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  1. Congratulations to CoA, winners of the Fark memorial trophy for not defending your allies and prots. I wonder which member of their gov will come up to give the acceptance speech?
  2. There's a difference. Arrgh raids useless nations. KT performs a public service to the community by ridding useless alliances of their infra and resources.
  3. Are warnings being given out here not public, or has a moderator just gone onto a thread which involved one guy repeatedly making flamey OOC attacks against other users and just told everyone to get on topic? I'm not sure how many warning points should be in the last page of Kosmo's repeated flaming but I'm reasonably certain that it is more than none.
  4. I once had a reputation for terrible puns. They won many awards, the revenue from which I used to buy a great collection of treasures. Alas for the days in which I stood as a radiant beacon of light in the punning world are over, and I fear now that my former reputation will not stand me in immortal fame. But I must make this last attempt, lest my aur(or)a of supremacy fade into the dust. For if I am no longer the alpha of the punning world what can I do? Grow cranky and become a grumpy old bastard as some new order of a million micro-punners crushes my legacy beneath their uncaring heel
  5. It's weird honestly. I join alliances that I think I'll be a good fit in, and usually you can tell if I still think that's true if I log in every day. Strangely I can say that, even as a non-Christian gay disabled man, I find kt to be a far more fun experience than I found Fark when you were leader, having experienced both. Do you have any idea why that might be?
  6. I never really knew you and we found ourselves on opposite sides in this conflict but I hate to see active players leave a small community like this. I've had my struggles with mental health in the past, and I know how much it can suck, particularly when a game like this is pressurising you. Good luck in whatever rl brings you, and I hope to see you back some day, hopefully under happier circumstances.
  7. Since this is a 'clarification' on kt, I'd be interested to know which categories we all fit into. Namely, am I a sycophant (if so for who), a basement troll, an edgelord or a common garden troll? What I think happened is that I left TI because I wanted a change of scenery, joined kt and enjoyed it, and I'd rather my time not be spent countering for people because there are people in this game who cannot accept that others have differing opinions to them. I will though, if that's what I need to do, but really if we could all act like we're above the minimum age to play then that would be pref
  8. Sit tight and I'll tell you how KT has been cheating throughout all its history as an alliance. Ready? We'll begin. A long long time ago, a kt member whose name has long been lost to legend realised a simple but highly important thing. He knew that if you are expecting a war to start within the next five minutes, a good thing to do was hit refresh once every five seconds or so. When a war was detected, particularly if you knew that the only people who could attack you either had far fewer cities or less military than you, you can do a ground attack without looking if you can be confident
  9. I love receiving tribute, rose sphere has given me $120m since Thursday. It's so nice of them don't you think?
  10. To offer credit where credit is due, when Rose did finally blitz parts of it were well-executed. I won't have ground for very long for example.
  11. I'll give you a satisfactory. Rose does defend its allies, but unfortunately it waits until both of them are on almost zero first, which prevents it from achieving a higher rating. With more frequent testing however I am sure it will improve.
  12. How bad of a protector do you have to be to willingly get your protectorate's infra burned? I would have thought that Rose had better fighters who haven't passed war training than rnr had in general but I guess you need them
  13. Are you trying to give us ideas? I doubt any of us mind if you're desperate.
  14. I'm unsure why you were attacked first, Pasta. My personal theory however is that the group who were tasked with attacking you and another person were very quick. If it had been my call, two different people would have been attacked first. Shit happens, I guess.
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