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  1. As an aside (from a somewhat objective onlooker), I believe this whole piece of drama to be not worth most people's time. Its mainly receiving attention by virtue of the dearth of drama that a 6-month NAP provides. Further, I personally have no stake in this, and this is just my individual view on what is being shown. Feel free to correct me if the limited information available warps this perspective. But to briefly bite on what's going on, it would seem that Sphinx and Odin, based on the facts presented in the log, have a somewhat legitimate point on being owed a considerable amount of money and resources. If I were in that position, I'd want my money back. Now, life happens, and it's later explained by Aku that NP financials had a tough go of it, so you open up for a compromise. I think Sphinx/Odin attempted to do that. But that's about where they being in the right ends. One thing the last war taught us is that without a semblance of trust or good faith, things won't go anywhere. Leaking, harboring leakers, and/or a lack of sufficient communication on those actions can facilitate such distrust. It makes it really hard to strike a deal or to even have productive conversations. Keegoz and Kev have a valid gripe there, and I don't know if I'd feel differently in their shoes. I feel like that cliche parenting line where you tell your kid that "you went from right to wrong by..." Unfortunately, that's the case here. Here's a suggestion: go back to DMs and try to listen to each other before dirty laundry gets dumped on here. This is already a toxic place filled with pettiness, and getting the satisfaction of the circle jerk or faux outrage is not going to solve your problems. Constructive conversations will. At the end of the day, I think it's important to note that whatever the result is and wherever your personal grudges lie, hundreds if not thousands of players rest on your decisions. I wish y'all the best of luck of figuring this out. I hope–for the sake of a deeper level of politics–you do.
  2. @Alex Hi, there seems to be a bug with bauxite production. I think it still calculates the production bonus from the base of 6 mines versus 10. Just some simple math here to figure this out: 4946 * 3 * 1.3889 - 1600 = 19008.4982 23624.6 + 1600 = 25224.6 -> 25224.6/(4946*3) = 1.7 or 70% bonus I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but I didn't get that from your report and there's still the inconsistency with the shown bonus production value. This will significantly affect how we approach our builds, so any comments/fixes on this would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Ok @Mhearl... @King Arthur was my fwend before yours. Congratulations though ❤️.
  4. Shout to Rose for showing y’all what it means to be an ally. Your chicanery with IF was disappointing to say the least. Please be better.
  5. I’d just like to point out that these events in their entirety should make no one happy. It’s really disappointing all around, and we ought to maintain that solemnity. I, for one, will not engage in hitting my enemies while they’re down. Thank @Prefonteen for responding appropriately o7. Hopefully, we can move on from the past and make a future where we don’t repeat these mistakes.
  6. Don't give this guy the time of day, Cal. Note that I have no sympathy for TMC nor what they represent, but Minesome here is an edgy troll who uses Nazi language and symbols that make people uncomfortable even when called out on it. That doesn't even begin to mention how he stole OPSEC sheets and documents from TMC and attempted to leverage them against them while hiding in BoC-affiliated alliances. Yeah, he's in large part responsible for this whole second wind of the war for actions that aren't too dissimilar to the bank thefts your coalition claims to be against. He should rightfully be ignored and left in hapless ignominy.
  7. Cooper_


    Minesome made Nazi jokes to my face in our embassy after he was made aware of my background. As far as I'm concerned, he can be rolled into oblivion for disrespecting my family and community as he did. I have no qualms.
  8. Cooper_


    Ok, you're all sh*t people. Let's not get too excited here. I hate you all.
  9. Cooper_


