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  1. It is with great sadness that I have to inform of the most recent death to the Orbis community. About a month or two ago a member of Terminus Est's high gov, Stavros Cassadine, told us that he had been diagnosed with cancer. In addition to this, he was also battling a heart condition. Recently, his condition severely worsened and he had to go through multiple surgeries, all of which had complications. Nonetheless, like the fighter I knew he was, he came through these operations and just before Christmas came off the ventilator. However, while recovering post-op, he caught Covid-19. This unfortunately he did not survive from. He was a fantastic face to have around our discord and was a great friend to myself and others. I know that all those who knew him will agree with me that he will be missed dearly within our community. Rest in peace Stav. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=214086 (For your information there is a family member on his account which is the reason he may drift in and out of activity)
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  2. It wouldn't be an SK announcement without one last sing along as well, enjoy the ear bleed nerds.
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  3. Partisan strode into the command tent, blood dripping off his armor and splatting on the ground. Benfro, Daveth, Hughes, James, and Squeegee and the other negotiators filed in behind him. They too, had blood all over them. None of the other Quack leaders already in the tent were fazed. At this point there were few who had no blood on their armor. Partisan took a seat at the command’s circular table. A battle map was laid out and Quack had little ground left. Roses, Hedges, and assorted Swamp creatures surrounded the remaining Quack strongholds. A defeat was all but confirmed. Three pints of ale were placed before Partisan. He drank heavily from the first one before beginning to speak. “My lords and ladies, I think we can all agree that this military endeavor has not necessarily worked out in Quack’s favor. We have just returned from negotiations with the Nameless Paperless Coalition and have the terms for our peace.” He began patting his armor, then his belt before he remembered. “Ah yes, Bennyboi has our papers.” He drank from his pint again, allowing the ale to spill from the sides and down his armor. “Go ahead, Benny. Read them our terms.” Benfro read aloud the terms of Quack’s surrender and peace. Partisan drank his second pint of ale as a vote was cast with unanimous passage. “Well,” Daveth said, “all that remains is to present our terms to our army and make our surrender official before our enemies.” At that moment, horns blew and the Quack army began to shout. The NPC delegation had arrived. The Quack leaders got up from the table and walked outside with Partisan carefully clutching his last pint of ale. Walking up the hill was Halfman, a drunken soldier, the Potato King, a prickly old man pushed in a wheelchair by the head gardener, a puppet, and two foxes. Benfro signaled for a table to be set up and served while the leadership sat down and their armies watched on. “Well, Snek,” croaked the prickly old man, “I’ve gotten the best of you again, until my memory fails and I have to come get you off my color bloc lawn again.” His laughter quickly devolved into coughing before LeftBehind rushed forward and fed him some medicine. “Nappy nap time.” the old man mumbled before drifting off to sleep. Partisan sighed and then stood up shakily. “Now that we’re all, uhhhh, where we are. I think we can commence with the sssssigning and public reading of the terms and surrender.” Partisan said and then plopped down in his chair. The peace document soon was passed around the table and signed by each representative. Partisan dipped his snake tail in the ale and signed with his beloved booze. The old man was still asleep, so his aide signed for him. When the last signature was complete, Adam of the $yndicate stood up and read the document aloud for all to hear. Official Peace Terms: Effective at Day Change of 14/12/2020-15/12/2020 (Greenwich Mean Time) 1. Quack posts admission of defeat. 2. Blanket NAP of 120 days (Ending on the 13th April 2021) including all current protectorates on both sides. 3. All wartime changes in regards to color blocs must be reversed to pre-war status. This applies to both coalitions and protectorates for the duration of the NAP. 4. No new war declarations after peace is in effect; any ongoing wars may end naturally via peace, expiry, or beige. 5. Yui is to be provided a baby giraffe picture from TKR. When Adam finished reading aloud, armies from all factions shouted for joy and the leaders congratulated each other on a well fought war. Quack and NPC leadership walked down the hill together to celebrate and feast. Peace had arrived and the world was no longer burning. The old man remained at the table, still sleeping from his medicine, mumbling about punching the snek again. Partisan also remained nearby, too drunk to walk, too tired to celebrate. He cradled his third half-empty pint in his arms and drifted off to sleep. TL;DR: Quack surrenders to the Nameless Paperless Coalition. Both parties agree to peace with a 4 month NAP. (Special thank you to @Darth Ataxiafor his narrative penmanship and @Adrienne for her artwork)
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  4. After a short 2 week conflict between the alliances that compose tCW sphere, and the combined alliances of Hedge and Swamp. We have agreed to the following terms for peace between our Spheres, which will take effect starting at update tonight. 1) tCW sphere formally surrenders to Hedge and Swamp Spheres. 2) All existing wars will end to conclusion, (peace will be granted if both warring nations agree), no new wars to be declared after peace officially takes effect at next server update (aka 2 hours). New wars declared after peace is declared, will be worked out amicably between alliances. 3) 3 month nap between Hedge/Swamp, and TCW sphere, which includes all protectorates less MicroPock. This NAP will end at update on December 1st. Signed, Members of Swamp, Hedge, and TCW's Sphere... I am too lazy to get signatures for everybody. On behalf of the members in Hedge, I want to thank Swamp for their hard work and dedication to this fight, and I would like to thank the nations we fought in tCW's sphere. Despite your overwhelming odds, you were all classy opponents, and its nice to have a war where we are not at each others throats and can fight with at least a little bit of humor and grace. Let's hope this becomes the norm and not the exception in orbis going forward. Note: Morningstar is not included in these peace terms.
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  5. Both sides have sued for peace and agreed upon terms. White Peace for all combatants. At update tonight (June 13th 8:00 PM EST) no new wars are to be declared. All wars currently open can be fought to their conclusion, waiting out, or peaced out at the player's discretion. All alliances are to revert back to whatever color they were on before the war started. Thank you very much to the members on both sides of the war for a clean and hard fought battle. I look forward to fighting with or against any or all of you again in the future. (RP nerds can feel free to use your imagination and add a bunch of ridiculous text that says nothing to this post if it makes you feel better.) Signed: all the leadership from both sides.
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  6. "As the peasants of Camelot rode into the calm waves hunting for a treasure, they believed that they would ride unopposed into the oceans. Unfortunately for them, they had just gone into the Ocean Masters zone of control. The water started to rise around them, creating a wall crashing inwards on them. With the savage oceans rocking the boat, many members of the scavenger party fell out and into the deep blue ocean. As the leader of the party, Epimethius, was scrambling to hold onto the boat, he screamed "Move! An asteroid!". It was headed straight for them. Crashing into the ocean, it caused devastating losses to Camelot's forces. There were no survivors." TLDR: The Lost Empire and 99942 Apophis recognize hostilities with Camelot, after their treasure raid, self-declared "pre-counters", threats of nuclear holocaust and countering of counters. P.S. We know you expected us to bow down to you, but the ocean does not bend. Enjoy the rebuild, assuming Gorge hasn't spent it all on cities ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  7. uuuuuuu god this is so late, life keeping me busy, and now everyone's gonna complain I'm talking about GW18 again T_T Gonna keep this short because the post is gonna be long enough as is: during GW18, there was always something that felt totally incongruous to me: why was it that at the end of the war, disputed territory only fell around C20 when every conversation I'd had with friends all the way up to C30 had them expressing shock they hadn't been taken apart completely? tl;dr here's what I thought Roasis Inc could've much improved on in order to push up to that range. Discussion is welcomed; all I live for is war, after all I'll start at the very beginning and push my way forwards: Rose militarization: To this day I cannot understand why Rose didn't militarize even if they were confident they weren't the target. This is especially coming from the richest alliance in the game where losing a minimal amount of steel or money from building and decomming is basically a drop in the bucket. What makes this even more baffling is we saw the notifications of them switching to 5553, expecting a full build for 2-3 days at the very least, and yet later we learned they were only instructed to max soldiers and planes. Why soldiers only??? Poor round 1 beige control: By the end of round 1, E404 was zeroed. CoTL was zeroed. Guardian was half zeroed and under serious fire. tO was zeroed. TKR was struggling to stay afloat. Oblivion was half zeroed, and the rest only went all out because we expected to die in a round or two. Everyone on Grumpy was on 4-6 wars trying to bail people out, and even then it wasn't quite enough. Instead, what happened? Everyone slowly started getting huge amounts of beige time. There were the numbers to prevent it from ever happening, and yet from the ashes we were able to give the order for anyone above C20 to remax military and start pushing. If this was NPO we were talking about, one alliance member aptly put it that there'd be no escape from the cycling machine. In that situation, there would've been almost minimal need for a planes-only strategy and pushing upwards would've been 10x easier. Late/weak do-not-beige order: In the end, the order to not beige anyone in HW was too little, too late. This absolutely should've been implemented at the start of the first round. Furthermore, it seemed like most people didn't want to follow this order -- I heard post-war far too many times that the competent ones were putting in the work to drag people down, only to be constantly and consistently frustrated by the incompetent ones blanket beiging on all wars. Additional do-not-peace order: A minor addition, but this should've been added along with the do-not-beige order (case in point: Grumpy slotting the same Immortals guy like 15 times). Accepting peace frees up crucial slots for attackers and leaves defenders with open slots that are much easier to be sat on by people with lower military. I offered peace to pretty much everyone I fought with during the later parts of the war and the number of people who accepted peace was pretty comedic. Building ships: A lot of people in Roasis Inc, especially in Oasis, continued to build ships even after all of their other military units were destroyed. This hurt the war effort in almost every single way -- they