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  1. Dogpiles can be fun for me sometimes. Using missiles/nukes on high infra targets is a big part of the strategy but not the only one. A strategy that I employed during duck hunt, and i assume the rest of eclipse did too was declaring 1 war as bait to lure out counters and fill my slots. Then doing whatever I could to make sure they beige me (which wasn't to hard because I was at c13 fighting noobs), and then timing the rest of my war declarations right before I expected to get beiged to use that as cover to raid in peace. It takes time and effort, and the payoff can be seen in your war stats.
  2. You guys did far more than that. You threatened to report the server to discord mods iirc. I'm not gonna comment on the content or attempt to justify it being posted publicly in the server. I don't know enough about it and it's none of my business. But what happens if the random discord mod reviewing your "report" decides the appropriate action is to delete the eclipse server. What then Kev? You'd be responsible for the death of a 100+ member community.
  3. I'm not gonna get into specifics here because it's very ooc. I just wanted to mention that you have no problem with ooc attacks against communities if it happens to be one you don't like.
  4. Your GOONS style tirade in eclipse server hasn't been forgotten.
  5. Not usually a big fan of mergers but this is one I can actually see being beneficial for both sides. Congrats and good luck to you guys 🙂
  6. Holy Sea to Sanctuary: you guys are p*ssies how dare you peace out first Holy seas: pleeeeese let us peace out
  7. I agree with most of your suggestions but I don't think people should be punished for trying to get beiged and more importantly, timing that beige appropriately. Only strategically minded players would think of starting a war in the hopes of getting beiged to help with another war. As long as they aren't working with the person they're fighting against, it's not slot filling and shouldn't be punished or discouraged. On the flip side, it's pretty ridiculous if you fail so hard at war that you have to rely on politics to keep your alliance afloat. Your statement makes it seem like as long as you're a smooth talker, war doesn't matter. The game is called politics AND war.
  8. I don't actually know if you're joking or not. If you aren't then... wow
  9. I don't go around begging friends to upvote my posts. Can you honestly say the same?
  10. daaaaamn bro. If you miss IQ that much, just say so 😂
  11. You know you're bad at orbis politics when you get successfully rebutted by a shitposter. I'm experiencing a bit of deja vu. Have we crossed paths before? 😛
  12. lmao I literally said in that quote that there were a few individuals who went to far and deserved the punishment. I have NEVER encouraged somebody to delete their nation and I don't know of a single person in Camelot who did so during the war either.
  13. Sure. So after GW14, Camelot decided to go on an apology tour for kicking ass and being one of the top performing alliances. Arthur made a thread where he basically apologized for Camelot participating in that war. The goal of that war for the vast majority of us, myself included was to raid and burn a lot of pixels and dominate (win) the game. Some people in key leadership positions took that to far and decided to cheat and coerce people to quit the game. Those actions were unacceptable and the people responsible for the wrongdoing were punished. The war should've ended in November 2019 with KERTOGG's surrender and few, if any serious terms, but that's another story. About a month after the war ended, a micro called Gentlemen's Gaming and Fisticuffs Union, made up of former enemies and traitors (George), decided to merge into us and immediately they received high gov or leadership positions. You may ask why is that a problem since the war is over? Shouldn't past grievances be set aside? Well yes but they immediately set to work making changes and pushing out old gov members to try to "reform" Camelot's image. This culminated in an apology thread Arthur made a little over a year ago, apologizing for Camelot's participation in the war. Despite the fact that we had no ill intentions and were simply following orders. As I said before, the ones responsible for wrongdoings had already been punished and the blame should've stopped with them. So why did Camelot apologize? Mounting political pressure from GGFU and a fear that they would be rolled after the NAP ended. In other words, they sold out.
  14. Am I the only one not surprised at all by this news? If you guys are going paperless, I guess that means Patrick was right about cam the whole time huh epi? GGFU merge was a bad idea and 3 out of 4 of the high gov+ from the merge are now gone. Stop pretending to be something you aren't and maybe cam will be able to recover. Eclipse is now what Camelot could've been because we stayed true to our values and didn't try to run from our past.
  15. It seems you quickly forgot how well HW did against three other spheres. What should've been a very unbalanced dogpile was instead a HW advantage. Why would we take any chances?
  16. let's go rose woooooooooooooooo my favorite alliance outside of blackwater (along with all the other sekrit treaty allies)
  17. glad to have you guys on board as sekrit treaty allies let's show them all with our sekrit treaty why sekrit treaties are bad
  18. welcome to the dogpile. glad to have you join us
  19. daaaaaamn horsecock lost his horse...you know the rest... to vein's mom???? condolences 😥
  20. This seems to be a consistent bug as it happened to someone in my alliance as well as myself when I tried it.
  21. translation: we really fricked this one up guys
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