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  1. Perhaps had efforts been made sooner, this would be a different story. I've told you over and over in our embassy how actual FA is handled through DM's. I said this in our embassy, do you really want Eumir to be privvy to high-level conversations? He's been able to roast you in here easily enough with no information. The simple truth is that since I took over Exec, the only person in your alliance who made an effort to speak with me in the proper medium is no longer in your alliance. Whether or not you choose to believe that we were being truthful is up to y'all. Ask anyone in our alliance, gov, associate, junior, and they'll tell you we were telling the truth. It was the choice of TKR to read into the tea leaves of e$ militarizing of all things to glean our intention. Hell, perhaps if you had come to me the day we issued our mil order and had a conversation with me, things would have been different. I'm going to say this for the record, our initial reasoning for our Mil order wasn't to hit TKR. No alliance in our coalition went into that weekend thinking a global was going to happen that week.
  2. I brought receipts friend! Your first message was sent exactly on 8/17/2021, 12:06:51 PM. My response was exactly two hours later on 8/17/2021, 2:06:01 PM. In the time between, Harry reached out to you. I apologize for not getting back to you the second you message me, not that you did either. Your last message was sent 8/17/2021, 5:17:58 PM when I was in the middle of eating dinner. You got back to me way slower than I got back to you, and by the time you had gotten back, and I was back online, it was too late. Seems I was the one more on top of things that day. Edit: Also, it's nice of you to finally join us in one of these threads. Wasn't a world record, though. You're going to have to do better than three hours if you want to try and set a new PB.
  3. I don't believe that I have come off as "mistaking everyone cares", or "Our issues being everyone's issues." I do think the health of the game is something everyone should care about, though. That being said, various people have various ability to respond to issues. Half the alliances in this game have no actual way to combat Grumpy, I do not hold it against them, but I do understand that reality. It may have been precautionary, but at the same time, we were open and honest about our reasoning for our mil order. TKR chose to not take us at our word, is it any surprise that we felt uncomfortable doing the same? As for the de-escalation bit, I have previously documented the failings of that process. TKR, from my view, had two separate opportunities to prevent this war from happening. Both opportunities were flubbed when I received no response or action on the part of TKR. I understand that Benfro has been busy due to IRL circumstances, and trust me when I say I empathize with that, but that's why you have people like Cooper, to make sure these opportunities were seized upon before things got out of hand. Whether or not Benfro communicated my willingness to have a dialogue both times to either Cooper or any of his FA gov, I cannot say. What I can say is that discussions were proposed, I agreed to speak, and then nothing happened. I don't think that either party came out of Quack without a gripe or two about one another. I certainly know that we had some frustrations over the fact that TKR planned a war on Rose with HM, all while keeping us in the dark during TLR. All of this happened when we were allied, in channels where we had gone on the record as being concerned about Grumpy. Whether TKR was interested in a war with tS, I can't say it, but it certainly seems Grumpy was. With TKR having previously obscured their intentions to go to war with Rose, it was hard to convince myself that they weren't/wouldn't further obscure their intentions. It's plain as day, so let me repeat myself. We mil'd up, informed TKR why we mil'd up, TKR decided not to believe us and mil'd themselves.
  4. The difference is based on ethos, I think. I don't believe we've had the chance to meet, but your government is well aware of who I am and what I have stood for. NPO waged a scorched earth war, a war where there could be no winners. They cheated and bullied their way through the game, without a sense of decency. Perhaps my comparison to KF isn't a perfect allegory, especially given the events that followed, but as someone who fought TKR in that war, then became their ally in CoS, I think I have some historical legitimacy. Let me make this as clear as I can, I have not and will not ever advocate for the policies NPO pursued in-game. I found these policies both toxic and incredibly harmful to the health of the game. However, Grumpy's alliance with both Guardian and then TKR presents a stratification of whales in one single place, which while admittedly is probably less harmful than the OOC politics NPO drove, is still harmful to the game. I've said this before, but I quite like many members of your alliance, the fact that I have been able to have many pleasant conversations with them despite the ongoing war is a testament to this. Our goal isn't to drive TKR and her allies from the game, force them to disband, or attempt to bully their members into leaving the game. The goal has always been to use in-game actions to reduce the in-game harm that the pairing could cause. Forgive me if I came off as upset or defensive about the actions of NPO, the scars of that war still cause me much sorrow.
