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  1. He’s not being toxic, this is a damn game. A game called Politics and War, and he is asking me to declare WAR on you. Seems pretty in line with how discussions should go.
  2. Oh I couldn’t touch you if I wanted. You are about 1/5th of my score. But I assure you 3 people will be on you promptly when VM ends.
  3. The end of an era my friends. While I am sure some will be less than kind in the comments, I wish the best for everyone in former swamp. In the end, I think I would speak for everyone in TLE that we would never do anything different with regards to building these partnerships, although we do regret how it ended. I wish good luck to all former swamp in your future endeavors!
  4. Damn my mans can't even take a good luck without getting angry about something. Don't you have better things to be doing like pissing T$ off?
  5. This tbh But good luck to all of you!
  6. We love you Atlan, thank you for everything
  7. Hello everyone, I am Xi Jinping, head of Foreign Affairs for The Lost Empire. 

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