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  1. Thalmor

    Recognition of Hostilities

    And so, this is how our friendship ends... Fare thee well, Empyrea...
  2. Thalmor

    Liberation Time!

    No, you got it all wrong. They have to be our protectorate first, THEN we declare on them. It's a prerequisite.
  3. Thalmor

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

  4. Thalmor

    Insert thread @here

    I'm pretty good. The forums have been quiet tbh.
  5. Thalmor

    War Morale

    Pretty sure his bad English was just him trolling, but alright. I actually do recommend Grammarly. I use it on school papers and such. It's a good service. Anyways, as for the suggestion itself, it's just not necessary. There's no need to add this feature. It's just changing things up for the sake of changing things up and there's no point to that.
  6. Thalmor

    If you could...

    Micro is a nebulous term. While I think most people would agree the alliances within the top 30 are not micros, some people consider the alliances from #31 to #45 to be micros. If not them, then #46 to #60. If not them, then #61 to #75. Outside of the top 30 you have Camelot, World Task Force, Church of Atom, and Orange Defense Network. I don't think any of these alliances are strong enough to stand on their own and be a major player, but they're alliances that major players would like to have in their camp if they could. These are alliances that should stick around and that shouldn't be bullied. If you go further down, you have The Hanseatic League, InfoWars, and The Underground. These are tiny alliances that alliances outside of the top 30 might want to have as protectorates to project power and have something to do FA wise. I think these alliances aren't the greatest, but they're bordering the line between the next category of alliances and the alliances I listed last paragraph. From about #65 to all the way down the list, you reach what I consider to safely be micro territory. These alliances are bad for the game. They should be bullied. Also, if all 32 of us that voted 'harm' got into a fight with the 33 that voted 'help', we would win.
  7. Thalmor

    Join the International

    Communism is bad.
  8. Thalmor

    The Victory of The True True Vanguard

    I sexually Identify as an Polaris. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of being triggered and kicking people from my discord server. People say to me that a person being a Polaris is Impossible and I’m fricking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install weak ass members, bad leadership and sensitive frickers on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Polar” and respect my right to be a weakling. If you can’t accept me you’re a polaphobe and need to check your alliance privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
  9. Thalmor


    Very disappointed in you Mad Max. I disagree with your assessment of KT completely. KT is not a Motel 6. KT is like the rooms of those Japanese internet cafés where they let you stay overnight in. However it's in a really bad part of Nagoya and the room is covered in dried semen and wasn't cleaned from the last few visitors. It's only 700 yen a night so it's cheap, but the free drinks are off-temperature and the snacks are stale. Also the computer is really slow for some reason. It probably has a virus. Like, imagine the above room. Just covered in dry white stains all over the walls and chair. Also with more garbage and junk on the desk. That's KT.
  10. Thalmor

    To whom it may concern.

    I am not concerned nor alarmed.
  11. Deus Vault pledges it's support against KT. KT is very bad and full of bullies. They also called me a cuck once and made fun of my girlfriend's son.
  12. Thalmor

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    @Sean Anthony I told you back in December that you needed to join a big alliance and learn the game before you make an alliance. Disappointed that you didn't take my advice. This alliance is going to go nowhere, do nothing, and it's just going to disband while having done nothing but waste everyone's time. GG I guess.
  13. Thalmor

    Politics and War 2018 Meme Year Review

    Speaking of, the full thing can be listened to here. Madden's part begins at 27:25: https://audiomack.com/song/politics-and-war-radio-archive/kt-radio-september-22nd
  14. Thalmor

    69 hour notice.

    Shitpost or not, it can be easily argued that canceling on KT is justifiable both ethically and legally.

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