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  1. Announcement from the Church of Atom Gluttony is a sin, any believer in Atom would not deny this. Many in Orbis are great committers of this sin. You hide behind fat alliances, you participate in one round of war and then buy out of range so you don't have to fight. But what is greater than this sin? What could anger Atom so? Those who would whisper into others' ears, in hopes of coaxing more sin! It was Morf who suggested an alliance between Ro$e and HW. So it is Morf who brings fire upon his house! tl;dr: CoA declares war on TKR "I mean what's the worst that can happen, our infra is gone who cares? We just rebuild" -Casty
  2. It was very helpful of you to bring this to our attention! Only a small amount of nations fell victim to our unintentional spam, mainly due to the nature of the artifact. It turned out that the script closed before it had stored all the id's of the nations it had messaged. This was a problem right now due to the massive backlog of nations that had built up whilst I was busy celebrating Christmas. The script was set to close after 4 minutes, which was more than enough time on a regular day, but apparently not enough for clearing out a big backlog. The bug has been found and fixed, but the process of finding the bug would have been a lot easier if you had linked the nation that received these 5 messages instead of just pointing fingers.
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