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  1. I guess sitting around in RON all day is what counts for doing things these days lmfao.
  2. Remove the timer. It doesn't serve much purpose other than to limit investment in newer players and hold them down for longer. It artificially deflates growth for noobs in a game where new players are already heavily disadvantaged.
  3. Okay if every sin is a government member I can't be the only one slightly concerned what the job of Lust would be.
  4. You will be hearing from my lawyers shortly!
  5. It's entirely possible I might not hit you and I'm pumped for it.
  6. 1. Optional Non Aggression All member alliances agree they may or may not attack each other. 2. Optional Defense All member alliances agree they may or may not defend each other. 3. Optional Offense All member alliances agree they may or may not attack other people. 4. Optional Non Chaining All member alliances agree they may or may not chain into each others wars or any other war. 5. Optional Intelligence All member alliances agree intelligence sharing, and intelligence itself, are optional. 6. Optional Cancellation All member alliances agree that given the useless nature of this treaty, it can be cancelled at any time, without comment, and may in fact not exist at any given moment if we feel like it. SIGNATORIES for the Brady Bunch. Signatories were made optional, and as such all parties chose to opt out. In fact most parties were not contacted in advance to see if they even agree to a treaty, That was deemed optional. Disclaimer: This is a very real treaty and I don't know why you wouldn't believe that.
  7. Anyone can defend anyone in a war. People will question optionally chaining into a war the same way they would if you just entered a war with no ties.
  8. Roberts is the worst player of PW in the history of the game. 😁 I'm a wiki mod so....
  9. Interesting, I hope some new grouping forms out of all of this movement. From 6 down to 4 spheres.
  10. Can I get a script that automatically sends messages to various manwha discord servers inviting them to play the game and join my tax farm and send me their referral bonuses in exchange for free manwha?
  11. Yeah that was the one I was talking about.
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