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  1. Once again, there is already a publicly loved and voted for solution to beige that was given to Alex over 2 years ago at this point, was supposedly put on the test server, and then abandoned for some reason. The wheel has already been invented. Stop trying to reinvent it again and again and just slap it onto a goddamn cart already.
  2. Frankly I think the best course in this situation is to have both. No one is truly free from bias, this an immutable fact of being human. An outsider will be less biased in certain areas and more in others, balance is always keen in games innit?
  3. Because volunteer players are cheaper. Also, though this is a smaller factor, because players (especially veterans ones in other PW mod teams already) better understand the games mechanics and politics, knowledge which may be necessary in some cases dealing with, well, mechanics and politics. A payed non player could learn these with time of course, but obviously this is just easier and cheaper.
  4. Hun, when you're the competition nobody has to do anything to look better.
  5. Because they have their own opinions? And because we have no relevance to literally anything you've said except a random jaw smacking we gave him for no real reason other than we felt like it? I don't even know what the hell story of whatever you're on about in the OP here but it's Greene so I assume it's his fault and he deserves it.
  6. Syndisphere literally has just as many as Rose though? If you don't know literally even the most basic of shit, spare everyone's time and shit the hell up.
  7. This is simple and has been for almost two years. All wars end in beige. Full stop. That's it. Increase the beige given a tad too, and then you can even increase unit casualties and rebuy a bit to increase the overall intensity (and for no other reason tbh) without worry, as even an increase from 2.1 to 2.5 days, when factoring in the time to beige to begin with, will guarantee 5+ days of buys and beige. Removal of defensive war slots makes whales hilariously OP and is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. There is no way on earth this a good idea. Nerfing aggressor attacks is an equally bad solution if not worse. You'd think the raider alliances would get this, but apparently not. Nerfing aggression has never once been considered an acceptable solution for obvious reasons. I'm told more than a few alliances, even bigger ones, were experiencing some supply and funding issues prior to the war, not having what they wanted or needed, making aggression significantly more costly will stagnate wars. And also, make the dogpiles worse. With just the numbers you put up, one would want a 3:1 to win anyway, especially if the opponent has higher activity/member competency/cohesion. Its not impossible to best superior numbers, see GNR. Lexi really ought no better considering they've seen me already theorycraft how to use well timed war policy usage and minor tiering advantages to add devastating leverage to activity and competency advantages with the objective of winning an aggressive attack at odds of 5, 6, even 7:1 against the attacker. Hell, back as a 2ic of a major alliance I theoryfcrafted very plausible strategies to aggressively win 3 or 3.5:1 fights. 3.5:1, against me, of course, the attacker. They weren't impossible ideas then, they aren't now either. It's not a cake walk, but it shouldn't be? It's very difficult, and would require large amounts of luck, as well as precision and skill, constantly and not just at bliz either, but possible nonetheless. Half your suggestions make not only such high risk actions impossible, it makes fighting for the underdog impossible. It would make any hope of a non dogpile impossible, or any hope of a roughly even war (as GNR was and should've been were Rose expecting a sucker punch), and I'm not really sure how any conclusion but this was come to when thinking of these.
  8. Ah yes, the alliance being whacked by Goon Squad, a threat.
  9. This reads like a missive from the DPRK espousing how wonderful and benevolent Kim Jong Un is and how they're totally not starving or forcibly blockaded from the world by their clearly just leader who isn't an authoritarian and would never do that.
  10. Just grab the evidence lol, lots of newer people since those days.
  11. There's already been polled and EXTREMELY POPULAR solution to this called all wars end in beige. But true to not actually caring that much about our suggestions or what we think, he decided to remove it entirely while working on a new thing, put it back a couple months later, and then we've heard nothing on it since. The solution already exist, what we need to be doing is less suggesting yet more solutions, and just telling Alex to use the one most people like already.
