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  1. Hey that thing took forever tor write the first time, if you are going to give me an excuse to use it again, I am taking it, even if it is 6 years later. As for Kastor:
  2. Sorry Kev, I would feel bad steam rolling you guys in a voice chat while talking about the Mets/Knicks/Jets for an hour or so. There is also nothing said in that post you shared that was stated to be mean. The difference is I said OUR blitz was garbage, OUR entire war effort was bad. WE were plagued by inactives. The difference is I include myself with VE's failures in that war which happened 800-900 days before I made that post. Also you missed the rest of that post, which had some great Grumpy history in it, ill post the rest below so you guys can all read it again. ENJOY! It was around this time actually it was a little before this war that I had decided to start my own alliance, but I procrastinated and got sucked into the war, but that is neither here nor there. So post war I created Grumpy Old Bastards and with me came a few of our upper tier nations that were like me dissatisfied with the status quo, (which includes goldie who told me he was just going to quit the game if I hadn't created a new alliance.) So this is the first alliance I had ever created on my own, and when making it, I wanted to make an alliance that does exactly what I would want if I joined it, which was a small active group of 12-15 people all around my size so that we could work together and kick ass in a war, that was my number one goal. On top of that there are some other things in there I also wanted to see. One, No taxes. Ever. At grumpy we have a saying. That saying is the best person to spend your money is you. I was sick of paying taxes and seeing them go to people that would quit in a week or go inactive after a few months, that is all wasted money in my opinion, but it was the cost of doing business in a mass recruitment alliance, and Grumpy wasn't going to be one of those. 2nd Step, I was sick of dealing with people that are never online which makes fighting a war much more difficult than it needs to be, so that means, to join, you gotta be daily active. If you can't log in once a day, I don't want you. Step 3, due to the no tax thing, anyone that joins needs to understand the importance of warchests so they need to be big enough to be self sufficient (hence the self sufficient thing that used to be on our main page that you guys liked to twist to your own uses). Step 4, which goes along with Step 3 is I am sick of teaching new/small players how to play, and dealing with new/small player crap, and basically any of the work that goes with dealing with new/small players, I had been doing it for years and I was done. So I added a 10 million dollar membership fee, with the hope that it would discourage new players, and the type of players I wanted to attract wouldn't give a crap because 10 million should have been about a day's worth of income, and it would help build a cash bank that could be used for 0 interest loans. I have no interest in taking over the world or being number one, I just want to have a small lean alliance that could do some damage in a war, so with that in mind I wanted to go paperless with secret treaties because I figured it would be more interesting, and we may get involved with some things that if we were in a paper block would never come about. The last thing I wanted with my alliance is to have an extremely loose opsec policy, which basically consists of, if you ever want to know something just ask and unless I have been sworn to secrecy by another alliance leader, I will tell my members anything and everything that is going on. Which I know has led to some consternation with my allies because I make no secret about the fact that I will tell my guys just about everything as long as there are no leaks. (it's also why Shifty will never be a member of Grumpy, who also has applied to grumpy, and was turned down fyi. Leak that fool!) I do this because I only really wanted experienced active players and it would be to my advantage to leverage their experience when it came to dealing with OPSEC type stuff. With those tenants in place Grumpy was created. In terms of our FA when we first formed being a small upper tier alliance we needed someone to protect us from test who at the time was around 45 members strong, and had their sights on wanting to raid us, because they are and still are today opportunistic and will hit anyone they think they can get away with hitting without taking any real damage. So really the only alliance with enough political clout to tell Test to go screw was TKR, and while at the time I wanted nothing to do with TKR, I didn't see I had much of a choice. So with that we became a protectorate of TKR, and to their credit, they did a fantastic job, New alliances that want a protector you guys should go to TKR. But you know Test was still a threat so in secret we started talking to other small upper tier alliances, and we actually formed a secret upper tier bloc to fight Test in-case they get a little too testy. Eventually we took a survey of the alliances in orbis, and asked ourselves who is out there that we know can throw down, and is also big enough so that we can fight with? Honestly I don't want to ally someone that I cannot fight with, why would I want to ally a lower tier IQ alliance, who had existed for quite some time now, who I would realistically never be able to fight with due to the differences in our nations? So we reached out to Guardian, because as former members of VE who had clashed with them numerous times, we knew that size wise we were a good fit, and they were dependable war partners. We got up to around 10-12 members and Test had quit like the opportunistic scumbags they were and still are today, so we didn't see the need to stay a TKR protectorate (which honestly we were for longer than we should have been) and we upgraded to the standard Grumpy, we got your back, if you got ours treaty, they exceeded our expectations as a protectorate and they deserved it. So to those that complain that we are allied to people that are our size, you are correct we are, because I want allies I can fight with in the trenches because that is much more fun than fighting by myself. I think that covers basically what grumpy is and what I was trying to build and why I do what I do. Now to address some of the shenanigans above. I