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  1. When the fighting is like clubbing baby seals you don't need a surrender to know who won. Also, when you are almost 1 billion negative with 520 wars you didn't really win the war this time either. All that chest thumping rings hollow when you have no heart.
  2. Some people fight in wars, some people fight on the forums and some people do both. UPN is more the second than the first or third.
  3. # Name Net O/W D/W Inflicted Received 30 United Purple Nations $-989,333,888 261 259 $28,865,744,773 $29,855,078,662 You guys averaged right around 5 offensive and defensive per nation for the war. That is pretty embarrassing. lol
  4. Damn guys, act like you have been here before... oh wait.
  5. Never going to happen. We will be couping Canbec and Morf next week for agreeing to that term.
  6. A 2 year and 9 month gravedig? Please stop posting.
  7. Indeed, they have been killing the game slowly for months now.
  8. Ships are by far the worst unit in the game, they cost too much to build, too much to upkeep and way too much to use. They have no defense against planes so they are sitting ducks. Most people don't use them or barely use them during wars because of this.
  9. This is all fine and good but how about you guys stop messing around with stuff that works and fix things that don't work? How abut you fix ships? Ships cost too much to build, too much to keep and way too much to use. They have no defense against planes. I think that if you check, during wars most people keep very few to 0 ships.
  10. I have no idea but probably nowhere close to that as I don't use doc's script.
  11. Sheepy's code has a built in fog of war, you never know just what will break each new war.
  12. Wait, you think fighting tBR is a hard war? You sad sad little fellow.
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