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  1. I did not expect baiting firwof on our server would be THIS successful. LMFAO Am i invited
  2. Almost thought it was another disbandment post from the title, lol.
  3. Me and Minesome have very hot tiktok DMs. You don't know us.
  4. 2 Major AAs with some Mid Tier AAs with them. Not really an egregious offense to minispheres looking at other blocs that have come up in history and are considered minispheres.
  5. What an unholy union May Allah bless your endeavors.
  6. Put this in Orbis Central. This is an Orbis Central worthy post.
  7. There's no intention to drive Cumalot from this game by any means. But their rolling is long overdue.
  8. At times all alliances like to project Power, such Power is always derived by the combination of the strength and will of the alliance and the strength and intent of the treaties that alliance holds. The Ability to accomplish one's goals is directly related to Power. To project Power without such Ability may be caused by ego, delusion or fear. Some alliances have Ability, some alliances have Ambition, some alliances confuse the two. You have talked a good fight, puffed your chests and made outrageous assertions and now we look forward to the proving of this Ambition on the battlefield. You have been treated more than fairly. There is no love lost between us, we will never be friends, and so we will shed blood and pixels. Before you lull yourself into thinking this will be a 1v1 cage match, we will harness all of our strength as previously defined, whatever is required, whatever it takes, Polaris will prevail. Pursuant to the New Polar Order's new ''Zero Tolerance*'' policies as enacted by the Imperial Regent, the New Polar Order recognizes hostilities Camelot, due to a pattern of hostile actions and hostile intent towards our alliance. Relationships between our alliances have been strained since the ascension to Emperor of Camelot by Epimetheus, and the continual attacks via Discord led to multiple warnings. Epi chose to not only ignore the warnings but once again failed to understand the concepts of warnings. His waving of throw away insults directed towards him as ammunition between New Polar Order and third parties is truly the end of tolerance. Camelot has repeatedly engaged in proxy warfare, espionage against our members and government, and made openly aggressive statements declaring their intention to destroy our alliance and force our disbandment. This war has been a long time coming and we can no longer tolerate such behavior. Your efforts to undermine the New Polar Order are at an end. You can bleat about wanting us to do what you want us to do, you can bleat about being treated like a moron, you can bleat about hula hoops, bribery, awards voting, apologies, the indignity of ham & pineapple toppings, or how everyone else is out to get Camelot, but no one will listen. Today the New Polar Order responds to your constant provocation. There is only so long you can tolerate the stench before you scrape your shoe. The only fair fight is the one where you don't have to surrender. I look forward to yours in the coming months. JadenStar10, Imperial Regent
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