  5. None of your (TKR's) members joined KT. It was Grumpy/Obv. The fact that Grumpy/Oblivion can't stop their members from roguing is their own cross to bear, especially when it causes friction with another sphere and damages your own. I'm well aware of what SRD said, as is everyone else. When I spoke to Adrienne about this topic earlier in the year, she said that she would have been upset had we been the target, I believe her. This being the case, we all know how blocs work. I find it very hard to believe that just Adrienne not liking the idea would have kept Grumpy from acting on their threats forever, though it did keep us from blows at that time. Let me also further reiterate that we had been asked to join the coalition against HW at that time. We declined, we showed restraint. We had hoped that conflict wouldn't become inevitable with HW, that hope never came to fruition. As for your inquiries, they are accurate, but lack context. We told you honestly why we were mil'd up, and even gave you specifics for our mil order. It was TKR that chose not believe us. For someone who proclaims not to lie, I'm not sure why you didn't take the honest truth at face value. You came to us, the day we had planned to blitz, and asked us to speak about demil'ing. Both Harry and I agreed to speak on the matter, but then got no further response from Benfro. At that point, we had no other choice but to roll with the plan to neutralize the threat. Perhaps instead of focusing on the fact that there was a minimal attempt at communication, you should look in the mirror about the failings of those communications. Just because conversation happens, doesn't make it anything of value.
  6. If you had any concept of who I am, or my history, you would find it funny how unironically bad this take is. I joined P&W in Beta, I came back after launch to found the Syndicate. For a while, I left the Syndicate to join Church of Spaceology, after NPOLT and the disbandment of CoS, I rejoined tS, and after some time, first became a VP, and then an Exec. What does that have to do with your point? Becoming VP and Exec were my first two government positions I have ever held in P&W minus a short stint in Beta. So to imply I am somehow grandstanding about how irrelevant being a member is false. Do you want to talk about NPO? I'm one of the subject matter experts in that area. I've been a member of NPO, so has your former leader Lordship. Ever since the day NPO joined this game, I banged the alarm bell, I made it clear who NPO was, and what they could eventually do to this world. Like in most things, my knowledge, my understanding was proven right. Not to mention that due to NPO's actions during NPOLT, I lost my home, Church of Spaceology. For you to come into this thread and spew drivel about how my actions mimic NPO's is ignorant at best, and dishonest at worst. Perhaps you can ask people in your government for the history lesson you so desperately need. I don't think it's fair to say we've failed to nail them, but our repeated conflict has largely stemmed from an understanding to learn the lessons needed from past wars. I'm being literal when I say this war has been fought before. I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'd look up Knightfall on the P&W Wiki. Time passes however, and alignments change, as they did with the creation of Quack, and a new treaty between tS-TKR. We know the story by now. After Quack dissolved, TKR opted to create the same sphere tS had issues with dating back to Knightfall. TKR clearly has forgotten the lesson of that war, and we all know the saying about doing the same thing and expecting different results.
  7. This is assuming that Grumpy plays the war incredibly poorly, bordering on incompetence. The truth is that by the time that tS would drag Grumpy, they would already be able to rebuild just from their war revenue alone. This isn't just my words, but has been specifically stated as evidenced by Vali's screenshot.
  8. At the onset of this war, our goal has been to deal with the threat to ourselves, not to exact a vengeful price on those on the periphery. The Lost Empire have demonstrated that they are not a threat to our spheres, and thus our coalition has agreed on peace terms with The Lost Empire. The peace terms are as follows. 1. The Lost Empire agrees to return to their peacetime standard of military readiness, agreed to as 0/2/5/0. 2. The Lost Empire agrees to not launch wars against members of Coalition A (including all members of Blackwater and Rose Sphere), and agrees to refrain from providing aid to any member of Hollywood. 3. No new wars will be declared between the two sides, but all existing wars are allowed to run their course. Signed for The Lost Empire, Ocean Master: Putmir Imperia: Xi Jinping Legatus of Economic Affairs: Waterwall Legatus of Internal Affairs: Henrik Legatus of Military Affairs: Germanicus Signed for the Syndicate, WANA, Chief Global Strategist Gray, Chief Security Officer Justin, Chief Financial Officer Lucas, Chief Operations Officer Signed for Carthago, Daveth - Suffet Krampus, Asierith and Gallant - Elders Signed for The Legion, Totem, Imperator Istandor, Proconsul David Ben-Gurion, Consul of Foreign Affairs Kiwilliam, Consul of Internal Affairs Michael Lybrand, Consul of Military Affairs Signed for Order of the White Rose, Prime ~ Sval Prime Regent - Monkeybutt Legate of Foreign Affairs - Kamade Legate of Internal Affairs - Kabu Legate of Economics - Karl XVIII Acting Legate of Defence - Ekrdin Signed for House Stark, The King in the North: Zygon Hand of the King: Darth Ataxia Three Eyed Raven: Samani Lord Commander: Henry Sutton Archmaester: Sojourner Master of Coin: Enjgine Wisdom of Alchemists: VIllage Signed for Rose, Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of FA: Harry Flashman Signed for Swords of Sanghelios, Arbiter - Christian Kaidon - Jaden Oracle Master of Warfare - Flamescove Oracle Master of Diplomacy - Grabacr Oracle Master of the Interior - MorganL Oracle Master of Machines - Scatheon Signed for Church of Atom, His Holiness, Pontifex Atomicus - James II Primus Inter Pares - Keza Purple Cardinal of Foreign Affairs: Kongo Jack Cardinal of Internal Affairs: RandomNoobster Cardinal of Finance: Soxirella Cardinal of Protection: John Baraboo
