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  1. I KillzBob have declared a 1v1 on Church Winner gets Ownership of others Alliance.
  2. The plot has thicken ladies and gentlemen. Epi has done some pretty messed up stuff these past 3 weeks And it seems to only be getting worst for EPI Below are some screenshots that were leaked to me from inside Camelot ill let you be the judge on what you think these screenshots mean Tune in next time to KNN.
  3. If only there was some brave soul that would DM me on discord KillzBob#8003
  4. I think we are all just as confused.
  5. today we say good bye to the winter that Epi has created. What could have happen?. Why did Camelot take him back?. Is he wanted back?. Find out next time on KNN. If we only knew what was going on inside of Camelot.
  6. the one and only KillzBob News Network
  7. Today is a sad day. We Lost Mr EPI. It would seem he has vm for 2400 turns. What ever could have happen for this to take place. Epi was a good soul. was he forced out of cam?. Did gorge get fed up with EPI. was it a good idea to go after those 2 treasures?. Please let KNN know below how you feel about this. in the mean time i will search for the truth. This is KNN telling the story's nobody on the planet wants to know.
  8. this alone is a CB https://gyazo.com/1c20acea7248c4d7e2f2ce747285df41
  9. This just in Alex the creator of Politics and War is a cheater! That's right folks we have found and EXPOSED his secondary account!!! The account: "Angus". He is trying to hide behind a different username in an attempt to cover his tracks but guess what? That won't be enough. Alex has been caught. The account: "Angus" is a confirmed fraud account that has been created to hide the identity of someone who is creating new accounts to engage in "suspicious behavior" at this and other forums. This will no longer be a place for users that engage in this sort of activity. As for the account, I will be reaching out to have it closed down. Please be aware that we may find more of these accounts and will be closing them as we find them. For reference: this is one of the first times I have found and reported these sort of activities, I will be watching closely for more of this sort of behavior in the future. Let me be clear, this sort of behavior is not tolerated on Politics and War, whether it is fake accounts, sock puppets, mass creation of multiple accounts, etc. Any accounts found to be created by the same person will be closed immediately. Do not bother to create fake accounts, you will be caught. Users who engage in these sorts of activities will be permanently banned from the forums and game. Below you will find proof that Alex the owner of the game is using multis. Links to the accounts involed. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=346487 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=346632
  10. nobody is free of my videos
  11. This was made in good fun. Hope you all enjoy
  12. This person couldnt have said it any better like its perfect
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