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  1. Sval

    A plea to all

    You're in Camelot. I wouldn't talk.
  2. Sval

    A plea to all

    OWR left Co-B because we knew we were better than this. No communiy deserves to be driven from Orbis. I pity anybody who genuinely believes they can drive us out. We've endured far worse than anything you could muster.
  3. Sval

    Daily Leaks

    I only come here for that sweet, sweet disbandment.
  4. It's not the lack of Co-B general membership that's most telling here. It's the lack of any government attempt to refute the facts that's most telling. But then it's impossible to spin when the evidence is presented OP. Can't spin, won't comment.
  5. NPO can't be part of this bloc. They're protecting it.
  6. He's Pacifican. He's long-since been desensitised to hypocrisy and irony due to over-exposuure.
  7. Guys, I sincerely hope you did some warm-up exercises (such as actually reading the OP) before engaging in all these mental gymnastics. I have genuine concern for your health.
  8. hope

    potato man GOOD???

  9. Coalition we departed for continually refusing to act in good faith continues to refuse to act in good faith. Colour me surprised.
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