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  1. Nukey, I have a mission for you.

  2. He is on another level, you clearly dont understand his 4d chess maneuvers, us mortals are unworthy. On a serious note, things like these are bound to happen and relatively rare, and if they do happen, its usually fierce market flipping. I dont think it really warrants a change.
  3. Added Arrgh vs Swamp, and TEMPLARS v Oasis
  4. Well if you wanna have a good time in a micro, always welcome to join us https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=8254
  5. @Greatest LouisianaReband, also where are your former members going to now?
  6. Added Soupaganda Added The Commonwealth - Chloroform Test Added Dial Up War - Smith Reunites With Rickky Added Soup Hundred Added 300DialUpWar
  7. Added Epilog: Phoenix, and Save Dem Pixels (Feat. Charlie, Beerhoe).
  8. Poggers Cover Photo

  9. Then the status quo is better. since infra costs increase exponentially, two missiles who do 50% damage on two different 2000 inrfa cities is alot more damage than 1 missile doing 100% damage on one 2000 infra city.
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