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  1. As opposed to not forcefully declaring war?
  2. Sketchy

    Changes to score calculations -- Need input.

    Intentionally hiding in the lower tier and not building military other than planes as a strategy is, surprise surprise, going to make it difficult to take out larger nations. Blaming the game mechanics for strategic choices of your side is a bit ridiculous. Your side possessed the upper tier to take us on but chose not to risk it. Its not an indicator of an issue with the game its an indicator of an issue with your strategy.
  3. Greetings Brothers, I bring good news from the battlefield. The Fake Polaris heretics are suffering defeat after defeat at the hands of the warriors of The True Polaris and her allies in The True The Vanguard. Morale within the heretics ranks is at an all time low, and they have begun to stop logging in, regressing to their natural state. Unfortunately for them, we have in one such case, taken advantage of their complacency. Brother Theodosius has led a successful raid on the supply lines of The Fake Polaris heretics, robbing them of their valuables and trinkets. With their allies leaving them one by one, and now this crippling blow, it is only a matter of time before the heretics break, and surrender to our superiority.
  4. Sketchy

    PC Principal

    Should be Unwilling Employayy
  5. The forces of KETOGG and Chaos have achieved peace. All wars shall be peaced out immediately. We are pleased to report that total damages exceeded the amount Nova Riata spawned into the game, so your welcome. In an effort to continue our benevolent streak, KETOGG is launching a new program solely dedicated to building the self confidence of the Brave and Beautiful BK. After many interviews in which the vulnerable (But still very brave) BK poured their heart and souls out to us over their various insecurities, one insecurity in particular stood out. While most alliances trust their allies to have their back, to perform well in war alongside them, Brave and Beautiful BK has many doubts about the basic competence of The Covenant alliances. This is why they were so nervous bringing them in to fight against a much smaller force. KETOGG sees no better course of action then to test these allies ourselves. Should they fight valiantly (and competently), we hope this will give Brave and Beautiful BK the confidence they need. If they should flop over and die, then at least Brave and Beautiful BK will finally have the courage to cut ties from these bad influences holding them back. KETOGG declares war on Acadia, United Purple Nations, Frontier Records, The Commonwealth and Electric Space. PS: @Alex upgrade your goddamn servers capping API requests didn't do shit.
  6. Sketchy

    Kick the Baby !!!

    You guys are more sensitive than the baby I punted last week.
  7. Sketchy


    Possible yes, significant not so much. Lots of nations in beige won't have wars in the last 24 hours. Filtering for participation and/or activity would be closer to the mark. But even then, the plane count is only significant if it can be used.
  8. Sketchy


    The plane gap exists because everytime we overtake their plane count, they bring in another micro to offset it. What they choose to ignore is that this "plane gap" is spread across way more nations, meaning they have shit all average plane count, most of those guys are out of range hiding in the bottom tier, and a bunch of others are just sitting around. It would be pretty pathetic if they didn't have more planes with how many more nations they have. So yes, its basically a case of "Look we aren't failing as much as we could be" consolation prize.
  9. Sketchy


    BuT thE pLaNe gAp!!!!
  10. Sketchy


    My sincerest apologies. My previous figures were wrong. It seems in the time we were arguing my sheet updated. Turns out you have 92 nations in VM and 27 deletions. Lmfaooooooooo
  11. Sketchy


    Still considerably less than yours. If you want to use the VM card, you should probably have less not more VM nations on your side. Everyday 2-3 sometimes more of your nations go into VM. I've been watching with amusement.
  12. Sketchy


    No your side has 91 nations in VM, 32 deserters, and 26 deletions. Lmfao.
  13. Sketchy


    It tends to be the case when one side can't figure out basic things like "Maybe we should send in our counters in a coordinated blitz rather than one at a time". But hey look on the bright side. At this rate, all these people running off into VM and deleting, bailing on your alliances, and peacing out, soon you WILL have less nations than we do. Then you can pretend to be the victim again!
  14. Sketchy


    Its 1766 nations vs 774. Of which 502 have peaced out. "parading" Why are you guys so butthurt about the micros if they don't matter? I haven't mentioned them once. Only you did. Meanwhile we are holding down your entire sphere. Better go tell the 10 people above 1500 planes to get a move on at this rate we'll be here until 2022. Hit me up in 4 months when you realise you can't flip damages. I know you said 3 months but I know you are slow on the uptake so I'll wait.
  15. Sketchy


    The plane gap lolololol You have to keep calling in micros to stay ahead. Clutch onto those straws as hard as you can, whatever consolation prize you can get from this sad blunder of yours.
  16. Sketchy


