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  1. KillzBob

    Fake Polaris Suffers A Severe Blow

    i vm for 2 weeks and this shit is still going on?
  2. KillzBob

    P&W Balls: Arrgh edition

    Arrgh! is dead
  3. KillzBob

    Game of Spheres: A Song of Lag and Leaks.

    i understand your effort how you did an 8min video you earned it all good video
  4. KillzBob


    i think @Ripper beat you to this
  5. KillzBob

    So a few people have been asking

    fark yeah! get to buy some food now
  6. KillzBob

    Horse-Farkers Inc.

    Fake News
  7. KillzBob

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    Please send food. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=38833
  8. KillzBob

    Declaration of War

    just when i thought i might see food make a come back.
  9. prey on the weak i see
  10. KillzBob

    We are here for the Whales

    Where is Nova when you need food?
  11. KillzBob

    Bloody Horsemen

    Bk is the same to the ones they protect
  12. KillzBob

    An Orbis Breakfast

    top tier

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