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  1. Not very Comrade-like of you, Comrade.
  2. Please refer to this chart friend, you might find it informative.
  3. This has been fixed with the utmost haste.
  4. Hear ye, hear ye! For quite some time now, we’ve had very few reliable sources of Global War Alliance stats, to the dismay of many, ever since several members of the New Pacific Order (aka NPO or Pacifica) and Guinea Pig Whaling Corp were caught in a massive cheating scandal which resulted in moderation action by Alex towards their members, such as bans and nation strikes. In reaction to this, NPO and their allies condemned the moderation action taken, giving negative reviews to the game in the App Store, taking down their well known site https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/ (with a me
  5. Best of luck moving forward, Putmir.
  6. It's always good to see friends getting along, best of wishes the newly wed couple!
  7. Not only is their top achievement in the test server and not the live game, they misquoted Arthur... I wouldn't be surprised if Epi and Viselli were holding him hostage and forced him to write this letter.
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