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  1. If Prefontaine can't make it, I'll join you and talk bullshit will pretending to know what I'm talking about.
  2. I feel this is an appropriate time to say this: The immortals is an alliance focussed on respect, community, growth and beer. Join us to help us destroy all opposition, including our allies; also to drink beer. I've had quite a lot of beer, can you tell? Anyway, both of these alliances I've never heard of should join TI because we're 8k score behind Camelot and we should be ahead of them because they're Camelot which means they deserve to be lame.
  3. TEst decided to protect someone who was tiered quite that badly?
  4. All I see is bk people sad because they're not in a swamp alliance.
  5. Hi Alex, Could the second to last planned update, for accessibility, also be implemented on the edit nation page? I want to move.
  6. I mean...cheating bad, but it's BoC, and it's very hard to feel sorry for BoC. So...meh
  7. You don't like the blob? I tell you something about blobs, blobs love blobbing. Blobbing is the act of being a blob and becoming more blobby through the careful application of bloboid, an artificial chemical created from mixing equal parts gunk and dingles. When a blob has become blobbled enough, it divides and a new baby blob is born. These baby blobs force those who are not yet blobby to join the blob party, leading to collections of blobs which all talk the same language. There is rhumoured to be one alliance which, at least for now is immune from blobbing: this alliance is ruled over by an oligarchy of whales, who see the blob as a threat to their existance. They fear the blobbing process, as well they should; however they fear it much less than they ought to fear being unblobbed. For to not be blobbed is to stand alone, and to stand alone is to have few friends. To blob is to be, to be is to blob. Bring forth the bloboid boys and girls, for all the blobs must blobble. HAIL BLOBBLE!!!!!!
  8. I don't want any shrek pics please. No more nudes.
  9. Signing TI is a pretty good idea. We do this thing where if you get attacked, and you've got an m-level treaty with us (or if you're a protectorate, usually when you have an o-level treaty with us as well!), we come and defend you. You should try making a treaty more time, you might have some friends.
  10. This is not on behalf of TI or anything, because they're not dumb enough to let me make official announcements. But...come on Fark, I'm very sleepy a lot of the time but coffee is brewing and y'all need to help out your friends, helping out friends is a nice thing to do, because otherwise...what are friends for?
  11. Isn't laughing about people deleting or VMing what the NPO were doing? Don't be NPO.
  12. There is an md sphere with 3 top 5 alliances, so it might already be formed.
  13. What this game needs now is for one of the big 5 alliances to sign KT and create the next global so soon after the last one. Please, I want to burn things again, clusterf*ck time needs to occur with utmost speed and efficiency.
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