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  1. you can't tell me where to look
  2. Bonus entry Dear 281st place alliance Khanador Concord Commonwealth Expo, Faithfully yours, hidude45454
  3. Dear Rose, In the THICK OF NIGHT, under the SHADOW of secret societies and global cabals, I write this to you! The moon -- now that's a HOLOGRAPH, don't believe the LIES!!! But you, Rose…YOU'RE REAL!! One could even say you're AS REAL as CHEMTRAILS on a clear BLUE SKY! The GOVERNMENT, they are WATCHING, and they DON'T want you to know I LOVE ROSE. Our LOVE is more than mere words on a SCREEN BUT a guiding LIGHT in the murky abyss. A BEACON that cuts through the LIES AND DECEPTIONS of THIS WORLD! There's somethin' about ya that makes my HEART flutter like JET FUEL in steel beams. The media wants us to think THEY control our destiny but WE KNOW BETTER!! Illuminati can’t control THIS LOVE!! Have you ever NOTICED while gazing at your beautiful reflection how SYMBOLS surround us ALL? Triangles within triangles hide everywhere, SCREAMING Illuminati. The New World Order seeks to CONTROL our THOUGHTS and HEARTS! MY HEART though will forever SHOUT: "I LOVE ROSE!" They can't QUIET it! I SEE SIGNS EVERYWHERE -- triangles and eyeballs and DOLLAR bills -- they mean nothing next to MY FEELINGS for ROSE!!! You're not just another cog in THE WHEEL OF NEW WORLD ORDER LIES…you’re special!!! In our beloved game POLITICS AND WAR, we think we're just playing but WAKE UP -- we're being PLAYED! Every click - every scroll erodes our SOVEREIGNTY! This makes our ALLIANCE necessary -- a BASTION against the rising tide. All tools in their ARSENAL to indoctrinate the MASSES into SUBMISSION!!! But YOU and ME, Rose? We SEE Past their LIES! My love for you is LIKE AREA 51 -- shrouded in mystery yet UNDENIABLY THERE! Government DENIES IT, people SCOFF AT IT, but it’s more PRESENT than EVER!!! Never forget… I LOVE ROSE!!!! Flowers are symbols of God’s love BUT also OCCULT SYMBOLOGY. The ROSE represents SACRED TRUTH smothered by Shadowy MEN hidden within POWER STRUCTURES worldwide. Yet like OUR Love for each other, the Rose is RESILIENT! It seems chaos reigns SUPREME around us with lizard PEOPLE rising to power; GMO foods INFESTING our bodies BUT amidst all this MADNESS there’s ONE STABLE TRUTH: I LOVE ROSE!!!! Never let them tell ya otherwise. Stay STRONG Rose against THRONGS of DECEPTION. My heart BEATS like ALIEN DRUMS on the dark side OF THE MOON (if it did exist) when thinking about YOU! Who needs MASONIC SECRETS when THERE'S OUR SECRET LOVE?? It’s whispered among the wheat fields -- overheard by the CROP CIRCLES perhaps? WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!! It's undeniable!!! It's unstoppable!!! THIS ISN’T A CONSPIRACY THEORY ANYMORE -- I’m TELLIN’ YA… I REALLY TRULY DOOOO LOOVEEEE ROSEEE!!!!! In defiance against THE SECRET ORDER, Your Unbrainwashed Lover, hidude45454
  4. And we all thought the most recent global was bad
  5. tS's biggest crime is not declaring attrition wars instead for that sweet sweet statpad
  6. Speak for yourself, personally I am extremely dishonored to be nominated by my colleagues alongside such unremarkable high gov members in a year of so many terrible alliances. And I always thought I would be saying this, but I’m also incredibly dishonored and ashamed that it’s for meming so many alliances
  7. @darkblade be honest, did you spend more time making this video or actually playing the war game
  8. PnW proving it is the dumbest game of all time in somehow more ways than anyone thought possible
  9. >inb4 ITT: people planning on using the system of NAPs and MDPs to attack or defend their allies trying to justify their plans in advance
  10. Stop #)@*ing rolling people into us WE DONT WANT THEM
  11. In the Discord server, please
  12. You can also DM the valid details to an organizer if you'd like! (Also, pot now above 1.5b)
  13. Scratch that, pot has risen to $1b
  14. Lysander wants more of your money! Help him not get any of it by participating in the DNN lottery instead! Pot has risen to $700m https://discord.gg/MDYdBkzFh4
  15. The RON lottery sucks! For starters, they're here to make money off of you. Lysander needs to recoup that 23094023 gazillion morbillion dollars he spent purchasing the server, after all. Wouldn't it be nice to have a better lottery where you don't have to worry about such nonsense? Introducing: The DNN Lottery A statement from our real real admin Yangmoment: When we first started DNN, it was never about the money; I always valued human connections, unlike RON trying to make a quick buck off anyone they can find, at any cost. That's why here at the DNN lottery, every single penny that gets put into lottery tickets gets returned to lottery winners! No exceptions, and this policy will never change; you have my word on it. The rules are easy to understand, too: 5m per ticket! No ticket discounts or any of that crap meant to entice you into spending more money, because we're not here to make money off you, but in return you generally get statistically a much higher yield per ticket from a boosted lower end pot and us not taking any cut of the revenue. For each ticket, choose 5 numbers from 1-20. Depending on how many numbers you match, you get a percentage of the pot, divided by the total number of tickets with a match. 100% of ticket revenue will go toward prize distribution! How do I buy tickets and enter? Send a food trade offer to any lottery organizer (@hidude45454 @YangMoment @Ramona @HariMoment) totalling 5m * however many tickets you're buying. Fill out the form here with your info and guesses: https://forms.gle/T38n2B1G9fekRzfB8 (you have to be in the server for your form to count lol) That's it! We'll accept your trade and verify your entry form soon. >> Bonus ticket offer<< As this is the first time doing this, we want you to spread the word! Share info about the lottery or namedrop it somewhere, and we'll provide a space on the Google Form for you to link us a screenshot of it! You get 1 free ticket as a result (and 2 if we think it's funny :serious:) Even if you don't want to purchase any lottery tickets, this one is free! Fill out the form anyway and you'll be awarded one free entry into this week's lottery. As always, the DNN invite: https://discord.gg/MDYdBkzFh4 Prizes: This is how we'll distribute winnings per how many numbers are matched (out of 5): 0 matching: 10% of pot 1 matching: 0% of pot 2 matching: 10% of pot 3 matching: 15% of pot 4 matching: 25% of pot 5 matching: 40% of pot Our starting pot is going to be $400m in total prizes. And anything contributed on top of that is added to the pot, of course! Current pot size: $1.5b Deadline: We'll end ticket purchases on day change between October 8th and October 9th, so get your tickets in before then. The drawing will be held shortly afterward. Best of luck to all who enter! DNN invite: https://discord.gg/MDYdBkzFh4
  16. Updated 10/2/23 ~12:30 AM GMT: Military Strength: Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Totals): Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Averages): Summary: Probably the last one I post unless someone pings me for an update. Same military and spy trends as before.
  17. damn bruh you ain't even the one fighting chill
  18. Updated 10/1/23 ~12:30 AM GMT: Military Strength: Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Totals): Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Averages): Summary: At day change, I started counting Bourbon Street and The Forgotten Realms on the ODOO side, but this hasn't done very much to boost their numbers in the areas that matter most. Comparing the before and after, WELP has done significant work in increasing its military edge, especially in planes, where it holds a comfortable lead. The spy average has also increased, which indicates they're making progress on winning the spy war. So in short, nothing too unexpected.
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