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  1. its completely unnecessary. And those alliances were hybrid farming-raiding alliances. A full on raiding alliance only needs itself.
  2. for a raiding alliance, the first part is not necessary
  3. if it is what i think it is. it'll be great for recruitment and activity. i think ill have to apply to get these benefits
  4. It’s a dream come through. Or a nightmare
  5. ive tried, the game just throws a fit at you
  6. Arc Camelot, The Hand of Fate, The Hive, New Polar Order, and Oblivion (Probably referred to something) hereby agree unconsensually to be friends or something. Do people even read this, like come on do people really only have a 2 second attention span. Blah blah blah, you smell. Article 1 - When We Feel like it All Parties might not attack each other, depends how we are feeling tho. Plan B - I didn't bring Protection Good luck with the kid tho. Chapter 3 - I feel Attacked Who cares tho. Maybe i do care. Term Vier - Bye Bye 72 hours to say goodbye seems silly, ngl Signed, The Hive Alexio MinesomeMC DemonSpawn Caboose The Hand of Fate Keegoz TheRebelMan Thalmor Camelot Arthur Epi George New Polar Order Roquentin JadenStar Eva Beatrice Oblivion Hidude/Ockey TL;DR (ofc you need this) - Camelot, The Hand of Fate, The Hive, New Polar Order, and Oblivion hereby form a bloc called Arc
  7. but you guys didnt even fight a war together.
  8. Well thats all i needed to know where this will end up.
  9. Sketchy is Hive Shadow gov confirmed
  10. Hey the Western Republic members please feel free to join the Hive instead of GoO.
  11. Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns have already been defeated. >:)
  12. ngl wouldnt it make sense to also hit Roman Empire. You listed them twice in the cb.
  13. That flag looking a bit too much like Polaris
  14. Biggest nominations fails ive seen so far have been the best merger (think i did it too) - Paradise isnt a merged alliance, it had an alliance merge into it but wasnt formed from a merger - Serene Wei didnt merge last year, they can be nominated next year
  15. Funniest Event: t$ dropping Cata Biggest Controversy: Cata hitting Midgard in the War Best Declaration of War (please link): Best Wall of Text (please link): Best Leak (please link): Best Meme (please link): Nobody Deserves This Best Discord Server: Best Ad (please link): Best Community Contributor: MinesomeMC Best New Addition to the Community: Iceni Sexiest Voice: Kan0901
  16. Alliance of the Year: Aurora/Eclipse Most Improved Alliance: Dark Brotherhood Best New Merged Alliance: Hive Best Rookie Alliance: Hive Best Alliance for New Players: Serpentis Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Serene Wei Most Likely to be Rolled in 2023: Camelot Most Honorable Alliance: Church of Atom Best Fighting Alliance: Aurora Worst Fighting Alliance: The Federation Best Alliance Growth: Aurora Best Foreign Affairs Team: Eclipse Best Foreign Affairs Move: Midgard hitting Withheld out of the blue Worst Foreign Affairs Move: Cataclysm hitting Midgard Alliance with Best Propaganda: Hive Most Missed Alliance: Knights Templar Best Alliance Flag (please link): The Hive Best Holiday Flag (please link): New Aurora Order flag (its a christmas/new year flag) Biggest Alliance Decline in 2022: The Federation
  17. Most Influential Player: @Pascal Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: @Matshaa Best Alliance Leader: @ToxicPepper Worst Alliance Leader: Epi Best In-Character Poster: Minesome Best Villain: MinesomeMC Nicest Player: @Mega Most Controversial Player: Epi Most Missed Player: @The Mad Titan / Leo TG Best Nation Page: @Empiur Best Fighter: @penpiko Best High Government Member: @Greggs Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: @Krampus Best War Criminal: MinesomeMC
  18. probs used locotus and so loot dropped them to 2m. Pretty inaccurate tho either way
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