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  1. Getting resources from another continent at the equivalent of one city would not be very efficient or cost effective.
  2. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=263802 Ruler Name: CHINA SALESMAN Nature of Violation: Inappropriate nation description. https://i.imgur.com/F5UdOzI.png Also, the in-game report system isn't working. When you click the submit report button it throws a something went wrong message.
  3. Just don't let Sphinx do any FA, ever.
  4. In response to spnewbs's WOT: So in much much fewer words, you are not smart enough to fight efficiently and you want curbstomp wars to be even more one sided than they already are. All of a nations spies can be wiped out in one round of spy attacks and then they are a sitting duck for the rest of the war. You can only build 1 nuke and 2 missiles per day and if they are not protected they will be destroyed with the 3 spy attacks per day that can be run on a nation. There is a reason that nukes are protected from until the next server reset after they are built (not 24 hours bt
  5. This happens on more than just the buy/sell improvements pages. It also happens on the baseball player upgrade screens and the embargo screen when you are trying to remove embargo's.(probably on other pages I haven't encountered yet or have forgotten about) Every time you click a button it jumps back to the top of the page so you have to scroll back down to where you want to click the button. The page just needs to stay where you have scrolled down to until you scroll to another position on the page. It's bad enough that you have to click a bazillion times to upgrade a player or remove each em
  6. A training alliance for a 5 member alliance? Ain't that something.
  7. if you want more raids, go sit on none for a bit, I'm sure you will have all the raids you can handle.
  8. Quite frankly, unless you are a reroll at 28 days old you really have no idea about anything of how the games works. Perhaps you should learn more about how things work in the game before you voice rather silly ideas like this.
  9. So if people have something going on IRL they should just delete instead of going into VM?
  10. Again, before any other changes are made, the spy system needs to be fixed and balanced otherwise the smaller/losing side will be at an even bigger disadvantage.
  11. Perhaps sheepy should make the up-declare range unlimited as well so whales can't build out of range during wars and thus be un-raidable.
  12. So the Hide custom nation descriptions by default box when checked will hide other players nation descriptions instead of your own nation description when this change goes live?
  13. Perhaps you should do something to balance the spy system before you make any other changes. @Alex
  14. See, the problem is, when you check the box to hide nation descriptions it should hide everyone else's not your own. then if you want to see them you can click the button to show it. But, you know, sheepy code.
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