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  1. Alliance Affairs not Failed Business Affairs.
  2. We are not here to defend or fight for anyone. We leave that part for people who care about paper politics. We don't. In addition to what Ogaden has said above - I would also make it clear that Arrgh is not part of any coalition here, and thus will not be part of any coalition wide war efforts (except coordination on individual wars under captains' discretion) or coalition wide peace talks. Arrgh also declares neutrality on formation of Hollywood/ Roasis Secret Treaties / Any other possible hot topics in existence, and opinions from captains shall be treated as their own.
  3. Drinks to be seized, fun to be had. It is a fine day for piracy. Arrgh!
  4. The only positive change from here I see is to revert all changes we have seen so far. jk just give us the old mechanics back.
  5. Orbis Central please, that Microdrama post is still there but let's not normalise it now...
  6. Oh get off of your moral high horse Raoul, you were in a position where you had the power to do that because Arrgh allowed you to be there.. don't mistake that. And the text that follows, the shallow understanding you have of Arrgh shows how much of a mistake it was to let you be in such a place. The first purpose of Arrgh is to provide an escape from the chains/restrictions/obligations of other alliances and as long as it is doing that it is serving the purpose it exists for, you could've killed the in-game alliance, sure, but the people who share those ideas would always be around, that part is beyond your control and that is the part that matters more. The point where I could take it as a joke is long gone.
  7. Well If you expect something to be easy and get salty when you find out it really isn't that easy, the problem lies entirely in your expectations. Making and sustaining an alliance is simply not supposed to be easy, if you can't even manage to get yourself a decent protector, then to be honest you probably don't deserve people to be under your command.
  8. What happened is unfortunate and should not have happened, let's not even talk about "why". Few days back Arrgh had seen yet another mutiny, and I was chosen to be the next GA, these are clearly not the best conditions but then again, when things have ever been easy for Arrgh..? So I am here, to let Orbis know, Arrgh is not dead, not even close. We sail yet again, and we have no plans to stop. No peace for ye landlubbers! May the pirate gods bless me with their vision as I set sail for the uncharted waters. Arrrgh! tldr: Arrgh has been restored back to normal.
  9. You seem to be forgetting Max deleted and left a month ago.
  10. While I agree with those who say it should have been Orbis Central. I support every endeavour that includes burning pixels.
  11. Yeah, definitely didn't see this coming... :v
  12. and btw on an unrelated note : use ctrl+shift+v instead of ctrl+v to paste as plain text without source formatting. ignore this and keep the memes coming.
  13. May be a good idea but you should describe the process clearly, to be precise, what the said micros are signing up for when they come to you. Are you looking to merge them into one big micro or is it going to be a discord server for coordination or something etc..
  14. While our methods may look similar, we both have always had our own place in Orbis.
  15. Hi Where do I apply for leader? or Professional Bank Safe-keeper?
  16. I thought shifty was joking and maybe for the first time I was wrong.
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