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  1. That feeling with a MDoAP isn't quite mutual
  2. Here's my tier list, but, it's not about who is better or not; it's all about those flags!
  3. Regardless of what I expected as the anticipated outcome, this report is very aesthetically easy on the eyes. Also, go my fellow c20-c25 allies! woohoo
  4. So, this would be what's classified via our bot, as just nukes consumed. It could be that they were launched (Probably a majority would fall under this) or espionaged via Spies. With the stat you provided (34 nuke attempts towards you), 7.7% of the nukes launched (Remember, this is "old" data at this point) were indeed aimed at you. Out of those launched, 73.5% have landed giving your VDS a success rate of 26.5%
  5. Here are the stats that I have personally pulled, and generated. Though, after spending some time looking at them, I can't really figure out which method best shows anything but a decently sized disparity, against Hollywood, in every single way. I tried basic methods first, then realized more detailed ones may be in order. HW = Hollywood RO = Roasis Disparity means difference, and in this particular case, a unit of measurement, comparatively, and specifically referred to in multiples. (Yes, I feel I must actually define this for some of our community members) 1. City counts (HW-12,494 / RO-21,054) This is too general, but shows a disparity of 1.684 more nations in RO's favor. 2. Nation counts (HW-732 / RO-1448) Total Nation counts? Again, probably not going to satisfy anyone, so I will delve deeper. Disparity is 1.978 in favor of RO. 3. Tier counts (cities/nations) c10-c15, HW-2,109 / RO-5,091 (cities) Disparity of 2.413 in RO's favor c10-c15, HW-174 / RO-438 (nations) Disparity of 2.517 in RO's favor c16-c20, HW-2,063 / RO-4,014 (cities) Disparity of 1.945 in RO's favor c16-c20, HW-115 / RO-223 (nations) Disparity of 1.939 in RO's favor c21-c25, HW-2,669 / RO-3,765 (cities) Disparity of 1.410 in RO's favor c21-c25, HW-117 / RO-165 (nations) Disparity of 1.410 in RO's favor c26-c30, HW-2,768 / RO-3,712 (cities) Disparity of 1.341 in RO's favor c26-c30, HW-98 / RO-133 (nations) Disparity of 1.357 in RO's favor c31+, HW-2,045 / RO-2,141 (cities) Disparity of 1.046 in RO's favor c31+, HW-57 / RO-61 (nations) Disparity of 1.070 in RO's favor The last tier (c31+) was so close in "balance", in regards to city and nation count, that I decided I could somewhat accurately generate some more stats for these sluggers, for fun. c31+ HW Infra Loss: 18,938,636,586.01 Nukes Used: 14 Missiles Used: 5 Aircraft Lost: 44,332 Total "Loss": 21,782,128,465.74 c31+ RO Infra Loss: 63,638,183,014.43 Nukes Used: 440 (Yes, I triple checked this) Missiles Used: 270 (See above note) Aircraft Lost: 226,761 Total "Loss": 98,458,022,966.46 There are other consumption stats, and I decided it was best to not include (I assume not everyone likes reading this stuff?) 4. What other methods of stat tracking can people use to make it seem like RO isn't dogpiling? These stats are provided from a slightly unbiased standpoint (I'm HW, but just enjoy statistics/numbers in general) and sources for above stats are provided at request.
  6. All I see is revenue and dollar signs; we're in hollywood, baby
  7. havE yoU eveR trieD tO onlY capitalizE thE lasT letterS thougH?
  8. Sounds like you're the expert; was Morningstar a success story, I suppose?
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