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  1. Do others actually expect people to be dumb enough to do a direct trade when bank to bank exists? (In this specific scenario) That alone was a good indicator that this wasn’t some grand plan on TFP’s end. I guess this showcases paranoia more than anything else
  2. This will be quite a memorable war, one way or another, and for the most ironic of reasons
  3. It absolutely is the way for Alliances and other entities to enter a war formally. Honestly, I thought this was fun to read- don't get discouraged over this at all, and welcome to PnW! Also, did you know it's always a good time to consider donating your hard earned money to Alex?
  4. Have you tried showing your support by buying the Black Friday bundle? It provides all of us with the amazing chance to show Alex how supportive we are of his tireless work throughout the year. This might be right up your alley! If you missed it, don't worry- there will be a second one before New Years, I believe
  5. Just wanted to pop in and say that the screenshot of you dropping racial slurs is sloppy at best and I'd hope you're better than that, to talk that way. Have some manners and keep your racism in your head- with what other dust is blowing around in there.
  6. Dear friends, allies, and fellow nations, Reflecting upon my time as a leader in Cataclysm, I am most proud of the legacy we have built together—an embodiment of planned and tactical growth on a grand scale. At the heart of this success lies the unwavering dedication and support of each and every one of our members. Your commitment to our alliance, your perseverance during times of hardship, and your unwavering loyalty have made all the difference. As I transition into a more behind-the-scenes role, my aim is to ensure a smooth succession and provide the benefit of my experience and knowledge wherever it is needed, across all areas. While my voice may not be as prominent, rest assured that my dedication to our shared goals remains steadfast. I will be here to offer guidance, advice, and support, ensuring the continuity of our strategic endeavors. As I/We embark on a new chapter, I leave Cataclysm Leadership with a sense of fulfillment and a profound appreciation for the incredible journey we have undertaken together. May our alliance continue to thrive, and may our bonds endure, shaping a future that surpasses even our loftiest aspirations. With deepest gratitude and warm regards, His Holy Decagon TL;DR - I am retiring from Leadership in Cataclysm as well as the foreseeable future, wish me luck!
  7. I'm very curious to the soon to be future direction of Syndicate, FA wise, in a good way Also, congrats on making it out, WANA
  8. [Bloc Update] ESPN8: The Ocho Presents Injury in ODOO! In a bittersweet victory, the Purple Cobras emerged triumphant in their last dodgeball encounter against Fortuna. However, their celebration was overshadowed by a heart-wrenching twist of fate that would alter the course of their leadership's involvement and continued team participation in ODOO, the prestigious dodgeball organization. As the final whistle blew and the cheers subsided, the Purple Cobras' esteemed leaders were startled by a distant voice calling their name. In their haste to identify the source, an ironic twist of destiny unfolded. With an unfortunate turn, they rolled both of their ankles, rendering themselves incapacitated and unable to participate further in the tournament. The team rallied around their fallen leaders, carrying them off the court with a mixture of admiration, disappointment, and an unwavering determination to continue the pursuit of dodgeball glory without them. TL;DR: Cataclysm is issuing it's 72 hour notice of leave to ODOO
  9. Very well written, props on the CB! (You got help from ChatGPT, didn't you?!?! Kidding)
  10. If you believe this is all true, then why not spend some money and invest in food before it really takes off after this change? Not sure why it only has to be whales that you see as people who "could" "maybe" do well off. Can't people just buy food and invest in it? I did- I bought over 50m units and resold it for a few bil profit. Also, why is a new player supposed to even be able to catch up to someone with years of playing? There wasn't always UP, now there is, there wasn't always AUP, now there is- there are tons of "catch up mechanics" in the game atm imo, and I think this abundance and large pool of stuff to tap into is part of the root cause. It's just too easy to produce way too much stuff, and there's not enough mechanics ingame atm that act as a deficit (that's at least my thought) There isn't any inflation btw, it's actually the opposite- it's rss devaluation. Inflation implies that money has lost it's value- currently money is extremely strong.
  11. Please, understand that obviously that wasn't the intention lol. This is why we vet the ideas publicly- we appreciate people that can find little bugs!
  12. 6. Extended Signatory List His Holy Decagon, Undying, Cataclysm Cadn, 2iC, Cataclysm BettaEmpire, Milcom Affairs Head, Cataclysm Saikat, Internal Affairs Head, Cataclysm Keynesian, Milcom, Cataclysm Seifer, Milcom, Cataclysm Pigoopi, Milcom/Current IW, Cataclysm Duetschlande, Former Milcom, Cataclysm Boredom, Milcom, Cataclysm Chad, Internal Affairs/Milcom/Current IW, Cataclysm Maldives, Milcom, Cataclysm Ben Zene, Milcom, Cataclysm Koala, Internal Affairs, Cataclysm Soeharto, Internal Affairs/Former IW, Cataclysm Retr0, Big Time Modi Fan! (Inside joke- Member), Cataclysm Scoria, Former IW, Cataclysm Erenn, Member, Cataclysm SadCat, Member, Cataclysm Finrike, Member, Cataclysm Bornstellar, Member, Cataclysm Poseidon, Member, Cataclysm Orca, Member, Cataclysm Leo, Member, Cataclysm Thomas, Member, Cataclysm Grosskev, Member, Cataclysm KingD, Member, Cataclysm IndeedWise, Member, Cataclysm WIP, expect many more hehe. Also, good war, nice job on a quick peace to Eclipse, Syndi and the other 47 AA’s involved!
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