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  1. Finally something we can agree on.
  2. Well now instead of hitting a downvote button half the people who downvoted you before are now just going to respond. So instead of Noctis or someone making a dumb post and have maybe 1/2 responses and 20-30 downvotes, now he will have 10 or more people responding to whatever stupid thing he said. Yes I'm sure the end result of this change is going to be less toxicity lmfao.
  3. Jumping to conclusions again already only to be corrected again. You should read your own thread, people, even some from Col B, have already clarified the situation. You do realise that most people know who released the logs right? It was done on the forums, and sheepy deleted the thread later. Like this isn't a mystery that needs solving, there was a whole forum thread about it. So you could have done some basic inquiries to figure out the reality. Basic inquiries you apparently still haven't made.
  4. Considering no member of Coalition A leaked these logs, your talk of hypocrisy is bullshit. Either you hastily posted accusing people of doxxing without verifying first, or you do know and are just trying to play with the truth for political reasons. Either way you should take some of your own advice buddy.
  5. And? You've tried to do it in this game too.
  6. Yes we should take moral advice about doxxing from the guy asking 11 year olds to eat cat food and posting it up onto youtube for peace terms lmfao.
  7. Keshav11/3/2019, 1:03:09 AM and in 10 years I don't want to be like I had that opportunity to kil lthem, andd I didnt hoping they'd be "nice" to us
  8. While we are on the topic of logs, I have some more logs for you to delete.
  9. The SK war wasn't baseless aggression. The CB was against Valyria and Mensa helped us hit them. Ironically it was actually BK who jumped into that war without invitation and turned it into a dogpile.
  10. I mean, is Gorge really competent enough to even pull of a bank heist? And what does that say about the people who let him do it lmfao if true. If I was BK i'd be ashamed to admit the guy who merged into Cornerstone also stole my bank.
  11. It took you this long to figure this out Gorge? I guess you had to take a break from enabling them to be a hero or something? The one true joy of this war has been watching IQ roll their former allies one by one while each of them go "Huh what!?" like this is a shocking revelation. And when the war is over and the dust settles, bet your ass half these geniuses will march right back there thinking it will be different this time.
  12. Because being the self appointed moral police of the universe went SO well for the last alliance that tried it lmfao.
  13. Sketchy

    peace talks

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. Why end the war when BK still has allies left for BK to roll? The whole point of the war was to test BK's allies to help BK regain their confidence. It has been great to see BK get so on board with that plan and even lend a hand in the effort. I'm sure we are very close to a breakthrough.
  14. Sketchy

    peace talks

    I sincerely apologize for calling you Brave and Beautiful. I now see the error in my ways and It probably won't happen again.
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