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  1. Perhaps it could instead end at 1.00 even at C15? 1.00 would be the same loot rate as it is today, applied to all C16s and up.
  2. I favor this, because it allows for more pixel burning.
  3. Tl;dr, for a valid CB and a fun alliance time, make sure to give someone a loan you know they will default on.
  4. This is madness! Good luck with your upcoming battle of a journey!
  5. This is simply a wonderful idea. It'll help Yarr not send a billion dollars to an inactive city one or similar.
  6. I'm fairly confident that the propsed change to city score contribution will be dragged out to the muddle of the desert and shot in the head.
  7. Farewell Firwof! Pay you find peace in your new path.
  8. Time for a civil war to claim the Iron Throne!
  9. This year y'all ought to reach a score a two million!
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