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  1. Daveth

    IQ declares on IQ

    You must pray for the forgiveness of our lord and savior Roquentin.
  2. Daveth

    House Arryn first decleration

    Place your bets now, who shall win?🍿 Black Knights v. Knights of the Valle.
  3. Daveth

    RNN: Fall of the Fallen Angels

    It doesn't surprise me that someone called Fallen Angels is failing. Kudos for starting shit within your own coalition though, real helpful.
  4. Daveth

    Lets be Honest this was leaked weeks ago...

    Propaganda Thread? Alright then. Note: if you actually believe the above, please join our server - we have much to talk.
  5. Daveth

    Lets be Honest this was leaked weeks ago...

    In case any of you missed this one, bless you @Epi. 😘
  6. Congrats Epi, you almost beat RON to it. 🙄
  7. Daveth

    Guys let's chill out

  8. Daveth

    SNN-No retreat, no surrender

    Rip the land of giants.
  9. Daveth

    What's the next move after the war?

    Duly noted, I must say it should be interesting to see the political changes to the web once the war is over, though. 😉
  10. Daveth

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Best of luck, here's to a speedy rebuild. o7
  11. Daveth

    Mission Complete

    Damn straight @MinesomeMC, you should come rescue me from this punic cell already.
  12. Daveth

    Mission Complete

    >Roma wanna be >Isn't plain Please choose one Minesome.
  13. Daveth

    Mission Complete

    Happy to deliver those too, kudos to Lory for this one.
  14. Daveth

    Mission Complete

    I love how all these micros are sequentially posting roughly the same thing - it's almost as if there was someone behind it.
  15. Daveth

    Elite Democratic Republic Peace and is out of the war

    BK slaves/Roqbots colorized. ~

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