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  1. Gonna be straight vibes, let’s rule the middle together.
  2. there is a fine line between imitation and mockery.
  3. Yo im pretty sure they just passed you guys in nukes like a week ago rather than felt threatened by yall passing them
  4. Bro you guys have so much more pixels to give than they do.
  5. We needed you guys to stay together to help us with Camelot.
  6. Everyone gangsta until I delete the line saying it's a joke. Oh wait that probably wouldn't matter for you given HWRo$e would still easily win in your tier.
  7. Finally someone sees the real threat. they are the threat for whom we really signed this treaty... remember?? If only.
  8. Okay that was good I actually laughed out loud, not even joking.
  9. In response to recent global developments, the Clock Bloc, the Backrooms, the Haunted Mansion, the Hand of Fate, and the Johnsons will from hereon be party to a common MDP, this common treaty shall be named the Grand Coalition. An attack on one will be treated as an attack upon the whole of the Grand Coalition. This MDP shall remain in place up until whichever of the following conditions occurs first: 1. Hollywood and Celestial spheres fight each other. 2. Hollywood sphere dissolves. 3. Celestial sphere dissolves. 4. PnW no longer exists. Signed, The Grand Coalition The Clock Bloc Eclipse Cataclysm Aurora Weebunism The Backrooms The Commonwealth Carthago The Legion The Wei Bourbon Street GATO The Haunted Mansion Farkistan United Purple Nations Polaris United Socialist Nations The Federation The Johnsons The Fighting Pacifists Waffle House Dark Brotherhood The Elites The Hand of Fate Disclaimer: This is a joke because signing half-game wide MDP's is f**king stupid, you know who you are.
  10. Tried to fight HW, then turned around and doubled it.
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