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  1. With an average of 650 infra, I make 2 mill/day. At 700 infra, it's 2.5 mill.
  2. Given egos and pride on both side, it is clear that it would be difficult for either side to admit defeat. Our two sides are not as dissimilar as you'd like to believe. And I think what they are trying to say though is that to put the blame solely on one side is not fair because it requires both the action of y'all requiring surrendering as a precondition to talks and our rejection of that premise to get where we are with stalled talks. It's fine if you're ok with continuing this attrition of wills with us, but I ask that you don't characterize as only our fault. At the end of the day, it takes two to tango 💃. P.S. Stalling the next round of talks until next month seems very unproductive, but that's just my personal opinion.
  3. I feel as if my question still wasn't really answered. You must've analyzed the other main competing alternatives while considering this policy if it wasn't BK-oriented. Do you mind elaborating on what those other situations were and their plausibility? I consider you to be an intelligent guy, and you must've not been blind to the rhetoric against BK's numbers. And you know better than I about how we all see things differently. Is it a bit naive to think that just because you didn't see a threat for NPO that others, who actively were saying BK was aa threat, might perceive BK differently?
  4. This is an honest question. What two spheres did you expect to declare on a single sphere?. It could just be me, but it seems that the only viable options (as y'all are the only blocs large enough) are against N$O where your policy couldn't be used as you'd already be at war or BK which as we saw. I mean do you see any other outcome from this policy besides helping out BK? And I don't want this to offend you, but it's a question I've been repeatedly asking and haven't got answered.
  5. This was an apolitical action. I don't appreciate being taken out of context and used for a political purpose as I will say for anybody else who attempts to use the said thread as such against any person who contributed to that discussion. If you would like to discuss strategies for improving the meta or member retention/recruitment, my DMs, the TKR embassy, or the aforementioned forum post are always open .
  6. Correction: We need more people with IQ Anyways Congratulations on Peace. Have fun rebuilding. Also, @Akuryo during the coronation ceremony, can you explain how the frick you say gorge's name? That shit isn't English. @Yui https://imgur.com/a/dbNzxjB
  7. I'm actually saying the converse. The lack of trust is to blame for a lack of communication. We might be sharing different definitions of trust because from my vantage point it's a reliability to follow through on one's words. In order to build up that trust over time, consistent communication is needed. I think this is a basic tenet of FA, or at least it has been the fundamental nature of my own conduct. I'm not talking about fulfillment of peace. I don't think too many are concerned with upholding of terms rather the fact that we can't have real conversations across enemy lines because of a lack of an implicit understanding of genuineness and good faith. Overall, what I'm saying is that I don't think we are disagreeing rather arguing on different points that aren't necessarily related. If you got a different definition of trust, that is all fair, but this is the context and definition that I was using.
  8. Yes, as @Pasky Darkfire said I'm just the middleman allowing us to vote on all of y'all's ideas. And as I've stated before not all of these are solutions, in a direct form that is. Rather some of them are conceptual as I explained in the post above yours that can prompt a discussion about solutions. Right now all of the sides are beyond the point of discussion, so just acknowledging that we might share some common values is literally a step in the right direction. I've had conversations with you personally along the same lines where I listen to you to understand your viewpoint and values, attempting to find some place where there is common ground. Solutions are ideal (and some of those choices are genuine solutions), but just realizing that maybe we all have a distaste for toxicity or share an interest in something else is good too. Maybe afterwards we even find those solutions. As for the "none of the above," I honestly feel that everyone can like at least one thing if not then choose the lesser evil and make it clear here in our discussions. No one should be claiming any mandate or political purpose here, and if they do I'll call them out (as I already have if you'd like to check my post history). This vote has no weight besides showing the views of the community. You are welcome to vote, not vote, support the result or disavow the result. In the end, I just hope you just take a look at the results and do with it as you will. The blind poll was purposeful because there is conclusive evidence that public voting changes people's views. I'm taking a class right now in college about public opinion and polls, and Australian ballot is the way to go to avoid the effects of social pressures. Also, ideally I was hoping popular support would be a good place to start, but I can make the voters name public with the check of a box. Give everyone a day or two to finish voting, and I'll consider it. This is kind of why the results are blind. But also you can quote me on this: no one is being forced into anything here. You're not beholden to anything besides what you agree to do as I've said in different words above to Edward Also, as a note to everyone please get as many people to vote as possible. Members, gov, leaders or even unaffiliated players are all welcome and should vote because ideally we want as much diversity and numbers of people as possible.
