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  1. @Malal @Jazz R Oppenheimer I'm genuinely curious to hear what your response is to what Adrienne said.
  2. 1v1 me out the front of Weenie Hut Juniors, you won't

    1. Thalmor


      You're right I won't. I'm a big dumb coward.

    2. Madden8021


      I'd pay money to see that fight.

    3. Eric the Red II
  3. I don't know what's up with this congnitive dissonance. The peace terms presented are completely absurd and insane. Ask your gov to show you the terms and ask yourself if you would accept them for yourself, and accept them for BK and NPO respectively. You can't say 'just surrender and peace out already retard lol' when the peace terms include giving up our firstborns and surrendering our wives. It doesn't help that the process of negotiation has been made unnecessarily difficult because... reasons I guess. 'Well, fine then, I guess the war isn't ending then!' Yeah, I guess so. The people left active and fighting in Coalition A and in KT are the absolute most insane frickers left after all the others who did the smart thing and quit over the course of last year. You wanna make shit as hard on us as possible, we're going to return the favor. Now, nobody gets to enjoy any peace. Forget Politics and War. This game is just War now. Welcome to the ricefields.
  4. I took a 5-6 month break because the war was boring, but I've been fighting again since New Year's Eve. I'm happy j did, because I find the style of warfare very kicked back and relaxed. I'm doing damage efficiently with minimal actual playtime. Outside of the mechanics, I've enjoyed watching all the drama lately. I'm a drama hog and I just love to be a witness to a good trainwreck (even in real life)! I also agree with the OP on being in a good group of people. I love KT and the people in it. I can't imagine myself in any other alliance.
  5. I'm going to nuke your cities. Just give me a few days to get into your range.
  6. For real, GOONS has done really good this war. By and large, they know what they're doing and have had a solid performance. Individual members may make mistakes, but that doesn't override their net damages nor does it invalidate all the solid moves their members have made against me this war.
  7. Fellas, we gotta destroy all micros. Also, lol @ y'all's alliance page. "EVERYTHING IS SCREWED"
  8. I don't know about this part. I've interacted with a lot of people in my 5 years of playing, and there's only 2 people I know who definitely fall into the 'clinically a sociopath' group. The game does attract a very narrow and 'interesting' set of people though. I like the idea of having global events (like a zombie apocalypse or a massive asteroid) that will encourage alliances everywhere to pool resources together to prevent massive damage to infra/land/military/improvements. These events would also present opportunities for alliances to harm each other as well, though (to allow for drama). I've thought a lot about the astroid one in particular. I should type my thoughts down and present it in the suggestions subforum.
  9. See, the fact you're using alliance ranking as evidence of 'microship' just proves how you're a micro, lol. Alliance ranking is ultimately meaningless. It has it's purposes, but it's not the main determiner on rather or not an alliance is a micro. KT is lower than Interstellar because we have fewer members (we're an elitist alliance), we also have lower score because our infra and military keep getting blown up because unlike you guys, we've been fully committed to a massive war for well over half a year. What sets apart KT and Interstellar is our community and the experience of our leadership. We've been around for a long time, we've been through a lot, and we know what we're doing. You and the rest of Interstellar can't say the same. You guys had the opportunity to develop of legacy, learn some things, and get some experience... but you quit after 4 days. At the end of the day, KT is not a micro because we've fought/are fighting an intense war for a long time and we're doing great as a community. If Interstellar could've done the same, you guys would still be fighting. That's why you're a micro and KT is not.
  10. I won't shit on you for pulling out early, but I've always shit on micros and you guys won't be an exception, lol. Yeah, this was my theory. Glad to see somebody collaborate that (even if you're not gov 😉)
  11. A skim through Interstellar's alliance page will reveal that they're very much a micro, with micro ideals. I think it's possible Interstellar thought they would be entering an easy war where they could kick back, throw some punches, earn a bruise or two, and at the end of the war say they did something worthwhile. I think when their leadership learned that that wouldn't happen, they bailed. A non-micro would just not enter at all (no obligation to enter, war would be very costly), or would stay in longer (looks bad to peace out so early, would be a slight to their war allies). Peacing out after 4 days in these circumstances is a sign of inexperience or incompetence. I can't think of any other reason why Interstellar did what they did besides 'just micro things'.
  12. Whatever allowed for the current fiasco with Leo's account to occur should be prohibited. Something of that magnitude shouldn't have happened, and it should definitely never happen again. People smarter than me and with more patience than I have already chimed in sentiments I agree with.
  13. What everyone fails to realize is that although there is a villain, that villain is not Roquentin. It's also not Leo, it's not Sphinx, it's not Abbas, it's not Keegoz, it's not Adrienne, it's not Thrax, it's not Kev, and it's not Partisan. The real villain all along as been me, and you all have been duped.
  14. This is my concern with any changing to the war system. Whatever change is made, just make sure that some problem is fixed and that things are not made worse. The worse case scenario with any fix is that nothing changes while those on the losing side have an even harder time fighting back.
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