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  1. They have never been nor will they ever be a stable alliance. The stupid runs much to deep for them to ever root it all out. They should have stayed dead and buried.
  2. OK, just wanted to make sure you were talking about me there. For the record, I didn't "sell down" anything, it all got destroyed the old fashioned way. Those Grumpy folks are pretty good at killing stuff. So once again you just prove that you have no idea what you are talking about, just throwing crap out and being a troll. Do try better in the future. Also, playing baseball is much more productive than sitting here on the forums spewing the nonsense you do so often. Anyway, you do you and continue to troll away.
  3. Whom might that be may I ask?
  4. If you think it's slot filling, report it. Otherwise
  5. I'm sure most of you precious snowflakes don't agree but sometimes you need to punish your wayward children to get them to behave properly. OFA refused to follow the house rules so they got sent to the NPO boot camp.
  6. And then have to listen to their squeaky, breaking prepubescent voices? No thanks.
  7. How do you know that wasn't the plan all along? Once you all started fighting that is.
  8. No, I'm say you should stop with the constant "we weren't at full strength" narrative when you started the war. You have only yourselves to blame for not being up to strength when the war started.
  9. Maybe those 2 much smaller spheres wouldn't be whining so much if they hadn't started a war with each other and then started another war without rebuilding first. It is quite amusing to see them trying to play the pity card for being at war so soon after their last war and not being up to strength when they started this war.
  10. Yes this is true, but rebuilding isn't the same as up building. So any money or resources they spend to fight and rebuild they won't be using to buy new cities and infra, but I'm sure you already know that.
  11. Some of you folks are in serious need of this.
  12. You know so little of how wars work in this game. lol
  13. With how crappy the server has been running for the last couple of weeks that is a low bar to achieve.
  14. That's pretty funny coming from a guy that VM'ed the whole war.
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