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  1. Echoing on this, it'd be nice if there was also some way to increase updec range. I think it kind of defeats the purpose if a large chunk of the enemy coalition is able to stay nice and comfy at 8k+ score. It's a tactic that the mechanics have reinforced with the score changes to tighten tiers, which paradoxically not only helped reduce downdecs but also gave a hidden bonus to the bigger guys. Buffing score on missiles/nukes, or having some project in the mix to accomplish, would be nice. I don't think anyone should be able to survive a decently-long global (say 4+ weeks) with 2.5k+ infra
  2. I had come to hold TFP in high regard due to my past friendships with both Harry/Alfred and Quichwe. My expectation is that y'all would conduct yourselves honorably. This, @Kaz, just isn't it. Disappointing.
  3. I don't think I made any claims that aren't true here. I always try to be as genuine and consistent as possible. It's the only stuff they feed me in Ben's basement. In all seriousness, I have legitimate concerns here given the injustice in how my own alliance experience the secret treaty argument and how others choose to conduct themselves. Many on your side, particularly those in HM and Rose, were quite willing to dogpile TKR for even the hint of a secret treaty with paperless parties. We suffered massively for it, and I'm willing to change my viewpoint and agree that secret treati
  4. Maybe it's because you started engaging relatively late, but this isn't how I remember it. We laid out our CB, which was based on precedent we all shared and had previously agreed. The immediate response was "Hah jokes on you for trying to roll HM and TcW," which by no stretch of the imagination was ever the case nor our intention. Not a lot of good faith there. Since then, we've shifted y'all's goalposts from Quack being IQ to Quack being a "potential hegemony" and some vague notion of a threat (who didn't do threatening things?). I think we've made progress on that front. Also, I
  5. That isn't what happened here nor is that how coalitions work. You form a coalition in response to an aggressive power. Quack was not that nor were they a larger sphere given Swamp. And we've got both Swamp and Rose admitting that there was a literal treaty in place. This is gaslighting. I mean I've been consistent in always wanting a multipolar world. In private and in public, my record shows that. I can point you to my months of post history against IQ while you left the game. I never gave up the fight, and I'm still fighting for it now. Minispheres will never work with the
  6. I think you mean artful cuts without context from a private conversation.
  7. A) The Rose-Swamp secret treaty B) The non-subtle play to force Rose's hand (Don't take this as making Rose innocent bc they're not)
  8. Yes, and your silence speaks volumes. New facts have just come out about your secret treaty with Rose. It's in real bad faith to just ignore legitimate concerns about conduct that y'all and your allies have decried in the past. I do expect an answer to hypocrisy, and new information that directly contradicts your previous statements about there not being coordination between the spheres. And I think the innocent ploy isn't fair either given how y'all's manipulations are what Rose is claiming as a CB despite the months upon months of trying to get Quack to hit Rose.
  9. Every sphere is a threat to another sphere if you don't have a treaty, so maybe you're right given that the rest of the world was tied together so all that was left was Quack. But it's still a bad faith argument either way. I mean you were with TKR when we got rolled because of our "secret treaties" with a single alliance. We're talking about legitimate sphere-wide MDPs done in secret. The HM-Swamp deal is more hazy, but the Rose-Swamp MDP is very real and was activated. They've admitted that to us directly. I'd think you'd appreciate a want for fairness in how Orbis treats secret treati
  10. The Swamp-Rose MDP is and was the largest configuration in the game if we're basing it on possible threats. This framing doesn't even consider that Quack took no aggressive actions during the entire timespan and was entirely open and transparent to both Rose and Swamp about our friendly intent. The only reason why HM wasn't included in that was a consistent pattern of showing hostility to us. I think we agree on the point that the context is clearly missing.
  11. Mostly the first point, yes. As a matter of principle, I don't like to log dump. I can give a brief accounting to what that evidence is: - The instant and well-planned counter blitz - Peripheries confirming that these plans weren't new and were told to plan for a November war - A secret MDP between Swamp and Rose - The coordination between HM and Swamp that never ended and manifested in an effective secret treaty - SRD's past statements admitting to a number of contacts that is inconsistent with Tyrion's and many others' accounts including Rose's story of deciding 2
  12. No one doubts that you knew we were going to war. Y'all already had time to get out in front of the sphinx leaks as everyone already knew by the time we got around to talking about them in our back-channels. The question is mostly surrounding the frameworks for coordination between spheres. We've received a steady pile of evidence regarding the cooperation that had existed and was ongoing in the run-up to the preempt. Each piece of evidence may be circumstantial by itself but together it paints a pretty clear story that best explains the timing of the blitz. Rose wants to make it seem
  13. It seems that everyone wants to prove their bona fides on how they want the meta be dynamic, or multipolar, or anti-hegemony, etc. The rhetoric in these past few years has been sufficiently exhausted for nearly everyone who pays attention to the game. At the same time, these notions have become shallower and shallower and used increasingly as political props instead of as an actual belief and/or argument. It's really sad to think that most of the proponents care much more than using it as a byline in their narratives. Minispheres or any sort of similar political construction is only fu
  14. For anything lasting longer than 4 hours, you should see your doctor.
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