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  1. Came out of my hole to say... It'll never be as good as Shifty's stuff. Anyways, have fun or not I really don't care.
  2. You're not my real dad

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Yosodog


      Well, yeah. The orphanage was overpopulating and they were about to put you down.

    3. Buorhann


      Damn, Yoso.  So you're telling us that you're a savior as well?

    4. Yosodog


      I sold him for a jar of peanut butter. 

  3. lol Why do you have a Bebo sticker on the desk?
  4. I just wanted to use my monthly post to come out and publically say that this is !@#$ing retarded.
  5. Holy !@#$ you all need to get some more memes in your life. Y'all are angry as !@#$ over awards that everyone knows doesn't mean shit.
  6. Heh, now when I coup BK and make us paperless it's just gonna seem like I'm doing exactly what tS does JUST LIKE OLD TIMES THANK YOU VERY MUCH tS NOW I HAVE TO PLAN SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
  7. Best FA move from BK in the past 6 months.
  8. Obviously not. This one though, yes. Considering the lack of communication between both alliances while I was still active, the lack of strategic value, and the fact that this treaty cancellation doesn't change literally anything does, in my opinion, make this treaty very irrelevant.
  9. Honestly it doesn't matter who cancelled first. I leave for a couple months and PW turns into some crappy high school movie. The treaty is over. Who gives a !@#$? It's not like this treaty was important. To R&R, stop being like "oh we broke up with them first". It's making your alliance look like it's run by immature children. To BK, I should know what really happened but you all know I don't pay attention to shit but either way, this treaty wasn't big for BK and didn't really deserve an announcement considering the taunting BK has received on the OWF recently. It would've been better to just rip up this treaty quietly but it seems that we just like to be the center of attention recently. I'm really starting to enjoy my new role in PW.
  10. Shit terms are shit. We lost... so what? I forget who said it above but I agree, the second term just makes us look like we need that in writing to make us feel good about ourselves. Honestly, I'm embarrassed that the second term is even in there. Well fought war for everyone who made it to the end. For the alliances that dropped out early, you don't deserve to be our ally or even be associated with any respectable alliance. And before anyone gets butt hurt, just know that I don't care. We put ourselves in this position by surrounding ourselves with alliances we know to be incompetent and I can only hope BK's leadership can get their act together. Okay, back to hibernation. Coup maybe in a month? Idk.
  11. Well !@#$ me this is one solid coalition we got going.
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