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  1. KillzBob

    Fixed your ad T$

    no need to thank me
  2. KillzBob


    need to cool them tits there, brother
  3. The guy below me is a werido

  4. KillzBob

    Royal Orbis News

    I wanted to thank you for having me on for an interview.
  5. KillzBob

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

    @souparmon this is in your wheelhouse last time i checked if i remember right
  6. KillzBob

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    yall are in the stone age. Need to do something about that I don't see fark being here much longer otherwise.
  7. KillzBob

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    Dreq bought my ITC thank you. see you still love making up lies little one and I thank you for building me. wouldn't have happened without you haha.
  8. KillzBob

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    what would you know about nukes? Pretty much wasted 1k nukes
  9. KillzBob

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    The money pile must be running low for the great Fraggle.
  10. KillzBob

    Fezza - Not part of us - Omega

    oh, how I miss the feeling you get when you first join this sim. It's fun for the first few weeks then that's when it happens it comes over you like the flu. That you keep trying to fight off but you simply can't oh how I wish I could go back in time.
  11. KillzBob

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    Damn what a shame to see shifty falling so hard. I almost feel sorry for him but then again it's shifty.
  12. KillzBob

    Royal Orbis News

    What the frick is going on here?
  13. KillzBob

    Shifty News Network-I don't want to set the world afire...actually yes I do!

    @Buorhann better watch out I'm coming for you
  14. KillzBob

    Shifty News Network-I don't want to set the world afire...actually yes I do!

    i never once tried to coup fark need to keep your mouth shut

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