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  1. I'm missing a lot of infra, but am close to 100% military. Right now, at C36 and with a score of 6,438.07, I can hit a C22 with a score of 5,044.50, who is also close to 100% military. I'm 60% stronger, because that's how many cities I have in relation to him (and thus, how much more military I can bring to the table), but I only have 20% more score. There's a disconnect mechanically between military power and how score is calculated. Maybe we should look at changing how score is calculated. The basic formula right now of downdeclaring 25% below seems fair to me, especially because whales can be attacked by 75% up. I do not think that it's fair that I can hit a C22 while I'm full military at C36. I think score formulas need to be altered in some fashion.
  2. HoF was the knot keeping Clock together.
  3. This is cool. Keep doing this.
  4. Is this... The power of Ultra Instinct?!
  5. This is funny! Not sure why people are pissy about it.
  6. I already have two against me; what's a third one?
  7. You're just jealous that I referred to Vexz as Mommy Vexz, and have given you no such title.
  8. I don't think there any salt at all (from anyone), but the TKR Online Defense Force was quick to hop in here.
  9. I don't know if this can be a random bot doing this because, unlike the NFT one, this one is actually bringing game knowledge into the pitch. I guess there's a player shilling whatever using burner accounts, and then using some program to find relevant threads? Odd scheme. Regardless; kys (keep yourself safe)
  10. This is pretty cool, actually. Y'all should find a larger nation to protect and nurture y'all.
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