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  1. I think the funniest part of this is Woomy saying "I'm gonna see if DB wanna fight" >DB >Fight Pick one.
  2. "You can't tell me nothin' Can't nobody tell me nothin' You can't tell me noithin'" Nothin' like the number of planes GoG has left that forced yall to beg NPO to join in? Or nothin' like the integrity of NPO that's left? (if they had any to begin with...)
  3. Oh shut your BS excuses and admit it. I will even spell it out for you "W E L I E D I Q N E V E R D I S B A N D E D" thx
  4. 10/10 blitz :V Is that the best you can manage?
  5. Arrgh after reading this DoW: Nonetheless, I applaud u for ur courage, still better than TUE. GL HF!
  6. Dear BK, Happy Fathers day! Thank you for being the best dad possible and always providing me with so many pixels to burn. I am forever in your debt, so to repay your love, I want to give you lots of hugs as well as KILL MAIM BURN you. Love You 3000, Piggy P.S. Seeker, Cino, Cal, and literally anyone in GoG, I am coming for you P.P.S. Live footage of my blitz:
  7. Taunting Alex 😕 Why would you ever do that? He's just a poor college student trying to find scraps of food off the Orbis floor. Don't be mean to our little hobo 😠 He's not a coward, he's brave and beauty just like BK.
  8. Damn, Pooball sure was confident he wouldn't be banned just a few moments ago. Such a shame. 8 minutes before Sheep's ban hammer, Pooball gave a marvelous speech on the dock of Arrgh:
  9. Greatest one-man blitz in history, grats on giving everything away GL HF everyone, come for me asap pls
  10. Yall r breaking my heart cri Q_Q Don't fight a civil war while I am in VM I need to choose who to backstab and all that fun stuff 😠 GL HF Seeker gets a nuke on Christmas P.S. Max u should stop being mad, stfu, and have fun
  11. Oh neato. Finally I can unVM and pretend I never deserted
  12. Welp I wanted to quietly disappear tl;dr: Piggy is going where all pigs must go: The slaughterhouse. Thank you for feeding me into a fat juicy piggu Thanks Max. I am not good at goodbyes or letting things go, especially not a place that I ventured into everyday for nearly two years. I am sorry I left all of a sudden without much notice, didn't think I could have the strength to stop playing if I dragged it out. I can't thank PnW enough for cheering me up and the emotional support, I found this game and community when I felt all alone irl. We all like to shit on how the community is literally the worst thing ever and that PnW is a dementor that slowly sucks the happiness out of us, but Discord was always a nice safe space I can hide in and pretend like nothing is wrong in the real world. Yall gave me a beautiful Utopian fantasy for piggies. Despite that we can't dwell forever in our fantasy, on most school nights I slept 2-3 hours and Politics & War definitely did not help with my sleep schedule. I think its time for me to leave. So before this turns into another sappy emo teenager's diary entry (sigh), I want to say thank you and goodbye. ❤️ Piggy Blasting Off. P.S. Ummmmm yeah oops I think I kinda deserted a war........ uhhhhhh crap I didn't mean to. DM me on Discord and we can figure this out? P.P.S. For all those who owe me money, yall got lucky 😆 P.P.P.S. I hope I won't regret this?
  13. Yes, worship me. Bow before me. Bacon for the Bacon God! Wait a second..... ..... against Knights Templar.... How dare you strike against your own God! Heresy!
  14. Step 5: Call anyone who comments a Loser 🤔
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