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  1. Hii! Welcome! I will be your friend and guide you! Join a top 20 alliance of your choice and they will guide, help you and will give you a community! Also you posted in someone else's intro. You should have created your own topic😉😄
  2. Hollywood was fighting Bollywood peace was just agreed yesterday. Hollywood surrendered to combined forces of bollywood. And welcome back to the game!
  3. Hi! Join a good top 20 alliance and they will guide you well! Also are you from India? Your name seems so. I am from India 😄
  4. We didn't ask for a NAP the other party did, afaik abt our FA, we don't like NAPs.
  5. Will go there and check coz its just a 2hr drive from my place 😄 How are you sending the potato to them? 😄 Courier?
  6. Happy Rebuild! Enjoyed fighting against you all! Also CoA and TL need to train their small nations better 😄 (they literally had 3k infra, missiled my 11 infra city, nuked my 600 infra city 2 times and many more stupid things) Iirc Syndisphere alone can't. That's what they claimed 🤷‍♂️ you needed rose+syndi. Its just 5 out of 150+ isn't it? It was just white peace by name, everybody know that they lost and were defeated
  7. There are some etiquettes of this sub forum. We consider only top 50 or protectorates of top 50/or some aa led by famous players as an alliance. Git Gud, Git Big. We don't care abt you. Only thing we can tolerate is a DoE! https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ManG-gGWkgpckbu7r49HOJR1h9__Aylpq5hpAuq60c/edit?usp=sharing Read this
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