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  1. Perhaps if you would spend some time doing something that actually affected the politics of the game instead of !@#$ing about something you think is bad for the game people would give a little credence to your tirade about a very small part of the game.
  2. NAP's don't suffocate the politics of P&W, it's the crappy, lazy alliance leadership and the continuous dogpile wars that does that. So don't blame NAP's for the failings of alliance leaders.
  3. IRC is better then both, it weeds out the idiots all by itself.
  4. It's very simple, you can have as many "mini-spheres" as you want but as long as the majority of them clump together to dogpile the minority nothing will change.
  5. You know how it is, they need to say these things so they can feel good about themselves.
  6. You underestimate the insecurities of some of the alliance in this game. lol You underestimate the insecurities of some of the alliance in this game. lol
  7. First, if you are only sending 6 on 3 you deserve to lose because you are stupid. Second, Roasis lost because rose didn't mil up when everyone else did and got caught with their pants down and that was a total failure of their leadership.
  8. First, if you are not a native english speaker please have someone that is proofread these things before you post them. Second, if you are a native english speaker, shame on you. Third, Epi and Camelot. lol
  9. It's not like the color bonus means much during a war. Early days yet.
  10. They are just offended that BW can't take on HW 1v1 and have to bring help. They will probably be begging for more help in a couple of weeks.
  11. They have to dogpile, it's the only way they can win.
  12. First, please proof read before you post as the highlighted sections make no sense. Also, are you saying you are going to" fix" the lottery to keep rich alliances from winning too many treasures? This is a terrible idea all the way around.
  13. I think that would more reflect how bad Mystery is than how good TLE is.
  14. Jesus Christ camelot, just disband already. It is difficult, amusing but difficult to watch you bumble along from war to war under preforming and being a total disaster.
  15. It went right over your head didn't it.
  16. Your trade history says otherwise.
  17. If you were sincere about all the crap you posted you wouldn't have kept the goons AA alive until a couple of days ago to continue to mock the rest of the game. Leaders are responsible for what their members do. All the apologies in the world won't balance the crap goons did here.
  18. If the majority of the game hadn't wanted to give NPO a chance to play P&W they would have never seen a day of peace. We gave them a chance and NPO tried to do here what they do in every game they play. It speaks volumes about the character of the people in NPO that they have to cheat to try to win every single time.
  19. Ah, I see, blame everyone else for NPO's garbage behavior. It's no surprise that you are in IRON.
  20. This isn't CN and we aren't NPO so get over your bad self. @Anawelcome back and good luck going forward. Just understand, you did a bad thing and people will be watching you to see what you do moving forward.
  21. Because so many long time players quit the game during that time.
  22. I promise you, it was not fun at all.
  23. Your side had an overwhelming advantage in numbers in that tier. If it wasn't contested but totally dominated by our side just shows how terrible your side is at war. The fact that your side rolled over and gave up speaks volumes.
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