  9. Investor Contact: Justin Media Contact: WANA Greetings Esteemed Members of the Community, As you all know by now, the Syndicate has declared a state of war against the combined forces of Hollywood, as stated in my initial DoW. However, I believe there is some misunderstanding about the reasoning of this war from the Syndicate’s perspective, so I am here today to set the record straight. In my initial post, I mentioned that recent ex-members of the Hollywood bloc, including Hidude and Hillbilly had undertaken a campaign of aggression against some in our sphere. This was not the reason the Syndicate opted to move to neutralize the threat that Hollywood poses, but an indication I took of their potential intentions.When the Knights Templar hit the Legion, we were content to let their allies respond to the situation, as to not make a mountain out of a molehill, this changed when Eclipse was directly attacked a few days after the initial hit. While we were rightfully angry that our allies were being hit, we decided to militarize to get ready for a conflict with KT. At that point, some members of my government immediately responded by declaring wars on KT, while the rest of the alliance was put in a state of militarization. This was partially due to the fact that we understood that if we hit KT, we were likely to be countered by their members, and we didn’t want any of our members getting caught with their pants down, so to speak. This caused Hollywood bloc to respond in kind by issuing their own militarization orders, which we quickly noted. A determination was made at that time that Hollywood may be a credible threat to us, only hearing from TKR the day we had equalized in military readiness. Given the uncertainty of the situation, we decided to go ahead with an offensive blitz against Hollywood in order to neutralize them as a threat. The above paragraph gives you a look into our thought process leading up to the war, but the question of why pick this fight in the first place still remains. I took over the position of Chief Global Strategist immediately after The Last Ride had concluded. I was greeted by a grouping of HM that was quickly militarizing, and a TKR who had not decommissioned to their peace time standard. There was some thought amidst our government that the newly formed Blackwater may be the target of the war. The Syndicate has made no show of obscuring our thoughts on GG’s supremacy of the whale tier, and the FA and gameplay implications that has. I have expressed this thought publicly on Morf Radio a handful of times. During this time, I was in communication with Adrienne from TKR, and representatives from Rose sphere, Oasis, and the alliances that would become Mystery. We each went back and forth on who the potential target might be, so the Syndicate also didn’t decommission to peace-time standards as a precaution. When speaking to Adrienne, I got cryptic responses that didn’t assuage our fears. After the fact, Adrienne confirmed to me that we were never the target, and she would have been personally upset had we been the target. As we all know, Rose was the intended target, with Oasis/Mys declaring in defense of Rose and their allies. During the early planning phases for this conflict, several people from the defending coalition approached myself about joining the war on their behalf. This is an offer I declined. I declined this offer in part due to the recent breakup of Quack, and the feelings of mutual respect that existed between tS and TKR. I thought the feeling was mutual, I didn’t necessarily believe that BW and HW needed to be enemies. Consider my shock then when I went on Morf Radio one evening and heard SRD say in no uncertain terms that the Syndicate had been considered a potential target of HW’s war of aggression immediately following the dissolution of Quack. Now I have heard the argument over and over that you can’t take SRD seriously, that it’s just a personality, but that undersells just how influential and aware SRD is as an alliance leader. Unlike some other leaders, SRD has never shown himself to be someone who makes poor decisions. SRD knowingly admitted on-air that we had been considered a target, on a show with the man who had recently been promoted to the FA Exec position in tS. I don’t think this was an accident or some slip of the tongue, I think SRD was being honest. As I stated above, the Syndicate’s narrative across the past year and a half has been consistent. The grouping of GG as a unit presents a stratification of not just whales, but mega-whales in a singular grouping. This is not to say that GG are bad or evil people, but that they could be a potential security risk to ourselves, and are almost impossible to deal with as a single bloc. The fact that SRD had postured openly in both a VC and Discord chat lead to my firm belief that GG would eventually seek to fight us. There is no one way to skin a cat, and dealing with GG as a unit is incredibly complicated. I would never seek to suggest that either Guardian or Grumpy should disband, split, or reduce their size in any unnatural way. I have made that point quite clear during my time as an Executive. However, a contributing factor of our concerns about GG has been due to their lack of competitive wars in recent past. By my calculations, it has been since NPOLT that Grumpy has