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  1. i was banned because i was too close, help me im being silenc
  2. Now that I'm banned, I figured this was something that should be done. I'm not mad or annoyed at Alex in anyway; what I did was completely wrong, and a ban was incoming. I do regret what I did, which is why I didn't deny anything that Alex questioned me about. I wish none of this was even necessary, but I made a mistake that I need to pay for. Please do note that everything I did was my responsibility and mistake alone; I would hate to see people unfairly blaming KT for something that they were completely unaware about. I know this in no way makes up for the immense wrongdoings I've done, but
  3. because none of the stats and such matter. the only voices that matter are those of the alliance representatives. unless you're close friends with them, you won't get nominated for anything.
  4. i’d rather he do something about the gameplay and mechanics first before fixing cosmetics. but this is alex tbf, so he’s probably gonna do your thing first.
  5. It was a warm summer day in southern France. Denison and Yang, the head monkes for the Templars, had spent the last month looking for their new friends, Eclipse and The Company. However, they couldn't help but feel as if there was a piece missing to the puzzle. They had traveled to France in hopes of finding that one person. Almost immediately after landing, they encountered a native Frenchman. He was quite the strange character: he was extremely large, and did nothing but babble under his breath about "the whale tier hegemony" and swing around what he called "his natural baguette". Neverthele
  6. Alliance of the Year: The SyndicateMost Powerful Alliance: Knights TemplarMost Improved Alliance: EclipseBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): EclipseMost Missed Alliance: The Golden HordeBest Alliance for New Players: EclipseMost Honorable Alliance: MythicMost Immoral Alliance: Children of the LightMost Controversial Alliance: The CommonwealthBiggest Warmongers: Knights TemplarBiggest Pixel-Huggers: YarrWorst Fighting Alliance: AuroraBest Alliance Growth: EclipseBiggest Alliance Decline: Schrute FarmsMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: EclipseMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021:
  7. Player of the Year: DryadMost Influential Player: SphinxMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: Ducc ZuccBest Alliance Leader: Horsecock Worst Alliance Leader: PascalBest Government Member (not a leader): VeroBest General Member: HariMomentMost Missed Player: Vladimir Putin (from KT)Best IC Poster: ShiftyPoster You Most Love to Hate: PhoenyxBest Villain: PartisanLargest E-Peen: DtC JusticeBest Fighter: DenisonBest Raider: DryadMost Controversial Player: AkuryoPlayer You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: Shiho NishizumiPlayer that is Worst at Responding to DMs: RygusBest Player Avatar: HughesBest
  8. Non Nobis, Domine! proud to be working with some of my favorite people. botta kecc on these haters, come catch these hands
  9. We don’t give attention to the ones who cry for it, let alone to people who blatantly commit OOC attacks and such. Unlike you, we have standards in our lives.
  10. yes the lack of people talking about akuryo saying “i would prefer to see thalmor shot” is absurd. hiding it behind “his religion and beliefs state that so i’m perfectly justified” isn’t a good excuse for that stuff either. thalmor hasn’t even explicitly said anything transphobic iirc
  11. ngl ngl youre getting played here pal. its obviously dryad.
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