were max shipping low-infra people on raid wars (a total waste of resources), beiging people with ships with no regard for beige cycling, and also putting themselves in range of larger people who could zero them a lot easier. Meatshields: There is no denying that Rose, Oasis, and Mystery all contain a large amount of bloat from useless members and alliances. In peacetime, maybe this is for tax farm reasons or something, but during wartime, these members and alliances are not only free stats but also detrimental to the war effort as a whole. Weakest link theory: I think the reason why meatshields are so useless is not something people like to talk about a lot: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. There are multiple reasons why: -Having HW members being slotted by meatshields allows them an incredibly easy time to fight back and rebuild to prioritize saving other members. -HW members can always target meatshields in order to farm stats and resources that Roasis Inc need to rebuild post-war. -They can also be targeted if HW members on say, zero ships, want a very easy way to stack beige from meatshields who don't know how to beige cycle. -Overall, they offer very little offensive or defensive value and waste space, time, and resources that would be much better utilized elsewhere. Lack of milcom leadership and talent: I have pointed out frequently that if the milcom govs between HW and Roasis Inc were switched, Roasis Inc would've almost certainly been able to push up to C30-35. Ultimately, this is due to a faulty priority of recruiting low-quality members or meatshields over recruiting and training good milcom leadership and talent. Quantity has become a bit overrated as of late: people often forget that even a small amount of quality can go a long way. Poor coordination: In a war like this, I like to attribute three different types of coordination available, intra-alliance coordination (within a single alliance), inter-alliance (between alliances within a sphere), and inter-sphere (between different spheres). Roasis Inc struggled mightily with all three bar a few alliances: Intra-alliance: although coordinated counters against HW attacks did happen occasionally, this was rare. More often than not, members would only attack one or two at a time, leading to a weak and dispersed effort that could be dealt with almost immediately. Inter-alliance: after the relatively coordinated blitzes early on, this was also sorely missing. For the most part, there was minimal communication between attacks, beige, and so on. HW compared to this was like night and day: if someone got hit, we knew almost immediately, and could search for people between alliances almost immediately to deal with it. No one was left on their own. Inter-sphere: This was almost certainly one of the largest factors that ultimately cost Roasis Inc a victory. Most members never communicated or fought with those outside their spheres, much less had any idea what the other spheres were up to. This also extended into milcom leadership as well -- it took weeks for spheres to learn to adapt the same strategies, resulting in a disjointed and confusing effort. Inter-sphere coordination on crossing over enemy spheres: At the very beginning, it was Oasis focusing HM-side, and Mystery focusing TKR-side. Obviously, there would be an inevitable point where spheres would have to cross over and hit the other side. This should have been and was entirely in Roasis Inc's court on when to call this. Prior to this, Oblivion was forced to ignore all Mystery targets in order to bail out HM on Oasis, and the same was true for basically all other alliances from both HM-side and TKR-side, severing a crucial line of communication all while both sets of gov were still in the very early stages of integrating HW together. This should've been taken advantage of, and when the crossing over eventually happened, should've been a massive and coordinated effort. Instead, wars began weakly trickling over from both sides, and this gave us the time to integrate the sphere much quicker and begin finding people much quicker to counter wars that were previously being left alone. Early blitz on Oblivion: This is the first of many potential turning points I observed. There was a period early on where Oblivion was heavily targeted for a few days. Ultimately, after some lightning fast counters (mainly from Guardian <3) that saved our asses, Roasis Inc decided to give up and focus on other things. The thing is, they didn't fail because they used a flawed strategy, they failed BECAUSE THEY GAVE UP TOO EARLY. In fact, y'all were so close to figuring it out that I was already preparing for the worst. After day 1, I was down to about 1300-1400 planes out of 2100. Even with building the maximum every day, I did the math, and with constant suicide dogfights (I was in 9 wars, for god's sakes) and 3x spy planes every day, I would've been melted. From there, it's only an issue of have the wars expire and then drag me down, down, down. Instead, the only person who bothered suicide dogfighting me after day 1 was Tyunka (shoutout if you're reading this), and the spy attacks stopped completely as well. Similarly, a fellow alliance member who'd been blitzed had some seriously botched counters launched to save him, and instead the guy who could've destroyed his planes completely went inactive for almost a day and had the plan fall apart. Even if I hadn't been taken down completely, I was totally out of service for a few days because I was forced to claw my way back up to max planes. I found this entire situation incredibly ironic -- it was one of the strongest displays of inter-sphere coordination I'd seen through the entire war, with the best strategy that could've been brought, meaning they had all the puzzle pieces there. If only they'd figured this out for us, who knows what they could've done to everyone else. The strategy: In the end, it was quite simple, really. You don't need three larger guys to pull you down. Sometimes, you just need three somewhat smaller guys. Sometimes, it's two smaller guys and one larger guy. Finding these people should not have been an issue. Target the people who are the most overextended, or who by being zeroed could free the most people. Even the zeroed people on a daily buy of planes can kill a non-insignificiant amount, to the point where often a target will be forced to beige them in order to protect their own planes (I experienced this firsthand). If no counters roll in, they're toast and you make progress. If counters roll in, you keep focusing them with suicide dogfights and 3x spy planes, and they're toast again. You don't even have to go planes only for this to work. I actually cannot believe that something this easy to understand was only implemented minimally. The flawed initial strategy: From what I hear, for whatever reason Roasis Inc decided to start their focus upwards and work their way down. When you are fighting Grumpy, this is literally the dumbest thing you could do. In fact, this was very obviously HW's strategy the entire time and should not have been Roasis Inc's. Flawed focus and difficulty maintaining focus on all objectives: Throughout the war a few alliances kept certain measurements or percentages as goals in order to fulfill a strategy. Aside from the fact that this was totally not done in HW (after all, statisticians do tend to lie), these were often the wrong objectives entirely, and often also ignored damages to their own side when trying to espouse damages done to HW. Furthermore, they often lost sight of both flawed and correct objectives, pursuing other plans or declaring aimlessly. Planes only: Even though planes only is a strategy, there's no denying that it's a bad (and outdated) strategy. Because of score changes and tanks destroying planes, someone with max ground will usually be able to beat someone with max planes. This is especially true when people are trying to declare at impossible numbers (like with a 7-10 city difference, for ex.), but even otherwise, TKR and tO's experience in The Last Ride told us that we should almost always be prioritizing ground attacks and eliminating ground for this reason. Later in the war, some people (especially Camelot) decided to get rid of soldiers entirely and quite literally go planes only -- I assume the strategy behind this was to reduce score even further and also get targeted by pirates instead of HW, and it worked to an extent, but for the most part soldiers barely affect the score, and we realized this pretty quickly and were able to switch strategies in order to make dealing with this even easier. Early round 2 on CoTL: Not long after Oblivion was getting targeted, CoTL began to reach max mil out of beige. The milcom head was completely absent for irl reasons, and for a day or two they began sending out coordinated counters against a reasonable amount of people. There were two significant risks associated with this strategy, neither of which Roasis Inc exploited. First, these counters were mostly only sent with two people assigned to a target. This meant they were zeroed quicker and could've had time to coordinate with their own counters to take down CoTL members. Second, almost everyone was overextending to do it, meaning Roasis Inc (as per usual) had the numbers in order to punish the overextension. Instead, I only heard of a minimal number of counters, of which mostly were dealt with quickly. In short, CoTL were able to come off with a string of victories relatively easily and with almost no cost. Speaking of overextension... Targeting overextended targets: A lot of people post-war remarked that Oblivion seemed much larger than it actually was. The reason for this, I think, was honestly really simple: we just picked the people involved in the most offensive wars against non-zeroed militaries and hit them, and so by strategically picking the best people to counter instead of any rando with a military, it seemed like we were larger (in reality, we were only 12 people rofl. 12 people can only do so much against a coalition of 1000+). Roasis Inc had the opportunity to take this and apply it on a far larger scale. Instead, I saw very little correlation with attacks versus offensive wars, and therefore the people doing the heaviest damage were allowed to continue doing the heaviest damage. Disagreement on strategy and inter-sphere milcom discontent: The larger issue was that for the most part, Rosesphere, Oasis, and Mystery never really figured out how to work beyond their own spheres. Each were pursuing their own goals that didn't fit with the others, and as a result it was easy for all the spheres to start blaming each other for their failures rather than coming together as a collective team. For example, early on, it was quite common for Oasis to be going max military, Mystery going planes only, and Rosesphere waffling in between the two indecisively. Ultimately, they realized what they should've already known far too late: any collective plan is better than no plan at all. Big egos: A lot of this, simply put, I think was because there were too many people unwilling to compromise outside their own beliefs and plans. It was so difficult for people to realize their own faults and that they were targeting the wrong things that in the end lots of people clashed with each other and ended up regressing any collaborative support that would've boosted the entire coalition. Weak opening spy blitzes: I was assigning HW spy attacks throughout the war, so I know this better than anyone. For the first week or so, Roasis Inc spy attacks were horrendous. I will give Rose a pass on this -- we zeroed them and their allies immediately, meaning the best spiers were out early. For the rest, few people were actually launching attacks, or if they were, it was Locutus assigning spy targets, which you should almost never be doing. So, HW was killing 3x as many spies per member as Roasis Inc, and