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  1. I cannot confirm nor deny those allegations, but Wendy's baconators are absolutely delicious so they're probably correct.
  2. All the other alliances we tried to join were to good and straight, so being the flaming home-of-sectionals we were, we founded our own really bad micro; Que3f on Me Daddy Fear us... or something. Or don't. We'll probably just get rolled and disband in 4 months. Gov lineup: Grand Wizard: MinesomeMC Not so Grand Wizard: San Fortunado Sneezing Unicorn (IA): Epi; Shifty The Dutch Oven Gang (FA): Cobber; Thalmor Chinese Firecrackers (MA): Kitschie; This Fckn Guy The Juice (EA): TheRebelMan, Simmons We are protected by GPC and Pantheon. We're also protecting BK and NPO. Proud member of the Micro Defense Network Oh and we're not going to form until the 15th or so. In fact we probably won't form at all. Wouldn't that be something?
  3. Thalmor

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    Why doesn't BK just blitz Venezuela? Airstrike those planes dawg. I can espionage their planes for ya'.
  4. Thalmor

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    I can respect Pantheon striking out first. It's a play to take their destiny into their own hands instead of just sitting there waiting for the wolves to come. GLHF
  5. Is coming out of VM some kind of virtue that means you shouldn't be hit? Sorry, I don't think I follow.
  6. Thalmor

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    People might be roasting KoM in this thread, but when they become top 5 later in 2019 the people with egg on their face will be y'all.
  7. Thalmor

    Stacy tells her story.

    All I know about Stacy is that shes a dumb !@#$ all she does is go out with chad and ignores me i just love her so much ive been nothing but good to her for so many years now but all shes done is break my heart ive never loved a girl like i have her but all she does is step on my heart and hang out with CHAD ANd im trying my hardest to get better but it seems to never be enough im not 6 foot 5 like chad and im not strong like him but im nice and i have a big heart chad is just DUMB AND STUPID and only uses her for sex but she seem okay with that well fine dumb !@#$ I DONT NEED HER maybe when im finally rich because of bitcoin skyrocketing shell want me but then ITLL BE 2 LATE and ill laugh at her hahahahaha
  8. Thalmor

    Laugh isn't actually upvote?

    Then just reward the genuinely clever/funny posts with upvotes instead of laugh reacts.
  9. Thalmor

    What do you like about war?

    The reaction to @Emperor Jonas spilling his chromosomes all over the place about the war system is pretty overwhelmingly against him. As such, let's mention the things we like about the war system. Consider this thread a celebration of war, if you will. I like the feeling of harming another person's things. Using 2,250 planes against a guy with 2K infra per city and destroying, like, 600-700 infra a pop just feels great. I also like it when myself or others I know get angry/sad PMs from people who get raided or who are massive pixel huggers. Those are always funny. Maybe I'm a sociopath idk. Outside of the mechanics and into the meta, the degree to which the forums come alive during a major war and the memes they spawn is also wonderful. Wartime is really when the game shines.
  10. Thalmor

    Do we like war?

    I thought it was legit at first but now I'm inclined to agree. 10/10 OP if this is a troll. You got me.
  11. Thalmor

    Remove war

    Actually, it's triple posting:
  12. Thalmor

    Remove war

    @Quichwe10 does TFP stand behind this post?
  13. Thalmor

    Remove war

    Counter-proposal: Have no cap on OP's defensive slots, remove any score limitations from him, and have his wars never expire.
  14. Thalmor

    Remove war

    War is literally the only fun and interesting part of this game. Building your cities and infra is only done so you can fight wars better. Growing your pixels is fun for 3-4 months but if you do it for a long time the game gets boring quick because it is a slow game and there isn't much to do in the first place outside of war. There is nothing wrong with killing millions of people. If it were up to me I would kill billions of people. I receive orgasmic pleasure from watching bodies fall into mass graves. There are 11,270,709,687 people on Orbis and I want each one to perish horrifically. Then I would off myself. God bless.

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