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  1. Thalmor

    Propaganda time

    This war has been magical.
  2. Thalmor

    Who's signing up for the Space Force?

    Jeremy swung back and forth on the swingset. The warm weather felt pleasant, and his stomach was full from grandmother's classic cooking. Rain was coming in, and the wind made the nearby fields dance. It wouldn't be dark for another hour, so Jeremy still had some time to enjoy his swingset. Perhaps after he went inside, he would play on his GameCircle, or play with his Legos. Legos were really cheap now because of their 150th-anniversary sale, so Jeremy had plenty to pick from. Maybe he would play with the Dyson Sphere set, or the Barron-Class Orbital Cruiser series? "You wanna help me with this, Jeremy?!" Kyle, Jeremy's grandfather, called out from the old wooden shed. "Coming, grandad!" Jeremy cheerfully called out. His young mind had already danced around plenty. Now, he was thinking about what they might have for lunch at school tomorrow. Jeremy ran into the entrance, where Kyle was busy at the very back. He was tinkering with the engine of his prized truck. Kyle ordered his grandson to bring him various tools and parts. "Why are you fixing it, grandpa? It looks fine!" Jeremy asked, perplexed. "Yes, I know Jeremy, but I want it to be at tip-top shape. It's my favorite vehicle." Kyle responded. "But you never drive it!" Jeremy replied, shrugging. "It's a Ford F-450 2047! You don't just drive it to the grocery store and back." Kyle responded once again, closing the hood of his truck. Jeremy didn't understand, and so his young boy mind had already lost interest in the conversation. He looked around the shed, and saw something he didn't understand. "Grandpa, what's that?" Jeremy pointed to a shelf in the shed, which had a strange looking, circular object on it. "Oh, that's my helmet." Kyle answered, putting away his tools. It had already gotten dark outside. "I know that! But what's that mark on it?" Jeremy asked, slightly irritated. "Oh, that scar on it was caused by some plasma sparks. It burned a straight line into my helmet and melted the area around it. Tesla knew how to make good helmets though, and that's why I'm still here today." Kyle, during this exposition, grabbed the helmet and showed it off to his grandson, who enjoyed the small war story. "Well, did you get the guy who did it?!" Jeremy asked excitedly. However, Kyle didn't respond. He put the helmet back, leaned back against the shelf with his arms crossed, and thought. "Yeah, I got the guy who did it. I got his teammates too. Would've gotten his whole family if I could, but the 4th Battalion did that for me. We didn't just get 'em for damagin' my helmet though. We got them for everything. For the colonies on Titan and Europa, for what they did to the cities on the Moon, and for Madrid and Paris. They beat us, time and time again, but we never gave up. We kept coming back, stronger and more determined. We got them, though. We got them all. We showed them not just want humanity could do, but what the Space Force could do. Everybody else left us alone after what we did." Jeremy didn't know how to respond, but could tell from the tone of his grandfather's voice that he was very serious. Jeremy just kept quiet and listened. Kyle, finished with his short speech, exited the shed. He flipped the old light switch and cast both of them in darkness. "Come on boy, let's go inside; and let's find that old Barron-Class Orbital Cruiser Lego set of yours. I want to re-live some good memories.
  3. Thalmor

    Objectifying Women

    I didn't say personality didn't matter, but okay. When you're out, the girls you're attracted to - the ones you'd approach to ask out or talk to - aren't the obese girls, the old girls, or the ugly girls. The ones you'd approach are young, look good, have nice tits, have a nice ass, and so forth. Certainly, the ones you'd pick to have a relationship with have a good personality, and the ones that look good and have a shit personality you'd just sleep with and then forget about. However, when a guy - such as me or you, Dubayoo - are checking out girls, we're checking out physical attributes over more abstract ones, such as personality. Only after a connection of some kind is established do we care about personality. Until then, though, we're looking out for physical attractiveness.
  4. Thalmor

    New Player! Any advise is appreciated

    You should actually join an alliance in the top 30. Alliances are a big part of the game, and any half-decent alliance will tell you what to do and help you grow your nation.
  5. Thalmor

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    Dude same @Smith How does it feel to literally be a dwarf?
  6. Thalmor


