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  1. The war started because of Sphinx logs suggesting NPO and BK were still working together to hit everyone. Then IQ actually did work together and tried to make their hegemony power move. A fact everyone conveniently forgets in this thread. Lots of people in here acting like they get off scot-free and can have room to talk shit because they left the war early. Imagine being anti destroying communities and pro hegemony and thinking you are a hero.
  2. Relevance can be judged in a few ways tbh. If the metric is power/ power projection then. 1 - The Syndicate 2 - Rose 3 - The Commonwealth 4- The Immortals 5 - Children of the Light 6 - The Knights Radiant 7 - Camelot 8 - The Ampersand 9 - Grumpy Old Bastards 10 - Schrute Farms
  3. TCW was 100% complicit with everything IQ did and only switched sides at the 11th hour when it was their turn to be screwed by IQ and wanted to save face. Sphinx has since tried his hardest to pretend like he did nothing wrong, hoping his last minute side switch will provide him convenient cover. So sure, TCW can get some forgiveness when they elect a new leader who didn't lick IQ's boots for a year.
  4. Sketchy

    What if....?

    Glad to see you back Kastor.
  5. He's not going to undo it lol
  6. No better way to prove you didn't leak then to take part in more leaking.
  7. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=130019 You claim its this guy ^ literally in your alliance. Lmfao Again, BIG BRAIN FA MIND
  8. Only Sphinx would, when accused of harboring a leaker who leaked to shifty, proceed to leak to shifty, logs proving hes harboring a leaker. Truly a big brain FA mind.
  9. I retract my previous respect lmfao.
  10. For a micro, this was handled fast. Respect lmfao
  11. As long as alliances exist that don't take any effort to teach their noobs, and just chew them in and spit them out, retention will always be a problem. Only so much can be done on the mechanics side. This game is already fairly niche as a genre.
  12. Awhile ago I posted, in the hopes of making the treaty web a bit more useful for examining FA ties in the game. While I still think that would be considerably more useful, if we can't do that, then I would like to suggest the restriction of "Top 50" be removed from the treaty web, and allow any alliance above 30k score to appear on the web. This is only going to become more of a necessity as the amount of players/alliances continues to grow.
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