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  1. Cooper_

    The United Empire of Za'Aharon Makes Its Exit

    I hope the rebuild won't take TUE long. Good luck and it was fun!
  2. Cooper_

    Game of Spheres: A Song of Lag and Leaks.

    I'm a little late on this, but well done @Prefontaine. I can forgive the lack of TKR inclusion given that it was very entertaining. I do hope to see it.
  3. Cooper_

    We are here for the Whales

    The real losers have always been the people who are still carrying on forum conversations after 42 pages. Actually, that's a lie... The people still talking here aren't losing anything anytime soon.
  4. Cooper_

    What's the next move after the war?

    Maybe NPO and TKR could treaty up.... Then they couldn't fight a war against each other. 120 new TKR roqbots to add to the collective. I'll run away now, so @Nizam Adrienne doesn't stab me.
  5. Cooper_

    Let the trolling commence.....

    @Spaceman Thrax Tbf we did have some extensive communication with TFP as they entered the war. We were quite annoyed with their reasoning upon entering the war, but from entry to exit they've been transparent and straightforward about their intents and justifications. I can respect that, and it's a lot more than we can expect from some of our other enemies. @[email protected] the Great You guys are great, and I hope you enjoy this hard-fought peace. Congratulations!
  6. Cooper_


    Uh oh here we go again... Syndisphere, assemble!
  7. Cooper_

    So a few people have been asking

    Not all of us just have 3.5 billion of infra just lying around collecting dust 😛. (Looks at NPO, BK, and GOG) or 70 billion for that score drop.
  8. Cooper_

    Declaration of War

    I'm sorry, but just please reread what you just said. Let's go through a couple of highlights though: Exhibit A - Chaos nor KETOG could be classified as mini spheres as they were each outnumbering both N$O and BK spheres in the whale tiers and city counts, thus having a very large advantage in plane counts on an individual basis. - No N$O and BK outnumber Chaos and KETOG quite dramatically by city count and nation count. Yes, we have some whales, but 1 whale versus 10 from the mid tier horde is going down no question. - Planes are explicitly based off of city counts Exhibit B - KERCHOG outnumbers BK something like 4:1 in city count, individually holding the advantage when it comes to military unit sizes - What? if you count things individually or count them together it's still the same thing (i.e. commutative property of addition) - You also realize that NPO entered with the same amount of planes as TKR, Rose and KT combined, our top 3 alliances in plane counts. By no means have we enjoyed an advantage in planes and the other military units is the fault of your plane-only strategy. Exhibit C - The only way we'd have a fighting chance is if we're on the blitzing end to make our 2:1 ratio even work. - It's simply not our fault that your milcom is incompetent because you guys should be winning if not doing much better this war.
  9. Cooper_

    Declaration of War

    Yeah I thought you'd say this, but this doesn't make any sense because neither N$O nor BK could be classified as mini sphere as they were each the size of at least of two of the other blocs. And even then if NPO or N$O entered right away then yeah IQ would be gone and we would be annoyed that their preaching for years was all really bullshit, but they would've entered fine. But NPO didn't do this. They spun themselves an even greater fiction of not being involved in these plans, then that they were going to only attack Grumpy/Guardian against upper tier consolidation to only enter later when their butt buddy BK got hurt a little too much for their liking. I mean you know that Rose and N$O is not a fair comparison, but if that's what lets you sleep at night, enjoy. And at least Rose had the balls to be upfront about it instead of hiding behind lies and Roquentin's gibberish of a DoW. P.S. Also, when you say BK vs the world that's characterizing this situation quite incorrectly because KERCHOG is now outnumbered something like 2:1 in city count. Irregardless of tiering, it is quite clear that we obviously do not represent the majority of Orbis just a competent minority who are temporarily allied against a greater threat.
  10. Cooper_

    Declaration of War

    We acted as if N$O was telling the truth about them not engaging in these plans, but the plans do show that TcW was not only making plans to hit Chaos but also KETOG even if indirectly. The plans were pretty explicit about working together with N$O to hit Chaos and KETOG, so even if the hits were independent and N$O wasn't involved (which has not aged well), the Chaos and KETOG were still the targets by these plans being drafted by TcW. It doesn't really matter who was supposed to hit who because by that logic TKR would only hit BK/GOG and TcW by CoS according to the plans, but that's not how these things work. We were both targets and had the potential to be destabilized by these plans irregardless of who planned to hit who because as we can see right now war is never that clean. Also, leave Rose the hell alone. Mini spheres are allowed to build coalitions to defeat greater enemies (i.e. hegemonies) that are destabilizing the game. It's almost like this game has politics for a reason or something. And they have great civ tournaments.
  11. Cooper_

    Declaration of War

    Did you even read your own logs? All of them were either Adrienne telling you TKR had no plans to hit NPO or plans for TKR/CoS to work with TcW to roll IQ. TcW is currently allied to BK and 75% of what was IQ, and you're telling us that you're not part of IQ. Basically whatever plans there were wouldn't have been carried if: A - Half of the participants (Grumpy, Tcw, FR) all got locked up in different spheres especially BK's. B - IQ no longer exists, and the plan was to explicitly hit IQ which mostly exists in BK's sphere either way. C - The coalition they planned to form was literally at war with each other first during Surf's UP and continued under Endgame. As someone who is relatively new to the Orbis stage, I've somewhat enjoyed reading your posts dio because unlike most people you're generally even-keeled and logical, but this is just a disappointment.
  12. Cooper_

    We are here for the Whales

    I'm really, really trying to grasp what kind of bs excuse they came up this time to enter the war even further. This just makes me sad about the game meta. For all the members that are gonna be motivated to quit the game permanently because of this decision, I am sincerely sorry.
  13. Cooper_

    We are here for the Whales

    Well guys we made it to 29 pages which is quite long. Albeit for some it gets better with length.
  14. Cooper_

    Bloody Horsemen

    Animation Domination found out the hard way that this is not always that easy. Arrgh steamrolled them.
  15. Cooper_

    Bloody Horsemen

    When the Roq's brainwashing finally wears off. Seriously though thanks for the fun, and best of luck to you guys.

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