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  1. "Yeah, i'm on the war page, I'm planning, Yeah i'm planning. Ain't get to roll no TCW, ain't get to roll no prots I was pinned down in Chaos, ain't get to fight no !@#$es Ain't get to hug my Manthrax, couldn't even spit vicious Can't even post on these forums cuz these !@#$ IQ's be snitching All of TCW sphere acting suspicious, might prolly say that i'm tripping When i'm all alone in CoS, I tend to get in my feelings And all I smoke are these purple's, don't pass me no pinks And i'm gonna smoke all of these purples today, cuz that's the only thing that's gonna heal me I don't understand these AA's who go around pretending As if they never tried to frick me, so I roll em all from a distance Cuz they same leader who said they down to be ride be the same one who plotting Got planes mixed with some tanks cause every time Update hits I got murder on my mind Ships, nukes, tanks and spies And all these !@#$ purples trying to nuke me off my grind But I can't let em do it I got murder on my mind !@#$ I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind Yellow tape around Under's body, it's a fricking homocide His posts are off the OWF, and his alliance is traumatized We didn't even mean to do it, Under just got screwed by surprise I reloaded my planes, got 8 MP's and ran em twice Purple's score dropped down to 0 and they had teardrops in their eyes They slid in my DM's and said they were afraid to disband I told Matt it's too late, it's time to say goodbye And they disbanded from our blitz, members all scattered Wake up at update, I got murder on my mind Ships, nukes, tanks and spies And all these !@#$ purples hating tryna nuke me off my grind But I can't let em do it I got murder on my mind !@#$ I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind Bite like a snake, !@#$ i'm an animal WANA's a savage, yeah he not no amateur Baby named Hans, fricked him on day one !@#$ i'm a murder I might just kill these boys Don't want to kill no boys Nuke em up, say he got beef, !@#$ we gonna grill these boys I'm swagging so hard, I might rip they ass and disband the boys Murder on my mind Woah oh I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind Wake up in the morning I got murder on my mind Ships, nukes, tanks and spies And all these !@#$ purples hating tryna nuke me off my grind But I can't let em do I got murder on my mind !@#$ I got murder on my mind I got murder on my mind I got murder on my I got murder on my mind.
  2. It's nice to meet you but it's even better to meet me. My name is WANA I have 1000 hours on P&W in total and I specialize in... things. Hitting UPN is a way of life for me, I never change my target frick you, if at any point during the war you want me to change targets I'd gladly suggest you go frick yourself. I follow absolutely no type of war strategy, if you wanna give orders, give them to each other, don't you dare to bring that shit to me. All I know how to do is go in there. Now let's go team.
  3. HoT is spot on with this. The NPO name stands for excellence above all. This excellence has sometimes come at the cost of others, but was never obtained through a dishonest way. The Pacifica I know would be disgusted by these revelations and work to make amends, they would do things the right way. Karma couldn’t kill Pacifica, it’d be a shame if this did.
  4. The amount of people in this thread that are malding is quite alarming.
  5. It’s most important that we’re all enjoying ourselves and having fun in this dynamic, well balanced, massive political sandbox.
  6. Kinda shitty to make Guardian fight for you for literal years without one word of complaint only to turn around and sucker punch them when they are no longer useful to you.
  7. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=68702 Ruler Name: Horsecock Nature of Violation: Has a doctored picture of one of the columbine shooters on his nation page.
  8. Agent W

    Surf's Up

    Bad Move: Yo Thrax set em up, CoS productions You done it again, bruv Alliance affilliation irrelevant, purple and gold they all banging it Nuke strapped planes to the brains i'm hammering it Nation untouched from the blitz Congratulations, you just met the real man I am all that, more than you thought Got a following, like Eumir up in VC Y'all lack quality, I've heard it all before With a bad move, like not blitzing me at update And that's funny, fricking with Dub Is like fricking with Thrax, another bad move sonny Saying shit I know i'll get banned for frick Bourhann and his dumb !@#$ followers Feed the warchests to the bigger figure Don't leave me to have to be your babysitter Cause your noobs might have a bad time and we'll give you bad terms Ah frick it, you're blowing up quick, huh? frick around with me? That's a bad move. Bad mouth CoS, that's a bad move. Disrespecting me and then you going to sleep? You better believe that's a bad move Dub's raps are the shit, your shit gets skipped cuz You can't sound like this And even if it did, no one would hear it Cause you're doing what Rose did, and they did it two years ago No doubt i'm the best one going Sociopath, I killed GOB without knowing Overgrown, too big for their nations We're going to smash you up, then wrap you up, too bad for you And your members, they're far from smart Like me on D-day, blowing up your members part from part You're not even half as hard, way more than half retard Say your piece like kek and hah fricking spit it out, cough it up, get it out And talk about how you gon bring the dubya down, Huh? Well bring it on, bring it on frick around with Dub, that's a bad move Bad mouth CoS? That's a bad move Disrespecting me and you going to sleep? That's a bad move I'm twice your size, ten times a man One mic, one round, one trip to the pound Six times the poster, nine times the ally Eight times the boaster, rhymes laced with crimes And i'm better: Today, tomorrow, forever Don't act like you can stand next to the twenty-third letter Be about your wits cause you're about to lose Your nations, boutta start wishing they never met me If I were you, I'd probably hate me too Check the nation pages, i'm supposed to lose So I move with Uncle's chosen few Make sure you can trust those who are close to you Now turn me up, i'm a homemade killer I'm about to show you who it is when you do this Stamping my name on it, planting my frame on you, !@#$ Gonna make you feel the wrath when I move in frick around with Dub, that's a bad move Bad mouth CoS? That's a bad move Disrespecting me and then going to sleep? You better believe that's a bad move.
