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  1. TCM wins again! Despite suffering far more damage, white peace is had and no terms are enforced. Between constant victories against superior forces and overwhelming internal support (he decisively wins each election), I think Nokia may be player of the year!
  2. Like I'm sure many others, I'm lost on this conflict. Can someone make an MS Paint job, or map, or infograph explaining which alliances on which sides, why everyone is fighting, and who exactly attacked who? That would go a long way to explaining what's going on to people like me who don't pay attention to micro affairs. I will be your best friend if you do this.
  3. Friendly advice as I prefer Swamp over Arrgh: Please stop. You're embarrassing your alliance and allies.
  4. I don't understand. The Coal Mines are a micro and they don't seem to do anything. Why so many people seem to go into a foaming rage over them is so absurd to me.
  5. Show has been delayed 24 hours. This week's Thalmor Radio will be at 9 PM EST tomorrow. Or, 25 hours from now. Underlord has told me he can make it. Nothing has changed except the date.
  6. First off, you're in no position tell CotL or anybody else what a CB is or isn't. Piss off with that. Second, Pantheon is the one declaring war and escalating things, not the Children.
  7. Damn, that shit sucks bro. But I don't remember asking.
  8. Hey, that's new! --- Couple things to go over! First, I've created a special text channel in Factory Fresh Media (now Thalmoria) for the Thalmoria community to shitpost and cry in during the US presidential debate tonight (that starts in two and a half hours from now). All are welcome, and civility is not required. Second, I've spoken to Underlord and he intends to come on as a guest this Friday. His work may screw that up, but that's where things stand now. Lastly, Factory Fresh Media is now Thalmoria. I was given ownership of the Discord a few weeks ago and convert
  9. That's probably fine. I'm pretty disillusioned with politics in the United States. I don't think our Republic has worked. I would be fine with experimenting with an honest-to-God monarchy for a while. Remove all the corrupts bastards in the federal government and install a Christian, virtuous, patriotic King. Probably wouldn't be worse than what we have now.
  10. Based and Raiderpilled
  11. Not ignoring you btw. It's just that a proper response would take me a few hours to type out and I'm largely unmotivated to carve out that time lol.
  12. I'm very glad to be hosting SNN! Me and Shifty have co-hosted Thalmor Radio for several months now and it's been great working with him! Link to Thalmoria for those interested: https://discord.gg/rcnJYAv
  13. I see Pantheon. I don't see Terminal Jest. The Pantheon Curse strikes again!
  14. I think this suggestion makes sense. It gives a balance to ID's 50% cockblocker.
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