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  1. Sketchy

    peace talks

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. Why end the war when BK still has allies left for BK to roll? The whole point of the war was to test BK's allies to help BK regain their confidence. It has been great to see BK get so on board with that plan and even lend a hand in the effort. I'm sure we are very close to a breakthrough.
  2. Sketchy

    peace talks

    I sincerely apologize for calling you Brave and Beautiful. I now see the error in my ways and It probably won't happen again.
  3. I don't see what the big deal is. Being downvoted won't kill you. If being downvoted dissuades you from speaking your mind, seems to me you lack the conviction to stand behind your post. Or you are wrong and can't take criticism. The karma system is pretty stupid to be fair. I only find upvotes/downvotes useful for guaging peoples opinions on specific posts. I don't see any value in having a scoreboard, but w/e. The better thing to do would be to add more types of reaction to posts if possible. That should clear up any confusion as to why people are downvoting you. Split up downvote into "Disagree", "Dumb", and "Who Cares" reactions. Change upvote to "Agree". "Funny", "Helpful" or something. Not sure why we have an upvote and a like button.
  4. Still think its good news? lmfao I repeat, lmfao micros man
  5. lmfao so it lasted literally 1 turn jesus
  6. Don't see what you are worried about. Just create a one man AA, name it Cornerstone, and Gorge will merge right into you.
  7. Considering how many people seem to be botting it without any recourse I don't see an issue in a nerf since I assume you won't be moderating it instead.
  8. How did this thread escalate so quickly lmfao. You should all feel bad when its Gorge who is the voice of reason.
  9. I wouldn't use Alex's ability to do things as a metric for their possibility lmfao.
  10. Hold on a minute.... so now your saying the logs were true and NPO was indeed planning to hit KETOG? So the entire basis for the initial war that was leaked, which you spent so long trying to argue was false, is true? And you wonder why your credibility is in question? Jesus lmfao
  11. Putting aside for the moment the fact you just admitted you only entered the war because BK was losing but you don't have a secret treaty (lol ok). Your timeline still doesn't add up, in fact if this is true it makes it look even worse. You are claiming that on the 20th you thought the war could at least be stalemated, when you agreed to hit only GOB/Guardian. Then in 2-3 days you had changed your mind and decided to enter based on the argument that you had logs TKR was planning to expand onto you and breach said agreement. At the time you were saying the GOB/Guardian hit had nothing to with BK's war and now you are saying you wanted to enter the BK war all along.
  12. Sketchy

    So...What Now?

    I wasn't aware this was a goal you were striving for but I commend you on taking up such a difficult challenge.
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