  12. Clearly it's smith rerolling to grace us again. A gentleman that handsome? It must surely be him!
  13. There isn't a split because there's not even really IC politics to begin with what the [email protected]#$ is there to split? It's also common sense because everything is political. Regardless of your ideal worlds standpoint on that that is the current world. You may think it isn't possible to characterize that, to you I say, have you ever actually tried? I have, it's alarmingly easy, actually. Not only can you map the literal IC way and policies alliances function surprisingly accurately to actual OOC political beliefs, you will find, in SHOCKING COINCIDENCE, to everyone with their heads up their asses, you can also find that the people executing and developing the policies map to the same local area as the alliance itself does! Try it! Based on your alliances themes, internal operations, government structure and culture, map it to one. Fun research on political beliefs different from yours too, you guys always love debate right, bam. Once you've done that ask yourself, how closely do you personally match up to that? For some of you the answer might be "not very" but for the overwhelming majority of players the answer is "most of it actually yeah" and that's not some magic coincidence. That's the truth across every alliance in game. All of them. To Adrienne, your argument falls flat at numerous basic points. Point 1: the innate imperfection and impulsion of humans. This makes it even theorhetically, impossible. Point 2: once again, everything in today's world is political, separation is impossible. Point 3: even without the other 2, you clearly don't understand what it even means to say "my political beliefs" it's not just views on economics. It's a road map to how you view the world, the people in it, what has happened, what's happening, what will or may happen, this roadmap if somebody studied it could give them a remarkable ability to predict what you'll do and think. If you seriously think that something as omnipresent in your existence as your literal view and belief of the world itself does not influence every single action you take everywhere, you either picked up the wrong prescription or have a vastly inflated view of yourself as being better than others. Because for that to be true, you would literally have to be superhuman or not human at all, what I just described is an inexorable root of human psychology. So unless you're secretly a lizard alien related to queen Elizabeth, queen of lizard aliens, I'm afraid that's not true. And as stated, I absolutely can use your real life political beliefs to predict your in-game actions and do so on a regular basis. Infact since I've stopped doing the people who do talk to me have noticed that I've gone from saying "hmmm, interesting" alot to "pfft called it not surprised" a whole lot more. It turns out when you start paying attention to people's roadmaps and actually studying more about how they think and view the world and life itself, they stop surprising you. I mastered this skill on myself for a long time and never used it on anyone else. I used it on me to predict what I thought the schizo would break next, how the rest of me would respond, and then use this to outmaneuver literal medical psychosis. I did this so often and so effectively that while I'm never going to be truly stable or cured, its also not gonna kill me. The combination of functionality dearths caused by it and other conditions will do it slowly anyway, but there's no chance of a lightning victory, ever. And there can't be, I know this battlefield so well that I can predict every move with near 100% accuracy. With you it's merely 70% on a bad day. Everyone, really. I put off looking at this thread at first because I knew from the title there'd be at least one fascist here. Sure enough, the very response is it! See the thing with my point that politics is everything, is that both the far right and far left understand this, but the former obfuscates it to cover their tracks and blend in with the center, while the latter pushes it in the spotlight. Don't think so? Checklist time! KT member? Check. KT when plotted to IRL politics resemble strongly the Third Position, the "moderate" fascism. Under investigation by Alex for saying basically every slur imaginable in every context imaginable everywhere they could and not be smacked? Check! On the record defending publicly known fascists and a self admitted "national socialist"? I don't think RON ever published these ones for whatever reason, but oh yes, that's a check! https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/620138260190068744/873047285074915438/SPOILER_SPOILER_unknown.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/813218534527205416/818674290562957322/unknown.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/813218534527205416/818675215315763240/unknown.