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  1. This feels copy-pasted from your recruitment message It also would've made more sense had I any clue who you were
  2. @Keegoz imagine getting tied up in abbad's basement lmao L Edit: also tfw it's episode 5 and I literally already forgot why Sheepy is doing this in the first place again
  3. Thalmor sounds a lot like Kev without the accent, really makes you think...
  4. Oh my god people are AI replicating Sheepy now, it's over
  5. Oblivion issues our 0 second notice to leave this bloc I did not appreciate the times we had and wish you all the very worst
  6. I on behalf of Oblivion officially optionally sign into the Brady Bunch (you can choose to believe whether I have signed it or not) assuming consent to join this sphere is also optional
  7. Alright I sent could you accept pls
  8. no one rolled u here we wouldnt let them
  9. One step closer to Nexus reunification 😈
  10. Just don't return the holdings to anyone so they learn the hard way never to trust a b*siness again
  11. I did other things this year too you know 🥺 (But also yes Village carried where Sheepy could not)
  12. Is it wrong to say we are kind of suffering from a shortage in both? Less new blood/active folks creating new alliances and participating in established alliances
  13. Strange times indeed Also I actually thought the announcement was funny, good job
  14. Most Influential Player: A human being Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Bishop Best Alliance Leader: Ducc Zucc Worst Alliance Leader: KevKevKevin Best In-Character Poster: Yang Best Villain: Codename V Nicest Player: Anri Most Controversial Player: Hughes Most Missed Player: Vero Best Nation Page: Hari Best Fighter: Ramona Best High Government Member: BSKsplick Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: 8cheob Best War Criminal: Cino
  15. If you bet enough money it might even be me 🤑
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