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  1. Yeah that'd make more sense You're probably right about that. With Alex wanting to advertise the game on yt, we'll have like some 100-200 nubs on aqua again. I was just looking to fix this issue for good, so if the changes in math could help that's great if it doesn't then well, we can't do much about it either 🤷‍♂️
  2. 1. Reduce city score from 100 -> 75 2. Maybe make some part of resources raidable in GAs when they have like 100k ammo on them; not sure about the exact numbers? 3. Better filters to find raid targets in-game
  3. Randomised every time its opened "Inactive C1s who don't play" What will we get by hitting them, if we're able to. Most of them wouldn't be in range
  4. @Justinian the Great I really appreciate the effort of the dev team but I'd like for yall to fix the loopholes we have atm. The 69th attempt was obviously a fail.... but if anything we could talk about the issues in the current mechanics that need to be fixed. So before you guys start reworking on this, a thread about the loopholes of the beige system would make things a lot easier for you all and I don't know you might just end up finding the perfect solution next time. You know, you can't resolve issues if you don't know what they are :p So yeah, a thread discussing the issue in the current system would make more sense, or if people are done with their proposals for completely thrashing the meta /s they can just put 'em here.
  5. That's too damn harsh. We'll see mass quits if this is ever implemented.... And I think someone explained why "surrender" is a bad concept. People can use it to protect themselves from damage, but either way your suggestion is way to harsh. I mean its like 5 days on nothing, another defensive war, then 5 days of nothing and it'll continue..... People would just avoid using Surrender option if it were ever implemented so I don't think it actually resolves the loopholes that are present atm.
  6. This'll just make suicides harder to pull off. Shortening the span of a war, why would someone even rebuild after getting beiged. People would still sit on them like they do atm. And since the beiged won't be able to suicide anymore making the wars way more boring 😬
  7. I am sorry to say but none of these suggestions make sense. 1. I don't think you're considering the extent of the infrastructure damage you're pushing for. 900 infra damage for someone at 3k infra is just too much and it'll way more easy to get someone at 0 infra. It'll just take like what 2-3 rounds for people at 2k infra? Even lesser for smaller nations. And it just makes it impossible to rebuild post war. Most alliances wouldn't be able to afford a rebuild after a war then other than the alliances who've been around for while and have a large warchest 2. Then there is the 15% reduction in income, like first off the easy way to zero out someone then reducing their income so they make even lesser. This just makes the wars way more easier to be won. Don't know how that makes sense at all. 3. I don't think forcing someone on beige helps with divide and conquer. If they have 6 days of beige they'll just use it to remil and counter like how it is done now. It just gives us more of a reason for not beiging them. Idk man, this doesn't make any sense to me.
  8. I don't expect many people to know but on the nation edit page, Aqua trade bloc being "alphabetically" is the first choice to select your trade bloc and is hence, more likely to be preferred by new players over the other blocs if they do not end up joining an alliance. Well, its a public fact that you cannot play the game without an alliance, the result being these nations tend to go inactive pretty much immediately after they are created. We're talking about C1s here, beginners who make close to nothing and just stop playing; a horde of inactive nations just on one single bloc, Aqua. At this instant out of a 160 active nations in none 50 out them are on aqua. Literally one third of them one a single trade bloc which is more than 1/4th of the nations on the bloc itself..... We have 1/4th of the bloc as inactive which makes nothing but only drags down the bonus drastically. Now, one can make an argument here that the nations are automatically moved to gray after 5 days on inactivity. Yes, that's true although, this is a constant cycle of nations being created. So no matter what, this has been the case for a very long time. Whatever is done, it's just literally impossible to have a decent bonus with a fourth of the bloc that makes absolutely nothing. It is also unfair to the bloc itself. Red; the bloc with the most nations has only 21 people in no alliances and is more than twice the size of Aqua. Lime with more than 300 people has 6 people in None. I have checked every bloc and none of them has even close to as many inactives to that on Aqua. Which is why I suggest that the color trade bloc selection should be randomised. There is no use to have it alphabetically in the first place because we have custom names for the blocs now. Also, we're talking about 150-160 nations distributed over 14 blocs. Its like 12-15 per bloc, it hurts no one. That's the best solution I could come up with, its fair and makes sure everyone has a chance to improve their bonus. If you have a better one do comment on this thread. Thank you for reading~
  9. After going through so much trouble to get rid of the previous high gov, the first thing you do is post a 2 line DoE with a stupid theme. Man, micro leader these days are soo damn confident
  10. @KeegozI take it back, My Pony People was a better name
  11. The two best alliances in Mink cancelled just cancelled, rip
  12. I say this everytime and I'll say it again, no point of making the post weeks after the war concluded.
  13. I'd miss the DD theme but congrats on the merge. Good luck to @Dede and 5P (Ahem, wonder who decided that acronym) Altho I must say killing rabbits is very bad. 5P man bad
  14. Is it possible to not turn this into another post centred around TKR? I know that it slightly favors TKR in a way but I think these ideas do make sense... They maybe aren't the best, but that's the point of this post. I really appreciate the effort. The author is not an FA for any major sphere, so please don't go making this a propaganda post and don't reply if you have got nothing to contribute....
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