think it was Roq that was saying that the Grumpy model is unsustainable, because people quit and lose interest after time. This is true, but that is also why I am extremely selective about who I accept, and why I do my best to keep my players involved and I basically let them do whatever they want. Do we make suggestions to improve? we do, do we have warchest standards and military mins? we do, but I am fairly lax on most of that as long as they are active, and they all are. (if you look at grumpy's roster, you will see everyone is either yellow, green or blue, at most you may see 1 orange, but that is about it. How many of you guys out there can say that? I am going to say... just about none of you, including CoS and Test) I find when you keep your members involved and feeling like they are contributing to our success its much easier to retain them. Unlike the crazy tax rate alliances, that have cookie cutter nation builds and control every aspect of their growth, I don't understand how that is even remotely fun for the average member. It may have something to do with the fact that I have been told that Grumpy is the best alliance people have even been in, and why we have had a total of 3 members leave in the last 2 years. (damn you tywin quitting the game raising the number to 3) I also laugh at those that say we don't want to fight in wars, have you ever met me? I love me some war, peace time is only good for preparing to fight in the next war. If we didn't like war we wouldn't have fought in this war, I knew going in we were going to lose, I mentioned it multiple times in this forum, if I operated like super dynamic Test, god knows I would have never joined in, like when they skipped the war where TKR rolled what ever Ros Wei is called now. We would have also avoided the nuke block war, I went into that war knowing that we were not going to offer peace until we ate every single one of their nukes. And when they ran out, we peaced out. I believe only maybe Partisan and whoever was running TKR at the time know this, but when our friends in Hogwarts and TKR where in a bit of a tiff, I straight up told TKR that if anyone I was not allied to hit Hogwarts, Grumpy would attack them, and I 100 percent would have even if that meant getting losing which it probably would have. (which I am glad we didn't have to, because if I rolled into a war only to have Hogwarts disband, I would have been PISSED!) If we are being honest, I am actually pretty happy we are getting rolled this war, some of my members aren't as battle tested as I would like, and I have been told by others outside of Grumpy that some of them are infra huggers. You guys are doing me a favor, its easy to be grumpy when we win, but the ones that want to stay grumpy when we lose are the ones I truly want. As for the accusation that I dislike newer players, I do. I wont deny it, they are a pain in the ass, and I don't have the patience to deal with them anymore, one of the best parts about grumpy is that because we have good experienced players, it basically runs itself, i dont need to babysit, or deal with stupid drama because everyone knows whats up, and what they are doing. As for thinking we are elite and better than everyone else, guilty as charged, because hell ya I do. And if you don't think the same about your alliance, maybe you should think about what you are doing. I think we proved it this war, our eliteness (if that is a word) allows us to roll all of Test and CoS in 2 days (granted their opening attack strategy was terrible, so that was super helpful) it's why we can embarrass Fark and instantly counter and cover their upper tier when they tried to do... well who knows what they tried to do. So you are correct, I think we are better than you. The other advantage of having an upper tier alliance, is I don't have to really give a crap about about 80 percent of the alliances out there, because mechanically you are not any real threat to grumpy, which includes pretty much all of IQ, which always makes me laugh when they view us as some sort of threat to them, i couldn't really care less about what IQ does, because I cant hit them even if I wanted to, even with them militarized we still cant get low enough to hit them. As for Grumpy being bad for the game, that is some fine politicking you guys are doing. Its not my job as an alliance leader to lose, my job is to put my alliance in a position to succeed, it's your job to take us down if you think we deserve to be hit. So to say we are hiding behind our allies is super hypocritical, because if we are guilty of that every single alliance that has at least one treaty is doing the exact same thing. If you want to compare treaties, I can tell you right now, that we have less treaties than every single one of top 20 alliances, not including those that say they are actually paperless, if that is to be believed or not. I think that is a long enough wall of text, it actually saved someone from getting hit tonight because I was going to drop down and pick up a target or two, so you guys are welcome. And if anything doesn't make sense that i wrote above, my bad, but this thing is so long now, even I don't want to go back and reread it. I look forward to people taking statements I made above and turning them for their own political purposes. Since this is a Warstats thread, and it seems that i am the only one that posts warstats, here is another one for you. I have 33 cities, every single one of those cities has been nuked so far this war, and currently 3 of those 33 have been nuked twice!
  3. Wait, what did I do 8 years ago? I would love to hear this story, because as far as I know beyond Seeker blaming me for all his problems, I didn't do or say anything particularly malicious about VE after I left, I was pretty busy building a new alliance. I would love to see you dig that up, because I am generally pretty hilarious, and always enjoy reading my old stuff. But I am glad to know what you think I did 8 years ago, gives you the right to continue to be a !@#$ thru out your entire history in this game, which includes yesterday.
  4. So, calling them an embarrassment multiple times, targeting multiple members telling them to quit or just shitting on them, then having you and your cronies join the down vote crusade for anyone that calls you out on it. That sure looks like bullying to me. If you and your members are going to act like dicks, atleast have the balls to own up to it.
