behavior.
  5. Not that some of them haven't tried and are still trying.
  6. It's OK people, in about 3 days a mod will show up and deal with this nonsense.
  7. Dear Sheepy, what other things have you done that is causing me to get this several times when using the back button on my mouse when I never got it before your changes?
  8. This has happened to me twice in the last couple of days but it has happened to me multiple times in past wars. You detonated a nuclear weapon upon the nation of Jusmania led by Soxirella. The attack destroyed 1,776.00 infrastructure in the city of Ceemey, and killed approximately 177,369 people, you monster! You also destroyed a police station and a police station. You detonated a nuclear weapon upon the nation of Jusmania led by Soxirella. The attack destroyed 1,804.00 infrastructure in the city of Samsaa, and killed approximately 180,165 people, you monster! You also destroyed a munitions factory and a munitions factory. As you can see from the screen shots both cities still have 49 improvements remaining. Both cities started with 2500 infra so if 2 improvements had actually been destroyed they would only have 48 improvements left. As an aside and although I absolutely do not think it matters, both of these happened to the same nation. As I stated at the start of this post, this has happened to me multiple times in several different wars. It would be great if this could be fixed sometime soon.
  9. Just to be accurate, it's 3 and 3/4 years and probably 6+ hours a day. I'm old and retired so I have the time to sit here and play baseball as much as I wish and I have still only made a little over $10 billion, that's less than $8 million per day so it's really nor all that much all things considered.
  10. Even the forums have the lag, extra action bug.
  11. Sheepy is too busy thinking about nerfing baseball to worry about fixing actual bugs, glitches or exploits that hurt the game.
  12. Tipping came about because like everything else sheepy does with this game he is an idiot. The way he has it set up the home team wins all the money generated by ticket sales. The away team only gets paid if they win the game. Now that wouldn't quite so bad but the winner of the game only gets a maximum of around $700 while the home team can win up to around $25K. So to be more efficient players came up with ways to play more games. First people started playing for a set amount of time with the players alternating playing home or away games. That proved to be a bit unfair as not all people play at the same speed for various reasons. From there we went to a set number of games with the players alternating playing home or away games. This was better but could still be unfair due to different player levels and sheepy's RNG. So then we came up with one player plying all away games and the people playing all home games sending that player a percentage of their winnings as a tip for their effort in playing all the away games. At this point in time this is the most efficient way to play baseball.
  13. Do try to think for just a minute. NPO runs a 100/100 command economy so anything your nation needs has to be sent to you from the bank. That is a lot of transactions per day. By limiting the number of bank transactions you would be forcing everyone to play the exact same way.
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