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  1. Hey @whiskerzwhen you encountered the issue had you already played a number of games beforehand? The game updated baseball a little while ago to cap daily revenue at 2mil, meaning any revenue beyond that should not be credited to your account and shouldn't be recorded into the match history as well.
  2. How wude! Jokes aside, that'd be a very easy thing to implement, without any bugs. It'd take like three minutes. Interesting idea for sure though, I'll be sure to bring it up!
  3. Sorry for the late responses everyone, I was away over the weekend and didn't notice! Sorry!! A redo of the tutorial has been in the works for the past few months, hopefully there'll be a draft up for the community to view soon. I'm not involved in that project so I can't comment on specifics sorry. I 100% agree as well! I've got some ideas around UP/AUP/MP that I'm going to be proposing later on (would love other ideas!) and allowing people to be up to a higher city count and continue raiding also exposes them to projects earlier and gets that ball rolling. Also completely agree, hopefully the aforementioned new tutorial will help drive people to alliances and I have some stuff in my dev backlog to improve that process as well.
  4. I'm not sure if the other members have, but I definitely haven't. I don't spend nearly enough time browsing the forum for suggestions, going to go through and compile a list of the things folks have suggested soon though! (Also those are some cool ideas for color blocs, I'm going to try to open some discussion about those soon and I'll be sure to bring up your ideas!)
  5. Thank you for the feedback! I'll make sure it gets brought up and discussed. I definitely think the login bonus should be much more forgiving and I'm hopeful that we can make that happen!
  6. That's an interesting idea, I think that'd be really interesting. Thanks for the feedback! Interesting idea as well, we're looking at some very similar stuff right now to limit the range/loot and I'll make sure this one gets brought up, thanks for your feedback! Thank you for your feedback! We're looking at some ideas regarding this right now, I'll make sure this one ends up in the discussion as well! Thank you so much Exalts, that's a really good idea, and thank you for the formulas! I'll make sure this gets brought up as well. Yes! The goal is to make the game a little more engaging and encourage people to get more attached to their nation and enjoy playing the game rather than being Stanley pushing buttons as he's told to. The new tutorial and PWPedia work are hopefully going to help new nations engage with Discord and the community by informing them that it exists and how the game and community works. Yes! Thank you guys SO SO SO MUCH! I super appreciate it all. I've got a long list of other ideas and concerns and have had some great discussions with people about how to refine the ideas. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!
  7. That's a good point, however there's already massive incentive for some of that with how profitable raiding is, and the fact that you awake from inactivity or VM to find your nation destroyed. Also a very good point, thank you! I'm not sure the right way around that. It wouldn't be based on gray, it'd be the last active time. I didn't have anything specific to say for the rest besides thank you! I pretty well completely agree with what you're saying. Thank you for the feedback! I've added a limit on the range as a potential solution. Pre Edit: Removed a now hidden post quote.
  8. Yeah, I agree. One way to solve that could simply be something like increasing the base bonus to 1mil and the new player one to something like 4-6x that. Yeah, it would be anyone. I didn't think of the blockade case, thanks for bringing that up, it's definitely something to consider! It's meant to help by allowing them to continue the most profitable activity they have (raiding) without being forced to stay at C3 by their alliance (which they achieve on day one and maintain for weeks or months), rather it allows them to continue growing and use their raid profits to do so without having to sacrifice growth and the engaging parts of the game found there. That's a good point as well, I think its definitely worth exploring some way to balance that and ensure things don't get taken up by older players. Perhaps only nations created in the last six months are eligible for the open declare ranges? Or you can down declare on inactives 10-15 cities below you or something?
  9. Well the goal is that folks will be slightly sensible, as unreasonable as that might be. 😜 This is meant to be a catchup, as much as older players may get a login boost as well, new players get a significantly larger one making it easier to catch up, I do agree though. Yeah, I've got some ideas around that I'm going to be working through at a later date. Thank you guys for the feedback!
