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  1. Let's not further subdivide the community and allow large alliances to treat smaller ones with more contempt than they already do.
  2. Of course it is. It makes it harder to sit on people if you have a maxed out military. We don't want it to be easy to sit on people because then the NPO have won.
  3. Isn't it my turn? I'm sick of not being relevant in alliance affairs.
  4. Please don't start a global today, it's Wednesday. Wednesdays are supposed to be boring, besides I haven't built up my warchest.
  5. I can think of no alliance that would benefit from the changes proposed in the OP (save arrgh) more than TI. At the moment you have a very small, concentrated top tier which is highly suseptable to being pinned down at present. You should be the cheerleader for this proposal, not an opponent of it.
  6. I'd say 'join ordo draconis' like I do to everyone else, but we let people set their own taxes and have free speech so you wouldn't like that I guess.
  7. Antman, please can you attack swamp again? We live in really boring times at the moment what with lockdown and everything, and I need a good laugh. Can you drag the rest of TCM in on it as well please?
  8. Hello, I don't have a clever replacement for beige, I'll leave that for people who do. There are a number of good suggestions on the forum. As has been repeatedly pointed out, by...I think yeah, everybody more or less...getting rid of beige completely is silly. What's even more silly is getting rid of it without a replacement. If I need to buy a new computer, and it's going to take 2 weeks for it to arrive, I don't decide to bin my old one. Because then I'd have no computer for two weeks. I can't work with no computer for 2 weeks, I'd lose money; I don't want to be poor. A suitable replacement for beige needs to be found. While we don't have a suitable replacement, beige as is is somewhat better to nothing at all. Right now permarolling is made nice and easy, and Roq and Leo are probably sad they missed it. Let's bring it back until something is worked out that actually fixes the issues that people have been raising for years.
  9. ...if we needed any more proof Alex doesn't actually play the game, we have it now.
  10. It's changes like this that make me wonder whether Alex actually hates the game he created himself. I don't always agree with Akuryo but his suggestion does a lot to fix the beige issue without massively destroying the war mechanic. This change just makes the first strike advantage in wars even more pronounced, and makes it harder for the alliance/coalition that is enitially on the losing end to turn the tide. Oh, and thanks for voting in my poll Alex, it's pretty obvious you favour the last option of just ramming through any old change with no need for input. Your vote has been added to the tally.
  11. Bad faith? I was anti-NPO before I even began playing politics and war, because I know what a weird cult they are. There is a difference between bad faith and taking the piss.
  12. I thought TFP was a forgiving alliance who gave people second chances?
  13. Methinks you're going to struggle finding brits in that timezone.
  14. I like the idea because I like anything that makes war less predictable. OP, you either do not exist or have entered your details incorrectly.
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