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  1. That’s what I said, we can roll you guys again in 3 months
  2. Nah it was answered time and time again. @Hodor knows what the [email protected]#$ is gonna happen.
  3. Nah @Sweeeeet Ronny D said that GOB can instantly rebuild so they should be good to go
  4. That, or maybe you don't like the answer.
  5. I should be at c35 by the end of this NAP and then we can run it back
  6. Then that means FA so good other people do it for us Everything I say is a fact because I am the reality.
  7. No they don’t need to be accepted. We have no shortcomings.
  8. Only when we have good FA Keep repeating it maybe it’ll get accepted the next time around
  9. It’s tradition for t$ to bring top tier to its knees
  10. Why are you including yourself? we don't give a [email protected]#$ about you guys, we just want Guardian and GOB. Like I said before, everything I say is fake until it actually happens and they get shit on.
  11. Nothing will be different until I hit c40. Even if it’s for the 10th time, GG can expect that steamroller to be passing by.
  12. lmfao just go ahead and reneg with the fam bam and you gonna be gucci. I'll help get your ass bankrolled for this shit.
  13. This is true; however, tbh, GOB is just the next TEst. Only difference with this one is I recognize all these fricking whales. For example, iirc: @Aenir - UPN. I remember this one being !@#$ slapped for 3 years @Rosen DJOK - DEIC. This is another one that we kept !@#$ slapping every time we clapped Paragon and Covenant for years on end. @Joe Baker - VE? I wanna say VE. Paragon @Inconnu - VE? I wanna say VE for this one again @Hamiltenor and @Belisarius - Rose. I remember these ones vividly. The prize at the top after rolling the ever loving [email protected]#$ out of Rose lmfao. Ajax - VE? Tamer - Is that @Tamerlane? I wanna say TKR and VE @Goldie - VE. What a game it would have been had we VoNC'ed Partisan amirite? @Samwise etc and so on and so forth iirc VE Point being, difference between TEst and this one is that majority of @Sweeeeet Ronny D's membership should be used to getting !@#$ slapped like this. @Cooper_ told me not to compare the FA of the past; however, I want the game played at my pace tho so I think a rerun of Knightfall and a reminder to GOB that they're just the new TEst is warranted.
  14. Onwards to a grudge war for tO vs Waffle House!
  15. You damn fricking right, and you can bet your ass it’ll be the same way for 2-3 more wars like this one
  16. I’m not salty, I’m calling you out
  17. What the [email protected]#$ is this horseshit? No shit it's a fricking game? What the [email protected]#$ does this add to the discussion lmfao
  18. They did say what was going on... You just didn't like how it was said. Waffle House is clapping the fricking cheeks of Los Pollos Hermanos because @Dusty or @Dusty Bottoms (idk which one is which) is trying to poach or some shit about customers. Some moralist shit that you guys would be down to fight for. Edit: S/o to @Dream. Mans already drove the point home already lmfao
  19. Everything that needs to be said has been said 😌
  20. Not an if lmfao Look at our pace and you’ll see why I only say 2-4 more wars Edit: Also:
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