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  1. Best of luck to the new gov!
  2. Fourteen years, two games, and still no ampersand respect.
  3. Welcome to Orbis! Listen to anyone but @DemonSpawn and you'll be good to go.
  4. I think the point of this post is that no one takes a W. Or an L. We all just take the D.
  5. It's that special sense of NPO entitlement that you're missing.
  6. You do realize, historically, NPO is the alliance notorious for holding people at war, enforcing harsh reps, and doing things typically associated with "the bad guys", right? Like lmao long time NPO people think they get to hang Karma over all our heads for the rest of eternity as justification to be objectively bad across *multiple* realms.
  7. I fail to see how forcibly disbanding a bunch of resource farm nations on valid grounds = supporting pedophilia and white supremacy, but go on.
  8. Would that not have affected everyone evenly? NPO would have had the same proportional advantage relative to everyone else, as I see it, so that's not really a fix at all.
  9. A measured response. Hopefully we can move forward with more integrity in the future!
  10. Are we calling these guys RoK? Is that still a thing
  11. WarriorSoul


    Narc. Glad to see peace, etc etc
  12. You must be outside your curbstomped mind.
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