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  1. This game would be shit without the drama
  2. We at KT like these micros we added them to our bloc because they showed promise the little micro that could
  3. Today i come to plead that someone save us from our leader Denison, He has turned since he has become Leader He used to be funny he used to laugh at my jokes But now he has turned for the worst The following Pics will show you that he is turning KT into NPO I Beg someone come save us from this rhine AND SAVE US IN THE NAME OF CAPITALISM I hope to see Thalmor back as our Leader but i can only hope :D
  4. these are the changes that he needs to bring or the game will become more boring then it already is i fully support these changes
  5. only i am allowed to copy someone
  6. Boys i just want to say @Sir Scarfalot posted this first i copied
  7. I pledge to cheat. As often as I can, in as many ways as I can through creative use of in-game mechanics. I pledge to hack, exploit, and theorize further hacks and exploits for as long as I am able to do so. Critically, I pledge my intention to remain completely open about my activities. I pledge to ensure that administration is informed of the vulnerabilities and imbalances that I find the moment that I become aware of them. I pledge, for good reasons including simple self-interest, never to persist in abusing the exploits that administration politely asks me to stop abusing. M
  8. it has been a few months since my last meme video and i thought i would bring them back starting with this one Took me all day to make this so i hope yall enjoy it thanks for watching
  9. KillzBob


    Since i have had the most bounties put on me in this game id like to request that this stupid person gets a bounty just to even it out https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=38833
  10. Should have been 69 hours noticed what shame
  11. I do think i made the flags big enough. It is today i come to you with great news! Deathly Hallows and the respected Micro's have agreed on a White Peace with the Knights of Templar. Deathly Hallows Signed By:souparmon Signed By:Meggles Micro's too many to add Signed by Respected Gov Knights Templar Signed By:Horsecock Signed By:Denison
  12. It's killzbob we are talking about here
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