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  1. Congratulations guys on picking out a new gov. That said, I would like to say that @Redarmy is a treasure, and you will be missed. I've had the opportunity to become friends with you over these past months (almost a year now?), and I'm really happy I did. I know I speak for everyone in TKR when I say this because whether it was in CoS/Val (RIP) or later in ASM, you were a great friend and person throughout all of the tough times. I'm sure that almost everyone who really knows you thinks the same. There's really not many people who are as genuinely kind to as many people as you're. I didn't intend for this to get that sappy, but I really mean it. There's always a spot waiting for you to chill out with us whenever you like. Enjoy your retirement because you deserve it. And please don't be a stranger. Obligatory: RIP Chaos. I miss you ❤️ It's dark and full of terrors. I think Ben sometimes forgets to feed us.
  2. Finally making me proud to say "ayy lmao."
  3. a Knightly Association: Radiant Empire Notification Preamble The Knights Radiant and The Imperium enter into this treaty of mutual defense, to be referred to as K.A.R.E.N. Article I: That’s So Fetch! The Knights Radiant and The Imperium, referred to hereafter as the Signatories, come together to proclaim that “Fetch” is made an official word of both the Empire and Roshar. All followers of the sacred slang shall be granted Pax Romana such that no hostile actions are taken. Any disagreements on how and when “Fetch” should be said will be handled through the local oathkeeper. Article II: I’ll Speak to the Manager Both Signatories agree to share all relevant information, even complaints about the feckless employees. It is agreed that no whining nor passive-aggressiveness shall be included in the exchange of gossip on the size of that gurl’s assets. The Signatories are also encouraged to share technological and monetary techniques, including but not limited to roads, winemaking, and surges of adhesion. Article III: Isn’t my Haircut Great? Should either Signatory come under attack, the other Signatory pledges to do whatever it takes to help them get their way. Yes, even if that means we have to deal with people “who are just doing their job.” A Signatory does not have to send the radiant legions if this call is due to a Signatory's other obligations towards, or actions undertaken on behalf of, a third party. Article IV: I’m No Basic B*tch Should either Signatory wish to show their true colors, the treaty may be canceled at any time with the proper displays of privilege to the other alliance, followed by 72 hours of going to successively higher levels of management. After the 72 hours have elapsed, K.A.R.E.N will no longer be an official meme. /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: BennyBoop Princess of the Heralds: Revolution’s Harbinger Herald of Foreign Affairs: Boops Herald of War: ARRROOOOO Herald of Growth: Shroominator Herald of Internal Affairs: The Wise L /s/ The Imperium Emperor: Fake Boss Regent: Shopping Cart Manager Primarch of Milcom: Babysitter Primarch of Internal Affairs: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
  4. Not trying to start something here, so I'm just going to clarify. I made no judgement on the character of Dwight or his alliance. I experienced the same events as y'all, and I have opinions. Frankly though, my comment had nothing to do with SF rather it had to do with Rose. This is now the second time that Rose has countered for an ally in an unenviable position where they probably could've gotten away with not helping out. First with the KT hit that GGFU didn't counter and now this. To me, that shows a bit of consistency in principle, and that's what I was appreciating. It's a viewpoint that I share: you sign treaties then you reasonably honor them. That's all I was saying as a fellow adherent of the honourgland.
  5. It's not the first time Rose has stood up for someone who others wouldn't. Recalls KT right after NPOLT. Respect for that. Honor, amirite!
  6. I just wanted to point out that the rest of Orbis was watching you folks as the first war in the post-IQ environment, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for how all parties handled this war. This has been a personal dream of mine for years–to see a quick, short, and in-good-faith war–and it finally happened. Kudos. Now, let's make this the expectation not the exception!
  7. I never thought I'd see the day where someone gets declared on by @Menhera. Oh how times have changed in the FAmily. Best of luck to both of y'all. Really looking forward to Vader & Lossi Smash! They grow up so quickly... cries.
  8. This is just how I show @evilpiggyfoofoo my love. A prank on a personal level because piggy do be piggy. #CaleopeBetterThanPiggy I had no other intention in mind.
  9. Or... even pixel-hug properly. Look at those wasted production bonuses. 7/7/5 mines instead of maxing out at 10 for the +50% sighs. Imagine not even just not fighting back, but failing at that as well.
  10. If anyone is interested, in tiering comparisons.
  11. Honestly, this. I mean in its past 3 wars, TKR eventually got rolled all three times. We're stronger because of it. Mostly everyone here has made mistakes, and–to some degree or another–mostly everyone has paid for them in some way. A large part of accepting responsibility for actions is also accepting the consequences. If you do get rolled and you bounce back even stronger, you'll earn respect and have new paths open up to your FA. And I'm unaware of anyone who would subject you to what we were subjected to last war. A few weeks and a decent bit of pixels destroyed. This is also why I think the original post rings so hollow. I understand that y'all claim the timing is simply unfortunate, but, given your history and position, y'all don't really deserve the benefit of the doubt. I'm not sure what you expected Orbis to think besides that this is a naked move to protect your hides, the SAME sort of behavior that got UPN in trouble in the first place. Pixel-hugging is antithetical to what I'd want to achieve if I were in your shoes. Now to be clear, this isn't an open endorsement to roll UPN, but I thought the context was important enough to add. The first steps towards taking responsibility are quitting with the pansy "shoulda-coulda-woulda" excuses, starting to acknowledge what you did wrong, and showing the rest of Orbis how you plan to fix it. You didn't accomplish any of that here. And maybe that gets you rolled, but you'll come out the other end with your community intact and a whole potential future to explore. I mean it wasn't that long ago that most of the world had issues with TKR and decided to hit us in KF. I like to think that we've learned a lot since, and I know we're in a much better spot from an FA perspective despite having made missteps. There are many other alliances that have similar stories. It is up to you guys to make it happen and turn over a new leaf. Until that point, you can damn expect that you'll be subjected to intense scrutiny. Fix it and be better. Maybe then we can talk. That's about the extent of the good faith I have to offer you guys. I was going to ignore this as I don't really care what you have to say about me. My reputation speaks for itself. I don't have the time of day to worry about someone getting salty about having his one-man AA denied protection. But insulting a leader of one of my protectorates goes too far. Having worked with him for months, I can say that all of us in TKR are proud to have Citrus and Oceania as a protectorate. He, along with the Oceania team, have done great work in a building a community, and that's everything I ask of them. I have no desire to get into the specifics of your troubled history or to see this exchange continued. Desist and bring your comments elsewhere. Say whatever you want about me, but don't [email protected]#k around with my allies. I take that seriously, and I'm not as easygoing when it comes to protecting them.
  12. In the meantime, I'll take a NAP. Sorry, I'll show myself out.
  13. Given the timing, this seems like a last-minute publicity stunt. It's action not forum announcements that will change the minds of Orbis. I honestly hope you prove me wrong.
  14. Cooper_

    World Ellie Day

    Live action feed of the purple ellie in action.
  15. Yes! @Squeegee the rightful king has returned. Think of all the windows that you'll have time to clean. @Darth Ataxia I'm willing to be your Lady Olenna and Purple Wedding the sh*t out of SK if you can guarantee that Tommon Mikey will take his rightful place.
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