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  1. Everyone eventually leaks to the $yndicate We are the one of the only sets of pipes left that will ensure ANY alliance a victory 😄
  2. Lmfao, I mean, technically we got rolled even though we won all those wars earlier on haha The major alliances in The Sphere were all taking turns taking the L so that the other alliances would be able to move around and MacArthur them
  3. Nah B, don't @Epi @Aero me, speak yo mind playboi 😄
  4. You're right, your sentiments never changed You supported them all along It's good to see that you're finally sharing though @Epi @King Arthur your turn!! Or more needs to get dropped before we unlock those characters?
  5. Nah habibi, until the parties that need to be rolled are rolled, people should not forgive. After they have been rolled for their sins and their endurance has been tested, it's all good they should be forgiven. It is the way of Orbis. It's only gonna be 4-6 weeks so they don't have to worry 😄
  6. I always enjoyed the Legion squadron Welcome to Orbis habibis
  7. ooooo goody another Camelot PR statement pretending to be a personal one First off, MISSSSS MEEEE BABYYYYYYYY it's good to know that you've learned a frick ton from @Epi when you joined Camelot and entered gov. Cuz that fricker @Epi was surely in those channels and involved heavily. You guys do like changing the narrative and like I said, if you play too much, those logs gonna get dumped and you frickers will be scrambling to do WAY worse damage control than what you guys are doing right now. You've played these games way too long to be acting so naive. The only way for everybody out here to forget everything and move on is to have dem cheeks clapped boi. Also, forming a relationship deez nuts, where da treaties at to show it's fo real boi? I don't frickin see a $yndicate treaty. I don't frickin see good relations between $yndicate and Camelot. Are you saying that you're an ineffective FA leader? You and I both know that @Epi has gone FAR too long without getting reprimanded. @King Arthur is another fricker that needs to be responsible for the shortcomings of his government. Time and time again Camelot has failed to show that it really do be like dat. Therefore they gonna eat whatever it be dat they be - y'feel? To those of you that really believe Camelot with this bullshit, sign that paper boi so we know that it's for real ❤️ Do things civilly deez nuts. Your post shows you, yet again, the "Co-Head of FA for Camelot" trying to change what really went down. But need not fear, I am here I will correct you. I don't do DMs, just @ me at the main PW chat. that's where I do my talks P.S. Don't worry, @Malal is a mod there and he's DEFINITELY not one to shy out of going against OOC attacks. Ain't that right @Epi? Mans was in the same high gov channel too so he can vouch for that. If he forgets, ya'll let me know so that I know it's fo real and I can drop the logs ❤️ xoxo Eumirbago Liaison of Accountability to Camelot A True Lover of All ❤️
  8. U right, these !@#$ have been inactive af too. frickers in Gov can't agree for shit and everyone thinks they're top shit because they were good once upon a time. The fricking alliance is a mess. @Partisan is the only good thing left in the alliance. Just like @Leopold von Habsburg ancestors with Austria-Hungary, we're done for.
  9. In the spirit of the thread lmfao: Merge Acadia, Ally Polaris, Blitz UPN Mensa HQ, SK, Guardian
  10. Shoot, the more the merrier habibi If there are people out there that want to sympathize with their stupidity, by all means they should all huddle up and sign that treaty so everyone knows that it's fo real Shit, we're one of the beacons of Competence™ in Orbis. Of course I want to frickin let them know that their cheeks are gonna get frickin clapped lmfao. It's my duty as man of good virtue/morals/ethics/etc I don't want them to just roll over and die. I want them to have a chance to prepare for a 4-6 week war. A chance that they weren't willing to extend to us with a war that had the intent of driving us out of the game
  11. First off, I refuse to be allied with people that think the same as you. Camelot was the one who initiated this flow playboi. They were the ones that were running around that wanted to keep this vibe going. They say one thing and their actions show another. So for all I care, let's dance ya feel? Imagine trying to be a moralistic alliance while baiting the world of Competence™ and then asking for an apology after a fricker like me called their bluff. As far as working things out peacefully, motherfricker are you high? We were one of the authors of the fricking NAP da frick? No shit we wanted things to end peacefully. Let's flip it around then: Man, if I was an ally of Error 404, I sure would be embarrassed right now since they have a fricker on the forums defending frickers that helped the people that wanted to run a boatload of the community out of the game. Idiotic amirite? As far as control of members, da frick? They running NPO-Lite over there? Are you guys 100/100 too or just 50/50? I pity alliances like yours if you guys are a membership that completely relies on its government for its brain.
  12. MISSSSS MEEEEE BABYYYY I dunno if you been reading the same things I've been reading, but dat boi @Epi and a few of the frickers over there have continuously contradicted whatever the frick they wanna do over there at Camelot. These frickers have continuously apologized too lmfao, so now it's a fool me once, shame on you type of deal and all that jazz So extend a hand deez nuts. Imagine extending a hand and then continuing the bullshit that you are apologizing for. Lmfao da frick? I was born at night, but not last night As far as what Syndicate does, it will always do what has the best ROI for it and its allies. Again, our history shows this.
  13. Nah, when I came back to the game, I just saw @Epi out here talking reckless. Can't just sit around and twiddle my thumbs when I see playboi out here whitewashing things. They have dug their grave, they just have to accept it The "Camelot is evil" narrative is just the outcome of @Epi and a number of their people peddling that nonsense. Just the typical outcome when a motherfricker like me comes back to the game People like @Aero also thinking that they can come here to try and muzzle your boi doesn't help and just encourages the madness
  14. Majority of people agree with you, but The $yndicate does not forget who made things hard for her and her allies and the ones that supported them As history has shown, we have always forgave after them cheeks been clapped for 4-6 weeks As history has shown, we also never forget and have good notes of how it really do be All @Epi, @Aero, and @Azazel offered us were words while they were on top. All that could be offered to them are words as they get clapped down. People aren't scared of an IQ 2.0 because at worst, they'd be ostracized from the community indefinitely. At best, they'll get clapped until @Azazel orders another culture shift
  15. Are you part of the culture shift as well?
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