    It should be a lose lose but apparently even their combined forces are too incompetent. IQ always finds a way to take their advantage and piss it down the drain with poor strategy and coordination. Because the best way to defeat an upper tier threat you had a chance to beat in the first round is to hide in the bottom tier and march upper tier meatshields into the conflict slowly one by one so we can easily roll them one by one. Genius. Only reasonable way to respond to your failed attempt at a hegemony. Imagine sucking so bad you can't beat us with ~1750 nations vs our 750 nations. I guess you do need to consolidate all that strength after all, gotta make up for your incompetence.
  17. Sketchy

    Rule change on Hiding Banks

    If you increase the base nation loot take I wouldn't really be opposed to this. Its incredibly difficult to have your bank looted as it is.
  18. Sketchy

    Gambling Idea

    Just keep in mind yesterday he turned 10m into 300m and then back to 10m. Although he did buy an NRF and a city before he lost it all
  19. Sketchy

    What Makes A Good Alliance?

    I'm not as convinced. After all, you need more than a leader in an alliance. You need a good 4-6 people in leadership roles usually, and all of them competent preferably. That is 80-120 people just to manage 20 alliances let alone 30, 40, or 50. And yer, lots of older players could probably do it, but ideally you want fresh faces to change the dynamic as much as older ones. Most of these offshoot mid-sized alliances start with a ragtag group and pick out their leadership before they even form, and then many or most of those people don't end up being competent or active enough. There is plenty of incompetent high gov spread amongst all of these middle sized alliances (and some larger ones). Part of the problem is that people tend to split off in cliques and as a result they all compete over recruits and are smaller separate entities. More smaller/mid sized alliances (particularly sub rank 30) should seek out alliances of their size, treaty them rather than get a protector, and/or merge with each other, combining their best people together to create a solid high gov lineup. Part of the reason I think they don't is many alliances don't really care about playing the game as is. Many of them are content to be delegate their FA to a protector or larger ally, many of them don't care about growing their ranks, many have no desire to be a top tier alliance or political player, or to have any impact other than a minor influence on say a global war. They are just "hangout alliances" for their respective cliques. Many are content to just sit on the sidelines watching the spectacle while contributing nothing to it other than perhaps their commentary.
  20. Sketchy

    Peace Terms.

    Perhaps instead of having individual peace terms, alliances can set a top down policy that will automatically apply to all or specific nations in their alliance, set them up like tax groups. Would be much easier to manage and would not interrupt the flow of war with micromanaging terms for each war. Ultimately this idea is probably way too much work for Alex.
  21. Final round of voting for the Ketog vs Chaos war. Top 5 voted answers from the previous poll are the options. Voting is not multiple choice this time. Poll will run for 1 week, then the wiki page will be renamed.
  22. Sketchy

    We are here for the Whales

    Well considering the other minispheres haven't consolidated I don't see how that is a viable excuse to enter the war at all then. Explains why you are pushing this fake war shit so hard.
  23. Sketchy

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Thread still going I see. FR should have noped out of Covenant as soon as TCW signed BK. I assume the decision to commit to Covenant as a bloc didn't include ties to BK when it was discussed, that was certainly the information I received. Its obvious bad blood still exists over BK attacking them. It's also obvious that FR would have been put in a position to defend them given the way ties work in this game. FR needs to take charge of their FA and carve their own path rather than signing on to other blocs and slowly realising their goals don't align. Too bad most of the mid sized alliances in this game right now lack the balls to band together, not many places to turn to for a new path.
  24. Sketchy

    What's the next move after the war?

    If getting rolled is enough to kill your alliance or your bloc, neither was going to succeed. Trial by fire is always a nice way to work out your worth.
  25. Sketchy

    What's the next move after the war?

    Considering we had 0 beef with you at all until you started spinning bullshit about us this war the likelihood was low. Both the examples you provided were of people attacking at a disadvantage. We had a disadvantage against Chaos, it was ~450 vs ~250 nations. You keep trying to blame others for your inability to grow a pair and make a move. All its doing is creating tension that didn't exist before this war and increasing the likelihood of what you are whining about being the case. How about you actually take a risk? You guys are bigger than we were when we founded and went out on our own with no protector or allies and slowly built our grouping one alliance at a time. And there is four of you. TKR/TCW/TRF attacked us 2:1 in our infancy and we fought them for 2 months, rebuilt and recovered and continued to grow our group. It sounds to me like you just want to avoid war. All you've done since this one started is complain.

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