  9. Government of the people, by the people, for the people.
  10. Everyone in EMC is so goddamn soft. I guess that’s what years of winning easy wars do to you. I remember days of old when winning a war meant something, as the victors put their jackboots on the neck of their fallen enemies. It’s a damn shame Pacifica doesn’t repeat the actions their forebears once took upon enemies.
  11. Truthfully, I’ve never been a fan of joke terms. I’d rather levy terms that have actual in-game meaning or consequences.
  12. This shit's crazy, we going all nine rounds bois. 2018, the world is at it's end frick it, we want the money and the power, and go out with a bang It's the end of the world, and still whales ain't got no satisfaction So I take my planes and bust a whale in the head Now i'm blasting Cause i'm known as a W And i'm coming from the C-O-S And you should know !@#$ ass whales runnin back Can't frick with W Wet em up This is a real life steamroll in progress Whales, give up your shit, or take two to the chest Cause I ain't fricking around, G So take a real at a real live warrior that's crazy And get ready to die, GoB Any last words? Before your ass gets smoked It ain't a joke Because your coalition is broke my friend That's why I gotta do you in Give up your treasures and money, and anything else I might like And then i'm off in the wind again To catch the next sucka Slippin, taking two to the chin Two whales in one night Didn't even have to fight Just pulled out my planes to end another's nation This is real life so forget the silly shit you heard Now whales tell me, do you have any last words? Another whale I stomped made front page A whale dead from the drive-by, did him with the nukes The first stage of insanity People say it ain't wise to get faded off GoB's cries SRD cries, another whale lays in its casket Orbis was fun while it lasted These silly schemers had to get caught Trippin and set trippin You should have seen Memph's blood dripping Too many nations destroyed Too many idiots whining on the OWF But you don't hear me, you just see my troops gun smoke Some ask why do I destroy so much infra From the innocent whales But where I come from We take shit real You talk shit so you get your shit pushed in Grab your nukes, forget what you heard It's do or die Any last words? I got the planes and i'm pullin straight creep Feel I need to destroy a whale so I peep Checking the nation pages but staying low So i'm not seen, in case I gotta get away Got make that shit clean So i'm looking for a victim Gotta be right, took my time and I picked him Scoped shit, then I licked him Now i'm back in the news, no clues but yet another murder You should've hear SRD squeal when I stuck his ass I had to grin cuz it's funny, frick his ass He ain't the last, and surely ain't the first But his whale ass rolled away in a hearse So i'm feeling somewhat relieved Just another life in the day of the W It's real, so forget the silly shit you heard Do or die, W gets the last word.
  13. You are now about to witness the strength of Orbis knowledge. Straight outta Orbis, a crazy motherfricker named WANA from the cult called Church wit attitude When I'm called off, I got a sawed off Squeeze the trigger, and Avruch is hauled off You too GoB if you frick with me The admins are going to have to come and get me Off your ass, that's how i'm going out For the punk whales that's showing out Whales start to mumble, they wanna rumble Mix em and cook em in a pot like gumbo Going off on the motherfricker like that With a nuke, that's pointed at your ass So give it up smooth Ain't no telling when i'm down for a jack move With a crime record like Space Manthrax Airplanes are the tool Don't make me act a motherfricking fool Me and you can go toe to toe no maybe I'm knocking whales out the game, daily Yo, weekly, monthly and yearly Till these dumb motherfrickers see clearly That i'm down with a capital C-O-S Whales you can't frick with me So when i'm in your neighborhood You better duck Cause WANA is crazy as frick As I war, believe i'm stomping But when I come back whales, you're going straight outta Orbis
  14. I’m not about to Godwin this thread, but there seems to be a sizeable continent of the player base who are condoning Thalmor’s actions.
  15. @Lairah I don’t honestly know who you are, but if you are a defender of Nazi’s, then you’re on my shitlist.
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