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  1. A moment of silence for the final TEst splinter. It's been a good run bois. ... ... LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO BANGER NEW ALLIANCE
  2. These must be lies spread by RON; DNN is dedicated to outing criminals and NPO supporters wherever they may be. Also, the individual damage timelapse video has been posted to DNN's Discord server for anyone who's interested! https://discord.gg/ABTUXqyKbK
  3. It's about that time again! I went with alliance damages this time on request -- all offshores have been added into their respective alliances. This timelapse was brought to you by Ducc News Network: DNN > RON, join the DNN server for REAL hard hitting news that Krampus doesn't want you to know about! The individual damage timelapse has been released as a DNN exclusive to the server below: https://discord.gg/ABTUXqyKbK
  4. #ViceForRoseLeader #JusticeForVice #Rigged
  5. micro mentality (also RON mentality 🤮)
  6. But then this just seems like a cop-out, doesn't it? Just because there are questionable mechanics doesn't mean you can't call out alliances or players for being pixel huggers. Ok, a couple points, feel free to correct me here ofc: -Regardless, that's still your opinion independent of tS's that NAPs are bad then, no? -AFAIK you still do work in tS (or at least advise), so saying you're retired isn't 100% accurate imo; but regardless I think it'd be nice to hope that the opinions of you three still hold weight in tS -The only two other relevant spheres are Oasis and Mystery. Do you expect anything politically dynamic to happen out of either bloc? (Me neither. Unless you're looking for an Oasis vs. Mystery war?) Neither are ever going to declare war on Rose, neither are dumb enough to hit BW on their own, and HW is basically dead after fighting who knows how many wars in a row so I doubt they're looking for trouble. It's also my opinion that tS would thrive without an NAP in a less stagnant environment, and also that HW needs a less stagnant environment in order to shift in a way that I think you would be happy to see. Just my two bits. Yeah but then if your argument is it's because they won't declare war on each other within a short period of time anyways, then why not literally just not sign the NAP and have the same outcome happen but with much more wiggle room? Nah, tbh I think it was mostly Rose LMAO
  7. GW16: Ends with blanket NAP Literally everyone: NAPs are bad Literally everyone: NAPs encourage political stagnation and mindless pixelhugging HW: Offers no NAP to Roasis Inc in order to set a good precedent tS: Agrees with everyone (caught in 4k) Rose: (Absent from the political picture as per usual, wants to pixelhug and scared of getting clapped by BW so probably simping to Oasis to roll BW after NAP as we speak) GW19, BW + Rose: For shame! Shame on you!
  8. Funny how no one has responded to this in two days lmfao. Though it appears to be a common theme that ppl don't like responding to third party perspectives because it doesn't fit anyone's narrative... Apparently the big brains of today's incredibly mundane political environment have determined that no one is allowed to declare a war without some contrived valid CB (even against Camelot) so my guess is they just had to come up with something lmao; IMO you should be able to hit anyone (and especially Camelot) just for the hell of it but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. -said BW, after dogpiling HW with Rose who could give a rat's ass about the idea of fair wars and minispheres Minispheres only really work when everyone is following the rules and right now everyone is more or less spoiling the pie since they wanna come out on top but don't expect their competitors to play fair either. My hot take is that all spheres are still too large and should ideally be halved at the very least in order to break up the simplicity and mundanity of politics these days, but until then I don't not see there always being a big bad where wars are hopelessly predictable.
  10. petition to rename Alliance Affairs to Chromo Affairs and then permamute everyone who posts in here
  11. Tell me, where does this utterly irrelevant and moronic conflict that you somehow decided was worth spamming the forums with even exist, or are you just schizophrenic mate?
  12. Retirement Rumble Get Off My Hegemony You Spheres These Days
  13. This isn't a suggestion or anything, more just a call for everyone to vote for LITERALLY ANYTHING EXCEPT ERROR 522
  14. You say that like it's a bad thing, if Ockey made us do that I'd accept it in a heartbeat (PS literally shaking and crying that Ec didn't get an invite to the party 😭)
  15. Sorry, misspoke. Most alliances at that range are not willing to help their allies. tO being slow with CC, all of Johnsons, most of Holy Sea, CoA with Alpha/Polaris, etc. Plus plenty of alliances that leave allies to deal with their own wars and so on, even more so when they know they'd take a lot of damages or lose. This is true, but -Noobs who have never dealt with BS before like to bandwagon on hate and blow it way out of proportion to look cool or something, idk -By their own admission CTO hit BS initially because they forgot BS got kicked out by TLE, so this never should've happened in the first place -idk why there needs to be a new negotiated agreement when allowing them to defend their allies would take like five seconds and two Discord messages Then again I don't do FA either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. imma be brutally honest here and probably earn myself some downvotes: even if there was some better communication, ppl love to hate on BS so much that they'd probably hit them and not care regardless. That and CTO will probably hit every organism that breathes at this point when they can't find ppl to statpad off of in the global. I do think that a lot of issues that befall BS originate from some mixture of unfounded pride and defeatism translating into self-fulfilling prophecy, and that their choice of allies is, let's just say... questionable, but I will at the least not hesitate to give props that they are at least willing to defend their allies, which most alliances honestly cannot say.
  17. But- but- I care about you ;-;
  18. tfw TLE TFed UU have all peaced and BS is still getting statpadded off of despite not even being tied anymore :lmfao:
  19. Updated 8/20/21 ~11 AM GMT: Military Strength: Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Totals): Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Averages): Summary: This is prob the last one I do since the war seems pretty much over already; ping me if you want another one tho
  20. It does yeah; lmk if something looks off though and I'll look into it. Full list of alliances I included for both sides at the time: HW: Grumpy Guardian TKR Banana Stand SK NW Oblivion BK Spank Bank tO TLE TLL Hanseatic League TFed CC Purple Flower Garden Lindt Vault Cult of Osiris AARP Strawberry Stand Tardis MDC BW + Rose: tS Eclipse CTO Legion HS ASM Company eS The Firm Blame Atlan Season 2 House Karstark SoS CoA Convent of Atom Alpha AFT VooDoo Shuba2M House Tarfx HEAVENS GATE Rohirrim Not Rohans Bank (Just noticed I forgot a few alliances in the militarization graphs: UU, OWR, and RnR. I'll fix that tonight)
  21. Hi. Call me a dirty centrist or whatever but pretty sure I embody the total antithesis of what this post claims. Actually... yeah, I've done both of those things before. Once upon a time I joined an alliance called Stratagem, led by Queen M, which was about as leftist of an alliance as you could get. Just a week ago I was in KT. In both cases, I joined because I wanted a change of pace and a fun place to hang out IC, not OOC. I am neither a leftist nor a rightist. My OOC nation theme is a banana republic based in Nigeria surrounding Nigerian Prince scams; unless my OOC politics all revolve around memeology I don't think this is quite right I will give my tl;dr: yes, plenty of people do tie their IC and OOC together intimately, but it would be a mistake to generalize this to all people. I play this game so that I don't have to run circles debating OOC politics. I also talk to a lot of people who hate each other for OOC reasons because all I really care about is finding people who know how to fight and know how to have fun. And that's what it should be; people treating it like just a game because at the end of the day that's how you get to have fun and do things that you would be hesitant or afraid to do otherwise.
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