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  1. Are you still mad from 2016 when you couldn’t get into tS? Let it go, man.
  2. The Argentarii Accords: Article I: Non-Aggression Both signatories will hereafter refrain from any form of hostile activity, hereafter defined as military force, subversion or espionage of any kind, against the other. Article II: Respect Signatories of this pact pledge to show only respect and good will towards each other. While this will prohibit outright verbal hostility in all its forms, it will not restrict healthy debate or productive disagreement. Article III: Mutual Defense Should either signatory be subject to an act of aggression, they are well within their rights to request military support, which the other signatory is obligated to provide unless the former signatory had become involved in a conflict via other treaties with other alliances or blocs. In such a case, the request for aid becomes voluntary. Article IV: Optional Aggression Should either signatory find it necessary to commit an act of aggression upon a third party, they must inform the other signatory at least 24 hours in advance. They may request military support from the other signatory, though this request is under no circumstances an obligation. The other signatory is also allowed to help the attacking signatory if no request for support has been requested. Article V: Aid Should either signatory come into need of aid of either political or financial aid, they may request such support as is necessary from the other signatory. It is recognized, however, that this request is in no way an obligation. Article VI: Intelligence Should vital knowledge of a political or military nature come to the attention of one signatory, they are required to share it with the other. Article VII: Cancellation Should either party wish to terminate these accords, they may do so with 72 hours notice. Once the notice period has expired, the treaty will be considered null and void. Signed for the Syndicate, WANA - Chief Global Strategist Lucas- Chief Operating Officer Golden Pope - Chief Security Officer Keram - Chief Financial Officer Signed for The Legion, /s/ Kiwilliam, Imperator /s/ David Ben-Gurion, Praetor /s/ Karl XVIII, Consul of Economic Affairs /s/ Nome, Consul of Foreign Affairs /s/ Lord Windmark, Consul of Internal Affairs /s/ Totem, Consul of Military Affairs
  3. You were a worthy adversary, SRD. Enjoy your retirement, friend. Lord knows you’ve earned it.
  4. HOGG didn’t seem to mind. In fact, they would have preferred a longer NAP, if my understanding is correct.
  5. This was definitely a war of all time. May fortune continue to favor the bold.
  6. Congratulations on two years, friends. May your covert dealings continue to add joy to these forums for years to come.
  7. Most Influential Player: Harry Flashman Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Darth Ataxia Best Alliance Leader: Lorey Worst Alliance Leader: Istandor Best In-Character Poster: Zed Best Villain: Keegoz Nicest Player: Kurdanak Most Controversial Player: Epimetheus Most Missed Player: Justin076 Best Nation Page: John M Keynes Best Fighter: Avatar Patrick Best High Government Member: Leonissenbaum Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Best War Criminal: Horsecock
  8. I officially dub this bloc as Sudowoodo. May you score many critical hits.
  9. Congrats on eight years Minesome. This community wouldn't be the same without you.
  10. Kadin used to lead your alliance…
  11. My name is Yoshikage WANA. I’m 33 years old. I live in the northeast section of the Syndicate, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an Executive of the Syndicate Corporation, and I get home by 8 PM at the latest. I don’t drink, but I often smoke. I’m in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep no matter what. After having a glass of SRD’s tears and doing twenty minutes of shitposting, I usually have no problems sleeping til the morning. Just like a C3, I wake up without any stress or fatigue in the morning. I was told there were no issues in my last nation audit. I’m trying to explain that I’m a leader who likes to live a quiet life. I take care not to tire myself with any enemies, like winning or losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with FA. Although if I were to fight, I wouldn’t lose to anyone.
  12. I’m sure the propagandists are going to find some way to blame this on me. Watching your ex’s fight each other is, if nothing, an exciting evening. I wish both Cataclysm and Rose good luck, may your war bring you both clarity.
  13. You seem quite pressed, friend. Carrying around all that anger cannot be good for you. The only fantasy on display in this thread is Buorhann’s. It is wildly inaccurate, and it is ignorant to believe that the Syndicate was somehow running a conspiracy theory to [email protected]#$ Cata over.
  14. They said to us they were thinking about it. It was 30 minutes before they hit that they told us they were doing it. I’d disagree that we “backstabbed” them. I think that we acted rationally given the situation. Like I said to you earlier, I’m not going to invalidate your feelings. You can be as disrespectful as you like, it reflects more on you than me. Pot calling the kettle black, eh? You’ve built your career in FA on being a liar, a manipulator, and a schemer. The newer players may have forgotten that, but I certainly haven’t.
  15. As you and I both know, FA is way more art than science. What I told Cataclysm is that “we wouldn’t stop them” from entering the war. If that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, it’s because it wasn’t. Mind you, the decisions that happened came quickly. Cataclysm gave us a 30 minute notice on the fact that they intended to enter. Perhaps had they not been in such a mad rush, they would’ve thought through the consequences of making that decision. With regards to your point about us agreeing to hit OB, our trepidation with that idea is well documented, and both Cata and Paradise were keenly aware of that. It was that trepidation that caused members of Cata high government to flame members of mine. We agreed in principle that if it came to a situation where we believed OB would blitz us, we’d be alright fighting them. Cata and Paradise were both sure they would hit us. It didn’t help that members of Cata were openly antagonistic to members of OB. You can believe what you want to believe happened, Kev. Would you like to hear the truth? We sat paperless for several weeks as we meted out our options. During that span of several weeks, we explored the options available to us, and eventually decided to sign Eclipse. Other alliance leaders had the same exact opportunity to bend my ear during this period. It’s a shame some didn’t even bother to try. The relationship between us clearly didn’t work. While Cataclysm has aired as much dirty laundry as they can manage, the Syndicate has opted to take the high road. As I told both Cata and Paradise in the channel that night, I’m not going to invalidate your feelings based on what happened. However I will continue to call out distortions of what occurred. Relationships are 50/50. Anyone who believes that either party was singularly responsible for how the relationship ended is either pushing an agenda or not particularly emotionally intelligent.
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