we were beginning to grind the spy war to a halt because of it. It was only because DtC decided to personally assign spy targets by messaging everyone in the entire coalition that y'all got your asses saved. This front should've ended much sooner than it actually did. Poor spy coordination: Something that absolutely should've been done was a better tie-in between traditional milcom and spy ops. Once HW was near zeroed on spies, the priority quickly shifted to spying tanks on the highest whales and spying planes on a limited range where it might matter. While this did result in a massive amount of tanks being spied away, ultimately it didn't contribute much to the war goal and the net damage wasn't any more than a few days or so of total revenue for alliances with tanks being targeted. Instead, if Roasis Inc had learned how to properly updeclare, many more spy attacks against planes would've been directed in a larger range of the tiers that mattered -- this would've mattered a great deal if Oblivion had been constantly targeted rather than left alone after the first two days or so, for example. And with better communication between milcom and spies, milcom would've been able to pinpoint the most important targets to be passed over to spy ops. Camelot spies: I heard through the grapevine that Camelot was conducting their own spy ops separate of DtC's operation. While this probably was more directed towards coordination between milcom and spy ops (and probably was the source of spy ops against Oblivion), overall, this spy effort was weak and far from the strength they displayed while in Rosesphere. I think Camelot should've worked together with DtC in order to combine the best of both worlds here. Arrgh: This is a minor point because Arrgh is mostly missing these days, but Roasis Inc also could've taken advantage of Arrgh stacking beige time on their mid and low tiers in order to build up. Knight's Templar: KT was almost certainly a thorn for both sides in the war, and they'll probably be pretty happy with that, but Rose proved especially incompetent at dealing with them: first, by being incapable of stashing their offshores and not dropping massive amounts of loot, but also by becoming so singlemindedly focused on getting beige stacked by KT that it hurt their war focus altogether. At one point, this resulted in Rose literally declaring more wars on KT in order to try and get themselves beiged than actually declaring war on HW, and several people got nation striked for this and had their wars manually peaced out as a result. Poor mindset and giving up too easily: All this culminates into one overarching point: Roasis Inc started this war with far too dismal of a mindset and gave up very easily (especially Rose). People always underestimate this point: mentality is everything. It dictates how much effort you're willing to put into each element, what goals you're trying to pursue, what strategy you're going to take, and so on. As a result, because Rose thought they were totally outnumbered and beat down, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy, and they ended as poorly as they did because they didn't bother trying, even when they had many opportunities to. Similarly, because Roasis Inc as a whole set their bar exceptionally low and took a line at C20 as the expected result, it hindered them from being able to push any higher. This is opposed to HW -- even though our prospects were looking grim, we had the will to not take it sitting down to fight back, and we kept rebuilding even after a pretty bad round 1. This is why, I think, alliances like E404 were able to pull back a huge net loss of billions and end the war on a positive. Built-up nations doing nothing: One very pronounced effect of this was the number of maxed nations simply exiting beige without declaring any wars and getting promptly slotted by HW. There were always enough of them to coordinate and launch a few good attacks, and I know these people did ask, but most of the time milcom did very little to actually help out here. So, this resulted in a drop of defeatism spreading into a ripple, leading lots of the player base to give up as well. No damage strategy: Final point. In the tiers that were clearly lost and not worth fighting back in, there should've been a goal to deal as much damage as possible. This was true at the beginning of the war for HW anywhere C20 and under (and later pushed down) and should've also been true anywhere hitting people C33 or so and up for Roasis Inc -- that's why Lord Tyrion was able to get the most damage of anyone in Roasis Inc, for example. This strategy would've come with an additional benefit: if anyone wanted to stack beige time, they should've done it against Grumpy and not KT; Grumpy had almost zero beige discipline the entire war and that should've been taken advantage of. ========================================================================== Anyways, that's all I had on my list for Roasis Inc; feel free to discuss any of them, I don't imagine I'll be right 100% of the time. For the sake of fairness, I also came up with a few points I think HW could've improved on: Spy participation: For the most part, most alliances did a good job getting their members to fill assigned spy targets. However, there were a few where this was not so much the case. Higher spy participation would've probably allowed us to grind the spy front to a halt much faster, although admittedly that wouldn't have mattered a huge amount when fighting 3x as many spies. As the war progressed and it became clear we were losing, spy participation understandably dwindled. I think people should realize that no matter how few spies they have, there is always something they can contribute -- 1 vs 60 on a spy tanks op has a 50% chance of success, which is still honestly pretty good and has a net damage positive (and which is what I spent almost every day doing). Mindset: This is the same as with Roasis Inc. A couple people had some more dismal outlooks than others (and I can be blamed of this as well), and this probably did affect the war performance, but for the most part I think the collective mentality was relatively positive and offset any negativity. Initial HM-TKR split: As I said earlier, HM and TKR conducted their milcom separately at first, and this was a split that Roasis Inc could've (and didn't) take advantage of. Later on, this was much improved, but a few alliances did stick to themselves and their side of the sphere for the most part. Risky overextension: Fighting against any better coalition would've meant this would've been a big no-no. Lots of people (including me) were fighting far too many wars at the same time, which in a more competent world would've meant we would've been focused harder and taken down quicker, while freeing up many more people to fight, but in the end Roasis Inc didn't take advantage of this. Beige cycling: Although our cycling was a lot better than Roasis Inc's, it was still far from perfect. I'm not going to name names here, but I know for sure that Oblivion wasn't great either, although maybe this can be excused by the fact that there were always so many targets that we had to keep beiging and focusing them. A brief side note: props to TKR; a lot of people like to give them shit, but they were always careful about overextension and pushed everyone else to beige cycle, so kept it from getting much worse than it could've been. Grumpy: A brief starting note: Grumpy members downdeclaring super low was the exception, not the norm, and this isn't what makes Grumpy so overpowered or broken. For the most part, even though Grumpy hauled weight in round 1 and declared a huge number of wars to keep us in it, during round 2 and beyond they were mostly concerned with raiding resources and preserving infra, meaning for the most part they were mass beiging wars (to get loot and avoid nukes) and not decomming military or infra to downdeclare. I won't say it was a necessary step for them to do so, but I will say that Roasis Inc should've taken advantage of both of these things to stack beige and press for space. Decomming ships and infra: Beyond that, a lot of people weren't willing to decom ships (and later infra) in order to reach and push down. Again, this really wasn't incredibly necessary, but something something tragedy of the commons. I will note that I think TKR would've done this eventually had Roasis Inc not accepted white peace, and then we would've been able to push down a whole hell of a lot faster. ========================================================================== why did I do this to myself ;-; That was a lot, so just wanna end this on a brief positive note: Roasis Inc: Props to Weebunism for having the best intra-alliance communication. ASM for always being willing to suicide planes and updeclare to drag people down. Camelot for at least having a plan to stick to. The ppl who coordinated the hit on Oblivion for coming close (and Tyunka for pinning me for a good few days). DtC for being a spying god as usual. HW: Props to all the bloodthirsty peeps always asking for more wars and for being instantly available for counters. Guardian for tiering with us beautifully and bailing us out within the same turn of getting targeted. Ockey for being a good milcom teacher. CoTL and tO for decomming infra and ships to dive low, huge respect. E404 for clawing back the net damage. CC for being one of the best intra and inter-alliance communicators and having a strong spy war. TKR for keeping everyone principled and doing much better than GW16. BK for punching above their weight and being super solid internally. tl;dr fun war and I hope the next one is even better -- fighting against good milcom is always a pleasure even though it will definitely get me rolled :lmfao:
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  8. So let's get this straight. Camelot, the rank 7 alliance in Orbis, decided it wanted to attack the entire upper tier of The Lost Empire, the rank 21 alliance in Orbis, for the sake of a treasure from what I have heard? Camelot, the alliance that is known for its excellent decisions, and its superb leadership, has decided to use its 109 members, to attack an alliance with 52 members, for the sake of a treasure that will despawn in what, a month and a half? Camelot, whose colour bloc is Maroon, and gives them $33,994 per turn, and $407,928 per day, wants to go to war over a treasure that will, if I am not mistaken in my math, give them a bonus of 2% in revenue per day? If they get all three, that'll be a whole 3.46% bonus revenue Now I'll admit ladies and gentlemen, I am by no means an expert at maths, but something about this feels like it's not very friendly towards ROI. What do I know though, Camelot has always been known for its great decision making, like when it was a very vocal supporter of IQ, and then tried to switch sides after the war and act like the victim. Camelot has ALWAYS been known for its good decision making, like when it decided uninvited to join Guns and Roses and Duck Hunt for the sake of.... what was the reasoning again Gorge? Preserving the balance of the game? I'm sure it was some great reason and it was worth the 84 billion damage you took in Guns and Roses and 37 billion you took in Duck Hunt. After all, Camelot has ALWAYS been known for its great decisions, like when it funneled massive amounts of cash into both Arthur and Gorge's nations, to build them up. Just taking a quick look at the CTOwned war page, it already seems clear that Arthur, Epi, and Gorge have once AGAIN proved their brilliance, as they've already taken 1.6 billion damage in this war. I'm sure this is going to be over VERY quickly, lads, and this will absolutely end in you making more money off of the 2% to 3% from the treasures than you spent on this war. I once again bow to the brilliance of the leadership of Camelot, you all are truly a shining beacon of excellence in this game.
