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  1. you would be surprised at what stupid shit people would put up with. I mean you have alliance leaders openly stealing from their alliances to build themselves, and yet their members just keep following along.
  2. At the same time, if you are stuck in a 100/100 alliance, and blockaded, your only possible means of affording to fight back is in the resources you generate, since you cant rely on your alliance funding you while under a blockade. It could be argued that blocking taxes is better for the person under the blockade.
  3. Can we put the nation link back in the forum name, so when someone posts something, I can click the link and look at their nation?
  4. My nation is rebuilt, the warchest could be a little higher, but I’m not the one that wanted the NAP, or was the one crying about how hard it is to rebuild. We will be up and running again in fairly short order.
  5. That assumption would be incorrect, it was offered by our opponents, and it wasn't a hill I was willing to die on in order to get peace.
  6. wait... there is a time limit on account verification? how long does a regular one last for?
  7. i would think that is closer to the intent of the blockade, since the point is you wont be able to move your resources, and if your taxes are set to 100% that just means you are moving all your resources off nation, with our without blockade, I would be good with this change.
  8. This is Inst right? I can never keep up with the name changes a bunch of these shit posters do. I ask, because this looks like a stupid Inst post.
  9. In all those wars you guys complain about, EVERY SINGLE MEMBER in Grumpy declares wars, Everyone, if you don't, you go find a new alliance afterwards. Can Eclipse say that? an alliance that talks a big game but from what I have seen doesn't really back it up. I just took a quick look at your upper tier, and out of the 15 guys you have with 30 cities or more, only 5 of them are still fighting, the rest of them haven't declared a single war since the first week, and unlike with Grumpy where its physically impossible for us to fight due to game mechanics, what is the excuse for your members? Also this still isn't really helping your cause here, We rolled Pascal the first round, we beiged him I think 5 times, and yet over the 3 weeks we have been fighting, he has only taken 300 million more damage than me during GnR where I was winning all my wars... you can be like 300 million! that is so much! but if you listen to anything Pascal has been whining about over the last few weeks, 300 million in damage is peanuts to a nation his size according to him.
  10. This is not an us problem, that is a you problem, (remind me, didn't you get hit by KT because you guys were acting like a bunch of pixel huggers) and if you are upset that you guys are taking more damage, talk to your fellow fighters that aren't pulling their weight. I see an Alpha or CoA that has barely tried, I see an leader of RON that is active enough to run a news service but too busy to hit the declare war button. I am sure there are a bunch more upper tier slackers on your side not pulling their weight. So if you want to cry about all this damage you are taking look at your coalition before crying about it here.
  11. This is how I know you are full of it. Heavy losses? Please. You cant run around and be like HW doesnt take any damage when they dogpile, and then dogpile us, and be like we took heavy losses to do this. We are both the same size and you have taken less damage this war than I took during Guns and Roses, and that includes you eating a bunch of losses in the first round where we did about a billion in damage to you because you were one of the few we focused on. I have noticed when you take damage its devastating, and when we take the same amount of damage its no big deal. Weird, maybe work on your warchest requirements?
  12. Yes this is correct, I am glade we are finally on the same page. Now maybe you can address that despite your stated hatred of dog piles, you are currently involved in one, which just seems weird.
  13. Do you recognize these whales? Joe, Inco, Tamer, and Ajax aren't VE guys, the VE guys are Korben, Pres, Sammy, Myself, and the corpse of Goldie.
  14. Well if you are terrible at war, then yes you will need to use politics to keep your alliance afloat. But yes, generally politics are a tool to help you win wars. Just like being good at war is a great tool to help you with a bunch of different politics. Look at the difference between lets say Polaris, and Guardian. Polaris, from what i understand, useless at war, probably struggles to find allies, Guardian however is great at war, i feel like they could go to any bloc in the game and be like can we be allies, and everyone says yes.
  15. Except its still 3 on 1, so they can cut your tank power in half, which prevents you from killing planes. So in the opening attack they wipe out around 900-1000 planes, and if you are lucky you might pull two ground ITs and kill 200-250 planes yourself before they get air control in another 2-6 turns. If you would like we can look at my opening war when myself a 41c and fellow 40c member got hit by a 35, 38, 35 city nations. in the opening attack they wiped out 923 of my planes. in defense i was able to kill 148, 147, 198 planes. I quickly double GAed the 2 35s, one i got a moderate, then IT, the other i got two ITs, and killed 245 planes. The turn after update, the 3rd guy C38 ran another Air on me, killed another 345 planes while losing 148. I ran 2 GAs on him now (rebuy!) I lucked out and got 2 ITs on him and was able to kill 240 planes So over the course of before update attack and one turn after update, I have lost 1268 planes, and killed 393 planes from one dude, 198 planes from another dude, and 535 planes from the 3rd guy, which equals out to 1126 over the 3 nations. My advantage is none of them have air on me yet, and I have ground on all of them. So despite the fact that I have 3-6 city advantages on all of them, they are able to kill more planes than I can, even with my ability to destroy planes by ground which means its only a matter of time before they get Air on me, and my ability to continue to kill planes by GAs is removed. I am also lucky because this is the opening attack and my spies haven't been completely killed off yet so dont have to deal with another 300-500 planes getting killed. FYI if you want to check these wars, by this time we get to a turn after update, we have looked at all the wars that are declared on us, and decided that mine and my fellow member's wars will be the easiest of the group to turn around since these were the biggest up declares, so we had some of our guys also jump on these dudes, while they still had military, which then allowed us to blank them out, but if we didn't get help, 2 c35s and a c38 would have been able to drag myself a c41 and my buddy a c40. which isn't a 3 on 1 it's a 3-2 up declare, and while they wouldn't have gotten away with taking no damage, they would have eventually beat us.
  16. I would disagree with this statement, what GnR proved is poorly planned and coordinated updeclaring is extremely weak against a prepared and active opponents. Up declaring still works great when you can have 500 less planes than your opponent, launch a airstrike on them and kill 300+ planes and only lose 150 planes.
  17. What's claimed on the OWF as reasons for wars is all stagecraft for the masses. So while people say secret treaty this, secret treaty that. Really its revenge for this, or revenge for that, or prevent power consolidation/weaken potential opponents. These are all fine goals for CBs and politics drive all of it.
  18. This statement is correct. You shouldn't be able to win a dog pile, if you have failed at politics to the point of getting dog piled, you should lose. If you are able to politically maneuver your opponents into a dog pile, its pretty ridiculous if the game mechanics are such that your opponents have a shot at winning a fight.
  19. you understand that these change would then force even more lopsided dogpiles right?
  20. How much for Wampus? If you cant hit everyone, might as well hit no one.
  21. There are eunuch's with more epen than you friend. As for heated rivalries, No one in HW cares about you, or even thinks about you unless you post something stupid on the forums, in which at best warrants an eye roll, at worst, you have already been set to ignore.
  22. Bring your questions Thalamor, I am ready to answer ALL of them.
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