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  1. To the entire non western world, scarred and maimed by colonialism and to this day exploited at gunpoint and with self determination taken away by barely covert operations of capitalist powers to simply be exploited for profit by those powers, who have killed already well beyond the supposed (and proven by historians false) claims of the black book long before the US even existed. The horror of Capitalism, and of you and your little friend here, is far more real - and ongoing. I can oppose you without supporting Stalin, or even liking the USSR, and I do. I can oppose you while believing a power or authority of any kind to act in such a manner should never exist, and I do. It seems you can't manage to oppose us though without standing over a body of abused, tormented and exploited corpses, however, all the while chanting for more to be added by the same sort of power you're here trying to heart string pull over your grandfather for, except now that power is on a team you like and hurting people youve arbitrarily decided deserve it. Tell me little fashie, between you and Stalin, what's the difference? Well, Stalin likes the color red at least. And, in his 20s he was actually rather attractive, other than those though I can't think of much to separate you two. Both have a list of people to be rid of, with different methods to get there. I fail to see the use in any significant distinction. Now go back to your private little hole where we all know you talk about and how many heads you want rolling.
  2. Politics? In MY political simulator? PERISH THE THOUGHT SIR, PERISH IT ABSOLUTELY! lol
  3. Lacking any form of originality is literally everything in this game basically. But also I suspect most of the generic socialist names you gave are from people who don't actually know much of anything about it anyway lol. Only argument they have is projection lmao.
  4. NSR also existed around when I started which was a Nordic themed alliance full of you can guess what. Freza's own now very dead alliance (you're welcome freza killing shitholes is my gig) had a very esoteric occult theme filled with... You can guess what. Heck back a year ago the orange diamond guy in this freza's alliance if you googled his nation name brought a result of a similarly named Twitter account. Which had a pfp of an occult symbol from a... Certain regime, and promoted... Certain policies of that regime. I'm sure you all can figure it out. There's more possible delightful examples too, but for some reason everyone ignores those to Red Scare 2 Electric Boogaloo. Which is weird cause it's mostly anarchists in PW and we have a black flag? Reactionaries never get it right.
  5. Unlike you and your friends my guy, the books we like didn't inspire any dictators lmao. Probably because they call for a state itself to not exist but sure, tell me which psycho dictator was moved to act by the Conquest of Bread. You can't, so go back to inactively hiding in your dead little fashie den where you belong.
  6. My guy most alliances in-game are capitalist lmao.
  7. Alright whose waiting for the Cam blitz and RoH on Carthago? Cmon now don't leave us all bored, George.
  8. Think I just doxxed myself by not logging in and using PayPal LOL. Oh well. Hopefully it doesn't come to it, but if it does I do know how to feed someone on $60/mo at 1200-1400 calories/day minimum. I've been there, and nearly died of starvation before too. And been homeless. I hope you guys will come out alright, and don't hesitate to ask me anything, prior experience and all. *Hugs*
  9. Weird statist things, Ronny, weird statist things. I have a tax rate that's voted and an econ plan discussed with everyone on how to use it and tweaked and modified as needed. Though I suppose it's pretty easy when it's only 4, maybe soon 5 people.
  10. No they don't. There is no alliance on earth aside from maybe a few dumbass micros that consider their tax rate opsec. Their econ plans, sure, but then those wouldn't be given in full detail to the members of most alliances anyway.
  11. Okay real talk, did this guy have ribs removed just so he could "toot his own horn" this much? Guy, literally EVERYONE here is laughing at you. Everyone. Everyone except your allies who are on about the same plane of self awareness and competence that you are. Ie; literally everyone not them, is laughing at you. You failed even basic milcom and you're here arguing and taking shots at people who passed advanced milcom and even got a goddamn masters degree. Some of them I'd even argue have straight up doctorates. And now you're gonna argue this too, but I'm not bored enough to keep responding like ghost does, so just remember this: you're the subrate frycook promoted because he never calls in a shift, to assistant manager, and you're arguing with the PhDs in whooping your ass about how best to do that. Have a nice day lol
  12. Camelot becomes the first alliance to be dropped by Fark and TCW for "not matching up to the standards and competence" they expect of their allies.
