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  1. I'm echoing Darkblade's suggestion of just removing the timer completely.
  2. This is a compelling argument for forcefully disbanding/mering all micros.
  3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thalmoria v. Tiberius ----- Case Personnel: Defendant: Tiberius Judge: Thalmor Bailiff: TBD Lead Prosecutor: Decagon Lead Defense: Lysander Assistant Defense: Daveth Assistant Defense: Istandor ----- Charges: 1 - Misleading Shareholder(s) 2 - Conspiracy to Defraud Investors 3 - Disregard of Financial Responsibility 4 - Mismanagement of Funds 5 - Inhumane Treatment Towards Investors/Clients 6 - Violation of Commonly Practiced Bank Procedures 7 - Violation of Bank Neutrality ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What really happened with Tiberius? What did he really do? All will be revealed - and litigated - at the High Court of Thalmoria, in Thalmoria, at Feburary 25th, 2023 at 8 PM EST! This is the High Court's fourth trial since its founding almost two years ago. Ahead of this trial, we are breaking tradition by having seven voting jurors instead of five. We already have 11 members in the jury pool, but we are accepting more! Will Decagon close the case on Tiberius once and for all? Will Lysander, Daveth, and Istandor reveal the TRUTH and clear the good emperor's name? Will the bank drama ever end? Will I get that nice sloppy toppy from that redhead in the courtroom? We'll be able to finally learn all this and more ONCE AND FOR ALL THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! Discord invite: https://discord.gg/sxRyJNM7Ac
  4. Can you explain why they're attacking you, and give your side of the story? You say it's without cause, so I think it would be very enlightening to everyone if you explained your thoughts.
  5. Thalmor


    How about you be a man and stand by what you say? Also:
  6. Thalmor


    Kim is a coward, so he deleted all of his posts. I did save a screenshot of the OP though:
  7. Thalmor


    Alliances counter people who attack their members. I don't know why this is so baffling to you.
  8. My reaction to this information:
  9. You said here on the forums that Fortuna was gunning for us. We suspected as such and hit first. Sometimes politics is about having two shit sandwiches, and eating the less shit one.
  10. I would challenge any other grouping with a similar member count and tiering to do what we did and do better. I don't think it's possible.
  11. Do you force allies to split after you force their government to change, or is that after?
  12. Tier list: ______ Midgard is pretty thick and girthy, but they don't have any cities. Maybe they'll be a threat if they grow all those dudes over the course of 18 months or something, but that's a problem for the future version of ourselves. Plus the rest of the game can come together to smack them down if need be. I don't think that's necessary though. A true superbloc is one where, if the entire outgroup came together to smack them, that it would still be a tough fight or otherwise uncompetitive. I believe we are far away from that.
  13. I implore you to consider just being a normal dude in another alliance. Playing P&W but not in gov. It's the best of both worlds because you get to enjoy the game and community without the burden of command. In any case, good luck on things fren.
  14. Humanitarian aid to the third world actually undermines their success. Clothes donations destroys local business (you can't compete with free). Food aid disincentives people to learn agriculture. Plus, the populations of these third world countries are directly related to how much food there is. With all this food aid, the women - having no access to birth control - keep having children. These children are then in turn are used as justification for more food aid. So, you have all these people who don't know how to grow their own food, and they're reliant on the West for food. Well, what happens if that food chain gets disrupted? You're then looking at mass starvation. This already happened with COVID lockdowns. It's going to happen again - but worse - due to climate change. What happens if the Russo-Ukraine war causes a limited nuclear exchange? Won't be pretty! If I recall correctly, African fertility is starting to drop. They also are getting wealthier. Perhaps in the coming decades, their population will become more sustainable, and they'll be growing more of their own food. However, I am completely against more of my own tax dollars going overseas. American quality of life keeps declining, and we need to give more to foreigners?! Lol, no thank you!
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