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/813218534527205416/818675455280021534/unknown.png Interesting how that worked out huh? God could you imagine reading the title of something and actually correctly, on a regular basis getting it right? You obviously can't, but I can, and it's not even like you couldn't do it if you wanted. Accepting that the world is different than you always thought is hard though, trust me I know, it's been a long year. Now kindly sit down and ask yourself, if the fascists agree with every non action or half response or compromise you do, is that a good thing? I mean compromise is supposed to leave everyone kinda unhappy right? Why are they always pleased with it? I wonder. Not actually of course, once again I already know why. Oh for fun, let's get some mental exercises going! I'll plot some alliances out for you and let's see who can figure out why they're where they're at and if anyone can actually prove a single one wrong, and I severely doubt any of you can. KT - Third Position Rose - Social Democratic, long in the past had a Democratic Socialist phase. TKR - straight center libright liberalism. Slightly left of next in the list... T$ - Neoliberalism HS - about where the US charts, dead centerish of auth right. Hey, tell me, anyone see any weird familiar faces in HS member list vs those screens above? Bonus points! ASM - Syndicalist (duh) max far left, and a decent boop into lib. BG/WTF - Two sides of the same Anarchist coin. WTF is slower, like if Catalonia won the war and had peace, the other is fast and decisive, like the Zapatista and Makhnos of their wars. Bottom left corner. "Oh but Sakura people are roleplaying so they're intentionally putting effort in to subvert their beliefs" would be a relevant take if anybody here actually fricking roleplayed. Drop the bullshit, RL socialists are in socialist alliances, RL capitalists are in capitalist alliances, RL fascists and reactionaries in fascist and reactionary alliances, and RL centrists in milquetoast centrist alliances. Once again, a coincidence on that scale, IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. I'm not doing it either of course, but as I spend our time contemplating how to beat superior, vastly superior forces head to head, to achieve an actual objective aside from a "lul beat down" you might not have noticed. Turns out more radical outlooks are more interesting in a game where politics and war and making moves is important as opposed to milquetoast, change and do little as possible outlooks. My outlook is fun, changed by my conditions as it's been, it's different vastly even from others in my little compass square, and it allows me to act easily as almost anything, hero or villain, active or passive, farmer or destroyer. But you guys? Y'all just got one setting. Stop "roleplaying" as the you in your little dreams about "what if I was president" and actually make a goddamn character. Some people are weird and crazy enough to be one naturally, noctis in particular comes to mind, for all the talk of me even i can't match that. Put effort in, think differently, do differently, drop the whole "list of taboos" crap. You're all trying to play the hero in your imaginations, that could never exist, and as we can see, can't even in fiction. Do something different, be a hero to some, and a villain to most. Afterall if it's roleplaying on a fictional stage to make an epoch, then playing some other than yourself, even a villain, should be a most grand experience, no? Good God look what seasonal layoff has done to me, this is the second time in 24 hours, and all on mobile too. Jeez.
  14. Let's start with blatant point number one here. Guns n Roses should not have been Guns n Roses. While I love the war name, everything beyond that was an absolute unmitigated debacle of a dumpster fire, everybody had their dumpster fire. Roasis had mind boggling battlefield incompetence and HW had face-desk-inducing FA incompetence. "Oh we don't wanna hit t$ after we split its just like not cool and stuff" oh shut the hell up and just do it. Not only is it literally the smarter option it's the more interesting option. The internal drama and reasons for the split is why it's interesting. The only thing vaguely interesting about what you did instead is that it was pretty completely random and suffered once again for the 10057273rd global in a row from a hilariously shit CB that makes anyone paying attention what the fricking point was of even bothering with it. There's a way to make totally random violence interesting, I assure you. I also assure you you haven't the slightest inkling of a shit on how to do it, so please stop. Now sure I suppose this could've happened sitll if you hit Syndi, but frankly these days I've felt like rose has made itself more of a perennial reactionary actor, soooo, fair chance you coulda walked on by with that? To sum up really killing minispheres though, tl;Dr agree with INH, but also it's because those ebul IRL politics aren't as far away from your IC as you'd like to think. And no I'm not talking about how the rank 2 alliance is a blatant homage to neoliberal capitalism and super corporations, although that is yanno, definitely evidence. I'm talking more about how the general political "meta" for years now is run with the same spineless sort of approach we see from centrists in the real world, anyone knows who joe manchin is congratulations you've stumbled upon the point! Pretty much every global is the same as the last with a rotation on whose getting slapped silly. The CBs are the same, the setup is the same, in almost all cases everybody knows what's happening, and the argument on the forums is