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  9. A tumbleweed rolls across a road in a quiet town. The sun is setting. The streets are quiet, and all lights are dark except for one tavern. Inside the tavern were the remnants of what the world had come to know as the Quack gang. They were a large gang, and one others tended to view as a threat. They'd been discussing going separate ways for the last few hours, when a man burst in. "Look at this," Shifty said, handing the gang a slew of papers. Plans for a rival gang that based themselves in the Swamp to try and take us on again. Plans for certain members of Quack to be sideswiped while the rest of Quack was assumed to just stand aside. Adam couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the lack of critical thinking in that idea. "Well then, boys. Guess we get one last scrap together after all. Grab your men, grab your horses, and let's pay them a visit shall we?" Adam said. The rest nodded in response. Adam made his way to Leopold's office, and entered. "Time to bring him to justice," he said, dropping the papers on Leo's desk. Leo grinned and eagerly grabbed his revolver. Benfro and Adam met outside before everyone rolled out, giving a nod to eachother. "One last ride," they said, before heading towards the Swamp. TL;DR: t$ declares war on Swamp as a result of the leaks and various other misdeeds and cancels all Swamp cancellations. Couldn't let both of us split without a little more fun, could we?
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  10. Greetings friends, Partisan here rising from his retired chair in protest one more time. Please pause your frothing and foaming to listen to this heartfelt and apparently bloody necessary clarification. Take notes, because i'm going to state this one last time, and will simply begin dishing out personal discord blocks as well as blanket bans in the t$ servers to anyone who continues bothering myself, t$ gov or t$ members moving forward. Extremism -of all kinds- is morally reprehensible due to its inherent intertwinement with intolerance; be it race, religion, ideology or anything I might miss. Within its own (IC) realms, t$ has never stood for either extremism or intolerance. That is a double-edged sword, as it comes in many forms. We have over the years been meticulous about balancing core principles surrounding freedom of speech with guarding the moral boundaries of our community. Simultaneously we have been steadfast in our -OOC- denouncement of any and all behavior which may harm, in an OOC manner, the health, happiness or security of individuals both within and outside our alliance. That is where our responsibility ends, and the responsibility of moderation -both within your respective communities and on a broader level, PW- begins. We keep our community clean, and we expect you to keep yours clean. If a community radicalizes in [email protected]#$ation, it is up to moderation to police that. Where OOC matters are concerned, attempts to self-cleans geopolitically are futile, because the burning of pixels has no impact on the state of mind of a shitty person out for toxicity. Moreover, such individuals *thrive* on the polarization it causes, and the cycle of negativity it perpetuates. All attention is good attention, after all. And so, we leave these things in the hands of admin and his staff. The second half of 2020 and first quarter of 2021 have been marked by an increasingly forceful and increasingly off-putting demand for t$ to conform to what we view as little more than mob mentality- induced symbolism. We have over the past months been ostracized by elements within the PW community for our supposed faillure to "do something about KT", and our unwillingness to engage in futile quasi-moralist activism in the form of ingame action against reprehensible elements whom we prefer to simply not work with has been marked as sympathizing with said elements. Despite consistent clarifications, the latest of which was made as recent as last week, we continue to receive regular dms from various individuals questioning our position. To all of you, I state -in principle on behalf of myself, and of any who may identify with my viewpoints-: Get a fricking grip. Our denouncement of these people and our unwillingness to assist them in any way shape or form is all the responsibility we have to this community. PW is intended to be a lighthearted escape from the actual *real* world for which I reserve my OOC outrage, political engagement and activism. Through your intolerance for even the mildest deviations in viewpoints from your self-proclaimed morally superior crusade against what is in essence a minor subgroup of sycophants and basement trolls surrounded by some edgelords and garden variety trolls, you are contributing to the polarization of a whole gaming community (read: PW) of moderates trying to simply play a game into two radicalized OOC "sides". By refusing to allow the middle to exist, you are forcing radicalization, not necessarily to your favor. That is a broad observation on these dynamics; not on t$ itself. We refuse to participate in your toxicity, and given the utter failure of some of you to leave us, as a community, be, a policy of instant blocks and bans is now in place. Leave us be. Be better, and just fricking play the game. - Parti out
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  11. Some of you may remember an alliance here last year that called themselves “The Coal Mines” led by Nokia Rokia. “What ever happened to them?” you may find yourself wondering. They picked a fight with The Immortals in 2019, and promptly disbanded, before a peace could be brokered – a sad day for coal enthusiasts everywhere. But, in a long list of crazy shit to happen in 2020, they have re-emerged from their collapse, with hopes of a better outcome. Sadly, however, there has not been enough oxygen down in the mines this iteration either, and it’s affecting their decision making once again. So let’s get the rest of Orbis up to speed on what our friends in the mines have been up to. Last week, their second in command Shadow aka Antman aka DarknessIncarnate, decided to ghost his post in TCM and raid multiple people in the Swamp, among other alliances – with the intention of causing as much damage as possible. Yet, with open wars still ongoing with The Immortals and others, Shadow rejoined TCM – and leader Nokia leaves to Weebunism – leaving Shadow as leader in-game. Well, The Immortals counter that open raid, as would anybody else, and promptly had the counters illegitimately countered. Then those bad wars were countered and so on and so forth. With no desire or need for further escalation, especially to TCM members who are caught up in this tomfoolery, peace negotiations began shortly that same day. All parties on each side acknowledged Shadow and TCM’s actions were in the wrong and a peace was negotiated. “Splendid!” one might say. But sadly all wars were not peaced as promised. No… wrought with anger and frustration from looking foolish, Shadow wasn’t going to go down like that. Shadow launched a nuke on a Fark nation hours after the peace he accepted was in effect, causing expensive damage. When asked hours later the next day “hey, what the hell?” minutes after such inquiry, a missile was sent to the same Fark target (who hadn’t attacked at all again mind you) ending that war and looting the nation and Fark’s alliance bank. Shadow knew hell was about to rain down on his nation, so he readied his troops and…. wait, what’s that? Oh nevermind, he zeroed everything, sold infra down to 0.01 in every city and deposited everything he had, including the spoils from his Fark loot, into the TCM bank and exited his position as government claiming he was quitting the game. Okay, see you in re-roll bud. Seems Shadow/TCM did not wish to honor the peace arrangement afterall, but Shadow is no longer government, so the next step is to talk to the new leadership, which is Nokia once again – THE KING RETURNS! Surely he would return the stolen loot from Fark and make amends for the violation of the peace treaty – a simple request really. No reps from TCM are requested, just Shadow’s deposit and we all walk away. But Nokia not only denies the request, but threatens nukes and months of war as a response – and readies TCM with war tactics – all while admitting “we are not in the right. Quite the opposite” – but he does not want someone to “push us around”. Apparently damaging somebody else’s property and expecting that person to pay for said damage is pushing folks around. Rather than not condone what Shadow did and make things right, it seems TCM gov’t wishes to take ownership of Shadow’s actions. Based on these series of actions, it is concluded that The Coal Mines have purposely and unapologetically voided the terms of the peace deal and Swamp now acknowledges and will finish the war they brought to us. Any members that exit TCM now will not be pursued – you shouldn’t have to be burned down because of incompetent leadership. -THE SWAMP
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  12. Let me begin this by saying I am not the one who has the condition forcing me to walk away. I want people to know that it is not my own health that has led to this decision, but the health of an extremely close relative. With that being said, and with the name of this announcement, it is undoubtedly clear what this is, but I will say it anyway. Earlier today, I received devastating news that a very close relative of mine has been diagnosed with what they believe to be cancer. It is this news that has led to my official resignation from the position of Vice President of Foreign Affairs of the Syndicate, a position I was honoured to share with @Agent W. I would like to thank @Prefonteen @Leopold von [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] @Lucasand many many more in the Syndicate for seeing some kid who had made mistakes that haunt him in NPO's Last Time, and then made more mistakes in the Commonwealth, and chose to accept him to their alliance. It was a brief period of time that I have spent in the Syndicate, but it has been an amazing time, and I thank each and every one of you, and many many more for giving me the chance to prove myself. I would also like to thank @[email protected]@Yui and many more in the Commonwealth for convincing me to return to this game after NPO's Last Time, when I fully intended on walking away and never again touching this game. I can not tell you all the depths of my gratitude that you allowed me to have a second chance after the mistakes and horrible decisions I made while as a member of the Black Knights. I thank each and every one of you for the friendships you allowed me to make in this second chance, and I thank every person in this game who has treated me with kindness and respect and understanding. Although it pains me to think of those mistakes I made, I know I need to again mention them, because I will not run from or hide from my mistakes. I won't deny the things I did, and I won't pretend the pain I helped cause does not exist. I did serve as a member of the government of the Black Knights for NPO's Last Time, and it was indeed under my tenure as a member of government that the worst atrocity committed in the history of this game occurred. I was willfully ignorant of the cheating that occurred, ignoring those who told me it was occurring. I did not stand against members of government when alliances were killed and nations were forced to quit this game. I stood by while friendships were destroyed, and pain was caused, and while I did not do nothing, I could have done more. I should have done more. I know there are those who can not and will not forgive me for these things, and I understand and accept it whole heartedly. I can say nothing more than this. With every ounce of my being, I am sorry for the things that occurred. My apologies will not take back the things done, it will not change the past, and it will not make the hurt go away. It will not bring back the alliances that died, it will not bring back the nations that were lost, but I need to apologize regardless, because now, at what I believe will be the end of my time in this game, I will not leave without accepting the depths of the pain caused by an alliance I was at one point proud to say I was in the government of. I have nothing more to say, save for this. I pray with all of my heart that this is not the end of my time in Orbis. I pray with every ounce of my being that the news I was given was a mistake, and should it not be a mistake, I will fight with every fiber of my being to do all I can to help my relative recover from their condition. I hope beyond hope that I will continue to play this game for years more to come, but if it should be that this is not the case, then I thank each and every one of you that I have met in this game, for giving me an experience over these three years that I truly believe will stick with me for years to come. Thank you all once again. I love you all. Imperator Tarroc of Imperium Romanum.
