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  1. Thalmor

    hizu 3.0

    Please read the Terms and Conditions of Politics and War: https://politicsandwar.com/terms/ You, Hizubiki Media, and the controllers of the accounts have no ownership and no right to them. Additionally, you have no right to continued access to the game and to these forums. This isn't even in recognition of past rule violations. This is true for everyone, including myself. There is no legal wrongdoing if the accounts were to be deleted. Ask your legal department if you disagree. This post is not in violation of this board's 'no discussion policy' as I can using the game's Terms and Conditions to disprove this post; the one I am quoting.
  2. There use to be a closed group of players who were around since close to the beginning of the game's creation that Alex would speak to. I forgot the name of it, but it wasn't exactly an official thing either. I haven't heard anyone mention it in a while so I think it isn't around anymore, but having something like that return would be a good idea. Or, perhaps, have Alex speak more to VIPs because it could be argued they contribute to the game's financial success. The subset of people with VIPs is fairly large and from all over the game, so I think that removes bias. Kastor's idea is also pretty solid. I think anything is better than what the situation is now. Alex seems to make decisions on a whim, and there's no clear reasoning behind them. Hell, I'd be satisfied with the status quo remaining, but we at least get an explanation as to why certain decisions are made and executed the way they are.
  3. Thalmor

    What if....?

    What if you (or me) were NPO agents and we just forgot? What if we were taken in by Pacifica, developed friendships, and then infiltrated alliances on behalf of our comrades. Then, as the time went on and we made new friends in new alliances, we just... forgot our original mission. Who are our true brothers and sisters? The people in the alliance we're in? Our comrades in Pacifica? Are we traitors if we help Pacifica? Are we traitors if we don't? My stomachs is in knots. My chest is thumping. I think I'm going to be sick.
  4. KT flourished under Keegoz. You're just trying to take a jab that has no basis in reality because... reasons.
  5. P&W is an ecommerce business and so if we look at it like an ecommerce business, the numbers paint a fairer picture. When running an advertisement, you have a CTR (click through rate) and a conversion rate (the rate of people who buy/subscribe/create an account). A general example of this would be an ad that got 25,000 impressions, a CTR of 2%, and a conversion rate of 1%. Out of that 25,000, 500 would go to where that ad directs, and then 5 people would actually commit to an action. This line of thinking can apply to a lot of things in life. I bring this up because yes, a lot of the new members from the guy's YouTube video will quit. However, if just 1% is still playing after a month, that's about 70 new players that stuck around to add on to the 3,000-4,000 people playing now. That means something. The spike in new players isn't a complete bust. Or, at least, I don't think it is. Guess we'll seen in a few weeks if there's a noticable increase in the average number of active players across 3 day periods.
  6. Just get a room and kiss each other already.
  7. Horse made that proclamation in December, under the idea he would be leader indefinitely. IRL hit him hard and he decided he couldn't do it anymore and so Denison became leader. Most people would agree that the ideas of old leaders don't carry over to new leaders, but because KT man bad, I guess it's different. What the frick do you mean it leaves a lot to be desired? What does that even mean? In your mind, what would look 'desirable?' Genuinely curious here.
  8. Are you calling KT and Guardian micros?
  9. Thank you for replying to me directly and giving a clear, reasonable argument against what I was saying.. You did way better than the 'hurr the hayders' posts that others did.
  10. Merge Carthago, ally Yakuza, blitz Solar Knight. BONUS ROUND! BLOCS! Swamp, Hedge Money, Inquisition (April 2017)
  11. I don't like these hot takes. I won't defend the update, but you can't blame Alex for Fraggle quitting. Fraggle is quitting because she wants to quit. It is her decision alone. It appears to me she's quitting because the raids against her demoralize her, but again that's not Alex's fault and it's more than fine for people to raid Fraggle. Had I not rebuilt infra, I would be jumping on that myself. I'm in the minority on this but that's fine. I never cared much for Fraggle and I still don't. The cult of personality around her was cringe and unwarranted. After years of building nukes, she chooses to VM and may very well delete soon. She could be an absolute madman (manwoman?) and go out nuking everyone, but she doesn't. In fact, she couldn't for the longest time because she purposely grew herself out of range of everyone and even if she did go on a nuke rampage, all you would have to do is blockade her and she couldn't do anything. Also, her threats against KT in February were extremely impotent and people who make impotent threats/don't follow up lose tons of respect and credibility in my eyes. It's just cringe. Obviously, I wish her the best in real life. IC/OOC divide definitely applies. The way she roleplayed her posts was interesting and different. God bless.
  12. You sure? If I was leader, you'd still be taxed 100/100. Only difference is that instead of going to the bank, the 100/100 under me would go straight into my account so I could fund my crippling opioid addiction.
  13. Merge CotL, ally KT (whoa, that's weird), blitz TFP Lordaeron, Lordran, Assassin Order
  14. Merge BK, Ally NPO, blitz GoG Next 3: The Revolutionary Front, Charming Friends, GOONs.
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