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  1. Truth is we only disbanded to stop Kastor's prediction he would become next leader of TGH from coming true. Had to be done.
  2. Sketchy


    Peace is boring. All a UN would serve is another forum for various leaders to politically posture. They can already do that on here. This was tried already with OWLs, and the only good part of that was watching world leaders slap each other in real time rather than with screened carefully worded walls of text on the forums. On that note we clearly need someone to make a discord thunder dome where in times of conflict PR/FA people can challenge each other to a war of words while the rest of us watch on in amusement.
  3. Wow dude low blow, slandering NPO while they aren't here to defend themselves You know, because they are all banned looool
  4. Ah shit thanks for this ironclad discrediting information, I now believe NPO is innocent of all charges.
  5. Nothing has come up to discredit it. Besides all the whining.
  6. He banned like 10 people. You all destroyed yourselves because without cheating you can't win shit. IQ will go down having never won a war in their long incompetent reign, only to be undone by their own cheating.
  7. Roses are Red Wait no Maroon Wait no Blue Wait no Brown Wait no Pink
  8. I remember TCW slotfilling when they were on your side and I didn't see you complaining then. It says a lot that you can only point to the people who were on your side for the bulk of the war to find any cheating lmfao. You can ignore NPO cheating all you like. I mean, BK is deleting in shame over it so I guess that is the hill you all want to die on.
  9. Hopefully the next game's admin will let you and your allies cheat so you don't have to quit when one of you gets caught. I'd hate for you to have to play legitimately like everyone else, and stay and face the consequences when you don't.
  10. How are you down? Your ally was caught cheating, the fact you all want to quit because of it is your own choice. Sorry if I don't sympathize with people leaving the game because their biggest benefactor can't fund them illegally anymore. Regardless, this thread wasn't about BK disbanding, I was celebrating the fact we won the war, which is hilarious. I will believe BK is disbanded when you've disbanded. BK has spent the last what, 5 months kicking people while they were down, and using illicit funds to do so, so spare me your theatrics.
  11. You mean they aren't willing to face the music for using illegal funds obtained through cheating to transparently attempt to: Create a hegemony Run their IC political rivals out of the game Bully their smaller allies into staying in an extended conflict so that they can: Push punitive terms on opponents while constantly faking peace negotiations But would prefer to instead run away like cowards now that the illegal money has dried up, which was the only way they could keep sitting on their enemies and trying to do the above. BUT OH GOD NOT THE MEMES WHAT A MONSTER!!
  12. I think people need to stop giving GOONS a hard time, they've had a rough day. First they found out their main allies are filthy cheaters, then they found out they couldn't voice their displeasure at their allies being punished for it because they campaigned to remove the downvote button. 

    1. Pasky Darkfire

      Pasky Darkfire

      Gotta correct you on one thing. Noctis Campaigned to have the Down-vote button removed. Aim that Vitriol correctly.

  13. I don't need reactions friends, I need suitable matches for BK pronto stat asap, every day we wait, BK falls further into despair!
  14. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Operation Brave & Beautiful has been a smashing success. With our help, BK has found the confidence to stand up to their own allies, and roll them repeatedly, proving to them and everyone that BK is a big strong alliance that doesn't need anyone. With our help, BK was finally able to talk NPO into revealing their secret relationship to the world, no more secret midnight rendezvous, no more stealing kisses when no one was looking, they could be free! With our help, BK was able to completely cuck those pesky Covenant troublemakers into complete puppetry, no more bristling from UPN about how they aren't really in IQ and they don't like BK, you will respect BK goddamnit! With our help, BK was able to do away with those pesky Syndicate interlopers who threatened to ruin their beautiful love with Pacifica, get those filthy greenbacks away from her! And so, The Golden Horde declares unilateral, indisputable, total cultural victory over Coalition Manhwa, forever and always, in perpetuity. But the fight is not over friends! There is trouble in paradise, and only we can stop it! Pacifica, the undying love of our friends in BK, has been caught cheating! Naturally, there is no way BK could have possibly known they were doing this, so its up to us, in this hard time, to be the shoulder for BK to cry on. As such I am declaring the immediate commencement of Operation Wingman. Together, I'm sure we can find BK a suitable, non-threatening, meek and submissive, life partner, to fill the void in their hearts.
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