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  13. We’re going to hollywood The Knights Radiant had just finished its last ride with their old friends The Syndicate, and were on the road, on their way to hollywood - they had always aspired to be actors. In the car with them, was The Order, who honestly didn’t want the hard life of a star in hollywood, but wanted to live in a big city. While on the road, TKR had to stop for gas, and met Black Knights, whom they had known in the past as a mutual friend of The Syndicate. “Where are you headed?” asked TKR. To which BK replied, “I don’t know, where are you going?” “Hollywood!” “Can I come?” And that is how TKR, TO and BK started their journey to hollywood. After a few hours of driving, they decided to go eat dinner. While at dinner, they met a group of Grumpy Old Bastards who were singing a song. TKR wandered over and asked if they thought about going to hollywood. “Well, we haven’t thought about it, but maybe we would like it”. TKR then said, “come with us!” And before long, what started as a nice drive between two friends had become a group. Further down the road, they decided to stay at a hotel, each checking into a separate room. But in the morning, when it was time to get Grumpy out of bed, TKR was stunned to see someone else in bed with them. Guardian, who happened to also be on the way to Hollywood, had enjoyed a nice night of - fun with Grumpy, Grumpy decided to invite them to join the ever growing group on their way to hollywood. Before checking out of the hotel, TKR had some work to do on their computer. That is when their screen started flashing, then turned black with a red figure in the center, under it saying “Error… 404”. TKR had been hacked! They decided they should just take the computer with them to Hollywood and see if someone there could fix it. After leaving the hotel, just down the road, they came across what appeared to be a cult, “oh the things you’ll see on the way to Hollywood” , said Guardian. Grumpy, being the curious type, decided to hop out and talk with the cult. As luck would have it, their name was Children of The Light, and they were on their way to Hollywood as well. While Grumpy was talking with the cult, BK - who had always loved dogs and hated cats - hopped out to look around, and stumbled across a cat. They were about to leave the cat, when they turned around to one of the cult members who said “That’s our pet cat, he has laser eyes, we call him Oblivion ''. By this time, CoTL had agreed to join their group on the way to hollywood. After a couple more hours of driving, they had finally arrived. TL:DR The Knights Radiant, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian, Error 404, Children of The Light, The Order, Black Knights, and Oblivion join forces into Hollywood sphere. Oh, and by the way, we declare war on Rose and their affiliates.
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  14. I'll keep this short and sweet. Knights Templar had a member continue to attack Oasis members, their government was asked to peace the wars or boot the member. Last time this member hit us they countered our counters. This was not an isolated incident. The KT gov instead stands by the actions of this member to raid us continually and is in violation of the NAP. Oasis has sent a military response towards KT and recognizes their hostilities towards us.
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  15. Tutorial Changes: Removing buying a farm, adding buying food from the market. New players gain resources for completing tutorials as well. Project Building with new player focused project (Resource Production Center). Please upvote or downvote if you like/dislike these changes New nations should be purchasing food instead of building farms, these changes address that and will also provide instruction on purchasing a new project that is focused on providing new players resources.
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  16. When word reached us that The Knights Radiant had ensured that we got our bank returned and responded to all of our concerns regarding safekeeping and membership, it was a pressing enough threat. This was coupled with a rogue gov member from their protectorate saying mean things about our failure to sustain a protectorate. As pretenses fell, we realized that Camelot had to go back to its time of glory from where George and SCX was born--the time of the Inquisition. Whether it was now or after the war, we wanted to use the same FA style as we did before to bully people into getting what we want. We have been reluctant to show our true face because that'd get us rolled. We have stood idly by but now the time is to follow NPO's lead. In every previous war, Camelot has only entered wars where we greatly outnumber our opponents and now we're getting another free win by interfering in another war to extend our proud legacy. Note this is our decision unilaterally as we could no longer allow these TKR people to call out when we try and fail to bully them. It is regrettable that we couldn't stack the odds more in our favor. There is every intention of domination. The imbalance we have introduced made it clear that our entry will solidify Camelot and George's reputation as being past their IQ ways. The numbers cited have made it clear that this is a war heavily in our favor, allowing us to stroke our egos and for me to secretly continue embezzling the alliance bank. We did everything we could to make sure we never have to fight a real war. By the day, TKR had been just too honorable for us to handle and BK was just so much better at being BK than we are. We expect to take little losses as we engage in tiers that have already been decided, which is why we declare war on TKR. Tl;dr Never forget that Camelot will always fight those darn hegemons.
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  17. Be loyal to what matters, sage advice for a rapidly changing world. In such a world, what matters is family. Family ain’t just what you were born into, but what you choose. Family is those who you’d bleed for, those who you’d die for. Such a family is rare to find, and when you do find it, never let it go, even if it kills you. Some believe that there’s winners and losers, and there ain’t nothing else besides, we believe different. There’s a right and a wrong way to do things, but we live in a world of gray, not one of black and white. It ain’t always easy to do the right thing, but anything worth doing, is worth doing right. This is what we believe. People don’t forget, nothing gets forgiven on Orbis. The past weighs heavy on the future, but our past does not define what we can become. We can become better, we can become more. We’ve seen friends and enemies succumb to that weight, good men, honest men. We seek to do right by those memories, by that history. We’re gonna carry that weight.
