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  1. how exactly did they manage to let him become leader
  2. I’m a little late, but I look forward to working with you all!
  3. Looking forward to working with you guys!!
  4. okay so it wouldn't go away I clicked the unbold button like 15 times and nothing
  5. "As the peasants of Camelot rode into the calm waves hunting for a treasure, they believed that they would ride unopposed into the oceans. Unfortunately for them, they had just gone into the Ocean Masters zone of control. The water started to rise around them, creating a wall crashing inwards on them. With the savage oceans rocking the boat, many members of the scavenger party fell out and into the deep blue ocean. As the leader of the party, Epimethius, was scrambling to hold onto the boat, he screamed "Move! An asteroid!". It was headed straight for them. Crashing into the ocean, it caused devastating losses to Camelot's forces. There were no survivors." TLDR: The Lost Empire and 99942 Apophis recognize hostilities with Camelot, after their treasure raid, self-declared "pre-counters", threats of nuclear holocaust and countering of counters. P.S. We know you expected us to bow down to you, but the ocean does not bend. Enjoy the rebuild, assuming Gorge hasn't spent it all on cities ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. He’s not being toxic, this is a damn game. A game called Politics and War, and he is asking me to declare WAR on you. Seems pretty in line with how discussions should go.
  7. Oh I couldn’t touch you if I wanted. You are about 1/5th of my score. But I assure you 3 people will be on you promptly when VM ends.
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