the exact same. Treaties are all basically the same, all basically function the same, and everybody's "grudges" are just whoever was on the other side of the nonsense CB arguments in recent memory. Until there's a small treaty changeup and then suddenly the new addition is good and correct and past sins disappear and the people they left nod and agree only for 2 months later they're magically now bad and wrong about everything even in the past. The entire political craft of this game for years is everyone sitting quietly a table, for anyone to do anything vaguely with the same interstellar parsec as a fopah and then flashing their fingers out like lightning and going "AH HAH" and then everyone else at the table proceeds to vibe check with baseball bats. There's no interesting pasts anymore that are really brought up or seem to matter, there's no need to find an actual CB because only one is allowed anyway and everyone openly acknowledges is basically fake nonsense everytime. And this is exactly why minispheres aren't working, because in the theorhetical papers of it, these teamups shouldn't be happening not because of honor. Not because the only good peace now is white peace, that's part of the problem too actually. They shouldn't be possible, because in the theory, you're not supposed to be friends. You're not supposed to trust them. and I don't mean whatever you think you have for distrust I'm talking like, as referenced, pre getting t$ and IQ on the same team kind of distrust. TKR trying to sign NPO kind of distrust. And you know what? White peace might be a nice high horse to ride on, but it doesn't fit the theory. Maybe people need to just actually not Boogeyman about IQ on everything. The word "reparations" does not mean 70bn+. "Oh but nobody would ever pay them" I paid them, me of all people, because the simple fact is there comes a point where any realistic figure asked for like done to me is significantly less than the blood you're gonna lose from saying no. Hell I even like the idea of viceroys, oh sure if you do it you're an !@#$ there's no question there. But that's kinda the point. It's a political simulator and to play the game you have to like, kinda be an actual !@#$. Everyone drones on incessantly about OOC/IC separation soooooooooo what's the hold up? Afraid that droning is gonna be revealed as moralizing nonsense you can't uphold either? Seriously that's the only reason I can come up with. You're like the equivalent of artillery players in World of Tanks moralizing how they're good and necessary for the game. Meanwhile everyone else calls them "sky cancer" and "griefer" and "[expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] clicker piece of [expletive deleted]" and so on and so forth. They stagnate the game, they punish people who try to push the tempo and make things happen as opposed to sit back and hide in a bush, and the moment you point that out as bad, moralize incessantly about it. And that's what it is. FA is a joke to the point where the best path is so often to do as little as possible (avoid fopah risk) that people end up doing nothing and oops that's a fopah too! It takes nothing to hop a sphere which you think is great, but it never dawn's that it rarely happens despite that and the trade off is this. The same war like the same old TV dinner with the same old side of "politics". No wonder player retention is so mediocre, the game would be less boring if people didn't camp bush, and actually did things interesting. I've had a change even I've been mulling proposing but haven't because I think most of you are too busy camping bush to ever use it or even support it to begin with to not use it. I had a wonderful little idea talking a couple weeks ago. Double the color bonus. Or more, 250%! 300% even. Why? Significant income boost for everyone, but not necessarily game breaking - but more importantly, big enough to actually be very important. Yanno like maybe policing your color with force actually becomes advisable, like maybe even being more violent than t$ is sometimes. Maybe so much that protectorates (why do you even protect them again? Political sim remember, if you just do it for the shiggles with nothing else to it, you get this crap, rants from a schizophrenic awake at 630am included) become relevant because now you can stop being amicable about asking them to move colors and intentionally have them sabotage colors of rivals, and then they'll do it back, and then instead of sudden big wars all the time you an have frequent and constant low scale warfare and manuveuring in these power tiers to win smaller localized battles, where guess what, you on top of getting micros fighting experience and killing the bad ones, could test out that reparations and viceroys and whatever the hell else you can come up with and see how it works, shove them off your color too, and then one of the experiments pisses off the superpower behind the proxy, now you have this whole ass web of nonsense and chaos between low tier satellite AAs proxy warring to feed into it. Look again I'm awake at 630am but that sounds more interesting than reading another DoW about how everyone but OP is an evil meanie secret treaty having would be hegemon poop face. Thanks to all the 2 people who actually read all this for some reason.
