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  1. A man once told me he just saw the first guy in the bar and punched him, that man was wearing gucci... who could it possibly be? Figured that philosophy could apply here also 😜
  2. Classy as always Ripper, best of luck to all the parties involved!
  3. Squeegee

    The Crows Ahead Cry War

    I’m a huge fan of Destiny so I have high hopes for this alliance! Best of luck to everyone except hope 😜
  4. 40% and charging

  5. Squeegee

    69 Days Later

  6. Squeegee

    A Camelot Announcement: Shadow’s Rebuild War

    I can always appreciate a schitts creek gif.
  7. Squeegee

    69 Days Later

    I'm sorry everyone, usually we keep val locked away in his dungeon retirement home. He's managed to escape this time but we promise not to let it happen again!
  8. Squeegee

    War Boys I: The Legend...CONTINUES

    I just wanted to clarify that neither House Stark nor CKD asked SK to join their wars, it was actually just due to us wanting to help AIM but I had forgotten you guys achieved peace due to my long work week :P. We did not stay during the duration of your wars and we even offered peace on the spot due to my miscommunication to my alliance about your peace with AIM. I find it very hard to believe our handful of declarations were deciders in the entire war for you guys. But glad to see that this has been sorted out by the other parties heh.
  9. Why are people still posting in this thread? I refuse to read it.
  10. Squeegee

    Peace BeCoS why not

    You both bore me atleast come up with something original.
  11. Squeegee

    AIM disbandment

    Cheers to some of the best allies and friends I could’ve asked for. It was a good run, and there are some memories I will never let go of. Peace out AIM.
  12. Squeegee

    Peace BeCoS why not

    Good times
  13. This is true, that squeegee guy sucks.
  14. Squeegee

    Propaganda time

    I was hoping for some dank maymays but it looks like the last couple of pages have just been full of piss and vinegar ;/
  15. Squeegee

    TEstleration of War.


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