  10. Hey everyone! Village here with a couple ideas we'd like some feedback on, largely centered around catch up mechanics and improvements to new player growth. Make sure to vote in the poll above! Extended new player revenue bonus At present, new players gain a boost to their revenue while under ten cities, the formula is as follows (for all nations C10 and below): bonus = 1 - (cities - 1) / 10` However, the bonus doesn't really have a significant impact since low city income is very low, as such we propose a number of different ideas for improving the bonus. - 100% bonus for C10 and below, decreasing by 10% from C11 to C20 (C11 will have 90%, C20 will have 0%) - 100% bonus for C10 and below, decreasing by 20% from C11 to C15 (C11 will have 80%, C15 will have 0%) - 100% bonus for C1, decreasing by 5% from C2 to C20 (C2 will have 95%, C20 will have 5%) - I also included some 200% stuff in poll at the last minute for feedback, not a commitment and not necessarily balanced - Something else, put a comment below! Increased login bonus I hope we're all familiar with our daily free 500k, however many might not know that nations under 60 days old can gain up to a million dollars a day. Since this login bonus encourages activity and helps both new and old players grow, we have a couple ideas below for improving it for everyone! (For this one I split it up into a couple polls to get a gauge on each component independently) - Max login bonus is 1mil, 3mil, 5mil - New player bonus is removed - Max daily increase is at 50k, 100k, 150k, or 250k - Max new player bonus is the same, double, triple normal login bonus Raiding and inactive nations At present, the typical meta for a new player isn't entirely healthy or a great first impression of the game. New players typically get locked into months of raiding in order to earn enough money to boost themselves to a higher city count and be worth investment by their alliance. While months of raiding might seem fine, it's definitely fun and profitable, but it forces nations into a monotony and forces them to stay at around C3 to C5 in order to have nations in range. To fix this, and open up raiding to a larger group of people, I had the idea to open up inactive war ranges to anyone, meaning nations are no longer locked into C3 to raid, rather they can raid any inactive nation up and down the score range at any city count. However, the big point of contention is at what point a nation is considered "inactive" and therefore raidable, that (along with support for this feature) is the subject of this poll. - Nations are considered inactive after 3, 5, 7, 14, 30 days Conclusion There's some ideas for helping new players get a better start and improve their experience, and in the process hopefully make the game more fun for everyone else! Please super duper pretty please vote in the poll and comment your thoughts below (or feel free to send me a DM on Discord, @Village#0001)! I'm looking for feedback on the ideas (why something should/shouldn't be implemented, how it should be implemented), the method of writing posts that I've chosen (what you like, what you don't like, what I can do better next time), and any other ideas you guys might have. Hope to see some amazing thoughts below! Have a wonderful day everyone! DISCLAIMER: The above ideas and poll results are NOT a guarantee that something will be added to the game, they are meant to get feedback on some ideas and to generate new ideas.
  11. Nations can opt out of any embargo on their alliance's embargo page, it's a simple button click.
  12. Hey all, I'd just like to sincerely apologize for all the issues we've been having with wars and MAPs. I'm honestly at a loss for why these issues all started appearing and I'm incredibly sorry that there's not much I can do about it. Rush and myself have been trying our best to manually fix any situations that have been brought up to us and I have some ideas for ways to rewrite the current system for after this global to try to prevent issues like this from happening (it will of course have a test server tournament to test it first). To that end, if you notice any issues with wars or MAPs super duper pretty please open a ticket on Discord and we'll do our best to rectify them. In addition, if you happen to find any reproduction steps or find a way to duplicate any of the bugs please let me know so I can work to get it fixed. On a more technical side, I went and looked through the changes to the game over the past week and a half and the only things in the war system that changed were fixes to test server locked features in the upcoming update and the timeline (which has no affect on how MAPs are added or wars are run, it's a purely cosmetic script that computes MAPs based on the current time and the wars done). Also, for anyone running scripts around DC (especially espionage ones) please super duper pretty please start them closer to fifteen minutes after instead of two or three, you're not helping the load any. Overall I just want to say I'm incredibly sorry for what this is doing to your experiences, I'm trying my best to resolve issues as they come up (I built out a suite of war editing tools for admins last night to help resolve incorrect MAPs or things like missing air superiority) and will be working hard in the coming days to rewrite the war system so that hopefully we won't be dealing with any of these issues in the next global. - Village
  13. Hey all, quick update. As of Sunday night all the updates are finished and testing is going well, with help from the QA Team I've ironed out a couple bugs and hopefully everything will be ready to go in a few days for Alex to release. Also, the treaty web is set to be updated with the ability to filter to specific treaty types and any number of alliances and the advertisements page is getting upvote buttons.
  14. The ones discussed in the forum post here. At present I believe the dev team decided on a 2mil income cap per day so that's what is implemented on the test server, Prefontaine should announce the final number at some point and I'll make sure that's the one in the game when it's deployed.
  15. Hey all, sorry about the lack of updates. Since Alex and Prefontaine aren't around right now I meant to post an update yesterday after finishing some more work but forgot about it. At present the following features are finished and require a little bit of QA Team testing before they're ready to deploy (sorry for the messy wording/formatting): Baseball changes All new projects When a nation deletes during a war, part of that nations resources goes to those fighting it. 50% split among the nations fighting Make Leader name and Nation name consistent. You can have different names but all interaction (like bank trades) will go through use names. Nations in alliances that have a treaty to your alliance will appear with an indicator or color on the market to show "ally" trades Allow for the "$" and commas to be ignored when inputting values and allow for k,m,b to be used to send cash/resources (i.e. 1m instead of 1000000 to send 1 million food). Trade changes Navy changes I'm currently finishing up alliance embargoes then will be working through the final quality of life updates on the update slate along with a handful of other improvements. Once again, sorry about the lack of updates, life got really busy for two weeks and I didn't have nearly as much time as I expected to finish things up. Have a great day everyone!
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