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  1. Turns out i had to enable Status Replies, and i just assumed this whole time @Alex removed them from me because i was a bad person :P

  2. Make planes a bit stronger, make tanks stronger in ground attacks, make ships be able to destroy more ships in navals.
  3. ye i can, i already blame them for all my problems
  4. Coalition B is what we refer to as NeoIQ.
  5. The List is specifically members who partook in NPOLT on the side of Coalition B for any duration. Its not that hard to read man.
  6. t$ was an NPO ally, CTO was tied to BK, Camelot was tied to BK, TCW was tied to BK, OWR was tied to BK, etc. Here's the list of all Coalition B members, (doesnt matter if they switched sides later on, TCW did too and still got rolled) New Pacific Order Black Knights Guardian of the Galaxy GOONs The CommonWealth Frontier Records (Now Ampersand) Acadia United Purple Nations Afrika Korps Solar Knights Carthago Yakuza Guinea Pig Whaling Corp Camelot Polaris Horsemen Brotherhood of the Clouds Golden Phoenix Coalition (Now Prima Victoria) Electric Space The Hanseatic League (Now apart of The Lost Empire) Goon Squad Hyperborea Order of the White Rose Orange Defense Network Animation Domination The United Empire of Zah'Aharon The Syndicate House Stark Church Of Atom Code of Honor The Fighting Pacifists Alpha Mythic Kazoku Commerce Union Elite Democratic Republic (Now Error 404/Cataclysm) The United Armies The United States of America Order of the Fallen Angels (Now Soldiers of Liberty, i believe or whatever AHCH/Amon runs now) IronFront United Socialist Nations The Coal Mines (Now Sunray 1-1) Dark Brotherhood Strickland Propane
  7. NPO and t$ we’re tied together with their own sphere called N$O and this lasted till late November 2019. NPOLT started in June 2019 and lasted till February 2020. t$ briefly was apart of Coalition B when they blitzed Grumpy and Guardian. The big reason N$O ended was because BK sphere (which CTO had a connection through citadel) blitzed T$ and NPO failed to respond to it in timely manner. If BK never hit t$ or NPO responded with counters against BK (that would of been quite interesting ngl) then N$O would of stayed around for a bit longer. So while saying it hurts my soul, Firwof is actually correct about those alliances having IQ ties.
  8. No my argument is it adds drama when someone breaks it lmao. gets entertaining as hell.
  9. Short NAPs arent bad, its long NAPs and Blanket NAPs that are problematic
  10. Nobody mention Golden Phoenix Coalition (Prima Victoria) as IQ. I still need time to plan my rolling of the game.
  11. This aint the shortest war, TLE and GOONs had the one turn war
  12. Theres a Holiday Paradise bloc, only real ogs remember Paradise bloc Paradise | Politics and War Wiki | Fandom
  13. 770 isn’t even a real alliance. Just a horde of new players with poor and pretty much no leadership
  14. should of just discussed it with Nexus and RoseWater. Surely, theyd let you help your allies if you talked tot hem about it.
  15. Nice Try but Dusty sells drug-laced tacos.
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