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  1. Glad to see this finally out Wana. Gotta agree with Ataxia... that bounty doesn't do us justice. I'm sure we'll raise it in no time. 😉
  2. I for one wish the best of luck to you darn meddling kids!
  3. There was a rumble in the stillness of the Mediterranean Sea, as the Carthaginian ships crossed the sea and obnoxiously traded all manners of things. This disturbance seemed to originate from a cocky civilization under the sea, the Lost City of Atlantis they called themselves. Well then, let them be found! TLDR; Carthago declares war on The Lost Empire and their associates in the Swamp.
  4. Best of luck to tCW with their new adventures.
  5. Best of luck Morf, it's about darn time some fresh media popped up!
  6. Camelot holding those values dearest, that's the real joke here.
  7. I am once again declaring that House Stark Carthago and the Kingdom of the North Shining City support the new Prime of OWR, Luis. All dissenters thus have have been hung on the walls by their pinky toes until they declare support for Luis.
  8. We at Carthago would like to once again state in no uncertain terms that we support OWR and their new Prime. Down with Kabu!
  9. I pledge my sword to the banner of Darth Ataxia, the King in the North By the old gods and the new down with the tyranny of the Squeegee Sidious with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all.
  10. We at Carthago would like to support Kabu and his administration in these hard times... it's unfortunate that it's come to this. Alas, this change was long overdue.
  11. Just send Partisan to the same retirement home as Fist, they can relive their epic battles of old during tea time chess. Ez pz.
  12. Player of the Year: ShamadruuMost Influential Player: PartisanMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: JordanBest Alliance Leader: Valkorion BaratheonWorst Alliance Leader: SphinxBest Government Member (not a leader): KrampusBest General Member: Ion ConstantinescuMost Missed Player: EvilPiggyFooFooBest IC Poster: WaldoPoster You Most Love to Hate: PhoenyxBest Villain: underlordgcLargest E-Peen: PartisanBest Fighter: TheodosiusBest Raider: Al SahinaMost Controversial Player: EpimetheusPlayer You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: underlordgcPlayer that is Worst at Responding to DMs: PartisanBest Pl
  13. Not using CTOwned, which is an automatic 0/10, don't approve and would not watch again... [insert more party line here] Seriously though, nice work putting this together, was fun to watch.
  14. Oh wow, what a most shocking turn of events, nobody could have seen this coming... anyway... On a more serious note, good luck to the folks at tCW, hopefully this new venture proves to be more successful than your last, rooting for y'all. 😘
  15. Sadly I missed a doublebuy as peace was coming, this is a bittersweet day of celebration.
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