    One small step in Orbis. One giant leap for Orbiskind.
  10. You're playing with words. An in-game NAP is a mechanic designed to prevents wars declared by errant members and to symbolize that relationship on the treaty web is not diplomatically relevant. Those lines are about as meaningful as sheepy's continued promises to actually fix the game (aka they don't mean shit). The treaty you link does have force to it as part of the global politics, but I believe Pantheon entered as soon as TI was blitzed by GOONS. As Pantheon received counters from alliances other than GOONS, TLE had the right to join at Pantheon's call (which they did at update). Also, we had this conversation in TLE's DoW thread where I explained this to you and @Richard Payne III clarified that he did use this as a CB. I have no interest in arguing here rather I'm just telling you the facts of the matter. Can we please leave meaningless provocations out of this? I am trying to engage in good faith discourse, and I hope that goal can be mutual.
  11. An in-game treaty has nothing to do with the diplomatic realities. As I've tried to explain to y'all, TLE had a valid option to enter defensively through their previous treaty to Pantheon (I believe that treaty was since cancelled/expired) and Schrute Farms. I don't believe they entered until Pantheon was hit AND countered by other alliances, representing an expansion of the war. This chain of events constitutes a valid defensive entry coherent with adherence to a NAP in-game treaty notwithstanding and frankly irrelevant. If y'all want to contest TLE's CB, then I suggest actually discussing their intent because that is what you're trying to get. I've known them to be nice people, but in order to be coherent with treaty definitions the accusation you're looking to make is not of breaking a NAP but acting in bad faith. I'm willing to have that conversation, and explain positions there, but this sound-bite propaganda bits aren't productive for constructing arguments on this stage. I mean this with all the respect towards yourself and your alliance. I just hope that we can keep our discourse organized, on-task and within set conventions albeit perhaps that's too high of a standard for all of us. In this war, NPO has: - Hit OFA (their coalition ally who later disbanded for "beiging too much") - Participated in the circumstances that resulted in CU's disbandment - Blitzed/Aid a blitz on TFP when Quichwe got mad at Roq for threatening moderation over a treasure deal - Aided allies who systematically hit uninvolved protectorates, including AD, CC, HA, and an assortment of previous alliances who had already been months at war. AD and CC both disbanded and/or merged. - Conspired to hit their allies in T$/HS - Hit OWR/CTO who wished to be peaced out - Actively extended the war to make people quit the opposing coalition, delete nations and have alliances disband -------- Call your actions what you will, but you don't have much ground to stand on.
  12. Yes, our discussion was a lively one, Hope.
  13. Ok before this whole reps debacle continues, I think it’s important to note the point of reps isn’t to give some sort of economic advantage to the winner but rather to punish a losing side for what was seen as unfair play. We’re talking about putting 50 billion in reps, @Do Not Fear Jazz you know I love you man but 30 ain’t much different, on a coalition that entered preemptively or was hit in the case of T$. @Alexio15 has the logs on the validity of the CB, so we’re talking about rightful warfare here. And for a time, coalition B won and accomplished its war goals which were to damage Chaos albeit on Chaos’ timeline versus rebuild. There isn’t a pretext for reps between the constant stalling and purposeful attrition coalition B has engaged in. Rather, what this is, is a shameful corruption of yet another precedent by OD in how peace negotiations function. Illegitimate CBs, breaking treaties, breaking NAPs wasn’t enough. Every political institution we know is being exploited for the sake of realpolitik, and this is ironic given that NPO are the ones who espouse an ideology of working within a formalized framework. If Polar got it’s bank hit, that is their fault no matter how much their FA gov might be great or want it back. War better and play better. Don’t utilize reps for something their not meant for because assuredly you’re setting a precedent that won’t be helpful for anyone, including you, in the future. Its shameful really how desperate things have become. Shame on everyone who wishes to instigate this dynamic and allow for reps to be a vehicle for personal piggybank, and I hope you don’t have to experience it as a taste of your own medicine.
  14. I mean revenue is almost directly proportional to city count, and in this metric NPO beats all. I think pre-war NPO was at 2800 cities, most at 2k infra. You're talking about basically 2 billion per day, and the alliance collects ALL of it. With BK, it's a similar story in the range of 1.7 billion at 2400, 2k infra cities. Pre-war TKR had a lot of cities below 2k infra and wasn't at full capacity yet with 1900 cities, so likely around 1 billion. T$ was around 1700 cities albeit at higher infra levels, so probably closer to 1.5 billion. In the previous two examples though, their taxes aren't even close to 100/100. This whole debate about wealth is stupid because in terms of actually wealth generation, no one has or is beating NPO, BK and GOONS. Once those GOONS are tiered to C15 and eventually C20 at 2k infra, that's probably the better part of 10 billion a day between just those three alliances. Every single day of peace, these alliances tier closer and closer to the upper tier and generate more revenue in a more efficiently-used manner. Forcing my members and those of Coalition A to pay for the advancement of NPO from 2 cities to 3 cities ahead of TKR in average city count isn't really solving things just further entrenching the wealth creation divide that exists right now. Props to NPO for having a great econ, but don't gaslight us into thinking that you're somehow poor given that you're literally the only alliance in the game who can single-handedly fund an entire coalition.
  15. Yeah, that makes sense, but there is still the other option, which is to not consider that stockpile up of resources up to what is required for manufacturing to be considered net production under taxes. It seems kind of silly to have to continuously shuffle resources that are taxed from the nation back to the nation if the goal is to produce manufacturing goods (with the required raws being produced concurrently. I guess this could be a specific tax option or general policy, but it’s make the life of some our Econ staff much easier given that they’d have to be shuffling resources for dozens of people to maintain some of our builds.
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