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  1. See the thing is that there are rational actors/alliances in Coalition B, but daddy BK and co silence them in favor of their grudge wars. For example, take @Skae (who I mention because skae was in the logs). From my interactions with Skae, I have seen someone willing to engage in good faith negotiations, rationality and a genuine interest (even if it is somewhat misguided) to end the war. Despite this, as we have seen from the logs, Skae has been effectively stonewalling for her superiors against these ideals in that post she had made months ago. I know there are many of you in coalition B who don't agree with how things are going, so if you want to take anything out of this thread, then maybe its an opportunity to voice those concerns you have. Even though I nor TKR would never support such actions, the situation could easily be reversed due to the antipathy and new precedents you're generating. I've talked to many of you who have these concerns in Coalition B already, so if you need another reason besides the despicable manner in which these proceedings have transpired then consider your own self-interest in the future.
  2. So it has been 1 hour, and there has yet to be an official coalition B response except for that guy from Acadia. Surprising. @Malleator and @kalev60 it is not always easy to go against your group. I respect it o7. Also, @George Clooney Shame on you. I pity the alliance that lets its 2IC be someone who so casually flaunts member loss.
  3. That is quite sad. On a good raiding day, I make more than a 400-city alliance. ------ For those who aren't as technologically inclined as GOONS, here are some good rough estimates of net revenue: 1500 infra: 400k/city/day 1700 infra: 550k/city/day 2000 infra: 700k/city/day 2500 infra: 1 million/city/day Note: These are rough estimates that assume decent but not necessarily optimal builds and highish resource prices.
  4. I thought the little Keshav pfp easter egg in the middle of the NPO flag made that clear.
  5. It's kinda interesting how subdivided Orbis is by economic system. The United States of America Knights Radiant wish y'all luck in future endeavors. Shall this cold war begin and end with the pure fire of burnt pixels! I pray for your souls.
  6. I’ve had conversations with you on this issue. If you want to know what happened internally, then ask @Mitsuru because he was quite properly outraged but sheepy like always was lax on moderation. Under no condition do we find what they did acceptable. To actually solving the problem, I believe @Spaceman Thrax and myself posted different ideas on how to keep alliances accountable to that got booed by the rest of the community. Chaos is among the most tolerant group of alliances and any attack against our members will be dealt with accordingly. But to say that we did nothing or betrayed her is just ignoring the facts. I asked you personally to help with the idea of “alliance accountability,” and yet I got no support. As for the in-game politics, it is not like we chose to work with KT. They are decent militarily, but culturally speaking are very different from TKR. The content they support is simply not anything that TKR or any upstanding member of said alliance would support. You’ll find that we are strong proponents of tolerance and opponents of intolerance although it is much easier to just be reductionist and say that KT and TKR are on the same side of the war and hence the same. I guess that’s true if we ignore years of history and a potentially catastrophic hit by BK during rebuild. And as a final note, if you’re challenging us to put these principles of yours before IC politics, then why didn’t Fark/WTF hit KT despite the repercussions? You know Kosmo that I think you’re a pretty good guy and just trying to what is right. Accordingly, I apologize for getting aggressive here, but I don’t react well when my alliance is being scapegoated for something that is wholly out of its control. If you actually want to work on solutions, I’m all ears. I can even link for you my post.
  7. A bit late to start including this in your treaties, don't ya think? Anyways, obligatory "congratulations" on the treaty, but, of course, it would've been cool to see more movement between these alliances. It is disappointing that we have all (not just you perse) solidified a bipolar world.
  8. > Recreates OO > Strum Brings back the old BK > Everyone is glad... (except for Leo) Goes back to muttering about honor.
  9. I know it is rare these days, but I, of TKR, agree with these actions if true. They seem honorable. We could use more honor in Orbis
  10. This didn't age well, did it now? LMAO. These logs could've been worse though. I low-key like that GOONS is willing to go anywhere. That is how PnW should be. The other stuff isn't the best, but it is not my place to judge their internals especially when we have alliances with much worse internals.
  11. A real breaker of chains, you are. I got the GoT reference even if SK and @Squeegee probably didn't.
  12. Hopefully USN can play ball as well as GOONS... Congratulations on the treaty. I wish ya'll a socialist Utopia.
  13. I don't appreciate the caricaturization of something we have been very upfront about directly (dare I say transparent about our transparency). You noted some problems with some of our posters, and now I am noting a problem with yours. I duly apologize if TKR's transparency been inconvenient for you. To everyone else, I say this: TKR is completely committed to transparency and consistency publicly, internally and otherwise. And if ya didn't know we have this thing with honor too. Yes, this is perfectly calculated to get the harshest terms possible that would be agreed upon. Giving us the ability to say, "oh term 5 and 6 are both a little too strong, but we'll give u 5 if you move a little on 6," is too much leverage I see. If we can't even do that, the these fail to qualify as proper negotiations because the only people we'd be negotiating against are ourselves. To put this in a different context, consider consumer and producer surplus. The market price isn't determined by the highest price the consumer would buy at nor the lowest price a producer would sell at rather an equilibrium price. Negotiations often function similarly where demands on both sides are considered and negotiations lead to a compromise where nobody goes home fully happy nor fully sad. But to try and maximize such that you find that so-called highest price we're willing to buy at for each term just defeats the purpose of real negotiations. I understand the power dynamics at play here, but if you're going to play that way then don't yell at us for causing problems of your own making. We clearly both want peace, and maybe its time we both started acting like it. ---------- To comment on the thread, I believe that any players who has a nation should have the agency to address their concerns on these forums. Consider the difference between an inactive who hasn't played the game in a month versus someone in VM. The cardinal difference here is likely a desire to protect their nation from the harms that befall an inactive nation. If we were to ban, VMers then its a slippery slope to inactives and whoever else. The point being that if we hold true to our original principle of using these forums as a point of communication between players of the game, nation status should not factor into whether or not we consider someone worthy of being on these forums.
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