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  1. Was made in good fun. flags are a little off been while since i made one.
  2. Need lower tier support?
    KillzBob will pledge himself and provide his own warchest for only a high price of c12 for 2 rounds

    Need even more support? Full war, no questions asked, warchest, c13 and c14

    Inquire today!.

  3. Notice how fark is left alone 🤐
  4. dont get me wrong i like all the war changes that have happen since but idk just feels stale
  5. would seem Trump was talking about the wrong swamp the whole time 😆
  6. these youngsters will never understand how feared arrgh was in 2016 i miss the good old days ;(
  7. -Luna forced me to post this or did they?🤮
  8. dont listen to these people. follow your dreams gl on your news network
  9. i bet the bingo games in Grumpy are lit.
  10. leave it to KT to run even more people out of the game for the luls
  11. good ol KT likes to brag about beating old people. couldnt be me.
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