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  1. The James war will shake the world to it's core.
  2. Congratulations on a year and GL in the world.
  3. Depends on the war type you a bunch of infra will get destroyed, you lose two random improvements (power pants are on the table), and there is radiation debuff for your nation. Plus a really cool flag.
  4. Happy Birthday comrades. Now give @Daveth the moon landing on this glorious day!
  5. I don't know what's going on but Buck was always nice to me. Go Buck!
  6. I heard Afghanistan is lovely in the spring.
  7. I always find these threads interesting. @Thalmor 's ranking is only the correct one
  8. My heart swells at an anarchists TKR.
  9. t$ didn't sign Rose comrade, they got a CBA with ASM.
  10. Are you saying my beloved Waffle House is full of greed and corruption?
  11. I didn't realized were that bored with in MHC.
  12. Have your tried being a 3 digit alliance?
  13. Does data suggest that people stop making raw at C16? Just wondering why it stops working at 16..
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