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  1. You've bowed out of conversations before.
  2. We watched our allies become the monster they claimed they were trying to fight. We watched them consistently refuse to act in good faith. We burned for people who have consistently proven they were not worthy. We have continued to watch them as they turned this into a fight for the very soul of Orbis.
  3. Indeed it is not coincidental. A large section of your coalition turns against you, and an entirely uninvolved sphere is drawn into the fight against you. I find it all very suspicious.
  4. It would not surprise me one bit if it turned out that the peddling of this narrative was why this "hack" happened in the first place.
  5. For a given definition of "negotiation".
  6. Thanks for trying to do something nice, hope. I'm sorry so many people are triggered by it. But don't let that put you off.
  7. Sval

    The War

    We are part of Coalition A.
  8. You humiliate yourself more than we ever could. I told Polaris we were pursuing peace. My people sacrificed more for Coalition B than any of you deserved.
  9. If only we had such a feature, such that we could demonstrate disapproval for bad forum content... A vote of some sort, opposite of the positive up-vote. Perhaps we could call it the downward-vote, or some such variation?
  10. Sval

    A plea to all

    You're in Camelot. I wouldn't talk.
  11. Sval

    A plea to all

    OWR left Co-B because we knew we were better than this. No communiy deserves to be driven from Orbis. I pity anybody who genuinely believes they can drive us out. We've endured far worse than anything you could muster.
  12. Sval

    Daily Leaks

    I only come here for that sweet, sweet disbandment.
  13. It's not the lack of Co-B general membership that's most telling here. It's the lack of any government attempt to refute the facts that's most telling. But then it's impossible to spin when the evidence is presented OP. Can't spin, won't comment.
  14. NPO can't be part of this bloc. They're protecting it.
  15. He's Pacifican. He's long-since been desensitised to hypocrisy and irony due to over-exposuure.
  16. Guys, I sincerely hope you did some warm-up exercises (such as actually reading the OP) before engaging in all these mental gymnastics. I have genuine concern for your health.
  17. Coalition we departed for continually refusing to act in good faith continues to refuse to act in good faith. Colour me surprised.
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