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  1. I only agreed to this bloc so House Stark could help me find you, Waldo.
  2. This all seems awfully familiar.
  3. All it wouild really take to fix this problem is two check boxes. One for Alliance One for Nation The most important aspect of this being that by default neither option is selected. And then a confirmation screen, such as we have with Trades.
  4. Do you have what it takes to play the game for the long-haul? To be more than just another faceless brick in the wall? Would you rather be an integral part of a vibrant community rather than just another faceless statistic? Come be our Kith
  5. You talk about others writing their own history and then conjure up this nonsense out of the aether. Never mind that it was proven beyond question by the game mechanics that those messages you forged couldn't possibly have come from our end. They simply did not exist. Keep trying to peddle your lies you tell yourself until they become true. But sooner or later you will choke on them. May the game gods have mercy on the poor, addled little newbies who decide to align themselves with you. They'll need all the help they can get.
  6. Thanks for reminding me. I'd forgotten all about that video you'd forged. I guess at the time I was too focused on the in-game messages which proved you were lying.
  7. Karma finally caught up with them.
  8. I hope you're better at running alliances than you are at forging screenshots.
  9. Congrats on the treaty guys. Ignore all the toxic negativity. Half of them couldn't tell their arse from their elbow.
  10. I don't doubt that they've had a wide spectrum of feelings regarding the war. But a changing narrative in an apology thread, running along the lines of "Sorry, not sorry, we're the victim, forgive us" over the course of a few days is very different to a changing opinion throughout months of war. Though given the terms they were trying to inflict upon us, and a complete lack of contrition after the fact, siuggests to me quite strongly that their position on the war has only changed now that they have no choice to be sorry. And given their conduct in this thread, their remorse is largely superficial because they fear lingering grudges against them. I will give them a chance. When they actually reach out in some meaningful way.
  11. I'm not talking about a change in narrative throughout the war. I'm talking about a fluctuating narrative within this thread.
  12. But that's not precisely what's going on here, is it? The issue here is that in a single thread Camelot are apologising. Then they were trying to play themselves off as another victim of IQ. Then in the next breath giving the distinct impression that they are not sorry at all, but just looking to be let off the hook. Consistency isn't really a special demand.
  13. I'll gladly give Camelot a chance. The moment I see any effort to actually reach out an apologise for all their historic wrongs and not immediately see another member backtrack from that position. As of yet we [OWR] haven't once been approached for the rule-breaking flag they wanted us to fly as part of peace terms. And unless I'm very much mistaken when Carthage brought up the issue of their flag, the apology amounted to, "Relax, it was just a joke." I'm going to assume there are many others they've not actually reached out to. Figure out how to apologise. Figure out how to stick to that apology. It's not difficult.
  14. It's funny. Every time somebody from Camelot to say they're sorry for something, another member comes along to show that they really, really are not. I can only imagine what Rose must be thinking, watching all of this unfold.
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