  7. Thalmor

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    Although the space allotted here can't possibly suffice to elaborate in detail on the long list of Thalmor's hotheaded agendas—including the patronizing, the incontinent, the ethically bankrupt, and especially the uncongenial—I'll use what little space I have to love the Earth and everything that flowers and crawls upon it. For the sake of review, Thalmor has been deluding people into believing that the government should be beholden to special interests, campaign donors, and lobbyists. Don't let him delude you, too. I've run into some distressing examples of confirmation bias among his plenipotentiaries. For instance, they insist that Thalmor is a martyr for freedom and a victim of chauvinism. Interestingly, though, they fail to notice that Thalmor has boasted publicly that he intends to spheterize other people's belongings. It's one thing for such toxic ideas to be conceived in the clandestine meeting places of international terror organizations but quite another for them to be promoted as Thalmor has, out in the open. This development lends credence to my claim that Thalmor can't fool me. I've met predatory, unconscionable backstabbers before so I know that Thalmor's coalition is not a cultural or religious assemblage, as Thalmor purports it to be. Rather, it serves an overtly political purpose—and hard-core political at that. Every time Thalmor tells his companions that all it takes to start a rabbit farm is a magician's magic hat, their eyes roll into the backs of their heads as they become mindless receptacles of unsubstantiated information, which they accept without question. If anything will free us from the shackles of his despicable jobations, it's knowledge of the world as it really is. It's knowledge that Thalmor has been breaking the mind and spirit, castrating the character, and killing the career of anyone whose ideas he deems to be argumentative. Alas, Thalmor doesn't stop there. In fact, he can't stop there because he's determined to disprove that he has a strategy. His strategy is to abandon the idea of universal principles and focus illegitimately on the particular. Wherever you encounter that strategy, you are dealing with Thalmor. Sticky-fingered, lecherous misers like Thalmor are not born—they are excreted. However unsavory that metaphor may be, it's irrelevant that my allegations are 100% true. Thalmor distrusts my information and arguments and will forever maintain his current opinions. He intends to create a new social class. Incomprehensible, parasitic showboaters, lethargic, careless practitioners of tokenism, and bookish luftmenschen will be given aristocratic status. The rest of us will be forced into serving as their compeers. I hope I haven't bored you by writing an entire letter about Thalmor. Still, this letter was the best way to explain to you that Thalmor's comprehension is weak and his understanding is minimal.
  8. Thalmor

    Propaganda time

  9. Thalmor

    Let's Dance!

    "Your post isn't relevant at all so I'm going to take time out to type a snarky reply because that's just how irrelevant you are."
  10. Thalmor

    Propaganda time

    My meme game hasn't been on point this war, but I'll be trying to step it up from here on out:
  11. Thalmor

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    Look, it was an accident. I was texting a friend, I wasn't watching where I was going, he walk/ran in front of me, and next thing I know wham he yelps and jumps away. I've felt really bad about it ever since. Next time I come visit I'll stop by that new steakhouse and bring him a steak or something. Hope he's doing alright.
  12. Thalmor

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    I'm stealing this for my own personal use IRL, thanks.
  13. Thalmor

    Objectifying Women

    I think I can get behind that. Additionally, guys should stop following and obsessing over girls in general. Stop following models on social media and liking/commenting on all their stuff. Stop worrying about the guy that doesn't like you or already has a guy and focus on some single girl you like. Guys should focus on themselves and make themselves into the best versions of themselves, and then they should go out there and try to get the girl; but be able to go without the girl and be always willing to walk away until the relationship gets fairly serious.
  14. Thalmor

    Objectifying Women

    Lots of women enjoy being turned into objects. How many cam girls, prostitutes, strippers, and pornstars are there? Millions? Tens of millions? How many girls post pictures of themselves in bikinis or revealing clothing on social media? How many of them do so, but in controversial poses, like this: How many of them just absolutely love the attention it brings? Women aren't objects, of course, but men are visual creatures. We guys look at potential mates based on markers of beauty and health because we want to find mates who will reliably give us healthy babies. Very few of us consciously think this, but it's hardwired into our brains through hundreds of thousands or even millions of years of reliable reproductive success. We like seeing cute girls around us; bonus points if they have a good rack or a nice ass. Women will never stop being objects because a lot of them turn themselves into objects voluntarily, and men like seeing them as objects, and that's just how that is. Is it wrong? Is it a bad thing? Probably. People shouldn't use porn. Thirsty guys shouldn't follow models on Instagram or Snapchat. Women should respect themselves and value themselves more so that the first thing a guy thinks when they see them is 'damn, I'd hit that'. However, these things will all continue to happen indefinitely and I'm weary against urging people to fight against human nature on such a large scale because I don't think that'll be a productive use of time, energy, and funds.
  15. Thalmor

    Let's Dance!

    Shut up, person who has been around for 3 and a half years! The person who has only been around for a little over 3 months is clearly more well-versed than you in P&W history and warfare! The war is clearly hopeless for TGH-KT and we must surrender unconditionally, disband and delete our nations immediately!!!!!!

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