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  1. Is this it? Is this the beginning of the end for Pantheon?
  2. All those who have pledged their sword against me may feel safe in their cute little pack for now, but never forget the results will always be the same. Dead Wolves.
  3. Zygon couldn't handle all Seven Kingdoms so he had to go make his dollar tree version. But congrats to the signatories, hopefully you guys can help HS find some new jokes
  4. Adrienne steps down immediately after upgrading our treaty? Coincidence??? I think not. But seriously congrats on your retirement Adrienne, you handled a lot more than I think any other leader of orbis possibly could have. Keep taking names and kicking ass.
  5. Mutual non chaining Defense and Optional Aggression pact, if you read the articles of the treaty it explains the non chaining part.
  6. The humming of the GoT theme song is atrociously wonderful.
  7. What's the trade-in value on a monarch these days? I was hoping they'd upgrade a long time ago. But in all seriousness, congrats to leading your alliance through more hardships than any other leader in this game could have. also thanks for putting up with my shenanigans
  8. Glad to have this done. Look forward to working with everyone involved.
  9. Still don’t know who those soup kitchen people were.
  10. Once again we've achieved world peace, but we haven't gotten my dad to come back home : (
  11. What McMaster said is cool and all, but this means I’m getting those reps we discussed right? My friend, the Prince of South Africa is in desperate need and it is pertinent that I get him the necessary funds. Best Regards, King Squeegee of Seven Kingdoms
  12. You bastards did it, you made me log into the forums again. Despite being sad to see the alliance go big thanks to CoS for being some of the best allies one could ask for. Without your community the game wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it has been for me.
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