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  1. Lol I think you've got me a little mixed up. I like the war mechanic of the game and think it keeps things fun overall, but not everyone does and we've collectively decided that's just too bad for them, because some folks want to have fun at their expense and then do dumb posts about it. I'm not really gonna belabor this point any longer because it's very clearly not worth the time
  2. Yeah, I get what you're saying. You're observing the way things are, and you're largely correct. What I'm saying is we have created, whether by choice or simply through lack of choice, this false dichotomy wherein the only people who really do get to enjoy the game are the warlike (or semi-warlike) ones. To say that one can enjoy the game in whatever way they please isn't really true when the people who would prefer not to fight don't really get a say in the matter. For instance, the only reason to attack an alliance like Alpha, unprovoked, is exclusively to derive enjoyment from others'
  3. I think you're barking up the wrong tree here. I personally don't care one way or another whether I'm in a war or not. The only worthwhile reason, to me, to stick around these kinds of the games is for the community (or at least parts of it). Playing the game is your ticket into participating in the community. But I can see the argument that is to be made for those who don't like that. We as a player base have decided, at least tacitly, that one is really only allowed to play this game one way, which is to be subjected to fighting wars at any given moment. It's a false dichotomy we've created
  4. Alternatively, they quit because they don't like being someone else's plaything? Not really sure there's a way to objectively fail at games like these. What makes people enjoy something is entirely idiosyncratic, but most people don't enjoy seeing other people have fun at their own expense.
  5. Hahaha it's cool because people quitting is funny now!
  6. if you find one let @BigMorf know!
  7. absolutely cannot believe we let this guy just like... speak on our behalf.
  8. If we provide the job-creating whales unlimited funds, everyone else will surely benefit
  9. Someone evidently missed our theme change. Perhaps title it "Sailing the Seven USCs"? Horrible, I know.
  10. Take care of yourself, dude. Everyone who's spent any time in this community takes their lumps at one point or another - just recognize when it's no longer worth the toll on your mental state.
  11. democracy man good. have fun!
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