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  1. Muthafricka we're sending everyone in on Camelot and everyone that decides to defend them. There is no one in this game that can match how great of an alliance The $yndicate is. No fricking shit we're gonna have hella fricking treaties because we're worth every fricking one. Unlike other alliances/spheres out there, we can guarantee every single treaty partner a fricking win. No one else in the game can give that promise. With Camelot, We gonna take 3 weeks and I fricking hope they make it hard to get a surrender from them.
  2. I'm trolling until we destroy the alliance
  3. This treaty signifies that whoever allies Camelot will get steamrolled with them
  4. It's an honor that we're gonna be able to roll the living shit out of Camelot with you guys Just like old times, it's almost time for another Market Takeover
  5. I wanna fricking roll Camelot Thank you for making sure that it's gonna happen guys
  6. Congratulations on the win!
  7. I like it. I want these motherfrickers to have some sort of a coalition together before it looks sad af.
  8. I don't mind letting people know that I'm ballin harder than LeBron and Michael Thanks for the fix though @Alex
  9. Boi, da frick, idgaf if you join or not, people come and go as they please You know what I fricking meant. Your sphere alone would be fricking boring and we'll steamroll the frick out of you guys if you don't call in Rose and Camelot with you. Idgaf about winning against you, I'm in fricking $yndicate. We fricking fight 5v1. fricking gangbangs. Shit we kicked the dead horse of ParaCovenant for 3 fricking years. We're doing a redux of it now.
  10. As long as you bring Camelot with you, we'll be more than happy to bring you guys back to page 4! If you guys ain't bringing Rose and Camelot in, then you guys can go frick yourselves as it's an easy dub for us
  11. I always enjoy a free dub from UPN 🥰
  12. hehehe it's good to come back and clap cheeks shiiiiiieeeeeeeet
  13. Motherfricker said perma rolling, we ain't IQ !@#$. It takes us 2-4 weeks to clap cheeks and destroy alliances. We aren't incompetent. We've hit multiple alliances like Camelot/UPN etc before. Everytime we fricking hit them, they lose 50-75% of their membership guaranteed. Without failure.
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