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  1. Daveth

    Liberation Time!

    I'm getting deja vu from the recognition of hostilities with the Center of Offbeat Powers: Posts warchest and challenges KT.
  2. Daveth

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    @Illenium Meow
  3. Daveth

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    From the distant and ardent sands of the Egyptian Empire, Dave the Slave escaped the fury of his masters after months of being nurtured only eggplants, cacti water and onions, he made his way to the great city of Rome hidden in a trading ship. His destiny was yet to unfold...
  4. I approve - both of the cake and the treaty.
  5. Daveth

    Notice of Cancellation

    Don't forget your origins Lucifer. As for the cancellation, it was bound to happen at some point, hopefully the Dark Brotherhood will learn from their past mistakes, understand the consequences and move forward. Good luck assassins.
  6. Daveth

    United Hoods DoE

    Is this a joke or is this a jest? Vote now!
  7. Daveth

    Desert Tales

    I like it, good luck anime girls and ayyliens.
  8. Being fair, there's probably not a lot in the Phoenix anyway. As for COOP "being shit", that remains to be seen - so far I see a micro.
  9. Indeed, though what Leo said is true, you should seek out your allies or it might not end well for ya. Good luck mate.
  10. Memph and plastic dicks... Not sure what this is - Oh Guardian essay, nevermind. 🤔
  11. Daveth

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    About damn time. Congrats to both TKR-sphere, they showed real fiber, something not many alliances can claim to have done and IQ/Syndi for setting aside their differences for the war, wonder what those two will be up to now.
  12. Daveth

    It's NAP time

    Sleep tight old man Grumpy.
  13. Daveth

    The couping of Sirius

    >When the Emperor calls people warped, but is warped himself. >.> Instead of trying to find a culprit, it might be better if you'd search out the remaining members of your ex-Protectorate to help, if a thread about them gets you worked up lol.

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