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  1. Now we have 3 small speheres eith only 3-4 Alliances, nice
  2. 1b will get me to talk with hidude and pay his fees for peace. Works?
  3. Can i get justice here? Canbec took away all my money
  4. Do it, but pls make sure you don't break the game during war. (Also no to baseball changes :p)
  5. Should have shown Dead rabbits money going away 😂
  6. Me when someone asks me for money
  7. The only reason i love this war is that i will get another one soon as a revenge due to this. Haven't been slotted and zeroed Love the recruitment campaign!❤️😂😂
  8. we fought against hof? I dont remember. And yeah rose is a good target as they can do what they did in gnr 😂 and ts was also with yall as a bonus.
  9. I don't recall us saying GG milling up and did they? I was on the graphs everyday, no spike, our strategy was different. But anyways glhf!
  10. You will have a hard time making him do that. Probably he will decom them all on you 😜
  11. Where's the food? I attend marriages only for food :serious:
  12. TKR has 173 members. I can recognise only 3-4 people downvoting here and i can 100% say that these guys like to meme and are fun people of TKR. This definitely means, we haven't told anyone to do what you are trying to spread.
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