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  19. W] bkflag.png
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  20. Hello everyone, First, I want to start out by apologizing. When I removed "Beige" without warning on the live server some time ago, I did so primarily out of frustration and that is a terrible way to run or develop a game. I've done a lot of reflection since then, and I just want to say sorry for all of the trouble that that action of mine has caused. I do fundamentally believe that Beige is flawed (at least in the way that it had been implemented) but to just remove it with no ready replacement was wrong. I can say that since Beige has been removed, it has sparked a lot of good discussions and I think we are now closer than ever to developing a better replacement mechanic. I have been working with users in the Game Suggestions forum, as well as our new development team on proposing and discussing alternatives that will have less unintended consequences. Instead of just picking one and going for it, what I am hoping to do is run a series of short tournaments on the test server testing each alternative. From those tournaments we can gather feedback and make tweaks as necessary, as well as ultimately decide on a replacement and implement that into the live server. However, that is going to take some time. Therefore, instead of rushing things, what I have decided on is re-implementing the old Beige system as a temporary measure while we test and develop a replacement. That is, primarily, what this announcement is about. Right now the old beige system is being tested on the Test Server by our QA Team (you can go play on the test server as well and report any bugs you find with the changes if you'd like to help.) Once I am confident that the changes don't have any major bugs, I will be pushing them to the live server. I don't have an exact ETA, but I would say with about 90% certainty that will be within the next 72 hours. In addition to re-instating old beige, I am also making two other changes: The Steel cost of Tanks is being reduced from 1 -> 0.5. Reducing the Steel cost for Tanks has been suggested probably since P&W first began, and I am finally listening to the advice of the community and heeding my development team and going for it. The Nation Score formula is getting tweaked slightly to increase the score values of Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships. This was a popular suggestion by @Roberts, and was well received by the development team as well. Note that I am not going to adjust the score value of cities as proposed in that suggestion. I will, of course, let you all know when this change is pushed to the live server, but I wanted to give everyone advance warning and notice about these development plans. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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  21. Now that I'm banned, I figured this was something that should be done. I'm not mad or annoyed at Alex in anyway; what I did was completely wrong, and a ban was incoming. I do regret what I did, which is why I didn't deny anything that Alex questioned me about. I wish none of this was even necessary, but I made a mistake that I need to pay for. Please do note that everything I did was my responsibility and mistake alone; I would hate to see people unfairly blaming KT for something that they were completely unaware about. I know this in no way makes up for the immense wrongdoings I've done, but I hope it's at least a start. It's been nice being in this community for a year. I know many of you will rejoice that I've gone, and I can't really blame you for that. I'm far from a good person. I'll miss some of the people I've met here. -Yang
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  22. Preamble We the undersigned parties, united by our mutual PTSD from such endeavors and our good taste in memes, henceforth establish Nexus, to bring peace, freedom, justice and security to our new Bloc. Article 1: Friends who bank together, stay together. All signatories have the option to become Stakeholders within The Foundation bank, which will act as the primary banking service for all alliances in the Bloc, and by extension their members, under the benefits and terms provided to them by the Charter of the Foundation. Article 2: Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me. Section 1: Supremacy Should the treaty obligations of any Party come into direct conflict with their duties and responsibilities with regards to Nexus, their obligation to the Bloc shall always take precedence. Section 2: Intelligence The signatories agree to share any and all relevant political information among themselves, in a timely manner and as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to do so shall be discussed at the earliest opportunity. Article 3: Do. Or do not. There is no try. Section 1: Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression An attack upon any Member of the bloc shall be regarded as an attack upon us all. Joint and coordinated offensives, be it political, military or covert action may be taken by any of the signatories as they so choose, Nexus shoots first. Article 4: Initiation into the Dark Side Bloc The addition of a new alliance to Nexus is dependent upon unanimous agreement of all signatories. Expulsion from Nexus is also dependent upon unanimous agreement of all parties, save for the signatory under judgement. Article 5: Serious Pledges All member parties hereby agree to the following pledges, which are cornerstone to the Bloc and are valid effective immediately: Daveth is legally not allowed to have migraines, of any sort. House Stark is an independent kingdom within Westeros, and has no affiliation with the Six Kingdoms whatsoever. Seen as Zygon is a turd, the signatories recognize that Zygon is the ruler of House Stark in name only. Sval is the most Maleficent, Mendacious and Malicious of us all, being solely to blame as the mastermind of our misdeeds and those of OWR. Carthago has the best tea and Krampus-made biscuits in the known world, the likes of which Rome deeply envies and desires. [Classified] Article 6: [Redacted] Article 7: I’ve got a bad feeling about this... Should any of the signatories be found wishing to absolve itself of its duties to Nexus, pledge allegiance to the Republic and serve democracy or seek out some other nonsense like the return of the Sith, they may do so in writing to other signatories, whereupon a period of 72h of final notice shall then follow, after which all obligations to the bloc shall be regarded as fulfilled and void. Tl:dr; Nexus - House Stark, Carthago and Order of the White Rose form a Bloc
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  23. Since time immemorial man has suffered from thirst, and thirst takes on many forms. Thirsty for rum, thirsty for booty, thirsty for blood, it parches your throat. Here at Arrgh!, we are always on the lookout for opportunities, and we are reasonably certain a non-mirage cool drink lies on the horizon, within our grasp! And boy oh boy are we thirsty. In the interests of thirst quenching refreshment, Arrgh declares war on Oasis!
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  24. Can you leave this mechanic in place until you have an alternative ready to go? Otherwise, it'll do exactly what you say you don't want it to do should a war break out anywhere.
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  25. Dear Orbis Friends, Colleagues, Peers, and Acquaintances, I come to you with a very important update: Today marks the sixth (yes, sixth) birthday of The Knights Radiant. As we enter our seventh year, we would love for you to join us in celebration of all of the happenings of the last year. This has marked my first full year after couping politely displacing @Adrienne, and it has been marked by two wars, two spheres, and lots of friends new and old. TKR and our members are proud of the growth we have seen on Orbis, and hope you can continue to join us in celebration of this place. We have high hopes for our continued growth and fun in the coming year, and we hope to see you on our Discord, your Discord, our forum, @BigMorf radio, our private Slack, or via carrier pigeon soon. Without further ado, the best birthday song I know: @Benfro out. My personal birthday wish is for my theme song never be heard from again. Love y'all.
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  26. The time of reckoning is finally nigh after several years of misdeeds. Demonstrating to Orbis throughout the years what has come to typify their actions while escaping without any form of reprieval, Camelot has bungled and staggered through the last month. That said, everything, inevitably, comes full circle - thus the time has come for justice to be brought down upon them and settle these old debts, so that we may move towards the future. For those who departed before the ship began sinking in earnest, we offer our most sincere congratulations. For those who remain, know that we hold no ill towards you, but towards your government and the numerous situations in which they have wronged us. Epimetheus is no King, Queen, Empress or Emperor and is to blame for this. Ask yourselves if he is truly the kind of leader you would like to follow. TLDR; Nexus declares war on Camelot.
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  28. From the desk of Pragglesan The bestest reporter ever Greetings, friends! On behalf of Habsburg News Hour I want to apologize to you! We knowingly clickbaited you friends! There is no easy ethical life hack. I had to get your attention because Exorock has made an unsettling discovery. You see. There are scammers in our midst! Hailing from the depths of egypt (for my american friends, this is egypt:) In egypt, they developed a system friends. It's called a pyramid! And now there are scammers in our midst friends! Scammers who are tricking unsuspecting new players into... ohhh I can't stand for this friends! Habsburg News Hour raises the alarm! Red flags! Outrage friends! I will start at the beginning! You see friends, recently we received the following testimony from an anonymous source! You see friend. This prompted us to do research! You see friends. Rose whales grow lots! And rose newbies less lots! Now rose newbies put half their money in the bank as an intry fee! Now friends. Eyes on the ball! Here is a link! Scour! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=790 Friends, consider the Rose mission statement: Rose members contribute value to the alliance. Economic value that serves a higher purpose. This contribution is centralized. In the whale hoards! And the lowest levels fo this pyramid sacrifices for one another- the whale! I see you are not yet convinced friends. We have looked at the top rose nations and cross-calculate check algorithm'd it against our extensive habsburg royal marriage governance database of external alliances for union purposes (trademark leo'd). Through these advanced measures, we ended with the following list: Friends! Rose is a pyramid scheme! We as a community must come to action. We must boycott before more innocents fall victim to these scam artists! Exorock calls on all Rose victims to come forward and share their stories of economic abuse. Habsburg News Hour will give you your voice back. And together we may make a legal fist! For those friends among us who are old and slower in understanding (Greetings, Ronny friend!) I have summarized our reveal in this handy schematic. Please distribute it as you see fit in order to spread awareness! Ta!
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  29. I wanted to write this up as a formal goodbye as i get ready for a perma send off I realize many people are gonna downvote and hate this for no good reason like always I wont know most the people who do and theyll most likely be a friend to certain people who are super anti Nokia regardless i wanted to come out and say it has a been a wonderful 7 years of PnW the last 2 are years i wouldnt trade for anything the people i met and friends ive made in the mist of it all are some people i will never forget I even met the love of my life from Running TCM and pulling a super dumb Stunt to try and pay weebs into playing (this is not like GPWC) Ive spent my time in various alliances as Gov both low and high I even got to make a amazing community that i will always have a hard time leaving behind. I want to take this time and thank friends of old and friends of New regardless even if certain of us havent spoken since 2019 lol top my list those closet to my heart and I owe so so much to Shadowfire, Evernt, Benjalum, Empiur, Shifty, Dusty, Minesome, Arctic, Cct, Fairymoon, Rainbow, Wingawoo, Chute Mi, Shota Duck, Vorac1ty, Jack Rackham, Kermit, Starfuze, Breezy, Mr. Glasses, Justinian, Slicknick, Yuuki, Baam, Lucifer Morningstar, Murtaza, Isjaki, Hwan { I am 100% forgetting to name a few) to the friends i once had for making this time unforgetable, Akuryo, Elijah Mikaelson, Epi, George(Bumi), Visellia, Firwof, Sphinx, Rebekah Mikaelson, HannahH, Bourhann, Inst, Verin, Arthur, TheShadow{ without a doubt forgetting a few) with this i dont expect to check these forums for maybe 1 to 2 years as i leave to tackle life To all the Former TCM members who stood behind me I love you guys dearly rock on and have the best blast Ive given the TCM Server to its Co Founder Evernt. to most of you i hold dear you either have my phone number or my FB or my discord still feel free to stay in touch.
