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  1. Who Me

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    BK has never been shy about going to war when they needed to or were bored, which was probably the case here. They were bored and someone gave then an excuse. If you don't like it, do something about it, otherwise bugger off.
  2. Who Me

    69 Days Later

    I'm pretty sure I haven't "shit all over tCW's sekret treaties" but if you can show me where I have I will freely acknowledge it. Generally the only treaties I shit on are those silly treaties where people have more than one protector or where there are protectorates protecting other alliances. As for joining tCW, I have know Felkey for years as we were in the same AA in CN and have been on friendly terms in P&W for quite some time. I even gave him his first and second nukes. lol But hey, you be you. We know you will.
  3. Who Me

    69 Days Later

    I find it amusing that KT and TGH are using the same tactics and arguments they dismissed out of hand during the last war with the IQ coalition.
  4. Who Me

    Let's Dance!

    Dear TKR, I like this one. You should keep her around. she's seems like she's a lot of fun.
  5. You didn't really expect anything other than that did you?
  6. Who Me

    A Terminus Est Public Service Announcement

    More like big egos really.
  7. Who Me

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    I have to say, Pantheon can disappear for all I care, it has been a dead alliance for quite a while now but Yui is one of the most liked and respected people in this silly assed game so slandering her is not going to earn you any kind of goodwill with most of Orbis. So good luck getting anyone to believe anything you say after that incredibly stupid faux pas.
  8. Who Me

    Baseball Needs Some Tweaking

    Which is more logical, sitting on a home game with 20 other players for 10 minutes waiting for someone else to play away games and making 0 money or playing a few away games to get other people to play away games so you all get a few home games in there as well? You have to give a little to get a lot. It's really not that hard to understand.
  9. Who Me

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    And this is when you know you have won the argument. When they can't refute your facts and resort to silly stuff like this. Anyway:
  10. Who Me

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    This is what I am seeing from your link? You guys are just upset because you tried to make it seem that IQ is so much bigger than the anti IQ faction by splitting it into several groups instead of combining them together. I never said you were one sphere but you are all anti IQ. Just because they hit allies of Rose doesn't mean they don't also dislike IQ. I know these very simple facts are hard for you to grasp but do try a little harder.
  11. Who Me

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    You silly silly child, UPN was aligned and fighting on the opposite side of the war from BK and Mensa was the same, plus you know that pesky superiority clause in the IQ treaty. Nuke Bloc wasn't involved in the last war so there was no treaty conflict, just cowardice on the side of Rose and AIM. Can't let those pixel hugging whales get wrecked now can we?
  12. Who Me

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    Silly Lordship, those nations that could hit you guys weren't hitting us at that point, everything in that range we had already killed. They bailed on their allies to preserve their upper tiers.
  13. Who Me

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    Everyone absolutely understands why they didn't honor their treaties with the Nuke bloc, if they had, they would have lost on both fronts so they chose the course that would keep their upper tier intact and let their allies burn. In my first post I stated that Sketchy should lump all the anti IQ groups into one so it would more accurately show the true sizes of the opposing sides. It is no secret that IQ would never be fighting any of those groups without some of the others, if not all of them jumping in as well so why not be realistic and make the chart reflect that fact. I know you all understand this but are just going to continue to be the same idiots you always are so carry on with your ignorance. Last time I checked, I wasn't in NPO so you should probably address that with them.
  14. Who Me

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    I see, they only honor their treaties when it is convenient for them? Isn't that nice of them.
  15. Who Me

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    Sigh, your chart portrays IQ as the big bag boogieman with all the other spheres/groups as smaller, however as the last couple of wars have shown there is a definite IQ - anti IQ split. You can spin your bullshit however you wish but the facts are the facts. Whether TKR and TCW would have joined in the last war or not if they didn't have other things to do I don't know. I do have to give a shoutout to Rose and AIM for totally ignoring their treaties with the Nuke Bloc though. lol

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