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  1. GL to HW. It was fun.
  2. I for one enjoyed this tale of drama, tragedy, and excitement.
  3. Basically this. We all make mistakes, luckily easily fixed and grow from them.
  4. Maybe it's winter wheat tax farm? It's gotta grow first.
  5. Rip 770. I'm already waiting for the next thread that Green post.
  6. For a brief moment I thought Methrage was back.
  7. Why do the kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
  8. Decided to play again. New account. Anyone want platoon up?
  9. I'm personally a sloth. Live slow, die whenever.
  10. Bc this is a WAFFLEHOUSE not IHOP.
  11. @Changeupis this what you wanted? Are you now entertained!
  12. Wait do people actually give a shit about who up and down votes? Rofl.
  13. Revolutionary man bad... Rood af, mate.
  14. I am sure Green can cover the debt.
  15. Bunch of lint lickers here ((God I am old ))
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