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  1. In our agreement you mentioned you had no CB on us. Glad to see you're not even pretending you do.
  2. Our ROI thanks you, friend.
  3. We didn't stay mil'd up because it benefits us more to be able to reap the economic benefits of being demil'd. Given the past actions of Clock chaining, we decided to enter into this agreement to manage the risks of Clock trying to chain. This is an insurance policy. Insurance protects you from risk. The vast majority of adults willingly pay for insurance even if they never have to make a claim. I have not said we're the victims. Nor do I think Clock is the "bad" guy. I do not see the world in such a black and white manner. I know that Clock is unhappy with this move. Your unhappiness with this move is valid, even if you are distorting my character.
  4. In case it is entirely clear at this point, let me spell some things out here for the broader community. During the lead up to the MO war, myself and Ataxia engaged in talks to de-escalate that conflict. This led to us getting cold feet approaching the blitz. In the Blackwater leadership server, BW leadership was debating the merits of going through with the hit. I relayed these concerns to Keegoz, and started a dialogue with him about it. Ultimately, I decided to offer Keegoz a deal that I thought would limit the negative externalities of such a hit. I asked Keegoz for a mutual guarantee not to aid HW in a hit against the other, and for plausible deniability if Clock did choose to hit Rose. At the time, and both my government, allies, and former allies can confirm this, Rose was not my concern, as I viewed them as a friendly entity. It was in this view that I wanted to ensure that the Rose-tS relationship wouldn't be trashed if Clock decided to hit them. I didn't want Rose to be hit, but I believed that Clock would hit them regardless of our involvement, and was correct in my assumption. Hell, as I mentioned before, I felt so icky about the whole thing that I even decided to tell Rose prior to the hit. During the time of the MO war, my biggest fear is that we would get hit by Hollywood. I understood that Hollywood was upset from Brawlywood, and wanted to try and avoid a repeat war. This is borne out by actions and words at the time, and I think Hollywood knew this at the time. Ultimately the MO war was unsuccessful at buying us cover from HW, which I think is fair to critique me for. Since I took over as FA Executive, I have had a strong working relationship with Rose, which ultimately allowed for the creation of Celestial. What motivation would I have had for trashing a relationship I had worked so hard to cultivate. Ask yourself, based on my relationship to Rose, why would I throw it away for Clock's benefit? It doesn't make logical sense. As for the current uproar over the HW-Celestial agreement, you can think of it as risk management and nothing more. HW and Celestial are strange bedfellows, with enough hurt feelings between the two to require years worth of therapy. The fact that this agreement could even get passed should tell you how seriously we viewed the threat of Clock deciding to chain. Ultimately, the ball is in Clock's court at the moment. The power to send this agreement to the shredder is in their hands. I do not desire war nor enmity towards Clock or its member alliances. You guys know where to find me if/when you guys want to engage in good faith dialogue.
  5. I am saddened by this. OWR were an enjoyable group, and Sval was the right mix of competent and compassionate. I hope that your community can thrive irrespective of your desire to play the game.
  6. Did you guys misread my intent that badly? Hopefully this should clarify.
  7. Desperation is a bad look for you, Keegoz. Leaking months old logs about a war long since litigated? Not to mention that you're telling the story wrong, as you usually do. Let me clear things up. Blackwater had concerns about going to war with MO under the pretense you wanted to use. We were getting to the point where we were looking to call off our hit. I approached you with a deal that might let us proceed with the war. You agreed to that deal, but as usual, you act like a scumbag. I found out when we signed Rose that you had leaked those logs to HW, and they had in turn made their way to Rose. Even back then you were acting scummy. Fortunately, because I know how you operate, I informed Rose of Clock's plan to hit them prior to the blitz. You can continue to dig your reputation into a bottomless chasym, though. I'll continue to sleep soundly at night. Also, just for funsies, apparently you have no qualms working with other spheres.
  8. I think this is the correct take. It’s a pretty unique agreement.
  9. I wonder what happened immediately after that war that may have caused this. Reflect on your actions before you ask me to.
  10. I didn’t peak in 2016, I’m still out here getting cuter.
  11. I’m well aware of history. It’s just lame that people are taking potshots on a party the thread isn’t about.
  12. An early contender for best DoW of the year.
  13. Friend, a lesson in FA. You don’t ever say the silent part out loud. What type of box? You selling Series X’s? Not sure why our name is randomly coming up. Though I do appreciate getting to live so cheaply in the heads of randoms. Old soldiers never die, and they don’t fade away. I’ve literally never seen someone go into a thread and fumble the bag this hard.
  14. Those are some high quality logs. Might build myself a desk. Maybe a log cabin? Please don’t drive food production down too much ok?
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