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  1. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    So NPO admits they are playing to win then. Glad we are on the same page. How is that hegemony coming along? I see NPO is tiering heavily at 20 cities. TGH is at 20 cities. This must be NPO out to get us. This is clearly a threat. An ironclad CB if I've ever heard one. Am I doing it right? Its not competence since you tried to take over the game but failed miserably.
  2. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    Considering you are using the reaction to you defending BK against the interests of your own ally as a justification for your persecution complex, and claiming that "Noone ever believed we split and were always out to get us bla blah blah" I'd say yes you unfairly *thought* people were out to get you. Well, pretending to anyway. But this is an example of the actual reaction to your "split" at the time. So keep yelling how everyone is out to get you. Anyone stupid enough to believe that line is already burning for it.
  3. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    Still waiting on that evidence that everyone and their second cousin thought that the IQ split was fake before this war and that it justified IQ "getting back together".
  4. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    Trust me, it's not deliberate.
  5. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    @Dio Brando I wouldn't use TKR's CB on us as a defense give that was bullshit lmfao.
  6. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    I'd like to see some proof provided for the the claim that everyone or even most people were of the opinion that the IQ split was fake prior to this war. No one in KETOG believed the split was fake until this shit all came out. Kayser promised on the forums that cancellations would follow your split with BK and for the most part he delivered. NPO keeps trying to claim the victim narrative despite the fact we avoided conflict with you based on the promise (which you had even mostly fulfilled) that you were split and would cut connecting ties. Rose was out, Polaris was downgraded to an ODP and despite our initial concerns, you guys didn't reconsolidate more treaties. BK on the other hand went and just replaced all the treaties they lost with new ones until they were as large as they were before. They consolidated the power vacuum left behind and then it was revealed, that after having just rolled TKR in a dogpile during Knightfall, they were using their newfound position to do so again to Chaos, based on a old grudge, and were also either preparing a second war for KETOG or going to ht us too. All these factors and the prospect of another fight are what led us to join Chaos in attacking BK. Fast forward a few days into the war, and we hear rumors that t$ is planning to hit Grumpy/Guardian because they are a "threat". We approach t$ to verify, they lie to our face (fair cop its a war I'm not saying they had to be honest), proceed to hit GOB/Grumpy, and NPO is out in full force claiming this war is justified based on some bullshit narrative Roq was peddling in back channels. At this point it seems pretty clear that NPO and t$ have come in with the goal of assisting BK. NPO denies this publicly on the forums, and then not long later we get a log of Sphinx claiming you were asked to join by BK side, directly contradicting what you are saying. Then finally, NPO decides to expand the war, in spite of an agreement t$ had previously made, claiming that TKR was planning to preempt you. So let's examine the evidence shall we: You lied and claimed that your war was independent and had nothing to do with BK. You had a prepared narrative to justify this. You were cited in the initial leak as a co conspirator "in talks" and claimed that it never happened and you weren't approached, but then you proceeded to carry out the plan anyway. You went against the word of two of your own allies, and expanded the war. You did this despite saying you'd not expand the war publicly yourselves. In doing so you chose specifically to hit TKR (an old grudge), to directly help BK (a supposedly old ally). You then start saying that "you might as well be IQ again" since people have been treating you that way since you split, without providing any evidence of that since its not true. That would be a convenient excuse for taking your collaboration public now wouldn't it. So you expect people to believe IQ is disbanded when you'd choose to help BK over the word of your own ally and clearly in order to exact a longstanding grudge against TKR (again). Based on that alone, even if we were stupid enough to believe you had actually split, all you've done is proven that any ally that signs you can expect you to prioritise the defence of BK over them. Logs for references above:
  7. Poll is multiple choice. Top 5 voted names will go to a runoff poll. Winner of that poll will be the chosen name. Poll will stay open for 1 week.
  8. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    You are having your asses handed to you in SPITE of your overwhelming numbers not because they don't exist. Its a side effect of our side being considerably better than your side.
  9. Sketchy

    NPO System...

    Because there is a difference between you making a bunch of accounts for yourself and a group of independent people agreeing on an economic system and then maximising its benefit.
  10. Sketchy

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    Ironic, that rebranding happened because you got couped after planning to betray t$ And now...... PS: I also can't wait to see how this ages, because you aren't flipping damages.
  11. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    You've given away that you are still working together and pursuing a hegemony, and that you will defend eachother even against the will of your own allies, at a 1600 to 750 nation advantage. You can't spin your way out of this. Your time is up. Scorched earth. Anyone still tied to NPO and BK will sink with the ship.
  12. Sketchy

    Declaration of War

    You are out of chances. People have spent the last 3 years giving you ample opportunity to prove your own rhetoric true and over and over again you've proven that wrong. If you thought people were targeting you before (you didn't it was a front to make the naive people sympathise with you), you are going to find out what that actually looks like now. The new norm is scorched earth. Your hegemonic ambitions are a failure. Anyone still tied to NPO or BK will sink with the ship.
  13. Sketchy

    We are here for the Whales

    No guys you don't get it this is a fake was by NPO they plan to hit BK after this is just to get down their infrastructure. Also IQ disbanded.
  14. Sketchy

    We are here for the Whales

    It's going to be embarassing when your ~1600 nations can't flip damages on our ~750 nations. IQ raising the bar on failure.
  15. Sketchy

    Bloody Horsemen

    It's called mental gymnastics and James is a gold medallist.

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