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  30. Hey everyone, Some of you may remember me, but for those that don't or joined the game later. I'm Anna, formerly known as Yuno (Id: 70040). On february 5th 2020, I got banned alongside many others by Alex for what is commonly known as the NPO cheating scandal. https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/27996-252020-major-announcement-regarding-enforcement-of-game-rules/ Here is the link to Alex's announcement on it and a detailed google docs explanation for those that wish to read it. First and foremost, what happened is unforgiveable and I acknowledge that I played a critical role in it. Due to me using my reach as a large discord community leader and turning those members into tax farms for NPO in exchange for translations of novels or mangas, I caused serious harm and dismay to many people. I am here today to sincerely apologize to the game and community as a whole. My words and actions can't bring back the people or time that we're lost in NPO's rampage calling for mass deletion of nations. I am terribly sorry. The reason for this forum post is simple, after 1.5 years I would like to have a chance to rejoin the politicsandwar community and ask for forgiveness for my past actions. However, I fully understand that I still carry the weight of responsibility with me. Therefore with this thread I am hoping to be able to respond to any questions, unresolved feelings and thoughts you all might still have on this. If you prefer, you can also directly contact me on discord at Ana#1892 in the politicsandwar discord. Once again, I am truly sorry for what I did. I hope that one day you all can forgive me. Regards, Ana
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  31. ROASIS As the official head of Rose Foreign Affairs (all other claims of FA heads are false) I hereby announce the creation of the ROASIS sekret treaty sphere. The terms are as follows: Defense Parties agree to a sekret Defense clause that in the case of defensive or any war for that matter, the parties may decide to join the conflict regardless if the other party requests it or not. Cancellation This agreement will not be cancelled Signed by: Rose MinesomeMC Vexz Alex Immortals That Midget from Game of Thrones That really angry Wilson Guy TFP GTA VIce City The Wei James II ASM Who cares Tl;dr - Rose, TFP, TI, The Wei, ASM & some unnamed few agree to a sekret ttreaty bloc
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  32. It was a warm spring afternoon as Adam, Benfro, Wizel, Yosodog, and LordStrum, among others, were sitting around the table celebrating their victory over Swamp. Peace had been achieved and The Swamp had been drained. As everyone is finishing their meals, Benfro and Yosodog rise from their chairs. Benfro raises his beer, “Friends. It's been one hell of a ride but all great things must come to an end. It was an honor to go to hell and back with you all but the time for Quack to split is upon us. You have been awesome allies and we wouldn't have changed anything for all the money in the world. To Quack.” Everyone raises their beverages of choice. “To Quack!” Yoso then raises his drink, “Hell of a ride indeed. Thanks for everything. And one last thing BK is taking Wana and Eumir with us! To Quack!” Everyone laughs. “To Quack!” “It's never good-bye. See you again.” tl:dr -TKR/t$ and BK/t$ treaties will be ending in 72 hours.
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  33. As is becoming tradition, KT has made a new New Years Resolution! We would go paperless if we could, but the current moronic war mechanics simply don't make it viable. Thank God there are other ways to wreak havoc! During my 7-month spiritual retreat, I learned to better align myself with my monke nature. It seems that a few of my old friends, who spent the year over in Syndisphere, have had a similar experience at the short end of yet another global dogpile! I thought we were done with those? After IQ - thank God - left this holy place, did you people not swear not to repeat their sins? Did you indeed decide to fill the power vacuum and take their place? That is not the path to heaven. That is not the path to profit. That is not the path to... uhhh... celestial phenomenons? Not our path. How does the saying go? You give a monkey a stick, he'll inevitably beat another monkey to death with it? Well, I am a monkey with a REALLY big stick. And I brought friends. Please meet them: "Recently we met a man with a strange name and another who calls himself a whale. Though interesting characters, their easygoing nature was refreshing following our brush with a more violent group. They were headed in the same direction, and we decided these would be ideal traveling companions. And with that Eclipse continues on its journey to embrace monke, with our new friends, KT and the Company." - Hughes "For Christmas, Patrick made a wish to be granted a horsecock. This.. erm, is not what he had in mind God, but we'll take it." - Theodosius Signed for Knights Templar: Denison Horsecock Dryad Yang Barbarossa Signed for Eclipse: Pascal Hughes Signed for The Company: Theodosius Patrick Stewart
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  34. Investor Contact: Theodosius Media Contact: Partisan $YNDICATE, INC., ANNOUNCES DEPARTURE AND APPOINTMENT OF COO NASSAU, Bahamas, 2020-07-25: $YNDICATE, INC., (NYSE:SCC) is providing an update to all shareholders and potential investors on the status of the Chief Operations Officer(COO) position. We have unfortunate news today on the departure of our COO, Leopold von Habsburg. Leopold has retained the position for the past 657 days and has provided an era of stability and ever-increasing margins leading to huge economic bonuses for our associates. Leopold through various strategic options and mandates had acquired a significant shareholder position within the company which he used to leverage his influence over many of $YNDICATE, INC., moves both diplomatic and economic. He has been involved in many of the highs and lows of our company’s economic viability. Most recently he used his clear and direct leadership along with the whole executive team to help topple an aggressive communist regime that was plaguing the world of Orbis. With peace and solidarity firmly entrenched within $YNDICATE, INC., Leopold has had time to reflect on his future within the company. This week $YNDICATE, INC., share price reached a 52 week high and Leopold von Habsburg has made the decision, with approval and recommendation from his economic advisors, to liquidate all his holdings within $yndicate INC., and invest the profits in various real estate holdings around Orbis. When asked for a quote on this huge development he responded with “I just wanted to live the simple life”. His first purchase was a scenic lake along with the corresponding mountain and land in a 100km radius which he dedicated to $YNDICATE, INC., and offers lucrative vacation packages for $yndicate associates. Leopold has provided a picture to be sent out as a memo to all $yndicate personnel which he denies is advertising. Photographer: VP of Operations, Lucas As a token of the board’s gratitude to Leopold von Habsburg, they have moved to make him an honourary board advisor despite holding no equity within $YNDICATE, INC.,. This move has received universal acclaim from all shareholders. The board has also elected Adam as the new Chief Operations Officer. Adam has been running $YNDICATE, INC., subsidiary ENTERPRI$E, Corp., (NYSE: ESC) and has introduced sweeping reforms that have reduced operation costs dramatically and lead to subsequent quarterly growth. The board is very optimistic on the future of $YNDICATE, INC., with Adam at its helm. Thank you everyone for your time. Leopold von Habsburg, former Chief Operations Officer About $YNDICATE, INC., $YNDICATE, Inc., based near Nassau, The Bahamas, is the world's leading gasoline, aluminum, steel and munitions distributor for a wide variety of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. Wholly-owned $YNDICATE, Inc. subsidiary brands include the Elysium, which designs, markets and distributes tank and missile materials, and Black Knights, which continues to test the limits and boundaries with regards to media content. This sentence is here because la Revolución has finally triumphed. For more information about SYNDICATE, Inc., and its activities, contact Partisan, Chief Strategic Officer.
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  35. Quality of Life Changes: Alliances will gain the ability to embargo other alliances Individual nations will be able to delete the embargo if they so choose Uniformed resource order listing Better notification system Bloc Option for treaty web between alliances. Please upvote or downvote if you like/dislike these changes
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  36. A distress call has been received in Zakuul, it comes from our ally planet of ASM which states assistance with new hostiles. It has been reported in the scout report that the enemy is said to be dawning radiant silver armour, with a red cross serving as the centerpiece. The foreign chancellor can be seen hurrying after reading the report. He would move to the center counsel and prepare a holocron with the details of this war against the lives of the lame leaf, adorable red panda, the joe and the other beloved allies of ASM. After finishing up the transfer of details onto the holocron it would be sent off to the Eternal Fleet Command Ship. The holocron wouldn't take long to arrive at the bridge of the Eternal Fleet Command Ship. The High Justice would be alerted by a communications officer of the holocron and the urgency level of it. She would take no time to move and collect it so she could present it to the Emperor, but to no surprise he was already aware and walking through the bridge doors towards her. He would do a simple nod to her, not saying a word. She would then play the holocron, realizing the allied planet of ASM was under attack. She would then order for the Eternal Fleet to be mobilized and jump hyperspace to the ASM System. The planet can be seen up in blaze with the ravaging war, as the White Knights crusade across the planet. The Emperor as he looked on from the bridge would then state: "In the darkness, only ambition will guide you." Historical holocron "The Galactic Crusade" can be seen opening up, with a new slot to be filled. Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz
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  37. Hello Everyone, On this day, we celebrate the alliance that has become House Stark and the friends we share it with. Whether you are new to the game or have been here since the beginning, this is a chance to reflect on our relationships and stance as an alliance, and where we are headed in the coming year. While real life the last year has been difficult for all of us, we have been there for one another. We are nations helping nations, friends helping friends, all of us doing what we can to help get us through these turbulent times. And as we go through another war, while there may be many of us on opposite sides, we are all united in a common goal, to create a break from real life that is fun for everyone. House Stark's success is because of its members but also the friendships we have come to have over the last 4 years. People who encounter us know we strive to live up to our values of loyalty, equality, courage, and compassion, and know that diversity is our strength. What makes House Stark special is not the belief that this is the best alliance in Orbis – it's the knowledge that it could be, and that we will keep working to build that alliance. Because no challenge we face will be too great, if we face it together. Today, we celebrate the alliance House Stark and tomorrow, we look to the future and move forward, with all of you. And with that vision in mind, I am proud to announce the first ever Northerners Day. A day, not only to celebrate the accomplishments of the alliance, but to also celebrate the accomplishments of its own members, the friendships we have created, and the accomplishments yet to come. We wish everyone luck in the wars to come, and know that winter is here to stay.
