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  1. At the onset of this war, our goal has been to deal with the threat to ourselves, not to exact a vengeful price on those on the periphery. The Syndicate have demonstrated that they are not a threat to our spheres, and thus our coalition has agreed on peace terms with The Syndicate. The peace terms are as follows. 1. The Syndicate agrees to return to their peacetime standard of military readiness, agreed to as 0/2/5/0. 2. The Syndicate agrees to not launch wars against members of Coalition A (including all members of Hollywood and OO Sphere), and agrees to refrain from providing aid to any member of Blackwater. 3. No new wars will be declared between the two sides, but all existing wars are allowed to run their course. Signed for The Black Knights, ayyliens Signed for the Syndicate, ANAW, Super Chief Global Strategist Yarg, Super Chief Security Officer Nitsuj, Super Chief Financial Officer Sacul, Super Chief Operations Officer
  2. BK wekongnizes Hostilities of Recognition extremely wHoRe
  3. Honestly wouldn't have known you guys declared war on us if it wasn't for this DoW lmao
  4. Shitty bloc makes shitty decision. Who's surprised? lmao Hella simp for daddy Rose
  5. Y'all take this game way too seriously lmao
  6. Well, we did it PW. We figured out how many bad alliances you can fit into a bloc.
  7. The flags are too perfect. I don't like this.
  8. BK declares a recognition of recognition of hostilities with TCM. Who doesn't love a little incest on a Thursday night?
  9. Wow, fabricating fake CB's to justify a heinous act of attacking our allies at TLE. I know you guys can go low, but this is too low.
  10. BK activates their paperless MDP with TLE and declares war on The Coal Mines. CB: Not enough targets Edit: TLE can I get access to your coalition server so we can better coordinate?
  11. Yosodog


    W] bkflag.png
  12. Praise Yosodog

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