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  1. --- 8:17 PM The day had been pleasant, for a change. Work wasn't good, but it was better than usual. There were no particularly troublesome customers, and Jonathan had been unusually friendly. Maybe he was getting over whatever problem he had with you, and perhaps now you two could start to become friends for a change? After work, you met up with your friends at that new pizza place. You had been looking forward to this for weeks. It wasn't often that the four of you could meet up, thanks to everyone's school, work, and family obligations. The food was good, and you though the g
  2. So us players with slower connections are just SoL then?
  3. Sounds like the words of a guilty conscious.
  4. At least it would be even.
  5. About time some new media pops up!
  6. And yet you name drop daily at this point. Rent free
  7. I agree with this 100%. Especially because I'm operating with fairly slow internet more than I'd like. This leads to the Captcha server not connecting and returning an error message regularly, and of course the problem of Captcha verification taking so long that my fighting capabilities are diminished. This issue in particularly severe around day change, in which seconds can make the difference between a individual war (or multiple wars) going my way or not.
  8. The seeth and cope from last year was delicious. Probably some of the best meltdowns I've ever seen within the realm of this game.
  9. You were decent to talk to before you blocked me! Sucks to see you go. Take care fam.
  10. You can get the [email protected]#$ out of here with that. Just because you Over-Dose folks cheated, doesn't mean everyone else in the fricking game does too. Lmao. How convenient that the logs from this shadowy, nebulous TGH member are gone. I got logs from an SK member that Alex is actually held in a Chinese internment camp, but those are gone too!
  11. I know you're hurt, Jaden, but man just find a good community and relax for a while. Grow your own nation and take care of yourself. No need to quit the game, bud.
  12. Lord forbid that 3 different alliances have to coordinate to overturn a bad situation.
  13. We haven't talked any lately, but I think you're a cool dude and it sucks to see you go! Take care man!
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