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  1. unpopular view: seems maybe bk is trying to get people to be sympathetic to them because they are fighting a losing war now. you never know what they can coup up just to get the people of Orbis to belive there filth seems oddly convenient
  2. i hope to see alot of snowball fights from you guys
  3. Referencing Rule Breaking Includes, but is not limited to; quoting rule breaking posts or Discord logs. Referencing rule breaking in your signature is also not allowed. Example: If you have recently received a warn and you are upset about it - flaming/trolling moderation in retaliation by posting your warn information in a post, comment, status, or signature is prohibited. Example: Mocking moderation in efforts to incite a community disturbance because you may disagree with the determination of your rule break. If you do have a question, issue, comment about your warn, we do ask you to contact the moderation team or use the appropriate forum to publicly discuss your received warn. i just about fell for the trap
  4. And they delete my posts for spamming
  5. KillzBob

    Daily Leeks

    And they delete.my posts for spamming
  6. I don't know about you guys but I like the new changes. give me a like if you agree downvote if you disagree
  7. No they dont but when the other side is deliberately stalling just to make people quit the game is not alright
  8. its a good thing im not in it for either side im in farksphere
  9. from all these threads that keep popping up it would seem NPO and BK does not want people to surrender they want them to quit the game so that these aa"s cant come back to fight another day and that right there is just not alright its evil
  10. i love how these GOON guys are trying to flip the narrative lol
  11. you know what i don't feel an apology is good enough im going to need to speak to your manager 😠
  12. Oh so it's like that you are going to make fun of my grammar ill have you know we all didn't go to Harvard university so excuse me for not using the correct grammar
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