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  1. Guys guys guys don't believe his lies. Sources confirm that CTO is just NPO rebranded. Think about it: its a communist alliance, with a questionable leader, and a stat site...... Also I found this deep in the gov chats of Carthago: Bye gotta run before I get sent to the gulags (Fr tho thanks @Shamadruu for making this into reality, you are amazing ❤️ def one of the most competent, committed, and lovely peeps I've worked with. Thx for dealing with my hyperness about the idea )
  2. Hey yall, Dropping in to say goodbye. Guess I am really sentimental oops. It really has been 4 years since I created this nation O_o. Time has flew by and this community has watched me grow throughout high school. I am really thankful for yall for dealing with my shenanigans and helping me be better at life. Some special shout outs, would be longer if I didn't have to go soon :c ESD/WeyYu: First, @Mad Max @Harbinger and @Tali, thanks for the time at ESD. I know we have not talked much recently but yall brought me into PnW. This is really sad but the voice chats w yall where I would just sit there on mute were some of the happier moments that year haha. So thank you :)) Dealing with me during the dumbest period of my life must been a lot GoG: @Seeker I don't know if you will ever read this but I am grateful that you had so much trust in me to not just run IA, but to retheme and rename your entire alliance after it fell apart from a coup and a war. I know I disappointed you towards the end of my term with school and the other stuff :c hope you can forgive me. The entire GoG (I will unVM myself and beat you up if I hear GotG) community has been super supportive and amazing. Always giving me a place I can call home and do stupid stuff in. Folks at Arrgh, TKR, KT, and CoTL (wow I ghosted a lot) that let me be apart of yall for wars, thank you. It has been a pleasure meeting everyone from around the world. Don't stop being awesome and stabbing people 😆 The sea will always have a special place in my heart. Carthago: Lastly and definitely not least, @Daveth and Carthago gov, thanks for the chance at redemption. It has been really fun to find a home again. Yall have been an amazing gang to write code for and yell DIE DIE DIE with (a little disappointed we never got to blitz together :(() I hope I can still pop by now and then to finish the projects (😉 Carthagowned coming to you in 2020, and yes I am gna keep updating that even in VM). I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend my final few months with. Keep thriving, I expect to see you in the #1 spot when I check back in in a few years. That list is definitely way too short to serve justice to all the people I've known well and talked to in PnW. Yall have helped me in more ways than you would think, I wouldn't be where I am irl without this nationsim, as dumb as that sounds. But hit me up at EvilPiggyFooFoo#8034 whenever yall want to talk to a stripe of bacon, I will still lurk around in Discord. Appreciate it :3 Farewell friends, this is the end of Piglantia, we are sinking beneath the waves. With love ❤️ , Piggy
  3. Just replace MICHAEL with ROSE and you will get a live reenactment of Shrute Sphere begging for help. GL HF MP!
  4. Hi yall, I've been working on some updates throughout the week so here's a change log of some stuff Thanks to Alex I have more API keys now! So I've been able to update a lot more times a day as well as have better accuracy, so yay and ty! I changed the big long link above to https://tinyurl.com/piggystattracker so everyone can access it a lot easier Happy BirthWei and TJest v Pantheon stats has been added as a conflict under the Quack Shenanigans folder We finally have a conflict alliance and individual leader board! And lastly, graphs should look a bit better now as compared to the initial release \O/ (T_T Akuryo please give me a chance to catch up) That's about it for this update. Happy stat padding everyone and DM me with bugs and suggestions. Cheers!
  5. Mhm, cyber bullying is not a joke Cooper. Mods, get this man banned pls 😤 Toxicity has no place in this community.
  6. Do you mean the leaderboard? If so nah, more API keys just allows me to update more times a day. But if you were referring to accessing more nations in the alliance, I know some people were having google sheets but you can navigate and scroll through every nation by click the 4 bar thing on the right like this: And thanks yall for the positive feedback ^_^, I am trying to create a faster and more automated way of updating this so fingers crossed.
  7. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share GW15's war stats with yall: https://tinyurl.com/piggystattracker I hope to update this daily (Alex should give me infinite API key so I can do it per turn :P) around midnight CST. If yall spot any bugs or want any features, let me know Offshores and smaller alliances I unfortunately didn't include because I didn't have time to find all of them, but if you were in the alliance at some point, it would track all your wars while you were in it. In that case, your name might show up as your ID because you left the alliance (i.e. if you want to check Sphinx, go to TCW and it is under the 36419 sheet). Anyways, have fun burning pixels and enjoy the stats!
  8. Hey Sheepy, I noticed there was an inconsistency with the war attack with NukeF and infrastructure destroyed value. Here we have the war: Here we have the API: Because it was thwarted by VDS, it destroyed 0 infrastructure, yet it says Dreadnought somehow destroyed 56 million dollars worth of infrastructure on Presidential https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=737355 I am not sure if this is the case with missileF as well. But the team should probably look into that. In addition, I think the war timeline is calculating that damage as well on the war table. Cheers! P.S. can you please make all the other values like att_mun_used and att_gas_used and attcas1 etc. floats rather than strings similar to aircraft_killed_by_tanks, would help speed things up a lot
  9. Mandatory Carthago propaganda :3
  10. People can obviously be sound in some areas and forget in some other areas... Not everyone is a perfect raider and never makes mistakes. I am sure most people in this game have forgotten to change war policies before a real war atleast once. Plus changing all to barracks for two days means losing two days worth of resource production for a little bit more loot in ground attacks. Depending on the nation, that might be unprofitable. Second...people have attacked their own members since the game started. It is just smarter to raid your own member and keep the money you granted them rather than kick them out and have the resources on them raided by someone not in your alliance. This is all very logical stuff you know to be true :,)
  11. I don't get it, why form a secret organization to steal war plans when SK and TCW already leaks them for us? :V
  12. First you copy Arrgh Now you copy Yarr What's next? Smh :V GL, hope to see y'all back on the sea some day
  13. Literally Zim's reaction: "huh?" Welcome....?
  14. Both West Bengal (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=190260) and Atlantica (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=171566) attacked Peoples Republic Novrynska (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=192620) with an unverified unique ID while being in two different alliances. Very likely that they're multis working together to back each other up.
  15. "silently boarded a small vessel that would lead them home to the Italian peninsula." Uh oh It was all part of Carthago's plan, send Daveth back to Rome along with Coronavirus. Get him to meet with 50+ people in a jam packed senate house, and spread it all over Italy. Told you not to drink the bat soup while you were in jail. Now thousands of Romans are dead because of you ?
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