  13. Fam TLEs only ally is Federation lol. Too smol to be a global. TFed ain't even involved either.
  14. "is it fair to let alliances say no simply because of efficient growth?" Yes? Just as fair as the option existing for them not to do that? Why is your solution to a supposed (and nonexistent I might add) lack of player choice to.... Remove more player choice? If you hate taxes you're free to pick an alliance with low or even no taxes. They exist. TFP has no taxes, they're a top 5. How exactly is there a lack of choice there? Is it because most people wouldn't exactly accuse TFP of being a good alliance? Is that why it's omitted and this framed as some sort of great calamity of missing choice? Because that's the only way that makes sense, and I have to break it to yah, TFP being 0 tax and also not accused of being particularly good by many people, is not merely a coincidence. Other 0 tax alliances are either a whale retirement home or... Micros with a very limited lifespan. Goodness I wonder why that is! Golly, batman, turns out most micros actually DO run very low taxes. To their own EXTREME detriment! I don't say this merely cause I've always been a proponent of centrally planned economy, but also because, THEY'RE NOT ROSE. Rose, the gargantuan, ancient, and LOADED Rose, still know to tax it's sub c20s at what is it now? 80/80 or something? Richest alliance in the game or at least on par with t$ but still taxes out the nose. But of course Rose is already obscenely wealthy so these taxes are primarily just maintaining and growing that wealth while also loading city grants into the econ equivalent of a belt-fed machine gun. The United Armies on the other hand, I think it's always had a 30/30 tax rate, is probably to this day, broke as all shit. When I had my micro, they had triple our members and about double our city count. And then proceeded to make about 1/7th what we did, just in general taxes excluded, since I actually ran 100/0 outside of rebuild. And shit, I was broke too! So yeah, options already exist for alliances with low taxes. Most of them aren't very good. That's not a coincidence. Most of them straight up use their tax rate to boost recruitment, knowing alliances, like Rose, despite their obscene wealth advantage, do tax out the nose. I specifically never mentioned taxes in my recruitment messages for the same reason a micro running 20/20 DOES mention them. Cause frankly when your competition during recruitment is top 5s like Rose, TKR and even TFP with 0 taxes, there are not many options you've got. I played up the whole "hey we're pretty smol, smol tighter community gang yeeee" thing. As a last note, to that thing where it's straight up against the economic stability and wealth security of micros to be low tax, maybe you ancient leviathans could solve that one! I'm just saying the last time I heard of protectors investing in their prots was when IQ was around and did that. Hell I've never even heard of Rose doing it, ever. If your prots aren't worth investing into, ancient leviathans, why are you protecting then anyway? That's just never made sense to me. Oh well, Sakura's rambled enough for today.
  15. Still laughing at how my c30 with max air and ground manages to hit c17-18s more than a few times. Totally worth every penny of sold infra lmao
  16. Yanno, I'm not pointing fingers or anything, that'd be all rude and whatnot y'know but. I'm just saying, this is something NPO hiding as a micro(s) would say and want us to believe. I'm just saying. Little sus.
  17. Doubt it. Here's why: From my observation the game is going through quite the boon in new players. Micros of 60 or even 100 members aren't uncommon in the slightest anymore. They could easily slip in with new names and identities as various micros and we'd never be able to tell the difference. We remember how coordinated with baseball they were right? With the coordinated ads from day 1 they'd get 2m per nation. So immediately a returning NPO or GOONS makes 300m+ a day and there's nothing you can do about it. Thats enough to boost about 2-3 people to c10 with 1.5k builds and add their taxes into things. Fast forward a good 6 months they'll be tiered about c16-18, 8 they'll be 20-22, all the while these micros could merge slowly over time, or all at once at that point and the mask can come off except now it's kinda too late and it's become a really big problem! My point here is if they wanted to and we're dedicated enough to do it and bide the time, they could. And there's next to nothing anyone can do about it except hope to get lucky proving one of them is that. And only one, that's the other benefit of this fancy hide as micros strat.
  18. Yes I'm sure deadnaming and misgendering everyone after the purging of this thread from the clap backing of the last guy who did it will Garner much sympathy for Nokia. Probably mostly from Nokia himself but that's neither here nor there! Also, I'm not a mod in either of those games. Now in GNO I was the equivalent of prefontaine here except I had good changes that next to nobody actually even disliked pushed through. :^)
  19. Look, I'm a masochist too, but please, just because of that doesn't mean we have to forego standards!
  20. It's absolutely mind bogglingly hilarious to watch firwof simp for NPO/BK/GOONs and then quote reactionary grifters to pat himself on the back who those people would've HATED and would've hated him for paying any credence too. Now I'm just sad we don't get to see his face when he meets his heroes only to be spat on in disgust. A cruel wind of fate this life truly is.
  21. Why do planes vs ships need to be nerfed? My 2250 planes already magically find themselves incapable of killing more than 40 ships once their total drops below 100, and incapable of killing more than 25-30 once they're low enough that one more airstrike should clear them all. Because reasons I guess. If you wanna buff ships fine, but I think a more potent solution is making ships more useful than just a blockade. Into something more than a nuisance.
  22. This whole OOC argument is dumb anyway because classical Marxism is libertarian and "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" is Marxist-leninism which is authoritarian and at best a suburb of tankie-ville. Also it's Ultra Mega Super Saiyan dumb because it's a micro committing suicide. Just shutup and let them experience what it's like to be left behind like Catalonia :DDD
  23. We have many colors of blankie! There's a few more i have to grab but currently we have 23 blankie emotes and I think it's 27 with the few I'm missing.
  24. Some people are so lonely, cats are their children. Nice confession, bub.
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