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  38. Well, everybody has to grow up someday. The Black Knights are finally legal, and ready to take on the world. Of course, you can't do it alone. Everybody needs a few good friends along the way. From frat parties to finals Black Knights and the Syndicate friendship grew, from the playground to the campus dorms, all the way to getting a degree. Now they take the final step of walking together into the real world. I: The Black Knights and the Syndicate will not attempt to unify their fraternities (unless, of course, there is booze). II: The Black Knights will not challenge The Syndicate to a fight in public, and vice versa. Instead, they will take it behind the dumpsters and attempt not to leave permanant damage. III: Both parties will inform each other about other kids who are "just looking for a good time". IV: If either tS or BK gets jumped in the parking lot after class, the other guy promises to stand up for him. V: If either tS or BK needs to beat up a kid for his lunch money, the other party has the option to join in for a split of the profits. VI: As great as college is, it does not last forever. Should one of these parties decide that it is time to get a real job and grow up, they have 72 hours to send tickets to their graduation. Signed For The Syndicate Signed For The Black Knights
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  39. Commodities Every nation generates two different Commodities in their nation. There are 25 total different Commodities. Every nation starts with 1 Commodities swap which will allow for an instant change for a single Commodity. If a nation has less than or equal to 100 days since being founded and uses their free Commodities swap, that Commodities swap will return 15 days (180 turns) after being used for free. Any nation with more than 100 days since being founded that uses their free Commodities swap will have their free Commodities swap return after 60 days (720 turns). Commodities swap timers can be reduced to 0 turns for 2 credits. Every nation is allowed one default shipping routes. Which allow access to the other nations Commodities resources creating a total of 4 Commodities resources. A low cost project will be introduced which allows for an additional shipping route creating a total of 6 Commodities resources. A higher cost project will be introduced which allows for an additional shipping route creating a total of 8 Commodities resources. Commodities effects do not stack. Food Base Cattle - Increase Food output by 2%, bonus ceases if radiation levels are above 50% Fertilizer - Increase Food output by 2.5% but in Winter Season drops to .5% Fish - Reduces food usage by 5% Bananas - Increases food output by 0.5%. Reduces disease by 0.5% per city. Reduces food usage by 2% Monetary Base Spices - Increase Monetary Revenue by 1%. Diamonds - Adds $25,000 per turn in revenue ($300,000 per day, in comparison 50k color bonus is $600,000) Gold - Adds $20,000 per turn in revenue ($240,000 per day, in comparison 50k color bonus is $600,000) Tea - Increase Monetary Revenue by 1% Ivory - Increases Monetary Revenue by 2% but raises crime by 0.5% City Base Coffee - Increase Commerce (and the commerce cap) by 1% in all cities Citrus - Decreases Disease in all cities by 2% Silver - Decreases Crime in all cities by 2% Glass - Reduces pollution by 25 in each city. Cotton - Increases population by 0.5% Furs - Increases population by 0.5% Copper - Decreases Power Improvements daily cost, resource, and purchase use by 5% Titanium - Decreases infra cost by 5% Soil - Decreases land cost by 5% Military Base Silicon - Decrease Missile/Nuke upkeep and monetary purchase costs by 2.5% Rubber - Decrease Tank/Plane upkeep and monetary purchase costs by 2.5% Stone - Decrease Ship upkeep and monetary purchase costs by cost by 5% Dyes - Decrease Soldier upkeep (including food) and purchase costs by 5% Salt - Reduces radiation effect on food by 15% Skulls - 2% loot boost if average infra greater than 1k, 5% loot boost if average infra less than or equal to 1k Ruby - Bonus can never be reduced below 100k or increased above 1000k. Whenever you win a war gain your ruby bonus. When you win a war it's bonus is increased by 25k. When you lose a war it's bonus is decreased by 10k. The projects will also be listed in another thread coming soon. Logistics Center Effect: Opens an additional trade route for Commodities Cost Cash: $5,000,000 Food: 25,000 Uranium: 5,000 Aluminum: 5,000 World Trade Organization Effect: Opens an additional trade route for Commodities Requirements: International Trade Center, Logistics Center, Space Program Cost Cash: $20,000,000 Food: 250,000 Uranium: 15,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Gasoline: 10,000
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  40. We here at the Knights Templar are proud. We are proud of our skill, of our piety, and of our service to the community. For example, we have recently aided two blocs - Oasis and Rosesphere - in helping them refine their strategies against raiders. As the work of the Lord never stops, we dispatched scouts to search the region for other people we may aid. So, imagine our surprise when we came across the lands of Alpha and Polaris! Who are they? This was a curious discovery for our scouts. As our scribes search the archives, we eventually discovered records of their existence. The logs eventually stopped, so we had assumed they were gone! Even our leaders were surprised that they were still around! Turns out, they had just not done anything worth writing down. In our desire to serve the Lord by serving the wider P&W community, we are displeased with this! How can these two communities, with roots going back to even before P&W, be so inactive and quiet that we just assumed they were disbanded? This cannot stand! In order to put Polaris and Alpha back into the minds of Orbisans everywhere, KT hereby declares war on them! May a wiki article featuring them be created! tldr: KT decs Alpha and Polaris
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  41. Orange Man Corporation News Release: Recognition of Hostile takeovers Orange Man Corporation, commonly called TKR, hereby recognizes the attempted hostile takeover by hedge funds T$ and Rose. Both companies have been implicated in predatory actions that have diminished investor confidence. T$ executives have been caught in a series of contradictory statements that has rattled their resolve. One man in a businessman-looking suit wearing a snake costume was quoted "What even is our CB?". Rose company heads have engaged in consolidation that some fear is already too much. Entire industries are now under the behemoth's control after many, many previous mergers. A stout man from somewhere in the midwest with a mustache commented how "Rose took our jobs." Share prices have tumbled for both companies with these revelations. Investigations last night uncovered an operation from the two companies to take down the mom and pop business, Orange Man Corp. with the codename "GG G/G." Execution of this plan was hindered by unforeseen technical difficulties resulting from extra high trading volume on the Sheepy exchange. Upon learning of this, Benfro, queen of TKR, declared that he would begin immediately to take action to protect against the bevy of shorts and puts facing his shareholders. Ben was not the only one to take notice. Soon, an army, with the moniker "Hollywood," were supporting Ben under the ancient principle of "YOLO". T$ and Rose sustained billions in losses of hedge money as investors flocked to TKR. While driving by in rural Iowa, one stereotypical swing voter recounted "TKR made him a millionaire." Internal polling has indicated that TKR has now replaced snek on moon. Now emboldened, Ben sought to acquire assets from both T$ and Rose, setting his sights particularly on the subsidiary, Terminal Jest. Thus, in a surprising maneuver, TKR began its own hostile takeovers of both T$ and Rose began under codename "Orange Man Bad". Rumors circulated that as Benfro announced this, a chant could be heard from the knights of the company. Continuing even to now, the echoes can be heard: "I pledge allegiance, to the flag. Against the $yndicate and Rose. One orange alliance. To prevent ROI and growth for all. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that pixels must be destroyed." - Signed: Orange Man Corp, TKR (soon to be found on the moon). Tl;dr - TKR is ready to dance. May only the worst ROI lead to the moon.
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  42. BK activates their paperless MDP with TLE and declares war on The Coal Mines. CB: Not enough targets Edit: TLE can I get access to your coalition server so we can better coordinate?
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  43. And on the 7th day, God created KT. And he saw that it was good. And God said unto KT: "None of Orbis shall ever know peace from you." And it was so. God works in mysterious ways. While it is always sad to see people failing to understand KT's purpose and motives, it is nevertheless expected. And it is always entertaining to see the speculation and panic of the people who least understand us. Is KT so scary and unpredictable that all of PnW should live in perpetual fear of us? Perhaps. Of course the very people who are most obsessed with forcing their bigoted OOC politics upon this game are also the same who expect everyone else to do likewise. A thief believes everybody steals. KT never has and never will be governed by such petty motives. You already knew that. This is neither the thread, the forum, nor even the game for that. This is a game of war. There are many people out there who want it to be a game of peaceful farming. KT has once again come to enlighten them. So now you're asking: WTF is our target? The answer is yes. Our target is WTF. tldr: KT declares war on WTF DEUS VULT!
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  44. Hello. Given all the rhetoric about Quack's size and Swamp's supposed long-running perception of Quack as a threat, i'd like to open discussions on misconceptions that may exist between our respective alliances. I'd like to start this dialogue by requesting clarification on the following: Quack has been of the impression that Swamp felt threatened by TCW and Rose/HM, respectively. Though t$ has long maintained its stance of scepticism towards Rose/HM, and had open dialogue with both parties regarding said scepticism, dialogue between t$ and Swamp on Swamp's fear of t$ has remained limited. How does Swamp's longstanding fear for TCW and Rose, as evidenced by its multi-month campaign to get The $yndicate to hit Rose prior to and during your dogpile on TCW tie into what was perceived as a cordial relationship, and has our unwillingness to attack Rose during that period impacted your perception of quack as a threat? I look forward to your reply. Kind Regards, Partisan, on behalf of The Board of Directors of The $yndicate
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