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  1. You bastards did it, you made me log into the forums again. Despite being sad to see the alliance go big thanks to CoS for being some of the best allies one could ask for. Without your community the game wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it has been for me.
  2. You've already brought this up, and I've already addressed it many posts ago in a thread far far away but I went ahead and found the link for you ❤️ Using events from 1-2 years ago to explain your reasoning ESPECIALLY given you have never once reached out to me to find out where my issues with you or your alliance were founded instead going to who at the time was a mutual ally of ours. Now that you've brought it up again I'm going to go ahead and assume that you're referring to the times I've brought up my issues with NPO to Polaris in private, I might add (bad play on my part assuming it would stay between polaris and I). Certainly I had brought up your shit talk with them before but that was most definitely not what lead my decisions, it was merely the cherry on top of a multi-layered cake. I'm sorry my actions from years ago still threaten you today and I'm sorry we've never had the conversation to possibly quell your paranoia rather than receiving second hand information from mutual allies but my DM's are always open if you want to clear the air Roquentin.
  3. I wouldn't say he called me out for doing nothing, he called me out for doing something (what over a year ago?) that he can now use to paint me as some kind of boogey man when in reality I've never had a 1 on 1 conversation with the guy. He's just grasping at straws to justify his paranoia. Yeah lying to Polaris was a shitty thing but that one set of actions definitely is not a way to define my morality especially given my experience at that point was learning as I went and I definitely learned a lot from my time being allied to KT/AIM. But if it's what he needs to feel better about himself so be it (edit: also I already addressed the reasoning behind lying to Polaris and admitting it was a frick up on my part in a previous post responding to roq, surely someone with no morals wouldn't own up to their mistakes especially one as egregious as mine eh?)
  4. Definitely wasn't Mikey, we decided to just keno the rest of our bank when Theo looted it in Surfs Up.
  5. Kev and Buor can start a forum group for whipped husbands of Orbis!
  6. That’s how you know it’s fake, none of these sources are SK leaks.
  7. If you're going to put my name out on the forums, at least make sure you do it without going through the spin cycle first. Let's start with the actual signing of Zodiac. It was very clear that they only intended to sign us to throw us into the war on your side. That was made evident when, the day after we proposed the treaty, they asked us to hit Mensa in an offensive strike. Our logic at the time was that we'll end up in that war anyways so we might as well enter on the offensive front and likely be supported by IQ. Our blitz on Mensa partnered with Zodiac was more than enough to keep them tied down until TKR entered against us 130 vs 35 with more than enough capabilities to cover our entire tiering at that point. When SK was drowning and we asked for help, all we got was "VE has wars with TKR too". Since both of us were getting pubstomped with no real plan to handle TKR and, by extension, bail us out, we decided to exit the war after a month of waiting for a real plan. During my radio interview with Thalmor, I remember Seeker confronting me about our early exit and being upset that we weren't dedicated to the war. I very clearly explained to Seeker that we weren't dedicated to a war in which we received no support. What we were supposed to do? Meat shield for a bunch of alliances who had no intentions helping us? Meat shield for alliances that we had no interest in garnering political capitol with and that we owed nothing to? I very distinctly remember the circle jerks in that server and, by god, it was the last thing I ever wanted to be apart of. So yes, maybe I was a little upset with the IQ coalition during that radio show but I think our actions were entirely justified due to the piss poor handling of that war by IQ and our lack of desire to help you push your agenda. To claim that we cancelled Zodiac just to plot against you for your criticism is a little too flattering for both of you. Nor was that the rationale behind lying to Polaris, which admittedly isn't my greatest move. However, we plotted against IQ because your consolidation was in no way healthy for the game, amassing the entire active lower tier and encroaching your way into the middle tier was nothing more than a choke hold. As an alliance leader, my ultimate goal is to ensure the health of this game remains dynamic and interesting for all players, not just for my own community. This seems to be lost on many alliance leaders, who look to "win" the game. This cementing of power is absolutely atrocious and will lead to nothing but a dead game. What happens when you do win, when you become untouchable, when you police the game to ensure that your alliance stays? Activity dies, players give up but, hey - at least you're number one right? Number one in a game where no one remains active due to your actions? Sounds amazing. These most recent actions by NPO have done nothing but re-solidify my beliefs that not only are you out here for your personal gain but that you truly don't care about the consequences of your actions. Good luck with creating your future hegemony.
  8. >Tfw T$ signed into IQ The Covenant edition
  9. I know you missed me @Theodosius
  10. Cool story and all, but does her mom have it goin on?
  11. Why don’t you claim Yakuza as an extension of WTFark then? Make it a fair 3v3, by your logic at least. Your 3k infra cities are looking awfully tasty
  12. May the Soup burn hotter than their nukes!
  13. I promise you, you are not apart of the masses.
  14. CONSOLIDATION REEEEEE But uh congertz
  15. We can blame the UI of the game for one of the reasons people can't get into it however I think we all know that no one plays this game because of Smith.
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