  15. Oh? I thought everybody's big thing was not involving OOC and things from other games around? Interesting how that rule flies out the window when it's fellow brown shirts though.
  16. Is that a PW server I'm not aware of? You should probably link the PW server messages to Alex so he can address them. And you can even continue acting outraged over a guy who literally used the game itself to make "jokes" about lynching black people to... Known black players! Oh yeah, it's all coming together. Shit sticks together huh yang?
  17. 11. Thous shalt not do anything remotely interesting or deviating from the political born of the past 5 years. 11a. If you do we'll form a giant coalition and rip your anus inside out have a nice day.
  18. Fail harder than you trying to be "clever" and hijack accounts, or fail harder than Alex's inept myopic moderation that for some reason let you back? Whereabouts on that scale ya thinking?
  19. Do I need to go through years of old posts to find the dozens of examples exactly why that's so monumentally stupid? Cause it's seeming like someone has to because the same few do-little fools keep bringing it up like it's brilliant. Also, that's basically how Alex has said to do alliance-wide embargoes anyway for years now, and he's been told repeatedly how mind numbingly moronic and detached from the actual reality of running alliances that is.
  20. No, you haven't, this has been brought up at least a half dozen times before. These are not multis, they all use borgs bot, Locutus, for banking operations. This has been vetted and cleared repeatedly, and Alex should really put up a post it note somewhere for people.
  21. To the entire non western world, scarred and maimed by colonialism and to this day exploited at gunpoint and with self determination taken away by barely covert operations of capitalist powers to simply be exploited for profit by those powers, who have killed already well beyond the supposed (and proven by historians false) claims of the black book long before the US even existed. The horror of Capitalism, and of you and your little friend here, is far more real - and ongoing. I can oppose you without supporting Stalin, or even liking the USSR, and I do. I can oppose you while believing a power or authority of any kind to act in such a manner should never exist, and I do. It seems you can't manage to oppose us though without standing over a body of abused, tormented and exploited corpses, however, all the while chanting for more to be added by the same sort of power you're here trying to heart string pull over your grandfather for, except now that power is on a team you like and hurting people youve arbitrarily decided deserve it. Tell me little fashie, between you and Stalin, what's the difference? Well, Stalin likes the color red at least. And, in his 20s he was actually rather attractive, other than those though I can't think of much to separate you two. Both have a list of people to be rid of, with different methods to get there. I fail to see the use in any significant distinction. Now go back to your private little hole where we all know you talk about and how many heads you want rolling.
  22. Politics? In MY political simulator? PERISH THE THOUGHT SIR, PERISH IT ABSOLUTELY! lol
  23. Lacking any form of originality is literally everything in this game basically. But also I suspect most of the generic socialist names you gave are from people who don't actually know much of anything about it anyway lol. Only argument they have is projection lmao.
  24. NSR also existed around when I started which was a Nordic themed alliance full of you can guess what. Freza's own now very dead alliance (you're welcome freza killing shitholes is my gig) had a very esoteric occult theme filled with... You can guess what. Heck back a year ago the orange diamond guy in this freza's alliance if you googled his nation name brought a result of a similarly named Twitter account. Which had a pfp of an occult symbol from a... Certain regime, and promoted... Certain policies of that regime. I'm sure you all can figure it out. There's more possible delightful examples too, but for some reason everyone ignores those to Red Scare 2 Electric Boogaloo. Which is weird cause it's mostly anarchists in PW and we have a black flag? Reactionaries never get it right.
  25. Unlike you and your friends my guy, the books we like didn't inspire any dictators lmao. Probably because they call for a state itself to not exist but sure, tell me which psycho dictator was moved to act by the Conquest of Bread. You can't, so go back to inactively hiding in your dead little fashie den where you belong.
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