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  1. I don't get it, why form a secret organization to steal war plans when SK and TCW already leaks them for us? :V
  2. First you copy Arrgh Now you copy Yarr What's next? Smh :V GL, hope to see y'all back on the sea some day
  3. Literally Zim's reaction: "huh?" Welcome....?
  4. Both West Bengal (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=190260) and Atlantica (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=171566) attacked Peoples Republic Novrynska (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=192620) with an unverified unique ID while being in two different alliances. Very likely that they're multis working together to back each other up.
  5. "silently boarded a small vessel that would lead them home to the Italian peninsula." Uh oh It was all part of Carthago's plan, send Daveth back to Rome along with Coronavirus. Get him to meet with 50+ people in a jam packed senate house, and spread it all over Italy. Told you not to drink the bat soup while you were in jail. Now thousands of Romans are dead because of you ?
  6. There seems to be an error for the amount of money I got from a beige on https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1587 This was the intelligence gathered: Note that this player did not log in for from the time of espionage to the time of the beige and was unable to trade/safe in the bank. Another Arrgh member scouted just a few hours prior to the beige and found 172 million on the player 03/20 12:32 am You successfully gathered intelligence about Collywobbles. Your spies discovered that Collywobbles has 21 spies, $164,960,637.05, 600.18 coal, 1,087.48 oil, 12,521.50 uranium, 305.64 lead, 2,507.08 iron, 380.37 bauxite, 7,000.96 gasoline, 15,197.02 munitions, 67,978.16 steel, 5,267.39 aluminum, and 0.00 food. This was the beige: I received 800k vs the ~20 million I should have received with raid war + piracy. 03/22/2020 06:12 am Piglantia won the war and looted $870,755, 73 Coal, 152 Oil, 1,802 Uranium, 340 Iron, 53 Bauxite, 42 Lead, 914 Gasoline, 2,028 Munitions, 9,666 Steel, 737 Aluminum, and 0 Food. Collywobbles also lost 4% of the infrastructure in each of their cities. Unless magically all of it was spent on some sort of "f u pirates" infrastructure buying, this seems to be a bug that gave me the incorrect amount of beige loot.
  7. Hahahaha another GOONS GPA Octavia spam post! Wow so funny! I am literally ROFLing!
  8. I know I haven't always been with the alliance, jumping around has always been fun, but Guardians of the Galaxy has always been home. It's been fun working with y'all since the very beginning. So one last time. We are Groot. Thanks for always tolerating me. ❤️
  9. Ayo NPO is using mindless GPWC players as a tax farm? WOAHHHH how unexpected Ayo Alex went too far with his moderation action? RYFKJERUIR HOLY SHIT WHAT A SURPRISE!
  10. Obligatory Arrgh! and Oink! O7 Happy Arrghiversary ❤️
  11. I think the funniest part of this is Woomy saying "I'm gonna see if DB wanna fight" >DB >Fight Pick one.
  12. "You can't tell me nothin' Can't nobody tell me nothin' You can't tell me noithin'" Nothin' like the number of planes GoG has left that forced yall to beg NPO to join in? Or nothin' like the integrity of NPO that's left? (if they had any to begin with...)
  13. Oh shut your BS excuses and admit it. I will even spell it out for you "W E L I E D I Q N E V E R D I S B A N D E D" thx
  14. 10/10 blitz :V Is that the best you can manage?
  15. Arrgh after reading this DoW: Nonetheless, I applaud u for ur courage, still better than TUE. GL HF!
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