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  1. When have people ever let facts get in the way of a flawed good narrative?
  2. Personally I'd keep it simple and just sell manga in exchange for 1,000 noob upvotes.
  3. My sympathies. I also recently went through a coup. They can be very taxing.
  4. Congrats on making it to 3 guys.
  5. Merry Birthdaymas. How the time flies
  6. Welcome to Orbis. Ignore the haters and have fun!
  7. Kudos to you and your little beige alliance. Tell me, does that rod up your backside serve an actual purpose? And how do you still find the room to dump all over other people's stuff with it so firmly lodged in place? Truly, you are a modern marvel.
  8. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm already dead.
  9. Just can't find the staff...
  10. Try as I may, this is the hill I am going to die on...
  11. A Stark reminder of how awesome good friends can be.
  12. An Announcement from Order of the White Rose This isn’t the coup you’re looking for... On this day in 2016 OWR came into being. It was just another ordinary Sunday, really. I never imagined we’d still be here five years later. My thanks to everyone, friend and foe alike, for making our past such a storied one. My heartfelt gratitude to the Kith of Alba Rosa; we wouldn’t be here today without all the dedication and loyalty you guys bring to the table. And I tip my hat to my Legates, for finally getting around to couping me. Five years this has been promised. Bloody well took
  13. It's been a pleasure to know you guys. I apologise once again for my malicious actions towards you.
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