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  1. That raises a whole other point though. I totally understand banning actual racism OOCly, as it's almost impossible to do that without trolling. What I'm less convinced by are any arguments regarding banning 'hateful' ideologies when entirely confined to IC. Personally the way I see roleplay, particularly the more freeform style of roleplay that comes with nation sims, is that the environments that are open should really only be restrained by the limits of human imagination, with an exception for erotic roleplay of course. For example, on another game I have been successfully roleplaying a slave-trading state for getting on for 12 years now, albeit a slave-trading state that doesn't work along racial lines. Other relatively well-respected roleplayers have roleplayed states in which being gay is punishable by death, or in which different races are treated with varying levels of privilege as a matter of law. This is absolutely fine, it's all in character. The symbols and language they use are confined to obvious roleplay spaces, not to messages between players etc, and a flag is obviously a roleplay space. There's a difference between banning hateful users and banning hateful themes, and I think we stray far too heavily into the latter category at times.
  2. It's sad, I've enjoyed working alongside Camelot in the past. Would be a shame if Epi decided to destroy such an active alliance.
  3. To be honest, even as a gay player, I've always been against adding new protections for particular groups beyond the existing rules on trolling and flaming. I find it highly patronising to suggest that, on account of any perceived vulnerabilities we have, we require some extra level of protection. At the end of the day, a player who is an arse is a player who is an arse; it doesn't matter if that player is a homophobic arse or just an arse who likes to rile people up for now apparent reason or insults people because they have simply taken a dislike to them. I know this isn't the most popular viewpoint around but I really don't think we should add particular categories of abuse that we prioritise over other ones.
  4. T$ does realise that people join kt for crusading season quite a lot, right? Then they go again. I nearly rejoined this time, but I doubt my alliance is now an hw puppet.
  5. It is highly disingenuous to suggest that you have been taking into account things that happened out of official game channels when dishing out punishments ingame for a number of years. Even the examples you gave, the GPWC cheating scandal and the trading of ingame resources for things with rl value are false comparisons as they directly affect the game. Somebody saying a nasty thing on a discord server which happens to be populated largely by players of this game does not have the same impact. Unless you have witnessed the interactions that prompt moderator action yourself, I fail to understand how the reason that you gave to me in an email dated 13 March 2019 does not apply. Although you have this email in your sent folder, I will quote it for the benefit of users who do not Unfortunately, there's probably not anything I can do to help you, assuming that these Discord messages occurred outside of the official Politics & War Discord server. We don't moderate what happens outside of our official channels (the game itself, the official Discord server, and the game forum) because we have no way to identify individuals outside of these media. Anyone could pretend to be someone else and send messages in order to get the person they're pretending to be in trouble or banned, which is why we don't moderate outside of official channels to discourage that behavior. This email was sent in response to a report I submitted that same day regarding toxic OOC behavior from a leading member of a now-dissolved alliance not limited to the longstanding bullying of certain users including myself. Although, I should hope understandably, I was quite annoyed by your response to my report at the time moderating several servers since that point has taught me that this was the most sensible course of action for you to take. Screenshots and copy-pastes can be edited very easily. Discord accounts can be hacked and permissions can be given wrongly by lax server moderators, and thus the quality of the evidence provided from messages which pertain to come from this communication method is highly suspect. Incidentally, I am Borg, I've lost access to my account and I can send you discord screenshots to prove it, please send me my alliances offshore immediately. I'm also Valk if the street doesn't have quite enough in the bank, just let me get my friend to boot up his image editor again. I suspect that the reason I'm not on my way to city 40 right now is because you are not stupid and as much as I can create discord accounts claiming to be any number of alliance leaders and can get them okayed by various friends it does not prove that I am them. Likewise if I wished to create a discord account, give it the name of a high-profile member of the community, go join a major alliance and start spamming porn images around you should disregard it as it's obviously a troll, right? This is a game which creates discord coders and image editors. It's a game that breeds the sort of skillset that would enable a user to create the illusion of genuine comments while they were nothing of the sort. If you are seriously set on the path of allowing discord screenshots, even in servers you're not in to be taken as hard and fast evidence of rulebreaking then please accept that you are also happy to open the door to report abuse on a massive scale; because, when OOC toxicity reaches the levels we have seen in this game in recent years I know that is what will happen. Thanks for listening to my ted talk; I hope something productive will come from it and that you'll reconsider this dangerous rules change.
