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  1. The real topic of this thread is that Kev is back! ❤️
  2. Note: Royal you Minispheres can't work unless you've got guiding principles though. Namely, that other spheres aren't engaging in paperless treaties. No amount of "proper FA" responds to the political incentives when you get even a few bad faith actors. The only thing that has changed in past iterations of minispheres is whether those same group of political actors puts their cards on the table or hides them in smokey back-channels. What's the point of having a small sphere if your potential enemies have a giant paperless web? Is there any incentive for you to just not make your own
  3. Three things here: 1. A flat reduction of 50% would actually make missiles a tiny bit stronger given that infra costs increase exponentially. i.e. two 2k cities losing 100 infra is more damage than a single 2k city losing 200 with a miss on the other 2. The damage reduction would still allow for resistance to decrease, so people can bait beiges and make it harder to get cycled. Currently you can only expect 4 resistance reduction per missile hit with ID. 3. I haven't heard that about ID before although I have heard people wanting to keep VDS as chance instead of flat reducti
  4. Suggestion here to change the 50% chance to block to a 50% reduction in damage (keeping the improvement damage reduction above). Missiles are a great way people getting sat on can fight back and destroy improvements, but ID nerfs them a lot since half of the time they won't work. It's already hard enough being able to buy them without them getting destroyed by spies (which is now getting stronger) if you don't have them stockpiled, so a weaker missile is a good tradeoff for being able to more frequently attrition the enemy. This is especially true with the other changes that allow stron
  5. Yes, it's called logic. I can't merge TKR with SK to form "@Squeegee Smells" and then be free of the NAP to declare on who I want. Treaties are binding when there is clear and non-conflicting continuity between the previous entities and the current one. Not really the time or place for a RebelMoment here.
  6. Two parties, both under the NAP, that merged into a single entity are still under the NAP. The continuity here is quite straightforward.
  7. Guilo bringing up his girlfriend unnecessarily: Guilo failing to make a logical argument and mentioning girlfriend for the 100th time: Also Guilo: Weird flex but ok...
  8. As a minor point here, this has been standard TKR policy to have prots not sign external ties. We commit to them fully, and we provide FA services until they develop a reliable FA team (which isn't easy for most micros and a really common source of failure). We've got a pretty good track record, which TIm was a part of and Vader experienced personally. It's only natural for him to use a tried and true method versus the hands-off, sink or swim attitude a lot of protectors in Orbis tend to have towards their protectorates.
  9. If growth was as easy as resigning the allies you already had, sign me up too.
  10. These folks are British... It is Doctor Who to you. --- Excited to work with you folks. We'll spread the gospel of Free BBC!
  11. The real crime here is that this all happened in light mode @Mhearl.
  12. This is one of the reasons why war is necessary in this game as a filter for what essentially becomes overgrown micros. Schrute left NPOLT, had to have their allies and Rose bail them out against raids, and barely lifted a finger in the most recent global. If they had to face a real, challenging war, they would've collapsed or got their crap figured out. Mostly, I see this as an indictment against allowing and protecting pixelhuggery as even the members here got hurt. It was an open secret about what Schrute was doing. Anyone who paid any attention to his nation knew what was going on
  13. The flaw here is the question. For me, the point of my role in FA is to create a fun environment for my communities. What many political actors in the game don't understand is that winning isn't the same as enjoying the game. From my own experience, the finest moments of my community have occurred at our darkest hours at the times of greatest challenges. That isn't to say I want to lose all of the time, but people have got to be ok with putting themselves at risk if they want to achieve anything. And here's a news flash: if you fight well, the end result of a loss or win at war doesn'
  14. Yep. You either genuinely play the game and get spurned as my alliance has time and again, or you put up a front and take advantage of those who play by the rules. It takes little effort to throw up some secret treaties and show only a few treaty lines on the web while you call out anyone you don't have secret deals with a "hegemon." I mean even NPO was able to pull that one over on us. The fact that it happened again isn't surprising, but it is disappointing. Can't say we didn't try though.
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