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  1. i know im one of the most hated guys in this game and for good reason but today is my last day in this game it has been a fun 4 years but the game has got stale for me i wish the game all the luck goodbye would like to thank a couple people for all the fun times i have had in this game @Buorhann for putting up with my stupid a s s @Apeman for taking me in after i couped valkyrie i wont forget you @souparmon for taking my stupid a s s in aswell
  2. come on get me past 25 i think thats my highest downvoted post dont let me down frig make it the most downvoted most on the forums for me would be a good fair well gift before i quit dis game
  3. if i could dislike myself i would
  4. Signed: KillzBob good day Kids
  5. These kids out here trying to break my record
  6. i hope to see you back some day
  7. I'm sorry there is already a TGH please rename or get ready to get hit
  8. i vm for 2 weeks and this shit is still going on?
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