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  1. I'm not sure you can surrender without talking to the people you're surrendering to
  2. Since you're saying it, I can indeed confirm that he must have done nothing right. Whoever he is.
  3. Good luck, your last alliance tried to merge with ours and then got couped.
  4. OFA leadership never did strike me as the best in the world.
  5. What I'd like to know is exactly what people think that they have to gain by attacking random former nova members, whether or not they were in gove it really doesn't matter. The fact is, this came as a surprise to us all, I was informed about it by Inst and I'm pretty sure that everybody who was not banned was informed about it in a way that was not Pooball telling them what was going on in a shady backroom meeting. People attacking former nova members are not attacking people who decided to cheat, they are attacking people who are attempting to move on from an alliance that for many has been home for months collapsing in a matter of 2 days, for reasons tthat they could never have predicted. It's neither right nor just to ever drive innocent people out of a game.
  6. Seeker, if I was going to spend time making up lies to slander people with, I would pick a considerably better target than you. I have nothing more to say to you, because I don't want to get into flaming territory.
  7. Hello everyone, I know this has been shared publicly, so I thought it best to apologise now. At the time of the cheating being exposed, I made several comments on the Nova discord implying that I either didn't care about the cheating or endorsed it. Had I known about the scale of what was going on, I would not have made these messages, as being unable to see screencaptures I thought it was a small amount, and people were making something of a fuss over nothing. Knowing what I know now, my reaction would have been very different. I do not endorse the actions of Pooball and anybody else who may have participated in, aided, or knew about the cheating while failing to report this, and I am sorry that I made these prior statements regarding a situation I fundamentally misunderstood, at a time when I was highly stressed in politics and war.
  8. I've got lots of pics of my boyfriend, I'm pretty sure I have enough to verify. Do I get a multi?
  9. So if I was to set up a voice chat with both parties and you, would that set your mind at ease they're not the same person? Pictures can be messed with but I don't know anybody with the gift of being able to speak with two voices at the same time.
  10. Not gonna lie, I find the verification procedure seriously concerning from a data protection standpoint. With how easy it is to find waaaaaaay too much information than I'd be comfortable sharing with someone I didn't know from a picture, I don't think it's fair or reasonable to expect people to provide several pictures of themselves. Have Pooball and Blink merged in the months between enitially verifying then?
  11. For the majority of the time they're not on the same network though, only when they're at work, so it's the being a multi that'important here.
  12. Why would he have gone through the whole act of asking his other discord account for a loan if they were the same person?
  13. Fair, I can't view screenshots
  14. How do you know that Pooball had anything to do with the granting of the loan? He might have known nothing about it before seing the bank log.
  15. He got a city loan...this is hardly money laundering, it's a city loan.
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