  6. This is all a conspiracy to help KT out, you deliberately sacrificed yourself. Is this Eclipse repenting?
  7. Good luck kt. Couldn't have happened to better...targets
  8. They just sound like utter muppets to me.
  9. Will TO pick up TF as well? It must be getting cold for them out there.
  10. This game operates in a world without the possibility of wire transfers for cash, in which money is transported (bank notes? gold bars? nobody knows) on big boats. The only people who are allowed to use a method of transportation that isn't a boat are the baseball team, because obviously they have access to the only civilian aircraft in the nation in question. When you think of it in those terms, the idea of how money is transported to your nation becomes a moot point because realism is not only suspended it's exiled and unable to return under pain of death.
  11. I don't get all of this, it's almost like putting Gorge in charge of your FA leads to bad decisions being made and the whole of Orbis not liking you but surely that can't be it right?
  12. I honestly think the issues with the no beige/no peace orders were entirely about communication. If you have an alliance in your sphere who can't fight, let's call them 'unified pinkish nations' in order to avoid references to real alliances, and they're bringing more beige than an interior designer from the 1970s, good coordination allows people who actually know what they're doing to explain to this alliance's leadership the downsides of what they're doing and could even make a more unified milcom group for members to make beige requests to. It's the only way you don't end up with different alliances having different standards for when it is acceptable to beige.
  13. I have said from the very start of swamp that coordination between ourselves and our allies has been a major issue. The fact we didn't come across it in the first two wars, against tcw sphere and against quack, was because they were massive dogpiles. Even in those wars however the warning signs were most definitely there: we had people who had been heavily targeted who were unable to find counters, as well as members literally having to dm the leaders of other alliances they were fighting alongside to ask if a counter was possible. This is not a system that works, and if this war hasn't brought home the fact that having communication only between your high-level milcom people creates a disjointed and inefficient system with slow response times then I really do not know what will. In NPOLT, although we were on the losing side, we had a server in which members could request counters and it didn't matter which alliance you were in. Although it created some strange situations (like half of ketogg thinking I was TI's head of milcom for a couple of weeks) it worked to bring allied spheres together and significantly cut down on response times. It also did a lot to foster inter-sphere relations, as there was more of a sense of community outside of the alliance itself. Having a more coordinated system additionally allows the alliances whose milcom perhaps isn't up to the same standard of that of their allies the ability to learn from those they are fighting alongside, and to perhaps delegate some matters to people they accept know more about the situation. It is something that leads to a more unified war effort, better communication, more efficiency and better milcom overall. The absence of it only leads to me saying 'I told you so' in a very smug and annoying voice.
  14. I accepted Anna and DNFJ's apologies, but you once gave me a bad target so I can't accept yours. Permaroll incoming.
  15. It is very important that after time, we do our utmost to forgive. Enough time has now passed, and I don't feel that goons committed such a terrible crime their leader can never be forgiven for it. I hope you find an alliance willing to accept you.
  16. Anyone who was around back in NPOLT will know that I don't like the NPO. I don't like them on ns either really, when I played cybernations I didn't like them. There are other groups of players I dislike on this game however, and what matters to me is the actions those players take rather than the players themselves. I very much doubt that this will be a popular perspective within my own alliance but you've served your ban, apologised for your actions and haven't tried to hide who you are or your past. It is only right therefore that we welcome you back.
  17. This is clearly fake news. Apparently this is a rose treaty that's not secret.
  18. I'm completely blind and I read it fine.
  19. Is this an act you're playing or did you fail reading comprehension? I said all the high tier, excluding Tyrion. He got his money by playing the market
  20. Really? I was in TI for months, and idk if I was on an especially bad program but the top grant was around $45m. Yes, there was a reduced tax rate for over 20 cities, but that's rather common among alliances. Neither TI nor Camelot have a large collection of whales with significantly higher city counts, although they do have a few large nations. So to focus on TI, because I'm less familiar with Camelot, who are the top tier that they apparently exist to fund? The two highest city count nations, excluding Tyrion, joined TI with those city counts or very similar ones. The same is true if you look at the rest of their highest tier. If they're led with the objective of funding the top tier, they're doing a piss-poor job of it.
  21. Was this why when the TI offshore people were sleepytime and I'd just broken blockade it took me about 2 hours to find someone who'd send 1k alu my way so I could buy some planes?
  22. The last few pages seem to be what happens when the whales suspect T$ isn't there for them anymore. T$ might wish to remedy this, unless they begin to believe nobody loves them, which I suspect would make them sad.
  23. Good luck Camelot! You definitely have my vote for most honorable alliance this year.
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