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  1. Thalmor

    Egyptian Empire DoE

    Alex Jones trying to do a Tri-Bream/Kikoho
  2. Thalmor

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    I don't think that's something to be proud of if you haven't been in a serious conflict in almost a year and a half.
  3. Thalmor

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

    This guy is also the author of this amazing thread:
  4. Don't tell anybody, but the real reason why I'm proposing this is to suppress The Golden Horse. xo
  5. Of course not, which is why moderation will enforce it. That's why we have a mod team. If a micro posts an alliance in Alliance Affairs rather than the subforum, players can report the thread in the moderation forum or report the OP of the thread. @Sir Scarfalot I'm typing up a fairly comprehensive response to your counter points, but I've been sick so it's slow going. I'll post it here soon.
  6. Micros with little to no political sway or relevance have been making threads in Alliance Affairs for a long time. These micros tend to be quite powerless, and disband fairly quickly. It's annoying to see all their threads clog up Alliances Affairs. I don't think micros that are almost completely irrelevant should have their threads alongside the threads of powerful, relevant AAs such as The Syndicate, or Black Knights. Even a simple government change within the top 30 will have more impact on the game within a short period of time than what most micros accomplish their entire existence. Micro alliances should have their own subforum in Alliance Affairs. That way, the announcements of larger, more inpacting alliances can be easier to find and less clogged up with pointless threads. Micros can still make their announcements, of course, and even have the added benefit of not having to compete for attention over the announcements of larger alliances which overshadow them. As for what defines a micro, I think any alliance outside the top 45 is fairly reasonable. Maybe we can have a discussion on that. If Nation Affairs can have 3 subforums for... whatever reason, then I don't see why Alliance Affairs can't have a subforum to keep the irrelevant micro announcements from the announcements of fairly powerful alliances that'll still be around in 3 months. Counter arguments are welcome. Maybe I'm wrong about something. Maybe I'm not seeing a bigger picture. Let's have a discussion.
  7. Thalmor

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    I added it up, and here are the stats: Cash: $1,021,158,875 Coal: 209 Oil: 6,411 Uranium: 27,427 Iron: 8,892 Bauxite: 14,501 Lead: 3,198 Gasoline: 407,817 Munitions: 384,698 Steel: 302,610 Aluminum: 127,299 Food: 1,133,248 - Cash: $1,021,158,875 Coal: $606,100 Oil: $164,121,60 Uranium: $654,133,95 Iron: $261,158,04 Bauxite: $571,339,40 Lead: $124,370,22 Gasoline: $1,009,347,075 Munitions: $715,538,280 Steel: $919,631,790 Aluminum: $345,871,383 Food: $87,260,096 - Total: $4,276,925,920 So, between these two beiges, The Syndicate has lost over 4 billion in cash and resources.
  8. Thalmor

    Alliance relevance rank!

    ET fought 2 wars outnumbered and on the defense against far more experienced people and did exceptional considering they were a training alliance. e$ has yet to do anything even close to that. Beating up useless micros does make for good experience building but it doesn't make you special, and it certainly doesn't mean e$ is hot shit.
  9. Thalmor

    Alliance relevance rank!

    You can respond to criticism without being ridiculously aggressive. Calling the people you're responding to 'mentally inept' and saying that they're 'being an (censored profanity)' is above and beyond what was necessary. To your credit, you actually did a good job being more chill with your response to me. Try to be more chill in the future. It's inevitable that people will throw shade at you or your alliance. If you respond, then it'll do you and those alongside you much better to respond calmly and with some grace. You can be firm and trash talk back, but there's a line between throwing shit back when it's deserved and just sperging out.
  10. Thalmor

    Alliance relevance rank!

    There is literally no reason to get this heated over what Radoje said. There are valid criticisms of training alliances, which is why most have failed. I'm sure The Enterprise is fairly successful, as t$ is a very high-quality alliance, but it's kinda embarrassing for an official in The Enterprise to be responding this way to what is - by your own admission - a 'cheap, half-thought-out jab'.
  11. Thalmor

    Omega's New Deputy Prime Minister

    These numbers are questionable. How does the international community know that Omega's elections are conducted in a free and unbiased manner?
  12. Do you ever sleep, lunatic?

    1. Thalmor
    2. Rimski


      Whoa, what about blinking

  13. Thalmor

    Shifty News Network-I don't want to set the world afire...actually yes I do!

    This is Thalmor, volunteer correspondent for SNN. Cthulu, low-gov milcom for Pantheon, has stated that Pantheon would've responded to the mass ping raid with military force if it wasn't for 'a couple worrisome MDPs':

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