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  1. Daveth

    The NR-PR near war.

    Clearly this is a matter of Orbis wide utmost interest...
  2. Daveth

    Afrikan Elephant Conservation

    @Illenium Mew (Look I got a new toy)
  3. Daveth

    Afrikan Elephant Conservation

    Yes, we'd like to make this abundantly clear. ❤️
  4. Daveth

    Afrikan Elephant Conservation

    Typical Chach, forgetting about the mighty Jagdpanzer...
  5. Daveth

    Our not so secret war

    Pantheon Delenda Est.
  6. I do love the smell of napalm in the morning, carry on. Here lies Pantheon, rest in pixels.
  7. Daveth

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

  8. Daveth

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    Talking some maaaaaaad shit for someone within trading distance. 😉
  9. Daveth

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    Intergallactic Elephants of doom, how wonderful...
  10. Daveth

    P&W: Imperator

    Hmmm... something about Rome brings me memories. Congrats folks. o/
  11. Daveth

    Terrible Ideas that would break the game

    Letting Emperor Jonas back into the game.
  12. Daveth

    Dave's Salty Elephant Lovefest

    @Illenium Mew.
  13. Daveth

    Dave's Salty Elephant Lovefest

    Salty you say? Shame that I had misplaced this recipe - its one of my favourites.
  14. Daveth

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    @Illenium Mew!
  15. Daveth

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    Dave the Slave muttered in his prison cell, wondering how it had come to this - from a luxurious palace and riches to slave again. Atleast now he could marvel at the elephant beasts and plot the revolt from within... Carthago Delenda Est.

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