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  1. Good luck new friends, cue Zygon GIF.
  2. Merge with OWR, Ally with House Stark, Blitz Polaris.
  3. Bye Felicia - thanks to Kev & Charlie for making this. Guess we didn't have to pay Alex after all... among all the things to get banned for, didn't think it'd be this one.
  4. The Carthago Communist Party supports this message.
  5. And here I was excited about this... Congratulations, Adrienne.
  6. I'm eager to drive the alliance into the ground and salt the fields new heights. Thank you for writing this, prisoner, you can have extra rations today.
  7. Can't wait for us all to be a part of Rose Valk again, Sheepy.
  8. You'll be missed dearly, friends.
  9. Just waiting for someone to say "bring back downvotes, please".
  10. I can appreciate a good anime reference, the King is dead, long live the Emperor. All Hail Britannia! o7.
  11. This is no joke, we must unite and take up arms in order to bring down the greatest threat to our civilization!
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