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  1. With rosey cheeks, I wish all luck!
  2. TL;DR Some meme disease declares some war.
  3. TD;LR KT is forcing everyone's reincarnation.
  4. TL;DR Grab a bucket of buttery popcorn for the new Holy War.
  5. After all, as they say, all roads lead to Rome!
  6. You better take ya wimping words back, ya backwater streaming froth filler croc!
  7. I found y'all's official anthem. Enjoy! Here is something else to enjoy.
  8. This nation is listed as being 4 old: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=329318 Despite that it's bank history goes back at least 65 days: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=329318&display=bank What in the world is going on here?
  9. Tl;dr tl;dr: 2+2=5, somehow.
  10. I am fairly sure that I shall win instead.
  11. Third Party Evidence Not In Favor: During Knightfall, when I was still a bit of a noob, I accidentally posted a few wrong trade offers that were snapped up inhumanely fast. If I remember correctly, TKR had a trading bot that was used to identify and help them collect capital on disadvantages trade offers. As such, it is within reaon that Molanga has built such a script for themselves, as hidude alluded to. Thus, all of these trades are indeed a scamming of noobs and not multis. If you want evidence of this bot, it is referred to in the "Fairness In Trading" section of Knightfall's peace talks.
  12. Well shoot. I just had all of my infra rebuilt from GW18. I swear that this better not turn into GW19 already.
  13. I shall miss Nokia. We had our fun together. May we be all in peace.
  14. Only 12 more years before you can vote!
  15. I was part of NPO during my first year in PNW. Oh glorious Knightfall! I am still here, with 16 of my cities and half my projects having funded during by NPO. I have never changed a city name. So it's pretty easy to tell.
  16. We shall feast in the new moon moonlight under the black sky. We shall produce smoke and ash and smog for the darkest night of the year in which to celebrate. Let the hunt begn!
  17. I believe that this falls under the "other questionable content" clause. While https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=332952 had their nation name changed in another thread , the original name still remains in the "Nation Activity" page (blotted out per common decency).
  18. We will last forevermore; we shall be remembered for all of future time with you as part of the glorious collective!
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