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  1. Shit boi, I'm good Ya'll [email protected]#$ed lmfao Just a reminder I'm in The $yndicate playboi. We the beacon of this game. Win or Lose, our opponents will ALWAYS get [email protected]#$ed one way or the other post war. I guess we're the bad man? We definitely know where we touched you ❤️
  2. !@#$ out here thinking we should be the fricking saviors of their fricking incompetence. @King Arthur and @Lord Tyrion can get [email protected]#$ed. That other [email protected]#$er too, James Wilson was it? He could get [email protected]#$ed too lmfao. Weak ass players congregating makes me giddy af. It's like ParaCovenant 2.0
  3. Boi no shit I know the meta, join a smaller fricking sphere to look like you're getting bullied if you get attacked while having big ass nations congregate at the top. Which is why I thought this shit was questionable cuz now the target on your asses. Got bored? Painting a different narrative now? @Cooper_ and whoever the [email protected]#$ was !@#$ing can get [email protected]#$ed because they know what the [email protected]#$ going on. Congregating the top and shit. Shut the [email protected]#$ up lmfao you know what time it is. Just keep !@#$ slapping the top nations of @Lord Tyrion's and @King Arthur's &#
  4. These weak ass players like @Lord Tyrion and @King Arthur only lead their alliances to fricking fund the top end of their alliances. They can get [email protected]#$ed too and eat shit lmfao The big bois they create can get perenially rolled for all we fricking care. !@#$ing about “bUt wE oNlY AvErAgE 12 CiTiEs” incompetent head ass
  5. That doesn’t change anything !@#$. Oblivion was so far up Rose’s ass, you guys were kissing @Redarmy
  6. What @Hodor is saying bring back 6 month warfare to make it possible
  7. If you guys worked on your competence sphere-wide, you would not be !@#$ing as much as you guys are !@#$ing right now and this war wouldn’t be as bad for you !@#$. Enjoy your Soviet victory dumbasses
  8. Boi [email protected]#$ you, we invented the walk !@#$ Go [email protected]#$ yourself too we’re the best fricking alliance in the fricking game, we do what the [email protected]#$ we want !@#$
  9. What the [email protected]#$ you mean target rich? For round 1? You mean target rich for the homebois at the bottom. Extremely target rich for those bad bois.
  10. I remember when his ass was only a 2 city nation from UPN. They grow up so fast 😭😭😭
  11. Let it be known Orbis-wide that if you wanna roll the [email protected]#$ out of Rose, you gotta roll the [email protected]#$ out of this [email protected]#$er too Reminder that he’ll use the veil of “mini-spheres” to protect his entry
  12. Go [email protected]#$ yourself bro this narrative is good Yassssss King!!! [email protected]#$ you @Cob!!!!
  13. You know what really ruined this game? The spheres that fricking suck and can't pull their fricking weight I propose we do actually create a hegemony and use them to pad stats for about a year or two
  14. A funny thing is a lot of these [email protected]#$ers are from the fricking $yndicate and they know fricking well how it do lmfao
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