fought a war where they were in any danger of sustaining heavy losses. Duck Hunt came close, and a few members of GG certainly took some damage, but due to the sheer numbers disadvantage Quack was at, we were unable to make much of a dent into them, with some of our high tier even dropping to a range where we couldn’t declare on Grumpy, much less thinking of causing infrastructure loss. All the while, TKR has been well aware of our concern over this grouping and even privately shared some of those concerns with us, at least until they allied them. It certainly didn’t help then, after Quack broke up, that TKR immediately signed a treaty with not just Grumpy, but one with the entire force of HM backing them up. Perhaps this was understandable, though. Breakups are never easy, especially one with as much history as the Syndicate and The Knights Radiant. I do not envy the position TKR found themselves in, but their choices are their own. It was their choice to sign GG despite knowing fully well our concerns about that grouping, it was their choice to immediately declare a war of aggression against Rose that roped in every power bloc in the game minus our own. This is a war, mind you, that they pretty clearly came out victorious. I don’t believe it’s a stretch to say that no individual grouping could comfortably take on the might of HW. Hollywood started out the aggressor from the day they were borne, and because of their previous actions, it became entirely plausible that the Syndicate, the last true powersphere that could challenge them would be next. This has never been a conflict I entered into lightly.Put simply, there are many people in HW who I admire and deeply respect. However, my responsibility as an Executive is now and always will be to ensure the success and prosperity of the Syndicate. If there is harm that may come to the alliance, it is my duty to pre-empt those threats by either diplomacy or war. SRD consistently displayed he was a threat to the peace, prosperity, and security of my alliance. I chose to take him at his word. It is unfortunate that war had to come between BW and HW, but I was unwilling to take the chance that HW had been lying about their intentions as a bloc. It took courage to do this, to enter into a war that will be incredibly costly for both sides, but throughout my short tenure as an Executive, I have never shied away from making tough decisions. It is my sincere hope that this war will yield a rebalancing of the economic advantages faced between GG and the rest of the game, and that at the end of this war, both sides will emerge with a renewed willingness to ensure the balance of this game, so that all players, whales and noobs alike, have the ability to determine and chart a path towards a more exciting future. -WANA Chief Global Strategist About SYNDICATE, INC., SYNDICATE, Inc., based near Nassau, The Bahamas, is the world's leading gasoline, aluminum, steel and munitions distributor for a wide variety of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. Wholly-owned SYNDICATE, Inc. subsidiary brand/s include ENTERPRISE, Corp., (NYSE: ESC), which provides opportunities for growth, development, and outreach for exceptional candidates throughout the globe, The Rohirrim, a rising equine research and breeding firm. For more information about SYNDICATE, Inc., and it's activities, contact WANA, Chief Global Strategist.
  10. He is one of my precious Junior Associates.
  11. So did KETOGG, and that was a good enough reason for TKR.
  12. So if you haven’t worked it out yet, the whole dancing declaration of war was one giant metaphor. Many of you have been clamoring for more details, so let’s unpack it, shall we? “We want to dance,” Is it really any wonder that when you have a prior history of storming our embassy to troll us and you make posts repeatedly to try and trash talk us and our allies? and make IC attacks on prominent members, we’d not be the biggest fans of HW? This really isn’t anything new – you lot have been on us from the start. We watched you guys shit talk BW for months leading up to your aggressive, no CB hit on Rose. We weren’t about to let you do the same to us. But if the “talk shit, get hit” CB doesn’t suffice for you all, I’m happy to show you what else we’ve got. “ you want to dance,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhMuB5Cqd1w “and we saw you checking us out.” How are those veiled threats working out for you, SRD? It's not like you've even tried to cover your tracks. “We’re not big believers in having to wait for the guy to work up the courage to pull us away from our friends and ask us out, so here we are.” So, there you have it, folks! A DoW unpacked – “Let’s dance!” As an additional note, Cooper got the privilege of seeing a few of these logs a couple days again – a sneak preview if you will. His response? “So your logs show that one of our gov members doesn’t like you?” It’s heartwarming to see treaty partners learning from one another and growing but maybe pick a different lesson than the lack of accountability one, Cooper? I know TKR is a pro at that but – bit of free advice here – it won’t make you any friends. Speaking of which, how many demerits has Cooper earned, Adrienne? Surely he must have received a citation by now. No? Hmm… P.S. Bonus screenshot fun time!
  13. NPOLT was pretty challenging i'd say. Not that GG really participated in that one.
  14. Is it paranoid to take your leader at face value?
  15. Talk is cheap, infra isn't. When was the last time y'all fought a challenging war again? I was referring to your intentions towards us. If we believed you wouldn't hit us eventually, then perhaps things could have been different. Instead, we opted to neutralize the threat before you could come for us.
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