  5. Yoda, your alliance hit 7 years old? congrats bud on building a lasting alliance, that is not something many people here can claim and a true accomplishment.
  6. So you being a lying scumbag is ok because others are lying scumbags as well? I have stated before, I personally would rather lose a war then break my word. If that makes me bad at the game, I am ok with it. You are the one whose word means nothing not mine. (you should see me play poker, I may be the only person you have ever seen never lie about my hand, fun fact I got yelled at by a pit boss in Foxwoods for doing this, you are only allowed to lie about your hand, its against the rules to tell the truth.) Looking at the stats from Dream it looks like only two real alliances have declared more wars per member than us, so take that as you will. If that is disappearing, call me John Cena. You and your cronies want to come on here talking shit, You are the ones that got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, so dont go throwing stones in glass houses.
  7. You can always get better at war, you cant teach integrity. Does Rose/Guardian know they just signed an alliance whose word means nothing? Is this why you jettisoned your old block? Because you figured Rose could protect you more than your old allies from big bad tS?
  8. A little history lesson for you guys, when nukes were first introduced into the game, I believe the largest nation in the game had around 12-15 cities, and it took some significant saving to be able to afford the project (an entire alliance teamed up and pooled resources to buy the first one). Nukes themselves were extremely expensive at the time, if I remember correctly we got 50k a day for logging in, and there was no color bonus. You could also steal all your opponents money besides 100k of it. 750 500 250 $1,750,000 To buy a nuke everyday was not the easiest ask. Back in the day you could actually lock people down and prevent them from buying nukes. Now, however if a nation is properly set up, due to the size of nations and the general economy and the rule changes over the years, there is no defense to stop people from buying nukes everyday. If that is what you guys want, cool dont make the change, but I dont think that was the original design intent, especially for the amount of damage they do.
  9. Wait so you want medals for top 100 but you want to exclude any military related ones? Lets be honest here, anyone that has put themselves thru the torture of playing this game for 10 years or so, deserves recognition and your respect.
  10. personally i think they should be more cost expensive. When your daily log in bonus covers the cost of a nuke, it makes buying nukes daily much easier. Back in the day, when the log in bonus was 50k, (not 2 million) it was nice because if you are running no infra, it was more difficult to actually buy nukes/missiles daily because your income couldn't necessarily support it. Not really an issue anymore if you log in everyday.
  11. That project isn't designed for a nation like yours with only 10 cities, its an endgame project for people with 35-40+ cities
  12. That doesnt sound like a denial to me. I do appreciate you trying to change the subject to avoid admitting it.
  13. Congrats to Eclipse on coming up with another inventive way to weaponize NAPs. Just when we thought we cleared the slate, you guys put this together, nice work.
  14. Go poke Borg? Its his bot. Also time to insert obligatory, back in my day comment.
  15. The issue I have is, even that increase is a drop in the hat. Granted I am an outlier, but I have 3000 improvements in my nation. killing 5 improvements destroys 0.16% of my improvements.
  16. you could go start your own brand new alliance, and then go fight some dudes. Go be the change you want to see.
  17. What if i have access, but I just dont want to use it? With your 6 cities, and my 50 cities look at the crazy range we can cover. I am assuming with all the score range changes, i think you are almost in range to help me out.
  18. We used to have a handshake... Edit, i just looked at your treaties, and holy shit is there anyone you dont shake hands with? You are a real handshake !@#$ aren't you? Just giving out handshakes left and right. There was a time when handshakes were special, and had to be earned, ya know, you take a person out for dinner first get to know em a little, and after a few interactions, maybe you extend that hand. Not all just wam bam shake my hand. All that being said I will handshake with you, but you better wash your hands first.
  19. You guys all need to emulate the old Grumpy standard of handshake naps. If you need me, I got your back, if I need you, you got my back. If you and I dont want to back each other up anymore, then we just call it a day go our separate ways. Don't let silly paper get in the way of having each others backs. One trusts most the ones they are willing to NAP with. Also dont be a jackass, i dont know you, but from some of the feedback i am seeing in here from people i do know, they seem to think you are a jackass. I would recommend you stop doing that if you and your alliance want to be taken seriously.
  20. max bet 5 billion? I mean if you cant bet the cost of C50 in one shot are we really gambling at all?
  21. i also assume, if you get attacked and "win" that fight aka give your opponent the failure, you dont get anything from that correct?
  22. Dev team I have a question on the Military Salvage project. Does it give 5% on all wins, be it Pyrrhic, Moderate, Immense? or is it just Immense? And I assume you are getting 5% on damage done to both sides, so if you run a ground attack and kill 1000 tanks, and lose 1000 tanks, you are getting 50 steel back?
  23. The USA is not a purely capitalist society, public schools, the police, public transportation, healthcare, those are all "socialist" policies. Realistically the way it works right now in the USA is pretty good, capitalists drive progress, and the government tempers them when they get a little too greedy. The issue I think we may have is that lobbyists are in the pockets of too many politicians allowing our capitalists a little too much rope in some cases, which is why you are seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
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