  9. I think the implication here is that trust is more of just a consistency in what you say and your actions. I mean it's a fact that everybody is paranoid about the "other side," and that in itself is a suffocating dynamic, ideal for stagnation. Most often this is achieved through more inter-alliance communication, which is a strategy that TKR has attempted to employ recently, including with you guys although y'all don't talk too much . Maybe it's idealistic but I wouldn't call it naive to have more conversations between enemy factions where people actually hear each other out before moving to walls on the OWF. *Note: This was my interpretation of the point suggested by another player, so these views are only my own on this point. The goal here was to let people indicate interest for as many ideas as they thought valid. Restricting it to one choice seems stupid since many of these ideas are not mutually exclusive. It's simply a gauge of general interest for Alex and all of our viewing. Maybe from that point, we can start to work out solutions that have broad support. The actual rankings by percentage are less relevant. I think y'all can like at least one thing there. Some of these are more conceptual-based, but, in cases like this, the goal is to display the universal (or lack thereof) of these ideas. If there is clear support for something like reducing inter-alliance toxicity, then now we have a framework at least to start making progress. I'm a true believer in communication, as aforementioned in response to Khai, and this essentially forces all of us to see everyone's views unfiltered by politics and agenda through Australian ballot. I should say, though, that if this attempts to solve problems that aren't necessarily affecting member loss but still endemic in Orbis, I'll still be satisfied.
  10. I'm happy ya'll are commenting, but let's try to steer towards discussion of our problems and their respective solutions. Although I will note that ya'll are being a tiny bit less adversarial than usual, which isn't saying much but a start lmao. Also, I will be posting a follow-up poll on all of these ideas later on after I feel we've had a complete discussion on the issues. Then, the goal is that we can send this off to @Alex for his view on what can actually be achieved among the popular ideas. For the alliance/meta-related stuff, I hope that this will give everyone a better view on some of the views that we all share so we can maybe work towards achieving them. Behind all of the drama and debate we have, we often lose some of the communication too where we might actually share some values. Just something to keep in mind because I, for one, believe that progress is possible. Keep it up everyone!
  11. For everyone who gave ideas, I appreciate it. I'll work on organizing the behemoth of a list we've already made later. If you feel that I missed something that you said, let me know and I'll fix it in the post. Hopefully we can continue the flow of ideas and discussion for a bit longer! As for those who had decided to use this thread to attack others or make political points, please desist and post it elsewhere . Update: The post has been subdivided into 4 categories to make it more coherent.
  12. I know how to read a graph . I was referring to the steepness of the decline as in comparing the smoothness of each graph. I'm assuming the resolutions of the data point collection are roughly similar, but even if they weren't the drops are smooth with the NS graph while with the PnW graphs they clearly aren't. This potentially suggests different reasoning behind the drops, but alas this discussion could result with either of us being right. That doesn't change the fact that we still could do something about member retention/recruitment.
  13. I mean it's possible to "punish" an opponent without forcing all of their members to flee. And I'm not advocating for "fun" rather just stipulating that this thread is open to that discussion. Interesting point though on the war tactics. I mean the context of NS is a bit different from Pnw. That notwithstanding, I appreciate your input. Looking at your graph, though, it seems that the decline was a lot more gradual as opposed to the steep spikes in the PnW graph. Just a possible reasoning behind this is that refers to specific alliance memberbases fleeing en masse. It's also possible you're right, but even so I'd still like to focus on solutions of how to further increase member retention then and increase the member base. Everyone benefits from this and it's possible for us to make a community-wide effort despite whichever reason it actually is.
  14. This is a rabbit hole I'd rather avoid in this thread. If you believe that "fun" is part of the problem, then we can discuss that. I'd like to leave out political considerations for the most part to just discuss what is best for the future of the game. Not all solutions necessarily are dependent on "fun," whatever one's definition is. I'm happy to hear whatever opinions you have with no judgements besides some logical debate. I feel like this was almost a compliment, but in the spirit of the thread, I'd rather avoid the off-topic banter and focus on solutions
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